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Monday, February 15, 2010

Angry Black Woman Pushes Black Man Into Fire Pit

Dear Readers (disclaimer, cussing, anger , and that sort of SHIET present in this blog. Those of you who are easily offended, and do not like to read such material, please skip over this and wait for a normal heartfelt blog , brought to you by Tenchijk. Otherwise, enjoy.)

Okay, now.

Some douche bag hater/snob sent me a letter with a video attached today. For his safety, I will not disclose his name...
"Do you really think all black women are beautiful? Powerful, strength, loud, bold, these are characteristics you gave black women. THESE ARE CHARACTERISTICS OF A MAN! Men are masculine, women are feminine. What man would want the characteristics of a man be embodied in a woman? Most black women are like this. You were warned."

I am a firm believer in judging the individual. I'm sure there are masculine black women... However people always seem to forget about the fact there many more who are not! Same goes with Asian people, i'm sure there are those who are cheap like the stereotype goes but Jesus Christ how can you think everyone is going to be that way?! Isn't that just insane!? Are you not sick and tired of people judging according to a group of people?! I'm utterly disgusted by some people these days, the way they view the world.
Now this douche-bag , for a lack of a proper name, sent me a video attachment as well, titled Angry black woman pushes... etc etc... Basically it was a reality show on the B.E.T . Looked kinda old, but it was my first time seeing a clip. They somehow put this one black girl on blast cause she was talking mad shit about everyone. Something about her and something about him and etc etc.
Now apparently some gay looking Hispanic dude overheard her, and started dropping his mouth like a fag that he is. He started putting her on blast saying, didn't you say this about her!? didn't you say this about him!? Now this black chick is like astonished by that guy, cause honestly who the fuck does that shit!?
For example, if I heard some girl/guy talking crap about someone else, thats HIS/HER business... shid, i'm out of that.I don't give a fuck if one person thinks the other person looks like a cow, or if that girl is too dark or too light. That ain't even something I need to know, nor do I even give a ratass.. Most likely, in my mind i'd agree with the "cow" comment in my mind and move the fuck along.
I'ma tell you right now, there is no body in this world who doesn't talk shit be hide peoples back. If you deny that ,youse a DAMN liar lol. This is where my anger comes from. I'm thinking , if this girl who talk shit happened to be this attractive white girl... shietttt, I guarenttee this motherfcukin show would have been different. That fagit-ass Hispanic dude would turn his gay rope straight then a motherfucka. But, nahh , they WOULD put this black girl on blast ,ruining the image of ALL GOOD black women... and that shit ain't fair! I wish she DID push that punk ass in the fire and burn!
And CHHH~I LOVE how they put a black guy up on those interviews and say shit like, "yea.. she a crazy bitch, she don't know nothing yada yada..."
"thanks Kinte kunte,you punk bitch, you just betrayed your own sister, might as well call your ass Toby, you just done lost your damn mind." I'm so sick and tired of this damn media!!

You know what this video reminded me of? Remember when youse kids, y'all would gather around in a circle, and miss Peggy, or deacon Emily or some shit would give a prayer right? And allll the little girls and allll the little boys would bow there heads and pray right?
Then THISSSS motherfucker would say " TENCHI DIDN'T CLOSE HIS EYES WHEN YOU WERE PRAYING MISS PEGGY!" Then i would say... " you dumbass, how did you see me when you were closing your eyes? its cause you didn't ethier!" and we'd both get in trouble. What i'm trying to say is people are hypocrites, and its such a bug!
This video ,and that douche-bags comment just ruined my whole damn day... I will continue to support y'all black women to stand strong and overcome these nasty ass people. The more and more I look around, the more I see haters. The thing i hate the most is , the media, a.k.a rich ass white folks target the black women who are on the brink. The ones who are done lost there minds and THEN put their damn camera in their faces. What the HELL do you expect!? Shit, ruin MY life for about 20+ years,and then put a camera in my face ,watch what I do!I WOULD push a faggit ass Spanish dude in the fire pit too! For being a little snitch that is... In the air force we have a quote , "snitches get fuckin stitches!"

Okay for a more calmer approach. The black girl in the video DID wrong ,that is true. However, people always, always forget to put themselves in that same context. What would you have done in that same situation... and the answer is simple, push that dude in the fire. Even white boy joey at home be saying ,YESSSS!! All i'm saying, is that the media bs is getting hella old... like Barbara bush old. Like nasty ass , no teeth using fake marble teef old. Whew... I guess my anger is a bit subdued.. but write to me, what y'all feel about that? Was I wrong? should I have been on the latter? Is me being on the black women side clouding my judgement? I honestly don't know, but what i honestly do know is that the media is U.N.F.A.I.R (unicorn not fucking anymore in regions) <==== out of tenchis ass JUST now.. strike of a GEEENIOUS. lol~ jkjk... anyways, any comments, feed back would be appreciate it. Sorry if I offended anything, but thats just how i felt.



  1. First, I think you should post the link o the vid.

    Second, I understand what you mean. My sister brought up the show SNAPPED, which as far as I have seen has a majority of white women losing their minds. All women have their moments and for folks to black list the darker skinned woman because of her stereotype is ignorant.

    Third, You never said all black women are great but that they are all beautiful. So why does he send a link about black woman at her worst? If a person doesn't admire a type of woman and another does why mind what someone else likes just embrace you.

    Now let me say my own piece about his thoughts on black women. What defines a man as masculine? Not all men are masculine some are feminine esp. in this day and age there is a growing population of feminine men. Not all feminine men are gay and I wouldn't outcast a feminine man who likes me just because he lacks the normal amount of masculinity. If he keeps up this horrid pretense he'll end up one unlikeable individual.

    Lastly, Tenchi thanks for seeing this from both sides. I enjoy your thoughts keep posting (without so many swear words).


  2. Wow. lol yeah, I kinda agree. When he was telling the first girl about what the other girl was saying, yeah, he was snitching, but he was just letting her know. I did not like how he was trying to persuade her into confronting the other woman about it though... If she didn't want to then leave her alone, its really none of your buisness, you know? (See, so they arnt exactly portraying all african american women to be crazy. The first black girl was big enough to just let it go. Stick and Stones right? lol) Now, because he got busted talking about that chick and she over heard him, he really had no choice but to explain himself... but he should have just left it at that. And she should have too. But because they both wanted to prove who has bigger balls (and that's obviously the woman. lol) things got a bit out of hand. But its really sad because now we see this all the time and it's really not so much just african americans being portrayed in a bad light... its more so stupid people being put in stupid situations acting... stupidly. lol

  3. I agree 100% and I dont think your opinion is clouded at all. Imagine this, a black woman puts a white man on blast? Now how do you think THAT shit would have turned out??? I think people need to open their damn eyes and start looking at people as individuals not robots that all do the same thing. This pertains not only to black women but men and women of many other races. This really needs to stop but sadly there will always be that handful of people that will act like brainless, emotionless, douche bags. And that just gets on my nerves. All in all we just gotta keep our heads high and keep on doing what we do.

  4. Whenever I think of black women in the media, I always think of two things. Maury and BET. It's like black women are only shown in shows that degrade us and it's just really fucked up. Anyone with a brain would be pissed off to see someone be treated in a such a way. But what I hate the most is that there is no one stopping these stereotypes. I mean the only black female role models are Oprah and Michelle Obama. Other than that, who else is there to look up to? Why are we usually subjected to being either loud and overpowering or hoes that always found in a rapper's video. We should be more than that, but I don't think people care about what's true anymore. They really only want to hear what they want and see what makes them feel better about themselves.

  5. I completely understand your anger on the matter and would agree with most of your points except one:
    “The thing i hate the most is , the media, a.k.a rich ass white folks target the black women who are on the brink. The ones who are done lost there minds and THEN put their damn camera in their faces.”

    Trust me when I say, as a white person, that rich-ass white folks are *barely* the only people who target others (at their worst) to make money. And even if that were the case (for example, most likely the MTV executives behind ‘The Jersey Shore’), we have to understand that it’s just reality TV. I’m Italian-American, and people are surprised when I tell them that I’m not offended by ‘The Jersey Shore’ at all because, the way I see it, if certain people are stupid enough to believe that eight people on a reality show is representative of a WHOLE ethnic group, then I’m going to ignore those people for being stupid as fuck.

    People are always going to be ignorant and not question what they see in the media—but that’s not our problem. You can’t fight ignorance with anger, because the difference between being uninformed and being ignorant is the fact that ignorant people ARE uninformed but REFUSE to be taught any different. It’s literally like talking to a wall.

  6. I understand your anger and where you're coming from. As a black female, though, I honestly wouldn't have found it in me to care that much. I mean, firstly, that dude had to have done some serious searching to find the one clip he thought would turn you off from black women, so I guess he didn't have anything better to do with his time.

    Secondly, and this could be overly optimistic of me, but I like to believe that anyone who would see that clip, White, Black, Asian, etc., would be able to form an opinion of the woman, solely based on her actions, but that they'd also be able to take it with a grain of salt. The thing about video clips is that you never really get an idea of the whole context the clip was taken from. Plus, the clip shows both the Hispanic man and the black woman in a negative light. I like to believe that people would be able to recognize that this behavior cannot be hastily generalized and applied to black women as a whole, but that it's more than likely the product of gross editing and it's also the behavior of one woman who, black or not, shouldn't be acting so...rude and ignorant, for lack of a better word.

    But yeah, your anger was definitely understandable. It's nice to know that Black women do have someone standing in their corner whenever people bring up crap like this as an example as to why we're all so "worthless" or "undesirable".


  7. It's the same sh*t, just on a different day.