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Monday, May 2, 2011

New short story

Dear readers,

This is a unedited version of a short story I am writing. I hope you enjoy~

The beast have come upon the world centuries ago. Leaving no trace of human decency, and morality. Coldness approached the hearts of mankind, love no longer in existence. Surviving in the vastness of space, where only techonology flourish, no longer any sense of truth and virtue. In the chilly presence of nothingness people are humbled as they no longer can see without looking through the manmade glass, and can longer breath the air made by God.
After the great tribulation, many were cursed with the diease only known as " Black hearts". A complete loss of moral judgement, truth , honor and all of the virtues once known to man kind. Many have turned against brother, and murder their own kinds in the name of the beast in which they helplessly served. Only a handful of people were spared only to be sent out into the vastness of the empty universe. In crafts designed by men, using the techonology of old, they were sent across space to find life forms to help our cause. None was found.

Centuries later, our quest for life have failed us over and over again. Life was indeed truly special, and was no accident. As evident it may be, we still searched , only to be spat out into more darkness. It was only two centuries ago when we have ceased the search and began to build a new civilization . We aquired ungodly machines to play god's ourselves. Creating worlds , only micmicking what our world once was. Foolishly the scientist aboard the ship " The Corinthians V" , decided to add human testing into their agenda, and sent their first crew 15 years ago. None survived.

The air they breath was not enough to sustain the fragility of man. They tested countlessly , killing men by the thousands, trying to find a suitable place for the rest of the population. They chose the "pure ones" for their testing, men and women with the blood closest to the blood line of adam II. Adam II, the last man to be born with the breath of life as they call it... The people to come after him, were made. Made not from God, but rather from the wicked hands of Man. The naturals, they were also called, lived only as rebels, going against the population merely to survive and escape the definite doom of the terraforming projects known as "N. B" (new babylon). The company in charge of the masses were known as "The Ten". Made up of ten elders who have direct blood lines to the last ten elders on earth who once served the beast. Many who refused to believe were deemed traitors and were branded with the mark of seven. Now thriving as a independant force known solely as the " Kings".

I am one of the last , the patriot of life, the soldier in the mist of demons, and a righteous born man. The last king , buried in my own flesh , spirtually reborn into a place of sinners , and holding true to the message of our one true king. We will fight , we will thrive and we will have salvation. Captian Saul Nezzar out.


Its been 12 years since the last time I've seen earth. Only in digital image, is it worth a sight. The colors , just astounding. What is it now? Just an unfortunate mess, floating next to its worthless neighbors mars and venus. Sitting in this passenger transport reminds me of the good old days in " F-court ". Childern playing freely in the open field, tripping and falling on the metal floors ribbed with holes and bumps. The artificial sky to keep the childerns obvlious to the fact that they were actually playing inside a metal ball. I never had the pleasure of those lies, I had to face the truth since i was able to comprehend the world of shit i was born into. My father was never the soft type to ease me into the reality of things, what is was what was. Living up to his expectation was damn near impossible, So i never even tried. I was a nezzar... they had so much expectations of me, only to be dissapointed by my lack of strive. Well, here I am, looking for work in the very place I swore I would never return. These people dieased with the B.H, nasty little creature they are, dreadful.
' Entering earths atmosphere in aprox. 30 secs, please stay inside the cabin at all times, thank you'
I hate this part. The way it makes me feel... no matter how many times I enter atmo, i just can't get used to it. I also hate her robotic voice... I used to remmeber hating the humanoid ones back in 2202 , but now its not even remotely human. Everything on earth is robotic now , the voices, the movements, hell even the damn food taste robototic if that even makes sense. I remmeber going down to eat at Samuels the while back, found me metal bolts in my soup , probably from loose parts. Hell, at least on earth they have the good stuff... being as Good is no longer a part of the dictionary in this part of the universe. So take good lightly when I say it, it just means the rest of the universe is dispictable.
' Please be seated, entering Africas Dock , please take all personal belongings , thank you '
Like I said, robotic. sick of it.

Would you smell that? The smell of dead things... smalls things big things. Just things all around. Smells likes life. I guess if you get down to it, i'd say it smells a bit like shit. But hey , who am I to judge... I lived on a big metal ball most of my life. Place called F-court... One of thousand courts, floating out unnaturally in space cause big boss man thinks its cool to live out here. I suppose it is better then living down here, where people are infected by the black hearts. Luckily for me, its not contagious, you neither born with it or not. I'm not quite sure how it was spread, but rumors has it , it was spread during the great tribulation back when the earth was nice and shiny. But hell, its beyond repair now.
This place is more of a dump then I remmeber... I came here when I was about ten thinking can this place get any worse, just slapped my self mentally with this one. Look at this place... Got people looking raggity , eyes drooping like owls, and people selling shit no body needs. What am I going to do with a vaccum, gun is it?
I'll ask, hold on. " Sir what is this right here? " -ha, did you see the way he looked at me, all angry like. I can tell by the garbage thread is he wearing, business ain't doing well, that is for damn sure.
"sir... what pray tell is this beautiful machinery you got here."
"boys ain't buying, den git yer sorry hide bout my face!" time to move along, it will remain a mystery, this vaccum, gun , thing of life.
Life must be wonderful here in Africas , wonderful people, wonderful sights, hell this place is just for me. Lets see, we got , duck flesh hanging about in the stalls near by . Roads , bits and pieces of cement and little remenace of the streets of the old. Pretty interesting how they took the yellow dashes , and put stalls in each one. I could really do without the flickering lights above though, zoning in and out, getting brighter and darker. Orange was never my favorite color. They also added modified generators near those lights making all kinds of annoyance, didn't know they still had them. RJ 17 should be tossed inthe trash and replaced with the much quieter RJ22's...but hey , this ain't the courts, its earth.
People are staring at me. Strange looks, As if they see me only as food or something. Something about them is uneasy, they have this yearning to escape a prison of their own mind and flesh. But for mind dead folk, they sure do make a lot of noise. English at its worse I tell ya.
"Gat yer mees! Ya hungrey , i Kan Jell!" That lady is dressed like a whore I remmeber back in Uni. Court. If you never been to Uni. Court then might I tell ya. It was the worst court there was. Criminals, whores, idolatrous,and adultrous folks were admist there. The way they dress is not far from people, i use that term loosely, from this God forsaken place. " No, no miss... No meat for me, thank you"

Traveling on, i can notice the smell is getting to me. Never cried once in my life, but today seems like a good day to. Not because i'm sad, but hell... I am physicaly incapable of stopping my eyes from tearing up. Sour. Putrid meat. A perfect combination of diasatrious abomination known as the smell I currently am smelling.
Feet muddy, and body a aching, I find myself lost in this port of harbor. I was told I would meet someone here to get me a job I applied back in F-court. It's usually a simple process. Young men like me who earn there workmanship license get tested in various aptitudes, score high and you get sent into the Military, flying state of art ships or carry cargo. Score even higher they send you on expedition to further "our" empire, who knows what they do with no real law and all . Score low, and you get sent here , back to earth to harvest soils and other materials to extract them into new fuel energies. Yet here I wait, in the dangers all alone with a one way ticket to hell.

An hour has past, and that "mees" is looking less disgusting. Don't get me wrong , I still wouldn't touch it with my tongue, but my stomach would shamefully close it's eyes one time today.

I was wrong for before, I judged much too quickly. There are actually dirty and disgusting people here, but there are also monstrous people here as well. I don't get why they do that to themselves...self mutalation must be the on going fashion here, and look at where he pierced that, a spear? where is he, this is ridiculous. John Nezzer log off.

I woke up today cold as shit. The only place warm enough is now Africas, once a country proud of its heat and desert. It's now one of few places that can support some human life, other places drop to the tempetures my body wouldn't want to venture. Further out, I heard of rumors of more civilized life... But like with all techonology flourishing areas, there is bound to be a power hungry , sadistic, ruler that treat everyone of his subjects like slaves in bondage. Tis be true of all of Earth now.
Africas Dock, and this part of the nation is governed by no one. An Anarchy of some kind, but I'm convinced there is a ruler, just not present in the eyes of it's subject. Perhaps for the best.
I ended up trying one of the "mees" last night... shameful, disgusting, but suprisingly nasty. Later that night I met up with my corrospendant, who in return gave me no such apology, and demanded I show him my papers. After contemplating whether I should punch him in the face, I couldn't dread another stay here in the docks , and be tempted to eat mees again. I gave him the papers.
" What the hell took you so long!? I landed 7 hours ago! " I said furious out of my mind, shaking a bit from the cold as well.
The tall, brown coated, brown bearded man stared at me with indifferent eyes and picked his teeth. He continued to look at my papers, unimpressed, unethusiastic, and unfriendly like. He offended me. " hey, I'm talking at you! I said -" He cut me off. " Go down this here road till you find site B-14, you'll find Sertious I.I , insert your number there and get to work." He then turned his back towards me, exposing his long curly , feathered hair. He was dressed like a gentelman who failed to become one, a man who had no class, but wished for it. " Hey! Don't you turn you back on me!" I said bellowing out from the pit of my stomach. " I asked you before, why were you late! Where is my apology God damnit! " He kept his back hunched and continue to walk holding his arms under his armpits to fight the cold winds. I chased him and grabbed his coat , only to reveal he wasn't human at all. When i took his jacket off, On top of his shoulder was an anatomy made from steel with the name Sertious 1.2 . "shit..." I thought. I gently put back his coat, and it continued to walk shivering in the cold. " what the hell... why is the robot cold?"
Anyway, I ended up in a town near by , and indeed met up with Sertious 1.1 , who took my numbers and spat out even more numbers so I can get housed and stationed in the work house. After a short orientation, screams and warnings, I placed my belongs in my bunk and rested my head till morning when my shift begins. As the instructions were robotic as well, my attention was far from it, and found myself at a loss for tomorrow...
I looked up at the metal casing of a ceiling, and started counting the rivets, and engravings of previous worker bees such as myself. Wondeful penmenship, the lot of them. Beautiful poems of life and freedom, you know, the typical. " Down with the machines, Kings independant!" One was written. I had 4 other men asleep near by . Never got to speak with any of them, but they look like a friendly group...yea , was with them all day and haven't said the simplest of things, a hello. Great people. just great. John Nezzer Log off.

Woke up with - ' Work will comence in 15 mins, locking cabin doors, airlock intitated. Stay situated. Work will commence in 15 mins. '
I hurried and dressed into the uniform they had prepared. As I expected, hand me down. Had holes in this thing like morse code, or if rats had their way with it, sexually. My fellow room mates yawning dressed into theirs as well, quickly grabbing their gears. Laser tools, helmets with virtual imagining and some tools on what seemed like a utility belt. I found myself lacking in alot of the tools they had, maybe empty holtsers. I wasn't suprised in this heap.
"where are we going?" I asked the room. " Shut it kid " My eyes became large like the godamn lions from those geographic text books. "What the fu-" I got interrupted by the intercom.
' Warning, Cabin C-19, breach. C-19 breach. warning' . An alarm went off louder then the street of Africas Dock, and heard clamours and rustling of feet outside my cabin walls. I could not see anything, but I was damn sure someone was going to get shot, it had one of those atmosphere.
"Damn... another one this week..." Said the older male in the corner looking down. " I can't believe they got Sama , and Derekees bunk." Said the other close to him. I looked at them beweildered, " what do you mean another one this week? " I panicked, I was well aware they meant they died, but I wasn't sure why. In my mind I scenarionized some escape plan gone sour, and they killed them for it. But I wasn't sure, So I asked knowing I would be ignored. " what happened!? "
"just shut it new guy , just get your gear ready." Before I had a chance to react, the Cabin shaked violently. And Sounds of gears were heard throughout. Screeching, and pinching of metal gears bursted throughout our cabins. And even the more seasoned workers grinned alittle while our cabin B-14 lifted up , then traveled downward to the core of the earth. The room we were in was spaceous enough only to elude the title a prison cell. But it only escapes the definition. It was a prison, with 4 inmates, and one toliet. Where the feces and our man juice went is a mystery, and never asked. Wouldn't get an Answer anyway.

Moments laters, I heard a large hiss, and some clunks. I was sure we were in the core now, but strangely enough I heard sounds of rain. It started out tricklingly, but started to pour faster and faster , louder even. I've never heard rain before in my life, only the simulated ones back in F-court. It was amazing... amazing even still in the core. " where is that sound coming from?" I asked hoping for a real answer. The older male replied suprisingly kind "Something about ice melting in the other countries, It melts and drips down here from the other core entrances. That's about all we need to know" That made sense. " Kid, you know what that means right? Its only a matter of time before we get flooded in here, where do you think all this water goes? " shit. He was right, where does it all go? ' Flood gate 6 and 9 locked, bypassing systems , flood gate 5- 7 opened '
"the hell is going on?!" I said panicking. It was frightening to tell you the truth. The moment the door crashed open, I saw mass havoc. People from all different races, color, gender, just everyone I tell you was gathered in this crowd square. There inside a cavern like area, gluttered to the brim with water , was 4 towers on each corner. The sertius bots were stationed there keeping their electronic eye stationed on none other then us. Like slaves in the jungle, we were then told to march. Marching in the metallic floor dripping with water , the musty mud, and steaming from various heat spots wasn't the hardest part of the journey to work. But the work it self.
We were guided into narrow spikes which then sepperated into multiple different paths, and believe when I tell you, the road, is slippery. From far away you can see thousands of people tripping, and falling, grabbing and holding. It looked almost like trench warfare, without the trenches and plenty of rain. Many were bare-footed, and many dieases were a-foot. no pun intended. Grabbing onto my helmet I charged forward, fighting the rain size of tennis balls, and fighting the burning in my thighs. My eyes were getting slightly burnt.
"My eyes burn! Is this normal?!" I yelled fighting the noise around me. " get used to it kid, you think this water is pure? word of advice, don't drink it" I looked at him astonished " you telling me this just now!?" I was beginining to get fear inside my heart. I felt even more alone then when I was at the courts. At least then , I had, no actually I had no friends. Same shit I suppose.

The pouring rain continued, but as we traveled miles into our station, other B-bunk members were there waiting for us. We were their relief, and were here to switch off with them. Some who were good friends discussed what needed to be done, and some traded tools, and goods that might be needed that day . I just stood there like a stomp of a tree , sticking out like a sore thumb, hey look at me i'm new! " Hey whos the new guy!?" shouted , i'm guessing the foreman. " Hes a no body" He shrugged off the rain water from his shoulders, and walked off to work. " is everyone dickish around here!?" Fell into deaf ears.

"Okay listen kid, i fyou want to survive down here, keep our head down and your tools up! Just dig, when you find something shiny you scream , Found something boss! You got that?! Other then that , we have chow mid day and once when your inside your cabin. If you need to piss, there plenty of rain , pissin your pants for all I care. There is no breaks other then a 5 min smoke break, so if you don't smoke , too fucking bad. Now take this Goddamn tool and dig!"
At least he was informative. I looked at the tools in front of me. It was some kind of laser tool made from the same companys that shit out those Sertious models. S90, serial number scratched off. Not that it really matters anyway. I pressed the trigger only to get sparks of failure. No matter how much I pressed, the laser would not ignite. "boss! tool malfunction! "
The 250 pound man, gritty to the teeth came rushing pissed off. " Gatdamnit! Whats your name! " He grabbed my uniform looking for a name kind of sometime. Pushing me back he said , " give me your damn tool you piece of meat. " He started to tinker with it, and added some parts he had in his pocket. " you nezzers boy!? Ha, hey! this is nezzers boy! " I was suprised he knew my family, i was hopeful. A old, and battle torn man creeped up on me and said " you know dem nezzers killed thousands of us , I should gut you right here boy! " The foreman grabbed him with one hand and tossed him like a rag-doll " Get back to your corner before I break your hips old man, I'm not fond of the boy , but you gonna do his work!? Get back to work. "
"ha, a Nezzer, here in the core, ha! " He walked off laughing. At least my tool was fixed.

The S90 had a striking reach of 3 inches, so it was no weapon that for sure. I slowly broke away metallic stones of iron and nickel, and various minerals I never learned in school. A gruelsome day passed, and never once did I call the boss. Other veterans called him every hour or so, with something shiny , and were rewarded with a simple 'good job'. You can keep your petty compliments, just feed me, I thought.
After work we followed the same slippery slope, down the same muddy road to our cabins. Near our Cabins, amongst the group of people gathered like ants swarming a picnic ,laid lines of radiation-removal showers, and had places to clean our gear. It was all in pathethic shape, Rusty, squeaky , typical machinery for us slave folk. First day of work, and I still didn't catch any of their names, I regret coming here to Africus, regreting it all the more. John Nezzer out.

' Work will comence in 15 mins, locking cabin doors, airlock intitated. Stay situated. Work will commence in 15 mins. ' I groaned, and woke up from a sleep that was felt shorter then climax during intercourse. My body ached far beyond belief, as if ants were crawling up and down my muscles nibbling each and every fiber. Ripping it thread by thread, leaving it to dry in the sun, only to be buried in sand. My shoulders especially burned and throbbed ,almost screaming to be punched. Greater pain to dull the lesser pain if you will... My bed was mildly soaked from yesterday as I forgot to dry my clothes before sleeping, too tired, too lazy and now I pay for it with frustrating,sticky and icky piece of shit of a BED! === ' Lock down , lock down '====
A loud hiss was heard outside our cabin, and clamps locked every single one in a sequence, one after another. The loud bangs echoed throughout the metallic cabin, giving us a bellowing feeling in our stomachs. "Hey whats the lock down for?" I asked curiously as the alarms increased in intensity.
"Lets just say , you don't know what to know what else is down there in the core" My eyes widden. There is more shit I need to look forward to down there? Oh fabulous.
"hey , hey you ,what is down there...- matter of fact i'm sick of all this, What manner of people don't even introduce themselves! Why make it more awkward then it is!? " The room turned a blind eye and the room became silent. I became hesitant, and frustrated being in a room full of grown ass men , which I knew nothing off, and all refused to give me their names.
" I don't give a rat's ass about a Lock down, the longer it is , the longer I get to sleep." groaned one , and laid back down on his bed.
The younger of the four approached me as I grumply packed my gear. " Hey s-s-sorry b-bout that , mm-my name is Rodger, r-rodger, c-c-all me r-rabbit, they all do." He was a boy in his 20's , scrawny , wore glasses,cracked mostly , and seemed likely to be kind hearted fool. It was appreciated indeed, I just didn't show it.
" Bout time some one in the room introduced themselves!" I said loudly making sure they got my message. Then from the corner the older gent I talked to before stood up with his arms gently placed on his stomach " Don't take it too personal kid, we don't like to get to know new people 'ere. They don't last very long . This place changes folks... Don't know what much help it be, but names Solomon, that handsome looking fellow with the big fucking mouth is Fravu , and that mysterious one over there is Sand. You already met Rodger, I best you stay away from him, he will drill your ears with extra syllables you don't need. And you're John Nezzer...we heard" Solomon made an effortless boy, clearly despising me, and laid back down on his bed with his hat covering his eyes.
I tipped my invisble hat to the lot of them. Although we only exchanged names, My worries decipated.
"Nezzer... You Sauls boy?" sand whispered with his deep , accent filled voice. "How the hell do you know my father!" I rushed over to sand, a dark skinned persian engraved with mystical tatoos all over his body. His neck boasted a design of an ancient bird, with scriptures intertwining the birds neck and wings. He had a vicious scar from his left ear to his lower adam's apple. And something about his eyes told me, he killed many men before and felt no ounce of sorrow. Perhaps he did, feel sorrow that is, but his face was hard to read like the ever changing sands of the desert.