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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Dear readers,

Hey~ howdy? how are ye? I hope all is well in your lives. I know I dropped from the face of the world , and I truly apologize for those who are my fans. If you are wondering, I am doing quite well~ I am working hard on my film projects and have been involved in many shoots such as music videos and commercials. Currently I am working on a short , very amateur of course, a budget of one hundred bones... Just for food ya know?

I know many are waiting for my humble little videos, and I will deliver soon as I can. I always wondered what it is about my videos people liked... and I think i know now :) . Its that everyone needs a friend. Although many do not know me, many consider me a friend. A friend that will make them laugh, and think , and feel loved at times. A friend that can sing to you, and also put you to sleep. I am glad to be in a position to do that for people out in the world.

It always amazes me when i read mail from people from over the world. Its amazing how similar their problems are. A girl in lebanon has the same problems as the girls in georgia... Girls in korea have guy trouble just like girls in spain. Everyone, whether red, white , purple ,black, they all have the same exact inner problems. I love this about the world. We have the same problems... this is more then enough to relate. And when you relate, you can only but feel closer to your fellow man and woman.

I can barely look at my old videos, I cringe and squirm when I have to watch my videos. Lol. I guess as i'm getting older i'm becoming more and more self conscious. Beginning to see how flawed I really am... and I wonder everyday , am I worth being on the screen? What is my life really worth? Does what I say really have weight? I ask myself plenty of questions that haunt me day and night. But, you don't know how grateful I am that I can do such things. These are questions that can drive me to become a better person in life.

I'm so happy to meet new people every day . Many foreign men and women message me with their issues, and although its hard to read at times(broken english), its heart warming to see people still reaching out. To many people i'm their only source of confession. The type of stuff people confess is amazing aahahha... plenty of strange individuals with strange problems in the world .Things most people don't even worry about, people from different countries do



My writing is so half assed right now ahah, i'm not even trying... Exhaustion does that to ya :> .

Every day I pray for people to sing with. People that have instruments out and just sing with me... I want to be in a musical environment... so badly.

I want to be in better shape lol... I've been so tired from shoots I don't work out... My body is getting bleeh...

I want to paint on a canvas and draw whatever comes to mind. I dream one day some french artiste' will come and look at my painting and say " ze painting is ze amaZZING" then I become instantly rich...lol

Have you ever wished one day you decide to help some old lady to her car or carry her grocery, and she says some shit like ' I have no family to name... and i have so much money , I need someone to put on my will... You helped me , so i will put your name." lol... shit... i can dream right??

Or... have you ever looked at some guy who is driving a porsche or mercedes and wanted to ask, Hey budddy~ can I have your car? ' yea sure bro, i got 10 of these in different color' Oh thanks mann~ VRRROOOOmmm...

Have you ever looked at a dog , and it tilts his head to the right and think awwww... then all of a sudden you wanna kick it in the face...? I have... i don't know why -_-''

As an asian person I am embarrassed to buy noodles or anything stereotypically asian, just to avoid the- " typical... of COURSE he would get the noodles." ugghhh fuck people ahaha.

Truth about penis size ~ it's false! ahahahha No but seriously, most likely , unless you are a porn star ... if your big, your only a little bigger then I am, if your small, your only a little smaller then I am. Thats how it is for most guys... so in all honestly, people are fighting over millimeters and cm's instead of inches. Pathetic really. Except when it comes to me, you'd be fighting over yards... My blog , fuck you ahah.

You know how they put brown paper bags over the girls face? I think thats so fucked up... and counterproductive.. why not just wear sunglasses, or those eye covering thang when you sleep. Or better yet, if the girl is THAT ugly... SMOKE up till she turns pretty.

I hate the term shallow... because if it fits your expectation it should be perfectly flat , not shallow... If she was ugly, it'd be shallow... Or Deep... cuz ugly fishes are in the deepest part of the ocean... hehe... I dunno, I personally believe you are attracted to who your attracted to. No body wakes up in the morning and force this upon themselves... they just don't. they live life, and one day see a girl.. and BOOOINNG~~~ she is amazing looking! It happens in a fraction of a second... So if someone don't find you attractive, just remember all the times you didn't find some ugly dude unattractive. most likely, to this particular guy, you are that "ugly dude". So r-lax.

I hate people who act and dress like a hipster but won't fucking admit it.. or even ACT like they know what it is. bitch please, you wearing what hipsters wear... wear it proudly or not at all.

I love watching old couples riding those two seater bicycles. I think its the cutest thing ever ahahah, especially if the old guy is a fat white guy with white hair.

I love when big ass dudes drive small ass cars... because I know they secretly think " Since I'm big and I drive a big car, people will think i'm confident enough to ride a small car, so therefore they will think I have a large dong". But truthfully, just because they are tall don't mean shat... just xl shirts, and 34-40 pants... bigger socks... So r-laxxx bitch, we all can see through ya.

I hate native americans who try to play of the "jacob" look... i think its so cheesy. be more original I say :/ .

I hate koreans who are over exalting themselves because of k-pop... Bitch, they ain't you, you ain't them. Have pride, but don't be so full of yourself to call other asians dirty. I'm tired of hearing that shit. All asians are amazing to me.

I think people should stop eating for a week every month, and see their own reflections. People have ate themselves crazy... Seriously. Stop eating so damn much. Stop blaming anything, or anyone... NO body should be eating as much as we eat now, there is NO excuse. If you find your self getting offended by this, then you obviously ate too much . Gluttony is a sin many overlook. Don't order a 3 big macs, large fries giant tube of diet coke... Even one big mac + fries + small drink = too much. How about a nice turkey sandwich with chips and lemonade? :/

I think people need to stop hogging all the damn money for themselves. We once started out equals... but now, we are all just hogging the SHIT outta the cash flow. How is it fair that some live in luxury , watching tv in high def . While some have giant stomachs filled with acid, and flies as pets. Fuck the world, and fuck the government, and fuck all the people who close their eyes to this shit.

I think people need to think more, and play less games. These fucking console games are ridiculous... You live in this virtual world filled with satanic bullshit. Occult. You no longer watch or listen to satanic media... you now experience FIRST hand the world Satan have made for you.

You know what i REALLY HATE? Dragons. When was dragons accepted as good creatures? People seem to forget the Dragon is the devil. "Dragon born" " Devil born" " You have the power of the dragon" " You have the power of the devil" ... A clever way to brainwash people to believe Satan is " good"... WAKE UP. Dragons are evil creatures that represent Satan.

It's sad.. because they make dragons so damn cool... it's true, they are awesome... they make you go, OoOOoOO~ Great beasts with wings that breath fire, AWEEESOMMEE~ but don't you see? Satan also have been described as the GREAT BEAST...CAAAAMOOONN~~~ R-Laxx

You know whats sad? Marriage! AHHAHA, what the FUCK IS THAT ABOUT? What happened to marriage? It's like completely a joke now. Let Gays marry, straight people fucked it up anyways. It's not holy, or pure... it's just a stepping stone for the divorce that will soon to follow.

Mac, is it really that good? WHHHATEVERR THE FUCK. Piece of shit macs freezes, and have no programs that are worth a damn. Fancy gadgets that shoot fireballs from left to right, but when it comes to opening a program that needs a certain program Pc has, BOOO~ it doesn't FUCKING WORK. Mac, is it really that good? Nah, it ain't. Good pc's are good. Shitty pc's are shitty. Macs are just macs...

I don't like guys who collect shoes. I think it's the silliest things.

Ah , something i wanted to add real quick. Cops. This is a problem lol. Think about this for a sec... Cops are people, just like us... yet they were trained and brainwashed for years to believe they are superior to us. That, they are different... and they are there to control the population. The truth is, they are pigs to the slaughter just like the REST of us. The people who live above the clouds hundreds of stories high don't give a SHIT about Cops or us. The sooner police realize this simple fact, our lives would be so much more free. These cops are led to believe they have power. 'just do as I order and you will be safe' This is the inner thoughts of cops who know the impeding doom. Look at these pigs with meat sticks hitting their fellow man. Just like the jewish police who beat their own people into the kill trains, so , also our cops are doing the same thing...

yada yada...

I dunno... I'll just keep writing some bullshiet... Whatevers comes to mind :) .

ah never mind, I got nothing lol .