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Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day!

Dear Readers,

As you guys all know , today is memorial day. This day to some might be just a day off, and time to chillax... But, you guys all know better. Remember how much love they had for our soldiers back in ww2, and vietnam? What about now? People might argue that, "well back in ww2 , they were fighting for a good cause" ..." same with vietnam"... But in fact there is no difference in the motive of the war.
However , what stands the same is the fact that these brave men and women of all ages gave their freedom and life to help defend the law Of America, whether it was just or not. I do object to this Godforsaken war, but, I don't want to take away their dignity and watch these soldier receive no credit for what they've been ordered to do.
If you object the War , blame the government, not the soldiers! I was a soldier once, and I completely understand what they are going through! Being told to do something you completely disagree upon...however, if we go against the government, there will be no longer anyone defending, the law... and if there is no law.. the civilians will be the first to feel it.
Civilians don't understand how much the military sacrifice their freedom so that Little Bob can get a snickers bar without getting blown to bits. If the Navy was to guard down for JUST an hour, half of New York, Georgia and all the east coast states could be laid in ruins. If the Air Force did not dominate the skies, we'd have bombings and machine fire a spray across the sky in your neighboring cities. Without the Marines risking their lives to go oversea doing all the dirty work, no one in the states would be safe from jealous neighbors and enemies. And of course the Coast Guard , who protect our seas from foreign and domestic enemies... and PIRATES TOO!

So pay your respects to our military, because if you are living in the states right now... it is because of their protection!
Once again, I give thanks to my fellow brothers in arms who gave their lives for something greater, and I hope they remain in your prayers and in your heart. Happy memorials day!


-Ban2j writes.

Amen! And while we're thanking the troops, I'd just like to send a shout out to military families as well. Memorial day is the time when we honor soldiers, esp. those who've already passed on, but often the ones left behind don't get enough praise. It's hard being a war widow/widower, and having to pick up the pieces after your spouse dies, esp. during a thankless war; or being a child who has to deal with the reality of losing their parent. So "Woot!Woot!" to my fellow Army/Navy/Marine/Air force/Coast guard/Etc. family and friends, and Happy Memorial Day!

Friday, May 28, 2010

When the truth comes out.

Dear Readers,

When the truth comes out, The puzzle fits into play, and you see the whole picture. At first, you wonder what it may be, and you ponder of its image day and night. However, when the vision focuses into a grand image of things, then you realize , ah this is why. As artistic as this may sound, i'm talking about a rather negative thing.

If you were to have an argument to no avail, then later in the peak of the battle you find out everything you need to know. Then comes the peace offering from the enemy. At first the battle was allusive and very murky. However, during the high point of the battle, You have learned all there is to know about your enemy. Then, How will you ever accept such a empty peace offering, you cannot.

-Easy terms-

There was a girl that asked a song request, and she was not answered. Took it upon herself to throw her anger at me, but in a passive aggressive way, so I don't notice. Of course I noticed, it was deliberate, unnecessary, and hurtful. I accused her of being mean, and being unkind... she denied my accusation, saying she is indeed a fan, and all she wants is my happiness. So I TESTED her, and Provoked her to get her a little bit angry... Her true nature slips out.

She tells me everything I needed to know about her. She spilled out her past anger towards me, and how she always thought I was a liar, and how she was furious at the fact I didn't sing her song. Through these type of tests, I was told by a wisdom girl I can determine who is for me and against me, and she was DEFINITELY against me. After she is was caught red handed, she dared to come back with an empty apology, which was filled with her self righteousness. Still defending herself, and denying what she has done. Case is Closed. and Good Riddance.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fans ,planes and automobiles.

Dear Readers,

Hows is everyone doing? All good I hope. Now, some of you who read my blog understand what this blog will be touching upon. Fans.

What is the definition of a fan? FANATIC. No offense, but thats the meaning behind it... But there are those who definitely pull way too far into the blue with that shit. I think if your a real fan, you can understand the person your a fan of. Of course not all of its details, but at least know about the difficulties behind their lives.

I truly understand that my fans must go through difficulty in their lives as well. cause we are all humans. However, if you stop and think for a second , you might realize I have it pretty hard due to dealing with thousands of different emotions, and personalities. I know some of you deal with a lot of people in your line of work, but this is a bit different.

When I do my youtube, or blog... I put people into two categories.. just simply black or white. I hate mixing in between... Its neither you ARE a fan, or you are a HATER. I'm not A judge nor a person who has a lot of time to deal with muddy ,unclear individuals. Also, I shouldn't have to, its so unfair to me don't you think?

However, on my blog there was a fan. Just a young girl who found interest in me once, but wanted something more out of it. Started getting angry at me for not singing a song she has requested. If you know have known me for a while... You will know the common facts.

1. I get a more messages then I can read... whether it be 100 per day, or 300 some days.

2. In these messages, contains hate mail, concern mail, questions, complains, compliments, worries, and of course requests.

3. These requests go from, happy birthday shout outs, sing this song, hear this song, talk about this, talk about that... Can you talk about why etc etc...Can you sing this and that.

4. Let says Out of these requests I chose a song to sing... I need to LEARN the song.. PRATICE the song, then RECORD the song. For example.. when I sang road to zion... it took me 3-4 days to learn it, a day to record it ... I don't have the time to sing everyones request. I apologize. (though, once in a blue moon there is a song someone requested and I already KNOW the song, then I can probably give it a go. )

All i was telling her was to understand my situation for ONCE. Instead of looking at it with her bitter " he didn't sing my song, cause he is an asshole" eyes. If that was the case, hundreds of my fans should be complaining to me right now. But, they do not~ because they REALLY are my fans, who care for my well being, and they understand what I truly go through. Those people I love to death! Those are the people I truly appreciate!

Obviously to some, this may come off as arrogant, but i'm seriously pleading to you guys. This is really, really not easy for me. I chose a path that is so mixed, some times its more then I can chew... If you guys noticed, I touch up on so many different things...Which is probably why its so hard for me. My mistake .

from singing, to talking about racism, relationships, and controversial topics... Fans of all kinds. Fans that only like the singing, fans that only like the ambw.. and etc etc. So sometimes, I find it difficult to find my bearing.

She also mentioned that I don't reply to my fans if its a compliment, and I only replied to her when she was being negative. Its true, I wrote an essay for her. Mainly because I wanted her to realize shes in limbo right now. Your not in one side or another. No person wants to lose a fan unless its hurting your life, and she was draining my happiness . I come home , read my messages , filled with hate mail and compliments alike . Then I come to blog to read some passive aggressive mail, that seems to be a compliment, but mixed in with some hater taste to it. Then I get all confused, is this sarcasm? Then it happened way too often then not... So thus a goodbye to her.

You guys will understand when I tell you this. When someone who is a hater tells you ,your doing a horrible JOB, you are this way, and you are that way... honestly hurts, BUT, you can endure it... because YOU KNOW thats what haters do. However, if you think they are for you, they are your friends, family... and then says less then par comments. You just droop to the ground...

Later on I realized she REALLY was a hater, You can tell by her ending remarks. She always believed me to be a liar, and she really was upset about me not singing her song. excuse me for the french, but thats one self center ass bumpkin.

Anyway,on a much lighter note, to my fans and subscribers out there, I apologize if I cannot answer your questions and comments.But i want you to know I try my best to read them all, and I message people randomly to be fair. Also I try different ways to reach out to y'all. If you notice me cowering back into my shell, just know it was another weird fan that got me all defensive.

"The greatest fan can become the greatest hater. Because they know everything about
-My father

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

If you landed in another place.

Dear Readers,

Whats good mateys!? Hows the seven seas be doing thar!? okay okay sorry XD. Anyway, I was just chillin and something hit me. WHAT IF.
What if I can start BRAND new in another place. Make a new name, pick and choose my own accent, and pick new things for myself. I was thinking what would I be?

I honestly would pick the name G money. no seriously ... I always loved G money.. sounds so sexyyyyuuustttt kidding. I was thinking somewhere in the lines of Kevin Smith. Something generic. you know i'm also kidding. The thing is ladies and gents, I honestly wouldn't change my name XD. Its much too catchy to throw away...
The accent though... I would like a nice British accent. You know what , what about a PIRATE ACCENT. AHHA. Man.. I would love that actually.

-At a Job interview-
employer-"hi welcome to Compu-tech, can you tell us your education background?"

Pirate(me)-"I be thar blow'n the sails, and Skipping the stones of buccaneers and gulls"

EM-"uh... what ?"

P-"Is ye mute boy!? Blow'n the sails University matey.."

EM-"um, okay lets move on ,*nervous laughter* What about your employment history?"

P-"I be thar blow'n mateys under the gallows ! and Pokin the buccaneers and the gulls with my
iron tip matey.."

EM-"um.. that sounds very inappropriate... blow'n mateys was your job? And poking what??!"

P-" i say... ye be a mute man boy..ye never blowed a white whale have ye!?"


Then I realized.. all of this is just stupid ahha~ I like who I am.. And you should to.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dear ..

Dear Readers,

Miss me yet?! I'm kinda starting to miss ya guys, just kinda~ ahah jusst kidding. I do miss y'all~ I'ma be back soon, but not quite yet. I've been very busy lately , so It will take me a little bit longer to come back. Just wanted to assure some people that i'm doing A-okay and will come back safe and sound. Thanks for all the worries and concern~ muah!