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Monday, April 19, 2010

ladies and gentleman

Dear Readers,

How have you all been? I hope very well. I have been somewhat conflicted with life and my dream. eh, thats for a different day. Today I want to say Thank you, so all my fans and lovely subscribers. I decided to take a little break, so I can get my head on straight. Too much has been going on, and I think i just need to clear my head and soul~ so I can come back to you full force , with more energy and just much more pure, TenchiJk.



Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The once Lonely Heart

Dear Readers,

For the longest time in my life I have been lonely. Not because of the lack of love, or friendship, but of understanding . I used Han to explained this several times. In my life, I had many friends who came and went... some remained and some did not. Whether they were good friends, or bad , they all had one thing in common. They did not have this Han that was deeply embedded into my heart. I always wondered when and where I would experience such exposure.

One day I get a message from a guy named Marvin. Dj duel. To tell you all the truth, I was a bit skeptical when he said he was gonna make me a sick introduction music. I thought it was just a kid who is going to use some silly gadgets he has to make a song... The reason I thought this was because I had a mindset of " who would spend there good time making something good for me" pessimistic i know, but thats what I thought. But, to my surprise, that shit was just off the hook! He actually had mad talent and skills a Buddhist monk couldn't even comprehend... and I was shocked. Someone with that much talent would be MY fan? and time went on..

With a slight change in fame status, it became so much more difficult then before. Mainly because of the things I say.. very controversial... so thus more haters then one would get if you only made silly videos, or music. I began to lose hope... I began to feel I failed My Asian race. How will we ever shine? will we ever shine...? I felt no Asian guy felt what i felt...

Then one day, I get a message again from Dj Duel . He says, he has this music video setup, and he would love to have me Down to make a "nasty appearance". I took up on his offer, mainly because I trusted his persona... something about him just gave me that , he is good dude.

When I went on the set, people greeted me left and right , like i was some celebrity... it was such a humbling experience... the more they exalted me, the more NOT SHIT I realized I was. However, they exalted me nonetheless... The shoot went great, and it went very smoothly.

Now, AFTER the shoot... this is when things became Gold. Many of Marvin's friends who were also fans of my videos sat around me in the dark corner, and we all talked about Han. How they knew exactly how I felt... The sadness of being the silver unpolished, the gold that does not have enough Heat to melt away from the rocks. We started to talk about how we need to unite as one race, so we can be the ladder to climb up together...we also the concept of the flower pot, where the rose would shine, but not without the support of those who are in the back, the flowerpot,the supporters.
My heart was refreshed all over again, and My spirits rose up. I realized I am definitely NOT alone in this world. And neither are you guys. You may feel your pains and struggles in America are felt in vain, but no, There are those who experience exactly what you feel.. and they feel you. Thats were true bonds and friendships build... so I wish you the same grace God has bestowed upon me that day. Take care you lovely people out there.


Monday, April 12, 2010


Dear Readers,

As some of you know, I went to do a small video shoot at OishiMedia. The guys and I became close friends real quick. And during our deep ass convo, we decided to make something special for you all. I'm calling all gorgeous black women to play a part in a music video about interracial love. Those who have model experience is requested by the directors and cast members of oishi media. If you think you gots the stuff, and live in califorina, please come down! This video isn't going to be the stereotypical views of Hoochi mamas , or asian nerds. Rather, they will be portrayed as a beautiful young couple, dressed stunningly classy and in a lovely sunsetting environment. Oishimedia and I decided to collaborated together with this, and those who are interested can come down to the shoot as extras or if the casting allows a part in the video. I'm excited for this!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Dear Readers,

GATTTT DAMNIT. I'm getting so damn fed up with these goody goody Christians that are talking smack about my premarital sex video. My point of the whole video wasn't about what is RIGHT or WRONG. Let me get my point across here more clearly.

1. I said if it is for a religious reason, that your keeping yourself pure or whatever, you've already Failed. This by NO means gives you the right to go out and do whatever the hell you want.But, You need to realize while focusing all your energy on , " I need to be a virgin, I need to be a virgin" , You use this "self righteousness" and use it to judge people. Let me give you an example.

There is 2 girls. One is a bad girl, total slut. Another a virgin. Now a very smart girl once told me," if someone dies from a mosquito bite, and another stomped on a elephant, which person is MORE dead?"
okay, lets say girl A(slut) lived her life as a normal teenage girl, doing normal teenage sins... and she lost her virginity and just gave her body away.
There is another girl,girl B, who also lived a normal teenage life, doing normal teenage sins... but she stayed a virgin because she wanted to keep her self "holy". Except, one day... They both got down to pray to the Lord.

Girl A's prayer " Lord , I can't even look upon you lord.. i'm such an evil person... My fleshly desires are much to great and I've fallen into this world of lust... God help me"
Girl B's prayer " Dear God, I thank you that i'm not like girl A, I thank you for allowing to keep my body clean unlike hers. I pay offering, I pay tithe, I do this and that God. Thank you

This is a modern version of a story in the bible..."the pharisee and the tax collector" Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, BOTH girls are sinners before God. Whether SHE HAD SEX before marriage, or if SHE is a virgin , they Both are the SAME before God.

Explain this. There are two thieves on the cross Next to Jesus. One of the thieves says to him "if you really are Christ, come down from there and save me and yourself". The other says , " he is innocent, we deserve to die.. etc etc.. Please remember me when you go to your kingdom."
There is absolutely nothing good about these two. COMPLETELY HORRIBLE HUMAN BEINGS. Till the day they were born, till the day they were nailed to that cross. Yet... Jesus says to one of them " I promise you, You will be in paradise with me.."

Now think to yourself. What was the difference between the two? They were exactly the same! They BOTH were destined to Die... BOTH failed, just like girl A and girl B. However, the promise of Jesus is the only thing that got in between them.
| So can that thief brag? Can the thief say to the other thief " HA HA~ he chose me because I didn't do premarital sex! He chose me because of this and that... cuz i kept my body a LITTLE bit more cleaner then you ... and so on"
The answer is obviously NO!

So, my point of that video wasn't about do whatever the hell you want. It was to show you, the viewers, that whether you ARE a virgin, OR NOT...unless your a perfect human being... you have NO right to judge another human being. Just because YOU yourself is holding onto it, you've already failed in SOOOO many different sins... that if I CALL YOU OUT, and PUT YOUR sins on the table... you will have no room for talk.

Also, the reason why I was more EASIER on this topic, then on the Homosexual topic was simple. ONE, Homosexuality Is NOT a choice. SO thus, that in IT SELF IS ALREADY A SIN. So thus what more to say.. what is wrong is wrong, keep doing what you do. However, Premarital sex IS a choice~ and if you make the wrong choice, it IS wrong, Amongst ALL other things that Wrong. When you get saved, only thing different between YOU and your neighbor , comes down to the Promise of Jesus. So, next time you call me a hypocrite, make sure you call yourself one as well.

I hope SOMEONE understood me.



p.s ahaha I feel so much more refreshed.

Monday, April 5, 2010

why do we eat eggs on easter?

Dear homies/homegirls,

Decided to change up the reader to homies ahahha, justtt for today lol. Anyways~ whats been with you chu all? all good i hope. I've been fairly good lately~ If you haven't noticed, i've been kinda spiritual as of late... I have no idea why. Maybe its about time God told me to straighten my back onto the right track. Anyway, enough of that for now~

I wanted to... you know actually there is gonna be Sommmmme churchy thangs in this story, but thats not the main picture. lol~ as you all know yesterday was easter Sunday. And sooo many people be like, did you eat EGGS!? or chocolate and etc etc... And maybe people don't seem to even know what easter is. Because, all they ever see in the media is a giant Rabbit with a basket full of eggs... confusing the little kids. Easter is a day to remember of Jesus' resurrection. And now here comes the history lesson. The reason why we eat eggs on easter.

This is way back when. The crusade time era. There was this soldier... who, since at a young age believed in God with all his heart , and to show his love he gave food to the poor... and every easter , he and his family would paint , color and write "Jesus loves you" on the eggs and handed them out to the poor people. Every easter, this was there family tradition... Mind you, back then, egg was not an easy commodity~ it was hard to get.
Now one day , he got sent to fight in the crusade... fighting Muslims in a ridiculous war, that God probably did not even want... but inevitable i believe. Anyway, coming back from war~ he lost his way in the forest near his hometown... But he was heavy injured and his eyes were fuzzy/blurry... Because of his handicaps he could not find his way back... and also he has been starving for days.

One day a young boy with a basket full of eggs was marching through the forest to give colored eggs to the people in the next town... but on his path there saw this man... half dead.. he gave the eggs to this dying soldier instead ( good boy huh?). When he was eating, he realized , this egg was painted . He then realized this is the same eggs he used tomake at home... then he realized his home was near! so this is a story about how his kindness return unto him, and he was able to be guided on home to his wife Rosaline , and they lived happily ever after. Since that day, the tradition of giving colored eggs became widely known. So now, we eat eggs on easter. Weird huh?


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Friday, April 2, 2010

To become saved?

Dear Readers,
IN my last post a sweet young lady asked me a very good questions. I do not know the tone of the question, whether it was sarcastically or just innocently curious. I decided to answer it in the best of my abilities. What is it to be saved? (in a Christian sense)

First of all, the Gospel has been so Diluted these days where the true Gospel is Lost. So-called Christians do not even KNOW the Gospel. They read and read the bible but yet remain ignorant to what Jesus actually did, and why.

To get a better understanding of the Gospel, lets start out with some questions shall we? What is the requirement of us all to get into Heaven?
-Can you have sin? No. Why ? Because sin has never entered heaven, and never will be allowed to.
-So then must you be a GOOD sinner?(if that even exist, but some people seems to think so)
lol, and No. Sin is sin.

Simply put. Lets say, the requirement to enter Heaven is to bear apples lol(oh comon give me a chance lol). However, human beings are "orange trees" ... so they try diligently day after day, year after year trying to bear apples... Yet every year, they get Oranges.
What this means is , The apple is Righteousness. God requires us to BE righteous to enter the kingdom of God... But yet we are always sinners. So we try and try to bear apples... and we ALWAYS oranges... We will get back to this.

Their are two ways to become righteous in the Bible. One is by keeping ALL the law. People might say "oh oh, the ten commandments?" Foolish people, ye who do not read the bible lol. Their are 613 laws, AFTER the ten commandments... For the sake of understanding this much easier lets bring back a story Jesus Encountered.
I believe in the book of Matthew , it talks about a rich man who came in front of Jesus. He came to Jesus and said "what GOOD must I do to enter the kingdom of heaven?" ... Jesus says clearly their is only one who is Good, which is God.
Yet the Rich man persists... Jesus says, love your neighbor as yourself, honor your mother and father, and keep the laws of moses etc etc...
The Rich man boldly says, " I kept all of this since i was young..." *screech* lets stop here for a second. He kept all the laws? "love your neighbor as yourself." Your neighbor is everyone around you... Their are so many sick, weak, malnourished people out where he lived. Their are poor people in every corner... if he was to love his neighbor LIKE himself~ then how could he ever be rich? How could he EVER save up money to be rich...? He dresses himself in nice garments, while his Neighbor is in the ground. Giving someone a piece of coin is loving him like you love your self? by no means...
It says later on, Jesus had compassion on him and said, Throw away ALL your possessions and follow me.
Now, people always JUDGE this rich man... people who read the bible ALWAYS judge this man , but people fail to realize we ARE this man. We are JUST like this rich man. We say to the Lord, YES we HAVE kept all your laws ( when we failed at everyone of them) , and we still say, WHAT GOOD MUST "WE" DO TO ENTER YOUR KINGDOM. Our possessions are our thoughts, our OWN SELF righteousness, our arrogance, our knowledge, what we think is right and so on.. These possession, these things we need to drop to follow Jesus.
Now, Jesus' disciples were shocked , and said amongst each other "then WHO can enter the kingdom of God???!" Jesus clearly says, Its "IMPOSSIBLE" for Man... but all things are possible in God.

Moving on. One more parable... If you still reading , God bless you. :)
There was a man... walking from point A to point B... then he met some thieves and bandits! They beat the CRAP out of him! took all his money, his clothes, and left him ALMOST dead.
They probably stabbed him, gutted him etc etc.
First walks the priest... He cannot touch unblemished things (its the law) , so he just walks by... then comes the Levi ( the diligent one) and he is late for his gathering so he moves a long, then come the Samaritan.
Puts him on his donkey, pours his oils and wine over the wound. Takes him to an inn and pays twice over the inn fee and says he will come back if he EVER needs more. The moral of the story is what? Be that good Samaritan!?nahh....
We ARE the man who got hit by robbers. Stripped away of our clothes, our money, our dignity... Left almost dead... unable to live without a Saviour. Then comes the Samaritan... Jesus, who pours his oil(spirit), and wine (blood) over our wounds(sin). Take us to a inn and PAYS our debts twice over, and will come back to pay more if Ever needed.
The parable was to teach his disciplines that he was that Saviour, and they(we) are the ones who are in need. We all want to be in the position of the Saviour, but what we always fail to realize is we are the ones needing saving. We are the ones who are powerless in front of God, and are helpless without the saving of Christ.
Now... to the saving part.

What is to repent? Is repenting" Oh God, sorry i did this, sorry i did that, I committed this and that , and this and that" Thats no repentance lol. Repenting means to turn from your ways.
John always preached, REPENT and believe in Christ. Turn from your way of thinking, your OWN righteousness and accept Jesus' righteousness.

Ask your selves a honest question. Are you a sinner? Do you believe you are a COMPLETE sinner? thats the kicker right there lol~ people always say they are sinners, but never admit they are complete sinners lol. They always think i'm part sinner, part good like this is some cooking show. In front of God, you are NOT good. Thats the truth of it... in the HUMAN standards SURE~ we can tell a BIG difference who is good and who is bad... but GOD sees peoples hearts not the actions. Before you kill someone, you Hate (and you cannot control that), before you steal, you covet..( you can't help wanting something), before you commit adultery you Lust ( you cannot control feeling of lust)... What i'm trying to make you come to sense with is, you ALREADY fail at becoming righteous on your own.
If you seriously realized you are doomed without Christ why are you still looking at yourselves for the solution? "oh I must try harder, OH I MUST DO BETTER"
The only way is to look towards Christs blood, and believe in what HE did. Which is CLEARLY to take ALL your sins. Past present AND future.

Take this into account. How did you all become sinners? did you want to become sinner? no way! It was from ONE MAN, ADAM. WE all inherited this Sin. So God sent ONE man to take away ALL sin.

So to be saved is this. We became sinners from Adam, we became righteous through Jesus, we discover this truth, this truth becomes faith in our hearts, and we walk with Jesus and preach the Good news of What Christ has done.

Now after your saved ... lol , this is the tricky part. God makes sure your walk a normal path, and if you sway, by no means u will go to hell, but he will make your life difficult so you can "repent" and turn back to him again and walk a straight path. From my reckless way, I'm turning back to him~ I hope y'all can too.


ps. i commend anyone who finished this blog. *clap clap*