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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The once Lonely Heart

Dear Readers,

For the longest time in my life I have been lonely. Not because of the lack of love, or friendship, but of understanding . I used Han to explained this several times. In my life, I had many friends who came and went... some remained and some did not. Whether they were good friends, or bad , they all had one thing in common. They did not have this Han that was deeply embedded into my heart. I always wondered when and where I would experience such exposure.

One day I get a message from a guy named Marvin. Dj duel. To tell you all the truth, I was a bit skeptical when he said he was gonna make me a sick introduction music. I thought it was just a kid who is going to use some silly gadgets he has to make a song... The reason I thought this was because I had a mindset of " who would spend there good time making something good for me" pessimistic i know, but thats what I thought. But, to my surprise, that shit was just off the hook! He actually had mad talent and skills a Buddhist monk couldn't even comprehend... and I was shocked. Someone with that much talent would be MY fan? and time went on..

With a slight change in fame status, it became so much more difficult then before. Mainly because of the things I say.. very controversial... so thus more haters then one would get if you only made silly videos, or music. I began to lose hope... I began to feel I failed My Asian race. How will we ever shine? will we ever shine...? I felt no Asian guy felt what i felt...

Then one day, I get a message again from Dj Duel . He says, he has this music video setup, and he would love to have me Down to make a "nasty appearance". I took up on his offer, mainly because I trusted his persona... something about him just gave me that , he is good dude.

When I went on the set, people greeted me left and right , like i was some celebrity... it was such a humbling experience... the more they exalted me, the more NOT SHIT I realized I was. However, they exalted me nonetheless... The shoot went great, and it went very smoothly.

Now, AFTER the shoot... this is when things became Gold. Many of Marvin's friends who were also fans of my videos sat around me in the dark corner, and we all talked about Han. How they knew exactly how I felt... The sadness of being the silver unpolished, the gold that does not have enough Heat to melt away from the rocks. We started to talk about how we need to unite as one race, so we can be the ladder to climb up together...we also the concept of the flower pot, where the rose would shine, but not without the support of those who are in the back, the flowerpot,the supporters.
My heart was refreshed all over again, and My spirits rose up. I realized I am definitely NOT alone in this world. And neither are you guys. You may feel your pains and struggles in America are felt in vain, but no, There are those who experience exactly what you feel.. and they feel you. Thats were true bonds and friendships build... so I wish you the same grace God has bestowed upon me that day. Take care you lovely people out there.



  1. See you had alot more fans then you thought :) I'm glad that you feel better now you're fans love ya! never forget that no matter how many haters you get you'll have 12 fans that would be willing to kick that trolls butt lol :) and i'm pumped to see this video i can't wait ^_~

  2. Don't you worry about being alone in this world. No one truly is. There's always that one person who understands you (and it seems you have like a thousand or more^^) Not just your friends and family, but your fans too. We will not abandon you.
    Haterz will keep on hating, but comrades will keep on loving. Love is always going to be more powerful than hate.

    Annyeong (no idea if I spelled it right, kekeke)

  3. Tenchijk this is your deepest testimony I have read to date. You said that you felt very low because you were misunderstood, and then you began to correspond with DJ Duel. See, at the time we don't realize that things can be blessings in disguise. Sure you got the sweet backgound music from DJ Duel, and you were asked to be in the exciting video, but the true purpose of those events was to lead up to that very momment when you sat down with new friends to discuss Han...... finally receiving the love of understanding.

    In my church there is a saying that my pastor likes to use "He(GOD) might not come when you want him to, but He is always on time."

  4. I am happy that you’re no longer feeling like you’re the odd man out. May these friends last for your life time. Aja aja fighting!

  5. Let me be your wings
    Let me be your only love
    Let me take you far beyond the stars
    Let me be your wings
    Let me lift you high above
    Everything we're dreaming of will soon be ours
    Anything that you desire
    Anything at all
    Everyday I'll take you higher
    And I'll never let you fall

    Let me be your wings
    Leave behind the world you know
    For another world of wondrous things
    We'll see the universe
    And dance on Saturn's rings
    Fly with me and I will be your wings

    Anything that you desire
    Anything at all
    (Anything at all)
    Everyday I'll take you higher
    And I'll never let you fall

    You will be my wings
    (Let me be your wings)
    You will be my only love
    Get ready for another world of wondrous things

    We'll see the universe
    And dance on Saturn's rings
    Heaven isn't too far
    Heaven is where you are
    Stay with me and
    Let me be your (You will be my) wings
    I posted the lyrics to the song because I wasn't sure if you knew it or not. I'm not even sure if you even care to do it or you are just ignoring me? One little response won't hurt. It is either a yes or a no. It's an easy decision!
    P.S: I am glad your spirits rose with out the use of ProZac!

  6. Aw happy that you know you have people that like you [aka fans!) that are willing to help you and do great things not only for yourself, but for others as well. :)A lot of people love yah Tenchi! *-including me~!

    So just do what you do best! You help people with out actually talking to them personally [well at lease me!], and that in itself is an awesome thing. Haters are always gonna do what they do and hate.

    So with that I show love, peace, and pray yuh go where yuh wanna go in life. :D

  7. I'm glad you PHYSICALLY found others like yourself as you already know many online appreciate your input. Rather than unite by race, try to unite through interest; you'll pull more in while race keeps many out.

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  9. My thoughts in verse:

    Lonely Heart
    Lonely Heart- hurt, crippled, and weak
    Like a battered voice that can’t sing or speak
    Lonely Heart, knows that no one understands
    Even though they kiss and hug and hold his hand,
    But their soothing words and pity are no good
    Because Lonely Heart is still broken and misunderstood
    Now Lonely Heart stumbles upon the Kindred and Likeminded
    Those whose perspective is similarly unblinded
    And how good and reassuring that must feel
    To ease your aches and begin to heal
    It must be like hearing a comforting song,
    Or seeing light in the dark, after waiting so long