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My name is TenchiJK, I'm a asian/american guy who has alot of different shit to say about life. Nuff said lol

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Sunday, February 13, 2011


What if... just what if... IF was THAT. and THAT was THIS. AND this was where. And where was , hold on one second * smokes* ahaha just playing.

sup readers. How does it? Does it well? These days I feel a sense of ... freedom. A pounce in my step, and little jerk for the motion, and a little pull for the leverage. Why? exercise. Jogging. Eating healthy, which a lot of people are doing wrong now a days. <--- so true lol. >. >

I think a lot in my life... obviously. But, I think its a wonderful thing to do. I feel no hindrance in my life to think extra then most people are comfortable with. I like to challenge everything I see, with just cause of course. And only things that strike me initially as odd.

For example, in my daily life, I just live ... breathing, eating, semi-breeding (lol), or rather the ACT of breeding ahah. Then something would call out my name and say, "hey look at me! i'm fucking weird! " Then I take my time and observe, within seconds I realize, YES , you are Weird... I must know more about you my friend. Then my research begins ... And what I find in the journey is pretty damn intriguing, and exciting all together.

The things I find is sometimes very mundane, while other times it's mind blowing. Of course I don't hit jack pot all the time, but when that triple seven lands, boy do I have a mind orgasm. Now, I try my best to explain to the world my findings, but due to the cynical nature of the world, they will refuse what I spout... and that is fine by me :). I know i'm not always right, but what I know is right, is to challenge the minds of those who have been sleeping. One day, we shall see a resolution... and it will be God who will be victorious, not the evil soldiers of Satan . Till that day, I will be your host, and will provide you with truth and laughter . Much love from mister tenchi jk, aiko and the unknown cheetah baby. Till next time , bye byee~