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Monday, November 26, 2012


Dear Readers, 

      Its been a while hasn't it ? it has, it has haha :). To start off I've been quite well~ Been busy joining society again.  Life in reality is quite harder then just an online one lol. Throughout the years , somehow I got stuck into the world of the internet - DUH~ so has everyone right? lol 

      But its true ain't it... We're all stuck behind this internet prison. Its almost like we traded in the real thing for a digital one, and we only SEEM content. I think all the stress we feel in life comes from everything being fake... Our inner soul can sense it;our inner being is screaming , give me the real thing!

      I guess we can argue what is the real thing lol, but lets leave that for a later date. Too much fighting going on as it is . Especially that nonsense going on over there in the middle east...Eerie times y'all, eerie times. 

      I've been pretty happy lately - but still an underlying sorrow lurks about. It reminds me of that one movie,  A beautiful mind with Russell Crowe. Or was it The beautiful mind? hahaha nah I think the first one. You know that scene where he finally (spoiler) - I mean dayum, if you haven't seen it already, just stop. Just stop. lol.. nah ~ anyway, in the movie Russell finally decides to ignore his imaginary friends... But they are always walking along side of him. Prettty creepy if you ask me. But my POINT WAS, my sorrow is like such haha.. took forever to explain this concept. 

    When I live my life I see the potential sorrows around me... well you know what , forget that .. lets talk about real sorrows. 

 Do you know who I feel the most sorry for? All of us. 

   Everyones joy is sucked out of them. All depressed, angry , frustrated, timid, and most of all no aspirations or dreams. Its like everyone just secretly gave up. Even those who are striving to become something don't really know why they are doing it... and when they achieve what they set out to achieve there is no satisfaction~ All vanity. 

  I take it from a wise king by the name of Solomon. He had everything... Women, wealth, treasures beyond anyones dreams, kingdoms, servants-  I mean dayuuum, this dude had EVERYTHING. But he 
says, all is vanity . 

  He says its vanity because it truly is. Lets think of this on a smaller scale ,cause we ain't that rich homie.

Since everyone wants to be rich lets talk about that . 

-people think once they become rich they will be happy ... We all know this isn't true... But yet , we always set up this illusion - " Those rich people don't even know how to USE the money , thats why they are sad or unsatisfied" 

When they first become rich , they will probably buy everything they have ever dreamed about... 

First a car- 

heres the thing about cars. If you buy a really GOOD car... lets say a ferrari... You can't just DRIVE it around locally - you're gonna look like a dick , seriously lol. 
You will end up going to fancier places- probably picking up hot women who have NO interest in you except your money - meet friends and family who ALL of sudden want a piece of you... 

What about lawyers scheming day and night - trying to rob you blind.

A biggg mansion with servants who talk trash about you.  Cold, echoey , demon filled rooms... I mean common , these huge houses were FILLED with orgies and satanic rituals~ Don't be so naivvvee~ haha. 

Think about it, these were billionaires who owned these... and all they ever do is CARNAL things... they are no different from the romans. They are searching for pleasure, the best kinds.. 

For the common folk, pleasure can be found in sex, street drugs and alcohol. But these rich folks do strangeeeee things... Some dab into magic, the DARK arts if you will- because frankly , the world of the normal is boring for them. So they touch up on ancient rituals, strange drugs from across the globe... And illegal women/ slaves etc etc. 

Even if you don't go as extreme as this... the little things you do as a rich person is SO much more carnal then the common folk... They are able, we are unable... So their soul is drained from them.. They let their flesh rule their lives... and being ruled by the flesh is tiresome, and it leads clearly to darkness.

All the choices from the flesh are ultimately for pleasure. But what pleasure brings is death. 

Drugs are the same way . Alcohol - no different- just takes longer. 

My point is, All in vanity . 

Our goal in life isn't to be indulging in pleasures. But surrendering your flesh to the king of kings.  

You might not like it, but there is a creator our there. And the creator , CREATED us for a REASON. 

This reason is for us to worship him, and love him. 

People have this concept of worship so wrong... They always compare it to idol worship. Bowing down to an object day after day ... SACRIFICING yourself the pleasures of life, and doing things you don't want to do etc etc...

Just like a sword is made for killing, and a water bottle is perfectly suited to drink water from... we as human beings were created to worship God. Which means we feel the MOST fulfilled when we do what our NATURE intends us to do -Which is to Worship and Love God. 

but the problem always comes with Sin. 

Sin is a virus. Sin is a curse. Sin is the sticky glue that bonds the flesh together with your soul... Holding you back... like a huge burden. A boulder on your shoulder... 

With sin we cannot worship God. Because worship needs to be perfect, pure, and holy. 

A man or women with a single ounce of Sin ruins this worship. 

think of yeast for a second.  God speaks about this quite often... Explaining YEAST as the symbol for sin. 

When you add yeast to grape juice what happens? It ferments and turns it into wine. It only takes a LITTLE yeast to turn an innocent grape juice into Alcohol. This is the same with us and sin. 

it only take a little bit of sin to turn our WHOLE body into something corrupt, and unworthy to give worship to God. Thus the vanity in all that we do. There is no satisfaction because we strive for the worldly things that can give us temporary pleasure, but never fulfillment. Like being able to EAT forever , but never getting full. 

This is why God took ALL mankind, and placed their sins onto the Cross... Which Jesus was the representative of. He represented us. 

Since no man could come CLOSE to what God required of us... God needed to send HIMSELF , As Jesus, to do the things we could not do. And after he has done all that was required, he willingly placed himself on that cross as a Sacrifice ... To do away with all our sins.. our curse, our burden, our doing. 

And All he asked of us was to believe on him. To believe that HE was indeed the one  that came and SAVED us all. 

Satan is your enemy, Not God. 

Satan is ALWAYS on your side, saying the things YOU want to hear. But trusting in your own mind will get you EXACTLY where Satan wants you to go. 

So stop following millions to the giant gate, where people are having fun, drinking, partying, sexing, drugging etc etc... 

- walk the narrow path. This path is narrow, but filled with beautiful people, blue skies, and perfect living water.

There is hope here! There is love here! There is eternal life here in Jesus Christ . 

I know there are thousands who are on the FENCE... Undecided... Is Jesus right for me? etc etc.. 

Yes He is right for everyone.  He is our righteousness . He is our wonka golden ticket. 

So accept him. You don't need to change ANYTHING. Because Just like how you couldn't keep God's laws, you cannot walk his walk... Nope... 

You just simply believe... and JESUS does the change in your life. And its VERY clear, it is Him. 

Come join the brothers and sisters in Christ , and be free of vanity , and live life giving thanks to the creator, the God of our lives, Jesus. 

Throw away your idols, and throw away your own experiences and mind.. because, no matter how great your thoughts may be, if they are different from God's then it is against him.