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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

hey hey hey~ Im bad with titles lol

Dear Readers,

     I hope all is well? I've been discovering a lot of fascinating things lately, and a lot of the mysterious are now unlocked in my mind. I so wish I could share it with the world... I really do, but I am truly conflicted by the dangers it might present. The information, I believe, is so sensitive, it could bring death to me. Perhaps one day, if not too late.
     All I can say is that this world is so much more fascinating then I once thought. So many mysteries that used to once boggle my mind are now clear as day , and It couldn't be more bone chillingly frightening, but yet equally amazing. The more I learn, the more I research, and the more I LISTEN, I am convinced of God. He is most definitely Real.

     It is unfortunate however... How quickly this feeling goes away sometimes. That is the nature of man I suppose. I take my example from the Jews ,who , by the grace of God , escaped Egypt unto the promise land. But continuously doubted his faithfulness, and even his existence.

     God showed them countless wonders. He sent ten outrageous plagues that devoured the whole land of Egypt. Made the rivers run red with blood... the sky was blocked off.... hails came from the heavens, mixing with fire. SPLIT THE RED SEA ! IN  HA         LF!!!

  I mean, dayum... That must have been a sight... I always wondered to myself . " Why the hell did the Jews not trust in God then?!"  "I would have! Hmmp!" ^_^ V

    Then I realized, we do the same exact things. God works wonders in our lives every single day. We can witness his miracle every which way we look... but we choose to ignore it. I honestly have a sneaky suspicion that T.V/Internet/Media brainwashes us into forgetting the grace and mercy we EARN everyday. I believe the media has the technology to implant their own ideals and their horrible doctrines. It teaches us how to dress, it teaches us what our moral standards should be, and it teaches us what to BELIEVE.

             If you do not conform, you become an outcast.

    Just like when the Jews left Egypt, one could not return back. Once you become Christian you cannot go back to the world. And rightfully so.

   Anyway, back to Moses and them Jews. lol...btw... We should honestly pray for the Jews. It is when they come back unto God, that us gentiles rise up unto revival. That is something to look forward to I'm sure.


   Yesterday , I was miserable with my life. Particularly grouchy, and ungrateful. My prayers felt forced and sour... and it sounded like a broken record. I went to school... sat down , and listened to my worldly teachers preach to us their religious beliefs. That is what it is ,really...
    I've noticed, their usage of the pyramid in every teaching. Whether it be psychology , or in design.

I can see through their bull sandwich.

   I felt unusually dark, and weary that day. Normally , I would just fall into that darkness, and let it take me deeper into the abyss of sorrow and grief. Fortunately for me, God trained me over the years... Strange to say, but I've experienced his handy work in my life. He taught me about true repentance, salvation and most of all patience. Although I admit, patience is a virtue I have not mastered. CLiche , hooahh! Commic relief.
   That didn't stop me from feeling ungrateful that day however. I am reminded of my flesh , constantly. The Memoirs of a Christian haha. 

  Anyway, I needed a ride back from school. The bus , which I take now and again, takes me about 2 1/2 hours to get home. It's honestly a ridiculous ride back... but I don't mind for the most part. But like I said, this particular day ... Nothing seemed to go my way . I even forgot my wallet that day, so I had no money(I had to kill some people for it... nah... I pulled some favors >.^ )... One of my roommates ditched me... and shadily drove off the opposite direction as to avoid me. ( don't like him no way ahah ) He is one of those few people in my life that makes "love your enemies" realll difficult. It's things like this, that reminds me I am only flesh without the holy spirit and Christ.

   So , yea... I had about an hour to kill before the bus arrived, which I missed by 2 minutes by the way. Sigh... This is when a true prayer came to me. I merely prayed for guidance, and mostly relief from this darkness and ungratefulness. Just whining really ahha, I do that from time to time. I'm a whiner ^_^ But God listens, because it is in Jesus' name, not mine. Ahh the glory of such things.

    After I said Amen... I saw a scruffy looking man coming towards me. He was dressed in all black .Dirty. Shaky. Homeless. He came to me asking for the bus fare... I honestly ignored him at first. Then I was conflicted in my soul... "Is he not my brother? Is he not my neighbor?" More like the holy spirit speaking then my flesh. My flesh is evil continuously, only through Christ I live righteously! Amen to that .

    Long story short, I gave him the bus fare, and a Nutri-grain bar I had crushed in my pocket. He ate it like it was the tastiest thing ever! My heart stung. He hasn't eaten in days...

    I began to ask him where he was going and started to ask him about his life. He was very soft spoken ; Shaking due to crystal meth withdrawals... He looked miserable, cold, hungry, tired. He told me he walked 20 mi just to get to this location... I had tears in my eyes. God sent this man to show me my arrogance... and my ungratefulness... God works in his ways... they are so different from my ways. But let his will be done.

    I took this opportunity , and let the holy spirit work in me. I started to preach the Gospel to him... He was  ready to listen to the gospel...Like the good soil. He had no rocks, nor weeds in his field.  He tried every thing in his life and failed. People teased him, people cursed him, and he ended up the way he was. It was heart wrenching for sure... But he was surely to be Blessed.

When I asked him 'are you a sinner before God?' he started to burst into tears. He knew exactly what was inside his heart; there was no hope in himself... He knew he was just like the thief on the cross next to Christ Jesus. Equally blemished, and had no false notions of good deeds unto righteousness.

This was a great thing ... Because now, the Cross becomes RELEVANT.

 What a curse it is, to squander your life in this limited time we have on this earth on worldly things... Why miss out on Eternity? God's kingdom is coming, so repent !

    The gospel of Christ flowed inside this mans heart.. It was clearly the Good news!
I shook his hand ; his name was Daniel. I still vividly remember his beautiful face; The humble, yet unfortunate product of this evil world. I still hear the soft whisper of "thank you brother."

     Through his pains I was able to reflect upon myself... and I was truly , utterly ashamed. He glorified God for the kingdom he would now enter. Still shaking in pain...

 I had everything... And I felt like I had nothing.
     I feel we are ALL like this now. All willfully ignorant of our blessings...

I see so many people riding the bus who are permanently stuck in their wheel chairs. I always see them rotating themselves perfectly in their handicap spot. I always think to myself..."how long were they crippled for... that they've mastered it?" It Probably took a lonnnng time...They must have been so awkward at it at first . And many times after that...

It is truly a blessing to walk you guys! It is truly a blessing to eat a hot meal, on a table, inside a house, protected by strong oak and plaster. It is amazing to be able to breath without a hole in our throats or cancer in our lungs. It is truly amazing to see, and smell the wonders of this world.

thousands of flavors we get to experience... oh and must I mention the PRIVILEGE of taking a hot shower!?

But we are robbed of this common blessing. We are robbed by our own greed... our own ungratefulness. We have absolutely NO reason to feel ungrateful for what we have. We have TOO much already. TOO MUCH.

Not only did God allow such a man to be saved... he also saved my mind. He purposely let this man walk 20 mi to meet me, at this particular location, and that particular time. In a sense, it was that mans destiny to meet a messenger of God that day of his life.

I felt so purposeful. What more can I ask in this life, but to offer the invitation of God's kingdom? Is there anything more fulfilling? I never thought I would say this, but wow... no, there is nothing more satisfying to see a person Repent truly towards God, and accept his love... and his IMMEDIATE Change. It's so breathtaking, tears are about to roll down my eyes as I type. Oh i'm getting too soft ahaha ^_T

What can we strive for that is not already tainted? Music? Are we not ALL musicians now? Where is the passion? Film? Are we not ALL film makers? Where is the passion and purpose?

What use is design? When all it does is manipulate the viewers into buying their product.

Is our lives truly meant to be happy at the sakes of billions who have to suffer ? Yes they do. Because this happiness we humans try to obtain is not true happiness ordained by God. It is merely an illusion the wizard of OZ concocted for us.

True happiness comes from Righteousness in Christ and the hopes of his coming Kingdom. Now that, is true happiness.

So, lets not turn a blind eye and help those we can. And strive to be like Christ.

We will fall over and over again. But the key is to get back up, not with your own strength but the strength of Jesus Christ. He gives us his strength freely , if it is according to HIS will. He will always put whats GOOD for you as a priority. So if your not getting your prayers answered, you're not really listening to God's will for you. So be patient and listen carefully.

Remember christian brothers and sisters, we have died with Christ on that cross. Our old selves are no more... we are born again in the spirit with Christ unto righteousness. LIVE that life.

Do NOT be fooled by Satan into thinking we are still trapped in sin. We were LIBERATED more then 2000 years ago!!! The debt was paid for, and it was FINISHED.

Do not dig into that bank account for sin no longer, because it is filled with the interests of Christ.

When he Comes back... and come back he will. Do you not want to stand proudly? I do.

So , I encourage all my fellow brethren to stand tall,to be vigilant, to be happy always, and to always be grateful for all that you have.

I give thanks to our father in Heaven for everything... give thanks for food, and for life and for love.

So love him! As he loves you!

I love God truly. He is nothing but amazing to me.

Let all worship him in harmony and grace, and lets love each other likewise.

Much love, and take care.