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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Trolls of the ring

Dear Reader,
The world has a serious , serious pandemic. A disease spread out amongst the people , left and right. You don't know who has this disease, and once bitten it will take 0 to about 2 days for them to become beasts of the night. When there is light shun on their faces they cower, and they have no monstrous strength, however, in the night where they are hidden, there true nature ensues. Enough beating around the bush ahha, This world is PLAGUED with damn trolls!

I saw this article today about this 17 year old high-school girl who committed suicide because of being cyber bullied. Whats worse is, on her Facebook memorial site, people left horrible comments. Such as, " hows it Hanging" and other puns that attack her actions of hanging herself.

Have you ever heard of the mark of beast ladies and gentleman? The number 666 so strongly written in the revelations in the bible. Trolling is one way to bring about that number. Before you start reading, if you are easily frighten do not read it. Those of you who want to know more, please continue. Also, be aware that this is my Theory , nothing more.

In the bible , it talks about the end of times... obviously we've all heard of it. Now 2012 is not it... because there are alot of requirements to be done before the end of the world comes. One being, the mark of the beast. Now those of you who don't believe in the mark of the beast, that is because you don't know what the mark is, and you are oblivious to the fact that it ALREADY EXISTS. It hides in plain sight, and it waits till its much more developed. The mark of the beast is a mark given to those who are not believers of God, and also those who Satan has claimed. That could be you, your neighbor , etc etc...

Like i said , it already exists. Some of you may already heard of it , through rumors and word of mouth. Also, mind you that the bible was written thousands of years ago. Yet it pin pointed the mark so precisely , it gives me chills to my bone. The number 666. This number it says in the bible, do NOT get it on your hands or your head. The Bible says they will force it upon you to get the mark... and people unknowingly get it.

The mark of the beast is the Bar code. IN each and every barcode there is a sequence needed for it to work. The First , middle and last thick lines are the code 6-6-6. Without these 3 numbers ,the barcode ceases to function. 6-7-7 will not work, neither would ANY different combination. Every barcode has the numbers 6-6-6 in the same areas as in any barcode. Now that you know what the mark of beast is~ why would people start getting it?

First of all, in Sweden and other developed countries people are injecting chips in the hands or body of patience. They scan there hands to see all the information needed about that person. Their name,address,phone number, diagnose, and etc.

One reason this M.O.T.B is good for is to NO LONGER allow people to be anonymous. However, that is the scary part... imagine this. In the future, this troll problem becomes immense. Uncontrollable... to the point where it starts being the level of terrorism... imagine if Cops, FBI's cannot contain this hysteria. They will start implanting chips to everyone, making sure everyone is proper. No troll dare to say anything , if everything they say gets tracked. This is a time where Christians will deny this mark... They will eventually become terrorist in the eyes of the government. so on and so on...I have much more to say, but I heard its dangerous to talk about this kinda stuff~ so thats enough nightmares for you lots out there. Leave a comment of what you think. nitee


Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Landscape

Dear Readers,
If you haven't noticed, lately I've been really getting into my art. I started to venture into my digital canvas once more. Though I no longer use the finite pieces that once created my art, I.E paint/pencil. I am very fond of my digital canvas and its plentiful colors.

This piece right here was done in one hour, and twenty minutes. This, with my paint brush , would have taken 4-6 hours... Do i feel less satisfied because its through my computer? By no means... I feel the same thrill of creation that flows out of my brain into my fingers. I still feel the sense of excitement as my mind creates and flows into the canvas to make up what I see. I also love the fact that the burden that once was on my back, slowly dissolves into the air. The errors I once feared with my wooden cutlass are uplifted away with my much upgraded light-saber XD <- such a ruin in my poetic writing. tsk. Any who, since I ruined the flow... I will talk to you in lame mens term. I love to draw on my digital canvas because i can finish my art work in less time, don't have to worry about making mistakes, and best of all a quick addition to my portfolio.

Enjoy you guys, I also filmed it, so you guys can see the speed painting of it. Also, i recorded a piano piece for y'all to enjoy while watching~ Arn't I thoughtful!!? XD anyway, take care you guys!

Btw- if anyone wants to be featured in my next video, please send me a video of you saying " your watching TENCHIJK!" or hold up a sign , or any creative introduction :). Thanks~


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Topless? me?

Dear Readers,

What is up with chu? All good? ahaha. Couldn't think of a title per say ~ What exactly does per-say mean anyway, been using that for years, correctly I hope. You guys like my new banner? Took me good old 40 minutes to make. If you guys want to learn how to make a banner, ask me, i will teach ya XD.

Anywho, today, I have no particular topic. Just a free for all, go ahead and spit your brain.
well lets see... A lot of people humorously been asking me to show them my body lol. Saying that , not many Asian guys go topless~ Then , i realized thats very true. Why is that? Is it because we are ashamed of our bodies, or is it because of tradition/culture?

The cultural side, it does make a bit of sense. In Korean culture, if your not at the beach or the swimming pool, and you take your shirt off, its pretty damn awkward. In America, that doesn't seem like the case. They take of their shirts whenever. They take it off when they go take a shit, take a break, when its too hot, when its just right, when someone else does, to show off their body, to eat a fuckin hotdog, i dunno the list goes on.
What is the fascination of this shirt taking off nonsense. Whatever the case, I decided to join this game XD. So I took a picture as well~ ahahha. Now i'm officially a shirt taker -offer. But I highly doubt I will continue doing this. I'm a beach/swimm shirt taker-offer you see XD. Okay
here is the picture ~


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Derogatory Words.

Dear Readers,

For the past 10 years, I've been called many derogatory words. I'm sure many of you have been called something horrible once in your life. I'm sure some of you have called another human being something of the sort as well, I as well am guilty.

Have you ever once thought where those words actually originated from, and what they actually mean? I was shocked to find out , these words come from horrible context. I was shocked to the point where my body just ceased to function for about 5 second to swallow the insanity of it all. I've always brushed my shoulders of when they called my chink, zipperhead, gook and etc... Thinking, that the words generated from the way we speak our language, the shape of our eyes, and the likes. However, I discovered I was completely wrong. These Derogatory words should not be tolerated any longer...these are the following definition of the words I presented you. Use it only for educational purposes.

Zipperhead- At first I thought it was to make fun of my eyes. Being Asian we are told we have slanted eyes, so I naturally put two and two together, and thought okay... I guess my eyes look like a close zipper to them. No.

Back in the korean war, the us army used to run over Koreans... with their jeeps. When they do run them over , they will leave a tire mark on their face,or heads. The jeeps tire mark made their heads look like a closed zipper... thus calling them "zipperheads"
Another definition. When they shoot a asian person in the face during the war with a high powered rifle, it blew their head open making it look like a open zipper. Horrible. just utterly horrible.

Gook- Back in the Korean war, The american soldier would tease and make fun of Korean citizens... and the koreans would get furious and tell them to leave them alone. The word for "American" sounds like "mee-Gook" in Korean. So the American soldiers thought they were saying " I am a gook" (me, gook). So they started calling them gooks.
Also in the Vietnam war, they started calling the viets, gooks as well... why? because the Americans said, "same shit"... same shit , different country. So now, they still call, koreans and viets gooks. Also, did you know, "gooks" sound like soup in korean? So when they call us that, older koreans often say, they are they calling us soups?

Chink- This word also originated in the korean war. This is a shorten way of saying, "chinese North koreans" CHI(chinese)N(north)K(korean). A very offensive word now to label all Asians as One entity. They also use this word to symbolize we all look chinese.

Their are alot of word that derived from negativity... and the worst part of it is, they don't know where it orginated from. People say, gook, zipperhead, chink and etc without even know the true meaning. Calling someone a person runned over by a jeep leaving a mark on their corpse? Who in the right fuckin mind says anything like this? People should seriously research what the fuck they are saying, before they open their mouths... because its an open grave. Their tongue practice deceit...

Now you know. Don't you dare use it.


Sunday, March 21, 2010


Dear Readers,

I was just thinking... If one day, maybe in the distant future...I become popular. Not rock star popular, but Tv-show popular ahah. And if I make some pretty decent money... hopefully in the millions. I want to throw a 3 day, 4 night party... with my lovely subscribers. like the ones who are pretty close with me~ maybe about 200?

I mean i'm just dreaming right now of course ahahaha, but my mama always told me, if I'm going to dream, dream big.

What I want to do is pay a round trip for all my lovely subscribers, to come to California to my crib and party till we die! Definitely have the best Dj's in town, and drinks galore. And the best part would be to have an actual crew to film the whole party like a music video!!!
So the first night would be to introduce myself ,and get to meet you all personally and say thank you! And we can chitchat and mingle with everybody~ Then, we can enjoy the night with dancing, drinking, and all the good stuff.

Then the second day. I will Rent us a CRUISE LINE! ahaha( this is IF i'm a millionaire or something ahha, dream big remember >.^)... I will Have the BEST chefs on the ship~ and I can even cook for few special people~ And we can take the cruise towards Mexico~ And enjoy a nice sun tan, delicious cocktails, and the best music money can buy.

Third day, we arrive at the Mexican beach... There is a beach resort reserved just for you guys! The hay-toped huts, with cocktail bars and BBQ stands ready to serve you . All food , drinks paid for completely. BBQ, slow roasted chicken wings side with garlic-roasted onions, half back BBQ ribs oozing with honey glaze sauce, juicy beef briskets drooling with flavor, and side dishes setup to the horizon.

The fun part. We will play a Treasure hunt. But Indiana Jones style. There will Giant paper machete Rocks, robot snakes that pop out, fake trails, maps and all that good stuff. Teams of 10, so total of 20 teams. They will have there own colored shirts, own gears and all the necessities.( y'all can keep everything when your done.)

The 20 teams will start in different parts of the island( yes.. this is a private island , somewhere in Mexican, reserved just for us... ). They will all be given a map. They will have to choose a leader, and will have Medics watching your every move so you don't get injured. Anyway, you will be equipped with a Travel backpack, with 2 days worth of food, and 5 days worth of water.( just in case)

There are 3 main treasures hidden in the jungle. They are not easy to get. Once you find the location, there are puzzles, obstacle courses. Only the leader of each team can attempt when they find it... If you the first one to find it, you can try much as you want until you are discovered by the other team.
The First treasure, is a small statue of "Captain T-cat", made with PURE gold!The cool part is, all ten of them get their own golden statue.The value of the Golden T-cat is worth 50-70k.
The second treasure is a Mic made of gold, worth about 10-25k. The last prized is a round trip to Cancun , courtesy of Mexican airlines, priceless.. jk lol

There will be a lot of adventure, rushing through the jungle looking for clues. Not to mention the traps set up to catch weary adventurers. Also, keep your eye out for colored stones! They will be randomly hidden in the vast jungle. But be careful, it could be a trap instead of a prize.
Inside the Redstones are hidden gift-cards worth $1000
The bluestones have gift-cards for $500
The yellowstone will have gift-cards for $50-$100 ( there are many Yellowstones out there! so keep an eye open!)

I want to make sure, everyone gets a piece of the pie before they go home...A thank you for supporting me gift.

The very last day on the Island will have the best beach BBQ ... with huge bond fires, live music, drinks, and just food food food! When the morning breaks, we will leave at about 3-4pm... so you guys can all have a nice late sleep, take a shower, do whatever y'all need to do. Some may have hang overs... so I will prepare anti-motion sickness pills , and digestive medicines.

When we dock back to Cali, it will be about 12pm or so ... We will say our final goodbyes and We can take an official group photo~ ^__^ and I'll post this event on YouTube for all the suckers to see what they missed out on. ahhh~ sounds fun right??

Now, if I only had the money hahaah, this is soooo going down!!!! ^____^ I hope you will all join me one day~


Friday, March 19, 2010

Dear readers

Dear Readers,
I'm afraid. Something is not right with my body... I've been getting slowly worse. My condition is horrible, and I can't seem to open my eyes in the morning. It takes a struggle to get up in the morning, not only because i'm tired, but my body does not respond to my wishes. Yesterday I did Blogtv, I was on only for 30-40 minutes or so... and I had to cut it short because I felt really sick. When I went to the restroom to throw up, there was blood. God, you guys please please pray for me. I'm starting to lose hope... and I'm getting really scared. Please keep me in your prayers, I don't think this battle is over for me just yet. Thank you.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A singer's sorrow

Dear Readers,

As many of you may know, I'm not doing so well physically. However, in spite of my weak ass body, a beautiful mail(sounds like beautiful male..so i was very reluctant to use it... but I was able to comment on it, so right on.) came the other day. My long awaited microphone. I always wanted a Mic( I wanted a James, a Pete-... never mind -_-'')... with a freaking passion!

When I was into Hip-Hop...All I ever dreamed about was to have a Golden Mic, and I would one day spit FUCKING FIRE, and melt the Mic away! and that would be the day I would retire from Pimp-dom. However... I'm Asian, and Asians are not allow to spit magic without being ridiculed. But, believe me ladies and gentleman, I had a strong as passion for that art of music. Until... one grey morning, I was destroyed verbally by white guy with nerd glasses... I took my remaining poker chips and left while the table was hot. I realized at a young age that I love Hiphop, but I knew I would never pursue it completely... I looked too damn pretty for it HARHAHAHA~ oh shuttt up~ Y'all made me into a monster!! Spoiling me with the damn comments. No worries though, God puts me in check.

Anyway, this Mic came in its beautiful ass box... and I opened it.
Beautiful, silver lined and fatten with condenser magic. It was a dream come true for me! It felt like when Harry Potter first found out he was a wizard. You know that little British smile he had ? Yep, I had the Korean equivalent smile, and it was nice. I wonder if in the land of Harry Potter they have magical MicS... that would be insane!Oh! matter of fact they DO! they use their wands and it works as a Mic. Hot damn. moving on...

You know when I first started Youtube, I never thought I would actually put any money into it~ but looky looky pinochiky... thats lame. sorry. All I'm saying is , I never thought an opportunity will strike me where I can pursue my music , and actually have a REASON to do it. I love to talk sure~ discussion, sure! But, my real undeniable passion in Life is Music... whether I'm good , or just mediocre ~ I feel this boost of energy to work on my music again! I'm so Glad I have the best listeners anyone can ask for! Those who read my posts just seem so much closer to me, then just viewers... reading my words are sometimes very, hehe intimate. Consider yourself raped righttt now. just kidding ^__^

However, just like my title says... there is a sorrowful feeling in my heart at the moment... and thats because I CAN'T USE THE BLOODY THING!(The Mic i mean) why?? my throats jacked up! Whenever I try to sing, I sounds like air passing through .... should I take this into a sexual joke or a clean joke?... tic. toc. tic.toc. Whenever I try to sing, I sound like air passing through Margarette Thatchers Vajayjay... LOL~HACHA~ Who the fuck is Margarette Thatcher??? I honestly don't know, so don't ask.

One second. My Mic just called me. she said " TtteeenNNnnccHHhiii, UsssEEee meee~ SinnnGGg inn Myy Tighhhttt Conndennserrr Hollle" bastard. She knows I want to, but she is just teasing me. t-_- t bitch. When my voice comes back, you watch out Mic-helle. <-PUHAHAHHA

Oh oh on a side note.. I'm doing another collab with my boy Illastrayte... very soon ~ We are doing a remix of Jay seans- i'm gone. I'm doing the vocals, and he will build up his lyrical skills and blow y'all out the water. I hope I can be the flowerpot to make his talents bloom ya feel me? I might not look all that fancy or pretty as a flower, but as a flowerpot, I can make him stand out even more.

You know what I hate? I feel there are so many people out there with such great talents, but its such a shame they are not discovered. I always, well... NOT ALWAYS , but I often see talentless Bashools(made up word.) out in the media making all that paper, cheese, pepper jack, cheddar.. mmmm... cheese...anyway! they be making all the damn money. While talent-filled people such as iLLastrayte struggles to show the world what he's got. I don't know about you, but that kids been through some rough as shit I tell ya, I can see it in his Asian ass eyes man. The lyrics he spews out comes deep within man!

Another side note. A lot of fuggin side notes huh? lol. What I wanted to ask my readers/viewers was- what kind of topic do you wish for me to talk about in the future? What direction do you wish I would take? None of that, "Tenchi , you do you" type stuff. Lazy talk I tell you, lazy talk!

I really want to know what y'all want to see, or hear. If not, i'ma end up doing a fuggin cat videos again! MEOW MEOW MEOW~ getttt outtaa heaa lol. I'm just asking for some advice, and help~ I figured it would help me out a lot in the future~

Another side no- *BANG* ....R.I.P side note. (sorry for a long post)


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dear Readers,

Whoooooo~ I just got done cooking up a random dish. Have you ever done that in your spare time? Have you ever just looked into your lonely ass fridge and pulled out the equally lonely produce to cook something? I don't know about you guys , but i'm a cooking show addict. You all might be watching , Seinfeld, Garfield, and whatever the hell y'all watch these days.( I'm so outdated on television these days) The internet= my tv.

Anyway. While I was watching my favorite cooking show, I decided to take a little break from Gordon Ramsey's( My hero btw) Awesome rants and watch "The Pianist". If you haven't watched that movie... well... watch it. It will open your eyes to some brutal truth ,and perhaps find some peace in knowing that this world isn't as cruel as it was.(Though, things are slowly changing and becoming like Hitler's time)

Let me give you a short summary of what the movie is about, and why this is relevant to my lonely fridge. This movie is based on a true story, that took place in Poland during the second world war. Nazi Germany invaded Poland, Warsaw to be exact. There is a man named Spiel man. A renowned Pianist who is determined to survive this God awful mess of a time. To not spoil any plot, I will stop here. (sorry for a really bland summary, just go watch the dang thing lol)
Basically, Spielman goes around the empty ghettos, and ruins to scavenge food to survive. Sometimes he is lucky and finds Potatoes, some wheat,rice , and even canned peaches. He uses any pots he can find, and doesn't bother to filter out the water like we fortunately do. He does not have salt, and does not have spices... yet , the look on his face is wonderful when he tastes his bland, empty and sorrowful food.

Now. When I was watching Gordon Ramsey's show... though I love the show. It made me a tad bit ungrateful for the shitty food I had in my kitchen. I was like, " fresh potatoes? fresh onions!? Gawd this is awful... where its the Creame 'v'ule' " however the bloody fuck you spell it~ (Gordy talk lol). My goal tonight was to make a nice beef stew... a hearty meal. However, watching all that Gourmet nonsense in that show, made my stew idea just seemed PATHETIC.. and I didn't even want to cook!Them bastards on that show eat like kingssss, i mean kings DUDE~~

After watching that show, i went on youtube... and on my feature page there was a movie called "The pianist Part1 "... one of those bootlegged vids of course... but shiet, i couldn't resist.. its such a good movie. So I sat down and began to watch it... and eventually got sucked into Spielman's strive to survive and eat.
Then this is when I felt a little STING in my heart(ouchy)... Why the ouch? He was cooking some sort of stew in front of me! Talk about coincidence. He had 2 potatoes, a handful of rice, half an onion... and dirty medical water. He built a fire using broken chairs, and used a big pot to cook his meal. It looked delicious, only because of the way he was eating it... He had the look of satisfaction, he was very grateful he had "something" to eat.

Here I was in my kitchen with the following:
3 Golden potatoes
1 giant rose onion
plenty of barley and white rice ( not just cuz im asian, shiett)
Left over steak
Green onions
Mirin(japanese vingar)
white wine
soysauce(asian black sauce...I kid i kid)

You get the bloody point. I was UNGRATEFUL with this shit!? you believe that shit!? But after watching Spielman eating his water soup... Man, My heart stung. So I cooked my meal the same as he did lol. ( A pitiful way to justify myself somehow ahah)

Water, 2 Potatoes, handful of rice and some onions .... I ate it. and it tasted like Rat shit lol.(no ratauille here)

So i added salt and pepper(Started to cheat, but just a little). BUT it still tasted like rat shit. So I Looked around to see if anyone was looking , and I added all the other stuff and made a bomb-ass soup in the end... but while I was eating it, i was so grateful i had all these flavors to bring out my soup. It takes a simple perspective change, and its funny how quick I can reverse my ungratefulness over to the side of thankfulness. So I honestly felt God showed me that video at that exact moment to show me how arrogant i was. And point taken father.

on a side note.. I so need to teach you guys how to make the Soup I made... I made it ON the spot.. and named it , "The pianist's Soup" - ---I'll explain how i made it in my next post. I hope you all try it and enjoy it. Take care you guys!!


Monday, March 15, 2010


Dear Readers,

I don't know if this might interest you guys, but I watched Titanic ... for the 15th (okay I lied 25th time). Now, I might have a super mean gangster outer shell ( i kid i kid) ,but deep inside I'm an Asian cupcake, sweet and delicious. (<--- excuse me y'all.)

Now, this being my 26th time... watching of course. I finally noticed something. That movie was about a girl who cheated on her finance and got with a random fling. Sure... that Leonardo was a good looking chap, but shiettt, so was the other dude! (no homo)

I can see why Rose would take leo though. Him being all mysterious and adventurous. While The rich dude is dull, loves cigars and treats her like a second class citizen... So I can't really judge the girl, but I couldn't stop thinking about the two elderly couple who were holding hands while the bed rose to their death. (now thats true love folks, not rose and jack lol)Damn, they looked near their 80th b-day~ And they were holding their hands together tightly and just awaited death together. Now, that was a beautiful site(a construction site ? dude... this fool can't spell. Sight dude, sight). I could imagine God looking down from above just saying... " aww... what can you ask for? this is the most beautiful death one can ask for." (yes God talks in rhymes)

Other people might say, if he is God why did he let it happen ,etc etc... Shoot.. if i was God i'd prolly do the same thing. The human arrogance always needs to be in check, or some ridiculous shit happens. The dude who built the dang ship said " even God couldn't sink the ship". Well, he just did...(AND 1!) To prove a point? maybe~ To show humanity that they are becoming arrogant? perhaps~ Whatever he does , he does it according to his will , so let it be~(beatles yayuh)

Anyways... finally after my 26th observation(yes observation, i wasn't watching it for the pleasure of it! thats ridiculous! ) , I realized Titanic is not a Love story, but a story of lust and infatuation. big word big word. It means sexual attraction for you young'n's out there. I wish they will make Titanic .And this story will be about those two elderly couple ...(Margarette and Peter Johnson) how they met, how they eventually ended up on the titanic ,and what made them just lay on their beds to await death. Have you noticed? they were RICH son! they weren't 3rd class or second class~ they COULD have escaped on the boats, but they obviously chose to lay there together. Thats why that part was so significant.

I don't why i'm talking about Titanic all of a sudden... maybe its cause this medicine is getting me all mushy and corny inside ahah. I'm all love sick, and ... shiet. Man... man up Tenchi!! comon now!! JEAAA lol... <--- i apologize for this ladies and gentleman lol.

Anyway, In conclusion. Find your true love~ andddd get old with them, and I hope y'all can have a super romantic death with the one you love. Almost creepy ain't it? but , HONESTLY... You have to go eventually, so wouldn't it be lovely to die next to someone you love most? I think it would almost be comforting. Unless its like a car crash... then it would be the most horrific thing... to watch your love one crash with you.. oh man. no good no good.

I dunno.. death is soo damn creeeeeepy yo. Its giving me chills ~ I keep imagining what my friends must have seen when they closed their eyes. Did they just see black, and their brain shut off. Or did they see themselves as a ghost, and follow into the light? or did a chariot come down from above with angels guiding their way?Or was their Buddha that came out and said, ahahha, you turn into a frog. Or did indeed Jesus come down and say, come and be judged. Man... Lot of things to wonder about.

I personally feel, the Moment you die, the Lord will come personally down to greet his brothers and sisters. I can imagine him being this cool , laid back dude " YoooHOooo~~ bruhh~ looks whoos deadddd... my man Tench Jkk, oh hoho okay okay~ JK huh?? ahhh aha i told pops about chu mang~ he watches your channel, says you cuss to dang much, but s'all gravy D , i watch chu all the time.Even when you poopss >.^ "

- KINDAAAA creeepy. anyways, peace y'all.

anyways, thats me for now~ take care you guys!!!


p.s the ( ) with comments in them... i hope they are not annoying yah ahha. I do a commentary of my OWN writing. HAHAH... When i go and spell check, i add comments to my own writing... <-- loser. Anyways, if it annoys ya too much, tell me ^_^. pce

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hater post 2 (cont.)

Dear Readers,

This conversion proved to be interesting so I want you all to see it.

ShaJenSte said...

I should give you a round of applause!
You do a good job at getting pity, you almost had me. I mean is this really a joke, if anybody on here actually read your so called "Hater Post" they would see you proved my point completely. You ended up breaking her heart bc you really weren't ready for that relationship. Have you ever heard the saying about sticks and stones. If you really cared for her it wouldn't have mattered what was said to you, you would have stuck by her side. I mean these posts came from random ppl, so just imagine if it were your family or friends. You definitely would have been done for bc you let ppl you didn't even know affect the outcome of your relationship.
Also you said you cant judge ppl if you haven't been in their shoes, well maybe you should take your own advice. I don't know about you but I believe everything that is said or done in this world is done for a reason. With that being said there was a reason I post that comment. Yes I'm only seventeen but that does not mean I don't go threw things in my life. As a result of an interracial relationship and family, I think those types of relationships are a beautiful thing to see. But only when its pure and from the heart not to make a point!
Just like girl A I also know a girl who was in love with a guy who was not her race. To be honest I personally never thought they would end because they had that love that was unshakeable at least I thought so anyway. But, any ways unlike you I don't want any pity so imma get str8 to the point. Bc he couldn't take all the negative aspects of the relationship like he did the positive they ended up breaking up bc even though he loved her so much other ppls opinions obviously mattered more. Nw when I look at her I feel sorry for her bc I knw in my heart she will probably never be able to love like she loved him for a long time, which is so sad bc she is so young.
So as her close and personal friend I promised my self that i would never let that happen to anyone else and if i seen it happening i would speak my mind on it so hopefully that girls heart wouldn't be as crush as my friend heart was.
So trust me I'm definitely not hating on you, I just (unlike most ppl) tell the truth and speak my mind without sugar coating anything. Maybe I could have said it in a better way but when I think about it I dont regret anything I said nor will I take it back How you take it is your own problem, and I personally think that it hit a soft spot for you bc you obviously felt that need to put me on "blast", which you really didnt do. All you did was put yourself on blast for what you did and just basically gave reasons for it so you could make yourself feel better

Friday, March 12, 2010

Hater post.(please read)

Dear Readers,
I do not want to put this girl on blast, but I think its about time I crush this annoyance once and for all. She wrote:

ShaJenSte said...

You knw you wut imma nt gn be scared i jus come out and say it! I think your full of shit! Nw I knw im only seventeen and some times i cn do some so shallow stuff but rlly goin out with a black girl so you can "walk the walk" OMG it doesnt get any better than that does it. Jus do me a favor if she really as pretty as you say dont waste her time if you dnt really care for her and cant do better than walking the walk by going with her! Bc Im pretty sure if she as wonderful as you make her sound she deserves better than that!

By this I'm guessing she is implying , that ONE girl, whom I cannot say the name no longer. For the sake of easily naming her, lets call her, Girl A. Now this girl above commented in a irrelevant post, and I just felt the need to answer her promptly.
For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, i will give you a brief summary of what happened. Several months ago, i was with a girl named "Eri---". I went out with her for aprox. 2 months, and she played me with 5 other dudes... well, she played all of them anyways. A damn pro at that lol.
Needless to say I was devastated, I shouldn't have been, but I was heart broken. I think I fell really deep for this girl... Around 1-2 weeks later, I started to get a lot of moral support from several people on youtube,msn,skype and aim. Good old online conversations to cheer me up from my heart ache. One girl stood out amongst that group. She happened to be Girl A.
My first mistake was, I let my guard down, and I let her compliments sooth me and comfort me. I don't mean to blame her at all, but, she knew exactly what was going on in my life , since she is a subscriber of my channel. I told her i was not ready for a relationship, nor do I feel comfortable meeting new people or etc etc... She understood, and we had a casual conversation here and there. However, In my state of mind... that shit is just not possible. Needless to say she was an attractive girl, and her personality was up there in the clouds(thats a good thing by the way). She and I started to flirt more often then not, and eventually got into a "likeable" situation. The whole time , to tell the truth, I was afraid of commitment and any sort of relationship...This was where i was selfish and most definitely wrong. I didn't hurt as much from the 5 timer because I felt "comforted" by girl A.
Later on, knowing already we live only hours away, decided to meet up. For a date. I wanted to test it out. To see if this could be a casual, "seeing each other" type thing. See, my mentality is this : First you get to know them, then go on a date, THEN decide whether or not you want to "see each other", THEN get into a serious relationship.
Anyway, the First date comes along. I was nervous, and excited , and believe it or not I WAS happy. When I first saw her, I did find her very attractive and beautiful.then... The problems started to rise up...

First- The drive. It takes an hour, forty minutes. I'm thinking , " crap... this might not work out because its long distance..." but, i've been in L.Ds before , so I figured i give it a shot.

Second- I met her at a Starbucks, thinking it will just be her. Nope. She came with her entourage. Of 3 people... so here I am, at a Starbucks with 4 people, whom I never met. Mind you, i never met the girl i was meeting EITHER. Stress started to build up immensely. But... I put a smile up, and just tried to enjoy my day.

third- Eventually her friends did leave . The thing that truly got me moved, and scared at the same time was the gift she brought me. It was almost difficult to accept it, because it must have cost her over 90 dollars... Of course i was thankful, but deep inside , i was taken back a little bit. A lot actually...

I don't want to get too much into the date, however that day ended good. We both had a good time, and we discussed a lot of things. Things became really difficult after the first date however.
I started getting mail on the daily from black women saying, you better not "fuck up". That didn't really affect me that much, i get hate mail daily anyway, so I just brushed my shoulders off on that matter. However, what did started to pinch my nerves were these comments :

" You DO know shes a celeb. right? Your a punk bitch, your only using her to gain fame huh?"
" your using her ... " etc etc...
That started to drive me insane!!! I didn't want ANY of this drama! I wanted to be alone and not in pain! God, it felt no one in the world would let me breath for just a FUCKING SECOND! People left and right saying don't fuck up now~ Your using her for your own benefit ~ when are you gonna get married says her friends.
Eventually, my brain just stopped. Everything became quiet. I told her in a letter, that I cannot do this anymore. She was in love with me she said... and that I was the one she said... Those are good things to hear when your emotionally stable and happy.

But,When you don't feel the same way, or your in a miserable state, those words just become pressure beyond reasoning. It felt, her life , her heart is now in my incapable hands.

So, i knew I dragged this way too longer then I should have. If I was a smart and a kind man, i WOULD have never started anything. However, that was where I was definitely weak. These are the type of things I wish I could change, and just relive it to fix it. However, life is NEVER that kind.
I still get this way too many times... these young girls. Who want to judge me for what I have done... It's so easy to judge someone when your not in their shoes. So easy to tell someone to quit cigarettes when they themselves never tried it. Or those who self righteously say I will never cheat in my life, when in fact they don't know what will come about them in the future. So many people judge one another , mainly because they don't see the similar flaws in themselves. I am by no means justifying myself. What I have done, though very conditional, still is very wrongful done. And I Apologize to her and her alone.
The lesson, or point i wanted to make with this post was to tell others never to judge others. Never condemn another, because one point in your life you will face a similar situation, and you would understand why it had to happen that certain way. I hope this post will be the last to explain what happened IN MY life.

Thanks for reading.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Funny Ephiphany

Dear Reader,
Have you ever wondered what the hell you want to do with your life? I've been thinking about that for months and months now. I honestly don't know what I want to do for the rest of my life. Do I want to become a writer? Honestly!? that shit ain't fun to do when its work. Especially articles lol. Blogs are fun ,yes, but writing articles... whew~ don't have enough words mang I tell ya.
An actor... ?If only if it was that easy, then hell yes, that would be an awesome life style. Then again, I can sooo see it contradicting with my christiany life style.( minus the cussing lol.. and.. killing, and robbing people -_-'') I imagine myself, drinking, doing drugs and banging 2000 dollar hookers. Thats the reality of it. If I had money, I probably wouldn't be myself for very long.
Sure, I can tell myself, "hey dude, your different! your humble! you can go out and give the money to the poor!" who the hell am I kidding... Maybe for a few years, I'd go to a 3rd world country and give to the poor, and help out the innocent dying babies... but what happens when I start lagging on my bills? Shiet, back to reality kid... My life is so much more important then the dying Kids... I'm a selfish bastard 24/7. Outwardly, I'm a good kid, living a normal ass life. But,Just like the bible says , There is nothing more corrupted then the hearts of Human beings. Ain't that the damn truth.
Recently, I've been looking at my spiritual life. Its been a mess. Where is God in my life? I always put him 200th on my list of things to do. I know you guys do too...I wonder why is that? We always shout to him when we are down, and when we are sick. However, when things are nice and dandy, HA-CHA~ screw you God, your not in my life no more~ Thats ridiculous though...
Here is the thing I realized recently.-There was a time when I got drunk, Kevin Bacon drunk. My life seemed PERFECT... just happy, and enjoying life to the fullest.Thankful about the littlest things, like having toilet paper, and having those scrubby things in the shower. However, the very next day... my life seemed completely horrible! It might be the dreadful hangover, but that wasn't it. It was my perspective of the matter. The only difference from that night, and the morning was the drink in my system and out. The situation, and condition of my life has been identical. Yet, that morning seemed so much worse. It was the way I perceived things. Then I began to wonder... what is real and what is fake? I Got all matrix up in my head lol. The red pill or the blue pill Neo? shiettt I don't know duddde...
I digress... I decided to just keep a positive outlook on anything. If my life is the same as the night i drank, and the day i woke up, then that means... I have no reason to be sad, or be depressed on the day i woke up.I still got nice ass toilet paper with that bear on it, and I still got a nice purple scrubby thing to wash my ass with. I don't know if i'm making any sense right now, but As I was taking a walk (being that i'm pretty much paralyzed from sitting down for 3 days...) something hit me.
I started to feel SOOO damn depressed.Like the ring coming out of that scary ass well depressed. I was miserable, and I honestly wanted someone to mercy kill my ass. But, I felt this warm shoulder over mine. It wasn't another person, I want to believe it was the good God above who lent me a hand. He told me, " look dude, you were happy 3 days ago. Your life is prettty much the samme as three days ago... you were thankful for the things you had, and you were grateful to me. If you were complaining about the sickness, I understand son... but your not complaining about the pain, your complaining about the things you don't have. The things you wish you had. So why are you complaining now? Cheer up buddy, i'm still with you, now and then. Don't lose hope in me. "
When i heard that in my head, first i thought, I need to stop taking these damn pills. Secondly, I was able to be thankful again. I have so much in this life... No money though , thats a damn shame, but I have lovely fans who care for my health. I have friends who care enough to save my life. Life is A- okay folks. I wish you all would have the same epiphany i had. Sorry i couldn't explain it more throughly. I love you guys, and thank you so much for the support!


near death experience.

Dear readers,
3 days ago, I almost died.Let me rephrase this, I ALMOST DIED!!! Did I see lights shining before my eyes? pff~On the contrary, I saw the back of my eyelids, just convulsing. My body fell into a sweet surrender, as I realized, if I gave one last breath, i would most probably die. It was the weirdest feeling, I actually knew i was going to die.A 6th sense if you will, and No, i did not see half bald Bruce Willis.
The last person I talked to was a very special girl(she pretty much saved my life), and she was telling me to call the hospital , because she felt I wasn't right(in the head most likely). I honestly thought i caught the flu of some sort, and I was being a "man " and handling the pain with a blanket and some tea. Boy was I wrong.
For hours , I covered my body with blankets to warm myself up, but my body just became hotter and hotter(ya know~ ya know~ ahah jkjk). Yet, I was FREEZING... and trembling. Sweating, but it was from cold sweats, not from actually being warm... I was being stubborn, because i've been in an AMBULANCE , and that shit is not funny. They charge 900 dollars just to ride in the bicccch~ so I said, HAIL no, i'ma coped this one out~(btw, why charge that much?anybody know?)
1-2 hours pass, and I felt faint, I couldn't move my fingers, nor could i speak.I felt like E.T , except i couldn't heal myself. I knew this was no damn flu...I was honestly thinking it was swine flu... condemning myself for not taking a shower recently. I was thinking , "you dirtyyy ass, you should have man T__T, you have should have washed ya ass!! look at yourself, now you got the piggy flu manggg T__T)
The last thing i saw on my aim-box was , " call your friend!!! " so with the last strength in my body, i leaned to grab my cellphone, and called a friend of mine that happened to live hours away. All I remember saying is " dude.. i'm sick.. please come ge..."
I don't even remember if i said anything else. Next thing I know, i'm in the dreaded E.R, with a big ass pipe down my throat... (don't even think of the gay way... tsk.)and I passed out again. More hours later, i was in the hospital bed with that butt-flap dress. I looked like a retarded ass Tarzan... You know that gown they give you, where if you get a boner its very impressive looking ... hehe~
Now, after a few hours, I was back in consciousness. Apparently, it was some sort of poisoning... who would poison me!?? They say, its more likely from liquids , then food... I told them, all I drank today was water... And bam, they sent some dudes to check my pipes and etc etc...wait that sounded gay.. the actual water pipes fools =_=.. anyways, they investigated , and they found nothing as of yet... though I'm forbidden to eat anything from my crib. Been eating Cam-bells soups and bottled waters for 3 days now... and I'm in hella pain. I feel a bit better now though.I've been shivering, throwing up, dry heaving, and just wanting to die!! However, In this experience, like always.. I realized, Life is DAMN short. Anything could take your ass out in this world, Yet we complain about the little shiet... I say this quite often, only to forget in an instance... but I thank God for reminding me with this kind of event to put me back in shape, and walk on. <-- deep, take it to heart ladies and gentleman.
For you lots out there who got issues and complaints, just imagine the pain i'm going through ahaha, and just brush your shoulders off. TRUST me, this shit ain't pretty... My stomach is EATEN ALIVE by my OWN ACIDS... comon now~ ahaha. So, I hope y'all have a better week, and a more positive attitude this week. Oh and I decided to stop writing my novel on this blog, sorry for the people who read it... I will just finish it, and publish it ^_^. Y'all better buy that shit, or i'ma cry. ANYWAYS... pray for me y'all~ and take care!!!


Saturday, March 6, 2010

The black star(minisode)chapter 1 part 7

(previously)“where do we go!? We don't know where to go anymore!” a warrior exclaimed . “anywhere but here! I will lead, follow me! “ Tu'p grabbed unto the reigns of the mount and charged into the unknown. He crashed into stone-trees, and crunched upon the silent nomad beetles , but he fearlessly charged in. “brother!!! where are you!!” As he shouted , the other warriors began shouting with him. Perhaps it was out of sympathy, or perhaps it was from their fear wanting to be expressed in a much benign way. Where ever they were going, their concerns and fears caused them to forget about the strong effects of sleep in the Julgar. The julgar forest emits sleeping toxin into the air causing temporal body coma, then when the victims are caught into the heavy sleep , creatures greater then the Morlaks come out to feast upon them. Some creatures are known to be so horrendous, even the matured Morlaks themselves lay victim to their power.

The Morlak which was asleep , managed to open its eyes and gain back consciousness. The Monster had no knowledge of this place. Being brought up in the Sion house as a pet , carried no information of the place that needed be. It was much too tamed ,and had no experience out this deep into the wilderness. This Morlak spent most of his days in the plains feasting on cattle, horses and the little creatures that roamed the safer out lands. It faced eminent danger, for now he needed to protect this child, and he was in a place where The monster itself was not safe.
As he gained the strength to shake of the sleep empowered over him, he began to move the muscles in his loins, and woke the boy. “ we must get out of here, it is not safe, there is an evil presence here” The boy ignored the creature, for his sleep was too tantalizing. The Morlak decided to take it upon himself and carried him to the lower side of the forest. He realized the energy of the sleeping toxins were stronger down below, and it exerted his remaining power to get to safety.

The Sion house was completely ransacked and the guards ,servants and maids alike were slaughtered. The soldiers from the Southern Neblu'es capital finally arrived from the distress call. They Reached this part of the land by Ex'il propelled ships, junk compared to the advance black class ships of the north. However, it was ran tightly by Captain Norlander , an officer of the law in the southern Neblu'es. He was a tall man, with a dark figure. His eyes were Grey like of wolves and he always talked with a snap and a snarl. He also carried the rare Silver tongue on his side, and he fancied the Interceptor Rapier on his back. He wore a Pauldron that was specially designed to bear his mark, a bird with a knife in its mouth.
“ where be the survivors? I see no one here.” Captain Norlander snarled. He spat on the ground, and snorted while rubbing his scruffy nose with his gloves. “ have the men look around , what are ye waiting for , get to it then!” He pulled out his rapier from his back and started moving debris on the ground, honestly to look for lost jewelry or some loot. “captain! I hear a noise here under here!” Captain Norlander walked casually to the site and blasted the stone with his silver tongue. The stone cracked and a voice screamed underneath. “ What is it!?” shouted a Soldier standing by. “pull the damn rocks apart and find out boy!”blustered the tad frighten captain. The soldiers near by rushed to pull the debris that was blown apart by the Silver tongue. Coughing was heard and blood was evident near the site. “ why … would you …” hacked a women underneath the rubble. She was intact except for the silver tongue projectile straight in her stomach. She was bleeding ,and was no longer conscious .
“sir, I believe your weapon struck her through.” Captain Norlander spat on the ground and said “ move out, nothing bloody to see here, move! you rat bastards!” A young corporal by the name of Jansi , went to close her eyes so she may find rest.
The rest of the soldiers searched about, for loot mainly, more then anything else. There motive was not to save these people ,rather they came for their own selfish gains. They truly showed what beasts are capable that day.
“look what we have here!” singsonged a grungy soldier. “ please help me, the Mondus came and killed everyone! Have you seen my mistress!?” The solider looked around to see if any eyes were on him, and he started to whisper. “ Its okay lady, I will save you, but you need to do something for me first .” crackled the man. “ no...please, what are you doing!” As he started to forcefully undress the maid, Jansi busted through the door. “ what the hell are you doing Hunter! Get your filthy hands of her!” Hunter slowly turned around agitated and said “ my my, Jansi all grown up are we? This here is my find , get the hell out of here boy before I pull your intestine out under ya!” Jansi pulled out his Pistol and directly aimed at Hunter. He chuckled and reacted “ oh, little Jansi is going to shoot a fellow solider of the Delamony huh? Why, looks like we got our self a little predicament don't we?” Jansi looked terrified , but yet still kept his resolved and pointed the gun straight on his skull.
“get back! I swear upon my mother I will shoot you! Lady get behind me!” The maid weeping crawled over to Jansi and grabbed his legs. “Oh, you wanted the lady was it? Why didn't you say so! Jansi is all grow-” The pistol shot, and Jansi's face was covered with the remains of Hunters inner head. Shaking, he dropped his pistol and ran out with the maid. “ we need to get out of her ! I just killed my fellow man, I will be hung in the city! Do you know a way out!?” The maid was afraid and shocked by his actions, but nodded promptly and grabbed his arm. “yes , Madam Hotoko taught me a passage way in the case of death. Follow me” She guided him towards the tunnel la'sion and the Guardsman once fled.
“do you see the glow ,brothers?” Tu'p bellowed. “ yes I do , but what is – wait, do you hear that?” The silent growl became gently louder. The Mondus warriors moved there bodies to potentially defend themselves from an ambush. “ Stay on guard brothers, this will not be over so quick”
One of the Mondus warrior screamed as his body got slashed into pieces by a giant creature unknown. “Everyone dismount! Form a tight circle inside the Tor'mals, our mounts will be our shield!”
The Warriors quickly alighted and formed a circle with their sabers,and spears pointing outwards. “hold steady brothers, when you feel a presence do not hesitant to strike!” Tu'p encouraged them. “ I think I hit something!” shouted a warrior. His Tor'mal cried with pained , as he struck his own mount . The glow around them became brighter, and the pores down below bursted out sleeping toxins greater then before.
“where are we!? And who is this man” Jansi said as he saw the half eaten body. The maid sobbing went to identify the corpse. “ I don't know... I can't tell who he is, its awful!” She ran to Jansi and cried on his shoulders. “This looks like a Morlak track, but A Morlak? Here?! We must go back!” Jansi looked at her and said “ We cannot enter her! Where is the way out!? I am not going into that forest, do you know where that is!?” A difficult smile came upon her and said “ That is not an exit, that is a decoy, the real exit is by those trees. Master Of the house used that forest to send evil men to there deaths, if they dared enter that is. Come follow me” She ran grabbing her dress up to avoid getting wet. Jansi and the maid eventually approached a Tree that was about three people wide. “ Its here somewhere... Madam once told me there was a lever of some kind... help me look for it. Jansi dropped his gear and began to look.

to be continued

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The black star(minisode)chapter 1 part 6

(previously)The warrior who was holding onto his armour quickly rushed to Va'lus and handed it to him. “Change of plans, every body goes into the forest! If you want your brothers to live you will protect each other diligently! Move out !” The unwilling warriors short of morale followed Va'lus their new self acclaimed Or'mac into the Julgar Forest which held dangerous beyond the imagination of any Mondus.

“Va'lus... a word with you if I may.” Marl'ec initiated. Va'lus looked straight ahead and paid no attention to him. “Va'lus, when we enter these forests, if I am to sleep, take my life.” Marl'ec said his peace and continued to ride behind him. The day around them was quickly eaten by the shadows ,and the light began to strain to shine. As they approached the Julgar, sweat started to squeeze out of the Mondus warriors. Even the toughest of all warriors were scared of this place.
“ Pull your wits about you, what you have heard as a child has been stories to shed fear into you my brothers!” Tu'p the youngest of the warriors declared. He was the Brother to Marl'ec , and though he was the younger one , he was by far the greater warrior and much bigger in size. However, Marl'ec was ever so cunning, Tu'p has never been able to defeat him in a duel for his speed was out matched every time. “how do you know they weren't stories?” a warrior riding behind him whispered. “ I don't.” Tu'p struck his mount and carried on faster. The Trees began to form quite differently as they entered the forest. The tall green trees merged into stone, as if they were melted together to become one. The dark green leaves, seemed to glow and beneath the leaves were the glowing eyes of creatures admist. The wind was stale and old,and reeked of the deceased. The tainted ground, although hard to see were filled with Nomad Beetles scrapping across the dirt. Hundreds and thousands of the insects scourged about, clashing there shells together to make the sound of ancient drums. The Mondus eyes began to lose visibility, instead, their eyes depended now on their ears. Using sound to guide their way they rode on ,and their mounts cried out in disapproval.
A dark creature swooped by screeching , and the creatures within began to growl louder and louder as if to say get out of here. The Mondus rider defense-fully looked around and started to feel the pressure of the sleep. “Lepo'ar!!” Marl'ec shouted at his injured mount as he was flung out of it. “ brother! Where are you!” Tu'ps voice echoed deep into the julgar, and the creatures within fell into complete surrender. The Nomad beetles on the ground became silent, as did the whole forest itself. “Va'lus... be on your guard, some thing isn't right!”
“Idiot! Of course something isn't right! If you have no wise thing to say keep you mout-” Before
he had the chance to finish he was struck by some mysterious force. His struggle brought worry unto them, and his voice sounded of defeat. “help me!” va'lus' shout slowly died off as he was dragged by this mysterious creature. Many of the warriors cheered raising their spears into the sky .
“Lets get out of here!” one of the warriors said. “ wait! We must find my brother!” Tu'p exclaimed. “it is too late for Marl'ec, the Julgar has already feasted on him” He looked appalled yet no body could see his expression in the cold darkness. “ No he is alive! We must -”
“ Tu'p, this is not your – wait... where are we?” Tu'p also began to sense they had no idea where they were. The sounds of the forest was still silent, except for the sounds of mucus and teeth deep within. “look for a light ! There must be !” Using their ears and their voice they started to develop some form of vision, but failed at it. “lets keep going! We cannot go back!”
“where do we go!? We don't know where to go anymore!” a warrior exclaimed . “anywhere but here! I will lead, follow me! “ Tu'p grabbed unto the reigns of the mount and charged into the unknown. He crashed into stone-trees, and crunched upon the silent nomad beetles , but he fearlessly charged in. “brother!!! where are you!!” As he shouted , the other warriors began shouting with him. Perhaps it was out of sympathy, or perhaps it was from their fear wanting to be expressed in a much benign way. Where ever they were going, their concerns and fears caused them to forget about the strong effects of sleep in the Julgar. The julgar forest emits sleeping toxin into the air causing temporal body coma, then when the victims are caught into the heavy sleep , creatures greater then the Morlaks come out to feast upon them. Some creatures are known to be so horrendous, even the matured Morlaks themselves lay victim to their power.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The black star(minisode)chapter 1 part 5

(PREVIOUSLY ON THE BLACK STAR)“Die.” The Mondus snapped the guards neck and rushed unto the next. “where is the boy!?”He interrogated. As this young man choked, he replied strenuously . “ he … left... with ...” The strain was much to great for his tiny neck, so he passed on to the other life. The mondus spoke in their native tongue, and immediately, the surrounding riders charged towards the men and began to slaughter them one after another. Only moments later, it became quiet, with only few Mondus riders injured. The shame of being injured was to great for some, and if their hands were slightly blemished , they used their blades to cut it off. They felt it was better to lose an arm, then to be scraped by a lowly creature such as the humans.
“Look for him. Now!” Va'lus commanded. So they grunted with agreement and commenced searching for the boy. (this is a bit longer one. sorry for the mistakes in grammar)

“There coming for you.”hissed the Morlak to the boy. He nodded , as he wasn't too surprised. “I know, I can feel their anger towards me”
The beast slithered to the nearest Relan'je stone-tree, and climb up to the highest point scaring the little beasts along the way.
“why if I may ask?” La'sion held out his hands and touched the Morlak on its carapace. A striking pain entered the morlak, and it cried out . “enough! Enough boy!” The Morlak shaking from the sudden pain , realized the motives behind the Mondus. Striking images flushed throughout the Morlak's mind, and in a mere second, The Morlak knew everything he needed to know.
“ I am tired...” said La'sion. His eyes gradually closed and fell into a peaceful slumber.
“ sleep. I will protect you till you wake” The Morlak struggled to keep its eyes open, and it as well could not stand the empowering force of the stone-tree. The luring smell, and the tranquilizing flowers within have captured them into a deep coma.
“ Va'lus!” A mondus rider shouted out. “ what is it Tor ? Have you news of the boy!?” Tor , looked weary and said unto him. “ Va'lus , I found a dead human. He will killed by a Matured Morlak! We should not venture after them, they are in the forests of Jugarl.”
“have you found tracks!?” waveringly Tor replied. “ yes … but, it is much too dangerous ! The Morlak alone will tear us to shreds!” Va'lus gave him a sharp stare, and ignored his insolence.
“Tor, Marl'ec and Tu'p come with me, rest of you back to camp!” With his command, an equally decorated Mondus rider dared to challenge him. “Va'lus, you have been provoking my patience old friend, when have you become our Or'mac!?” Va'lus dismounted , and dropped to the ground and began to wipe his bloody hands with the dirt. When the blood on his hands dried off, he grabbed a fistful of dirt and disrespectfully tossed it at the challenger. “ Do not play with your life , old fool, I have little time for games. Here, at this moment I am Or'mac! You will do as I say, or you will surely die!”
“Va'lus, you wish to take my life? Then so be it. but ,Do not take the lives our younger brothers to the forest of Jugarl. You know we cannot venture there and survive! Your hunger for power has driven you mad!” Va'lus furiously grabbed unto his own armour and ripped it off. He handed his armour, his weapon and all that he had to the warrior next to him. “ Sennye... off your stead, and fight me honorably. I win , we venture through and see where our luck takes us, lose, and I will give you my Morlak skin.” Sennye who always coveted his matured Morlak skin only but accepted, for the prize was much to tempting. “ I am old, but you will never best me yet!”
Sennye, grey from the years of battle looked much more gritty and broken. His left eye carried a mark of defeat from years back, a scar originally much smaller, but through self affliction covered his whole left eye. A young human girl using a standard sword managed to scrap his eye, through the law of the Mondus, he had to cut that blemish off. For to him, it was law, for he was an example to look up to for the new-birth warriors of the Mondus.
They began to circle around , feeling each others senses to see who will strike first. Few testing hit were thrown , and they were simply parried . For minutes they only but tested each other, because they knew there was only one time and one chance to defeat the opponent. The other warriors stood by chanting Worfa worfa worfa. A common cheer for these kind of event.
Abruptly, Sennye the grey took his first strike. Using his feet to close the gap, he twisted his hips ,and on the right time used his claws to swipe. Unfortunately for him, Va'lus was much too fast and managed to dodge it. He sprung around Sennye and using his thumbs and two of his clawed fingers grabbed unto his neck and punctured it. The other warriors looked appalled, because in a duel between the veterans, there must be no death.
However,blood Gushed out over his shoulders,and Sennye fell to his knees blurting out “ Do not … take them to the forest!” exerting his last moments, this old warrior grabbed onto Va'lus and said “ please...Va'lus they die for no good...” He slowly closed his eyes, and his body twitched for the last time as he fell into a honorable sleep. Va'lus looked slightly remorse , but quickly masked his guilt and closed the old man's eyes. He stood up , and he felt the tension given by the onlookers. “Va'lus! how could you kill him?! You know he was to be our next Or'mac! Why did you do this! He was not your enemy!” Va'lus quickly struck the speaking warrior with the back of his hands, and shouted out “ If any of you dare defy me, I will single handily murder everyone of you, and your children!”
The warrior who was holding onto his armour quickly rushed to Va'lus and handed it to him. “Change of plans, every body goes into the forest! If you want your brothers to live you will protect each other diligently! Move out !” The unwilling warriors short of morale followed Va'lus. their new self acclaimed Or'mac into the Julgar Forest which held dangers beyond the imagination of any Mondus.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The black star chapter 1 part 4

(previously on The Black Star)Dreadful moments later,La'sion pulled out his little hands out with a piece of liver and squeezed it between his tiny fingers and said to him.“ I hear you ,you know... Morlak is keeping you alive , so La'sion can play with you” The black in his eyes were no longer seen, only but an constant white torment his skull. In his mind he could not think of his mother or his brother, only the pure agony that came from this creature and the boy.

On the back of the Morlak La'sion rode out into the wilderness, leaving his mother , his father and his temporal guardian . He had no sense of remorse, nor did he ever once thought of his beloved mother .
“Sir! The Mondus Calvary is overwhelming on the left pallaside!” One of the guardsman shouted. The wavering lieutenant paced back and forth contemplating what to do. The pressure engulfed him, and he stuttered out “ Retreat! Hell with the Sions, lets get out of here!”
To this, the freshly picked guardsman who were still green in the trade all abandoned their posts and ran for their lives. The veteran guards look dazed at their cowardice acts, and some grabbed unto fleeing guardsman, and pierced some sense into them. “Cowards will be killed! I will kill all you little bastards if you decide to leave my side!If I die I won't die alone!”One of the more experienced guardsman exclaimed. He held onto his unique weapon, Silver tongue it was called. A ranged weapon hard to find in the southern part of the Neblu'es. This weapon was powered by a small portion of the blackstar , it was of the lowest grade, however, it brought terror to those in front of it. He aimed upon one of the the charging Mondus riders and shot a projectile. It struck , and punctured the tough skin of the warrior. Tan colored liquid discharged out of its skin, and he bellowed out in spasm. Still mounted, the Mondus rider sprung over the pathetic Pallaside wall and speared this veteran in the chest cavity. The Mondus rider then turned towards the others and screeched something like a war-cry to tell other riders to do the same. He raised his battle spear into the air, to show he had no fear of these humans. One by one, the wall was taken, and the remaining guards were bundle together like firewood with no where to run but death. “what do we do !?I don't want to die!” The lieutenant who failed to escape reached for a vial in his inner pocket and began to drink it. “ No! Don't!” it was too late. He dishonorably took his own life , for the fear was too great in him, he would rather take his own life then to die by the Mondus. The guards were gathered together like sheep without a Sheppard, and they waited there premature death.
The most decorated Mondus rider, Va'lus, dismounted and advanced on them like a wolf to the lambs. “ Where is the boy!?” The Va'lus shouted.
He then swiftly ran to one of the guards and spiked him in the skull. Others screamed in terror and where taken back in despair. “where is the BOY!?” his voice echoed , and shuddered the spirits of the men.
“ sir...” a young guard replied. “Speak up boy!” It grabbed unto his light Armour and lifted him up into the air like he was merely a piece of cloth. The Mondus , had dark green eyes and had no iris to mention. It had similar features like humans,but the main difference was in their size, and the lack of the white in their eyes. On his shoulder he mounted the skulls of warriors who have fallen in battle, the skulls of his friends and family who had joined him in an honorable fight in the past. On his chest, he had the rough skin of a fully matured Morlak. When an Morlak is matured, its skin through metamorphosis become like steel, but yet more flexible then leather. A prized possession for the likes of any creature with a mind. To hunt a a fully grown Morlak and take its skin was the greatest test of a warrior for a Mondus. So this decorated warrior ,though not a leader, was respected amongst his members.
“Die.” The Mondus snapped the guards neck and rushed unto the next. “where is the boy!?”He interrogated. As this young man choked, he replied strenuously . “ he … left... with ...” The strain was much to great for his tiny neck, so he passed on to the other life. The mondus spoke in their native tongue, and immediately, the surrounding riders charged towards the men and began to slaughter them one after another. Only moments later, it became quiet, with only few Mondus riders injured. The shame of being injured was to great for some, and if their hands were slightly blemished , they used their blades to cut it off. They felt it was better to lose an arm, then to be scraped by a lowly creature such as the humans.
“Look for him. Now!” Va'lus commanded. So they grunted with agreement and commenced searching for the boy.