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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The black star chapter 1 part 4

(previously on The Black Star)Dreadful moments later,La'sion pulled out his little hands out with a piece of liver and squeezed it between his tiny fingers and said to him.“ I hear you ,you know... Morlak is keeping you alive , so La'sion can play with you” The black in his eyes were no longer seen, only but an constant white torment his skull. In his mind he could not think of his mother or his brother, only the pure agony that came from this creature and the boy.

On the back of the Morlak La'sion rode out into the wilderness, leaving his mother , his father and his temporal guardian . He had no sense of remorse, nor did he ever once thought of his beloved mother .
“Sir! The Mondus Calvary is overwhelming on the left pallaside!” One of the guardsman shouted. The wavering lieutenant paced back and forth contemplating what to do. The pressure engulfed him, and he stuttered out “ Retreat! Hell with the Sions, lets get out of here!”
To this, the freshly picked guardsman who were still green in the trade all abandoned their posts and ran for their lives. The veteran guards look dazed at their cowardice acts, and some grabbed unto fleeing guardsman, and pierced some sense into them. “Cowards will be killed! I will kill all you little bastards if you decide to leave my side!If I die I won't die alone!”One of the more experienced guardsman exclaimed. He held onto his unique weapon, Silver tongue it was called. A ranged weapon hard to find in the southern part of the Neblu'es. This weapon was powered by a small portion of the blackstar , it was of the lowest grade, however, it brought terror to those in front of it. He aimed upon one of the the charging Mondus riders and shot a projectile. It struck , and punctured the tough skin of the warrior. Tan colored liquid discharged out of its skin, and he bellowed out in spasm. Still mounted, the Mondus rider sprung over the pathetic Pallaside wall and speared this veteran in the chest cavity. The Mondus rider then turned towards the others and screeched something like a war-cry to tell other riders to do the same. He raised his battle spear into the air, to show he had no fear of these humans. One by one, the wall was taken, and the remaining guards were bundle together like firewood with no where to run but death. “what do we do !?I don't want to die!” The lieutenant who failed to escape reached for a vial in his inner pocket and began to drink it. “ No! Don't!” it was too late. He dishonorably took his own life , for the fear was too great in him, he would rather take his own life then to die by the Mondus. The guards were gathered together like sheep without a Sheppard, and they waited there premature death.
The most decorated Mondus rider, Va'lus, dismounted and advanced on them like a wolf to the lambs. “ Where is the boy!?” The Va'lus shouted.
He then swiftly ran to one of the guards and spiked him in the skull. Others screamed in terror and where taken back in despair. “where is the BOY!?” his voice echoed , and shuddered the spirits of the men.
“ sir...” a young guard replied. “Speak up boy!” It grabbed unto his light Armour and lifted him up into the air like he was merely a piece of cloth. The Mondus , had dark green eyes and had no iris to mention. It had similar features like humans,but the main difference was in their size, and the lack of the white in their eyes. On his shoulder he mounted the skulls of warriors who have fallen in battle, the skulls of his friends and family who had joined him in an honorable fight in the past. On his chest, he had the rough skin of a fully matured Morlak. When an Morlak is matured, its skin through metamorphosis become like steel, but yet more flexible then leather. A prized possession for the likes of any creature with a mind. To hunt a a fully grown Morlak and take its skin was the greatest test of a warrior for a Mondus. So this decorated warrior ,though not a leader, was respected amongst his members.
“Die.” The Mondus snapped the guards neck and rushed unto the next. “where is the boy!?”He interrogated. As this young man choked, he replied strenuously . “ he … left... with ...” The strain was much to great for his tiny neck, so he passed on to the other life. The mondus spoke in their native tongue, and immediately, the surrounding riders charged towards the men and began to slaughter them one after another. Only moments later, it became quiet, with only few Mondus riders injured. The shame of being injured was to great for some, and if their hands were slightly blemished , they used their blades to cut it off. They felt it was better to lose an arm, then to be scraped by a lowly creature such as the humans.
“Look for him. Now!” Va'lus commanded. So they grunted with agreement and commenced searching for the boy.


  1. I really like the Gore in this part of Chapter one im so anxious to see what happens to La'Sion now D:! Great Writing keep it up, ^_^!

  2. All I got to say is that Mondus, Va'lous is a bad dude. He's not to be played with.

    This story reminds me of a cross between Underworld and Lord of the Rings those were good movies.

    You have a creative inteligence. Keep up the good work!

  3. This is for real, like taking me to another world(^w^) I can so see this as a movie. Super cool. <3

  4. Tenchi buy freaking Final Draft and get it moving. This is a total bank blockbuster.