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Sunday, March 21, 2010


Dear Readers,

I was just thinking... If one day, maybe in the distant future...I become popular. Not rock star popular, but Tv-show popular ahah. And if I make some pretty decent money... hopefully in the millions. I want to throw a 3 day, 4 night party... with my lovely subscribers. like the ones who are pretty close with me~ maybe about 200?

I mean i'm just dreaming right now of course ahahaha, but my mama always told me, if I'm going to dream, dream big.

What I want to do is pay a round trip for all my lovely subscribers, to come to California to my crib and party till we die! Definitely have the best Dj's in town, and drinks galore. And the best part would be to have an actual crew to film the whole party like a music video!!!
So the first night would be to introduce myself ,and get to meet you all personally and say thank you! And we can chitchat and mingle with everybody~ Then, we can enjoy the night with dancing, drinking, and all the good stuff.

Then the second day. I will Rent us a CRUISE LINE! ahaha( this is IF i'm a millionaire or something ahha, dream big remember >.^)... I will Have the BEST chefs on the ship~ and I can even cook for few special people~ And we can take the cruise towards Mexico~ And enjoy a nice sun tan, delicious cocktails, and the best music money can buy.

Third day, we arrive at the Mexican beach... There is a beach resort reserved just for you guys! The hay-toped huts, with cocktail bars and BBQ stands ready to serve you . All food , drinks paid for completely. BBQ, slow roasted chicken wings side with garlic-roasted onions, half back BBQ ribs oozing with honey glaze sauce, juicy beef briskets drooling with flavor, and side dishes setup to the horizon.

The fun part. We will play a Treasure hunt. But Indiana Jones style. There will Giant paper machete Rocks, robot snakes that pop out, fake trails, maps and all that good stuff. Teams of 10, so total of 20 teams. They will have there own colored shirts, own gears and all the necessities.( y'all can keep everything when your done.)

The 20 teams will start in different parts of the island( yes.. this is a private island , somewhere in Mexican, reserved just for us... ). They will all be given a map. They will have to choose a leader, and will have Medics watching your every move so you don't get injured. Anyway, you will be equipped with a Travel backpack, with 2 days worth of food, and 5 days worth of water.( just in case)

There are 3 main treasures hidden in the jungle. They are not easy to get. Once you find the location, there are puzzles, obstacle courses. Only the leader of each team can attempt when they find it... If you the first one to find it, you can try much as you want until you are discovered by the other team.
The First treasure, is a small statue of "Captain T-cat", made with PURE gold!The cool part is, all ten of them get their own golden statue.The value of the Golden T-cat is worth 50-70k.
The second treasure is a Mic made of gold, worth about 10-25k. The last prized is a round trip to Cancun , courtesy of Mexican airlines, priceless.. jk lol

There will be a lot of adventure, rushing through the jungle looking for clues. Not to mention the traps set up to catch weary adventurers. Also, keep your eye out for colored stones! They will be randomly hidden in the vast jungle. But be careful, it could be a trap instead of a prize.
Inside the Redstones are hidden gift-cards worth $1000
The bluestones have gift-cards for $500
The yellowstone will have gift-cards for $50-$100 ( there are many Yellowstones out there! so keep an eye open!)

I want to make sure, everyone gets a piece of the pie before they go home...A thank you for supporting me gift.

The very last day on the Island will have the best beach BBQ ... with huge bond fires, live music, drinks, and just food food food! When the morning breaks, we will leave at about 3-4pm... so you guys can all have a nice late sleep, take a shower, do whatever y'all need to do. Some may have hang overs... so I will prepare anti-motion sickness pills , and digestive medicines.

When we dock back to Cali, it will be about 12pm or so ... We will say our final goodbyes and We can take an official group photo~ ^__^ and I'll post this event on YouTube for all the suckers to see what they missed out on. ahhh~ sounds fun right??

Now, if I only had the money hahaah, this is soooo going down!!!! ^____^ I hope you will all join me one day~



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  3. Hey Tenchijk!!

    It's good to hear that you are well. I would love to go on that trip with you. All of us can have a great time!! Take care!


  4. lol Yea it sounds fun. It's really detailed. :D It sounds like my plans for my week long wedding. If only I had the money....

    You feeling any better Tenchi?

  5. Feeling better Tenchi? This party is well thought out and sounds really fun. What are you going to do with all the swarms of women is what I want to know...

  6. Oppa! You’re doing better. HOORAY! HOORAY! I am so relief to see you’re writing. I was so worried about you that I prayed and light a candle for you every day from the moment I found out you were ill. My heart is happy now. I am excited about this GREAT plan for the future and I know you will be living it soon. I in vision what you’re saying and it‘s going to be FUN! FUN! FUN! Oppa, please don’t do too much too soon. Eat well, take your meds and rest your body. Oooooooooh! You’re my great start to an AWESOME day.

  7. I like this idea, it's very survivor-esque, and I like how everyone gets a prize. But what are you going to be doing while we're out roaming the jungle? I think you should be like the Jungle Master. You should appear to each team in a big cloud of smoke and give them a clue or something. And you should probably wear a costume. Something "Jungley". BTW, check out my blog, it has a shout out to you.Peaces.

  8. Lol nice idea but while we're all out roaming the jungle and what not where are you at?? Lol when not if but when you become famous and you host this giant party i will be there lol

  9. hi Tenchi. I really don't want to delay your success, but I would love to be at least 21 years so I can enjoy the drinking part of the party (stupid U.S.A. laws...). But that party sounds like something I would really really like. Hope it comes true and glad you're better. <3

  10. THis jungle scene will take place in mexico.. so the age limit is like 16~ ahahha

  11. wow hahahaha. this is great. *reality checks in..* aww crap im....not 16. just make sure you wait a few years until you become a millionaire.... k thanks..ha. and hope your feeling better:)

  12. Awww this is way too sweet!! Like sweetened sweet (but no too sweet, just enough!) You sure know how to party lol! I would come with no hesitation, Cali sun and Mexico beaches instead of Canada's weird-changing-cold temperature?? I wouldnt mind hahaha! And I would love to be in your team for the treasure hunt!! XD (im sure you'll have a loooong reservation list for those nine priceless places eh!)

    I really hope that all your dreams come true Tenchi!:P it would be sooo dope hehe ^^ and meanwhile your dreams come true keep on posting and youtubing, ur amazing ^^ <3<3

  13. You stole my idea! lol jk but i've always wanted to gather all my closest online friends and throw a bad ass party for them :D well i wasn't quite thinking of the whole jungle idea (that sounds so cool!) but i swear just about everything else was dead on point with what i had in mind . . . that is, if i were a millionare lol! Great minds think alike i guess.

    if this party does go down, you better believe i'm gunna wanna go! So don't forget my invitation :D

  14. David, that sounds like a ggrrrreaaat plan xD
    if…im one of the 200 hahaha
    oh btw its jessica m from face book =P
    hopefully im the only jessica m haha
    but yeaa
    that would be like the craziest best 4 days ever hahah
    GO GET FAMOUS =P jk jk
    But goodness, such a nice guy, always thinking about others
    "and will have Medics watching your every move so you don't get injured" and...
    "I want to make sure, everyone gets a piece of the pie before they go home"
    x] cute cute.
    looking forward to reading another pose 0=]
    God Bless

  15. Ahahah thanks thanks~ I was more worried about y'all suing me then worried about ur injuries ahahahha JUst kidding~ XD of course i care for you guys, You guys mean alot too me! always supported me ~ without y'all I wouldn't even keep doing what I do. Thank you guys!

  16. Wouldn't that be your dream come true? A boat full of your lovely "subscribers" (that happen to be mostly female). I see the hidden message! I'm not mad of you, do you boo! It will be the party of the century!

  17. If you want to become a fan on Facebook, type in TenchiJK. There's this cute kitty you can't miss. FIGHTING!!!

  18. Hey Jk.
    The party sounds great. You've got it planned to a T. I was very happy to "see" you on BTV today. I was overwhelmed with excitement and you made me very happy. I offended one of your viewers and I certainly didn't mean to. I enjoy your company; you have a great personality. I DO hope you make it on TV. Please understand, I'm 28 so I do say what I want (think sophia from Golden Girls) and i don't have time to BS.

    JK, you are awesome (I'll never stop telling you!) and when you have that party, I'll be there with bells on!


  19. dat sounds cool lol you better make that happen very soon lol jp.But it seems like a well planed dream . Make it happen Tenchi lol

  20. Wow!! that is really cool. Your dream is so vivid and detailed. If you keep dreaming it will come into existence. Count me in :)

  21. hahaha goo tenchi, get rich quick! ^^
    but in all seriousness you really have the potential~

    and to be honest i like the sound of the BBQ the most..or maybe i'm just really hungry now xP

  22. Why does it have to be a dream? If idiots like Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt can get paid for doing nothing, then why shouldn't someone like you whose entertaining, smart, sensitive, funny, charming, sexy, caring, thoughtful, vibrant....I could go on and on about you hun. Try to get your own tv show, Bravo and VH1 are good places to start. Hell even BET since you speak so affectionately about us black women.

  23. WOW that sounds amazing and it was very detailed.
    Can't wait for you to get rich. :D

  24. You know how kick butt that sounds!?
    Hopefully you'll be a millionaire by the time I'm 21 & living in California. :)
    lol, IF I'm invited.
    Anyways that whole thing sound awesome like for real. xD

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