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Saturday, March 6, 2010

The black star(minisode)chapter 1 part 7

(previously)“where do we go!? We don't know where to go anymore!” a warrior exclaimed . “anywhere but here! I will lead, follow me! “ Tu'p grabbed unto the reigns of the mount and charged into the unknown. He crashed into stone-trees, and crunched upon the silent nomad beetles , but he fearlessly charged in. “brother!!! where are you!!” As he shouted , the other warriors began shouting with him. Perhaps it was out of sympathy, or perhaps it was from their fear wanting to be expressed in a much benign way. Where ever they were going, their concerns and fears caused them to forget about the strong effects of sleep in the Julgar. The julgar forest emits sleeping toxin into the air causing temporal body coma, then when the victims are caught into the heavy sleep , creatures greater then the Morlaks come out to feast upon them. Some creatures are known to be so horrendous, even the matured Morlaks themselves lay victim to their power.

The Morlak which was asleep , managed to open its eyes and gain back consciousness. The Monster had no knowledge of this place. Being brought up in the Sion house as a pet , carried no information of the place that needed be. It was much too tamed ,and had no experience out this deep into the wilderness. This Morlak spent most of his days in the plains feasting on cattle, horses and the little creatures that roamed the safer out lands. It faced eminent danger, for now he needed to protect this child, and he was in a place where The monster itself was not safe.
As he gained the strength to shake of the sleep empowered over him, he began to move the muscles in his loins, and woke the boy. “ we must get out of here, it is not safe, there is an evil presence here” The boy ignored the creature, for his sleep was too tantalizing. The Morlak decided to take it upon himself and carried him to the lower side of the forest. He realized the energy of the sleeping toxins were stronger down below, and it exerted his remaining power to get to safety.

The Sion house was completely ransacked and the guards ,servants and maids alike were slaughtered. The soldiers from the Southern Neblu'es capital finally arrived from the distress call. They Reached this part of the land by Ex'il propelled ships, junk compared to the advance black class ships of the north. However, it was ran tightly by Captain Norlander , an officer of the law in the southern Neblu'es. He was a tall man, with a dark figure. His eyes were Grey like of wolves and he always talked with a snap and a snarl. He also carried the rare Silver tongue on his side, and he fancied the Interceptor Rapier on his back. He wore a Pauldron that was specially designed to bear his mark, a bird with a knife in its mouth.
“ where be the survivors? I see no one here.” Captain Norlander snarled. He spat on the ground, and snorted while rubbing his scruffy nose with his gloves. “ have the men look around , what are ye waiting for , get to it then!” He pulled out his rapier from his back and started moving debris on the ground, honestly to look for lost jewelry or some loot. “captain! I hear a noise here under here!” Captain Norlander walked casually to the site and blasted the stone with his silver tongue. The stone cracked and a voice screamed underneath. “ What is it!?” shouted a Soldier standing by. “pull the damn rocks apart and find out boy!”blustered the tad frighten captain. The soldiers near by rushed to pull the debris that was blown apart by the Silver tongue. Coughing was heard and blood was evident near the site. “ why … would you …” hacked a women underneath the rubble. She was intact except for the silver tongue projectile straight in her stomach. She was bleeding ,and was no longer conscious .
“sir, I believe your weapon struck her through.” Captain Norlander spat on the ground and said “ move out, nothing bloody to see here, move! you rat bastards!” A young corporal by the name of Jansi , went to close her eyes so she may find rest.
The rest of the soldiers searched about, for loot mainly, more then anything else. There motive was not to save these people ,rather they came for their own selfish gains. They truly showed what beasts are capable that day.
“look what we have here!” singsonged a grungy soldier. “ please help me, the Mondus came and killed everyone! Have you seen my mistress!?” The solider looked around to see if any eyes were on him, and he started to whisper. “ Its okay lady, I will save you, but you need to do something for me first .” crackled the man. “ no...please, what are you doing!” As he started to forcefully undress the maid, Jansi busted through the door. “ what the hell are you doing Hunter! Get your filthy hands of her!” Hunter slowly turned around agitated and said “ my my, Jansi all grown up are we? This here is my find , get the hell out of here boy before I pull your intestine out under ya!” Jansi pulled out his Pistol and directly aimed at Hunter. He chuckled and reacted “ oh, little Jansi is going to shoot a fellow solider of the Delamony huh? Why, looks like we got our self a little predicament don't we?” Jansi looked terrified , but yet still kept his resolved and pointed the gun straight on his skull.
“get back! I swear upon my mother I will shoot you! Lady get behind me!” The maid weeping crawled over to Jansi and grabbed his legs. “Oh, you wanted the lady was it? Why didn't you say so! Jansi is all grow-” The pistol shot, and Jansi's face was covered with the remains of Hunters inner head. Shaking, he dropped his pistol and ran out with the maid. “ we need to get out of her ! I just killed my fellow man, I will be hung in the city! Do you know a way out!?” The maid was afraid and shocked by his actions, but nodded promptly and grabbed his arm. “yes , Madam Hotoko taught me a passage way in the case of death. Follow me” She guided him towards the tunnel la'sion and the Guardsman once fled.
“do you see the glow ,brothers?” Tu'p bellowed. “ yes I do , but what is – wait, do you hear that?” The silent growl became gently louder. The Mondus warriors moved there bodies to potentially defend themselves from an ambush. “ Stay on guard brothers, this will not be over so quick”
One of the Mondus warrior screamed as his body got slashed into pieces by a giant creature unknown. “Everyone dismount! Form a tight circle inside the Tor'mals, our mounts will be our shield!”
The Warriors quickly alighted and formed a circle with their sabers,and spears pointing outwards. “hold steady brothers, when you feel a presence do not hesitant to strike!” Tu'p encouraged them. “ I think I hit something!” shouted a warrior. His Tor'mal cried with pained , as he struck his own mount . The glow around them became brighter, and the pores down below bursted out sleeping toxins greater then before.
“where are we!? And who is this man” Jansi said as he saw the half eaten body. The maid sobbing went to identify the corpse. “ I don't know... I can't tell who he is, its awful!” She ran to Jansi and cried on his shoulders. “This looks like a Morlak track, but A Morlak? Here?! We must go back!” Jansi looked at her and said “ We cannot enter her! Where is the way out!? I am not going into that forest, do you know where that is!?” A difficult smile came upon her and said “ That is not an exit, that is a decoy, the real exit is by those trees. Master Of the house used that forest to send evil men to there deaths, if they dared enter that is. Come follow me” She ran grabbing her dress up to avoid getting wet. Jansi and the maid eventually approached a Tree that was about three people wide. “ Its here somewhere... Madam once told me there was a lever of some kind... help me look for it. Jansi dropped his gear and began to look.

to be continued


  1. I was wondering when a female would come into play. Whats a story without a damsel in distress?...lol.
    Jansi is my kinda guy righteous and protective. He gave Hunter what he had coming to him.
    It's really good that the maid knows the pitfalls of the forest, I wonder what other stuff does she know?

    That's right Tenchi your creative juices are really flowing :)

  2. gotta love the captain save a hoes in the world. Sorry I couldn't resist. Good story Tenchi keep writing. BTW my daughter demands a Burgandy cat animated story. Please make one because if I have to play that yarrr I'm tenchi cat again I'm going to ...going to...

  3. Can't wait to see what happens once they find the lever.