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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The black star(minisode)chapter 1 part 5

(PREVIOUSLY ON THE BLACK STAR)“Die.” The Mondus snapped the guards neck and rushed unto the next. “where is the boy!?”He interrogated. As this young man choked, he replied strenuously . “ he … left... with ...” The strain was much to great for his tiny neck, so he passed on to the other life. The mondus spoke in their native tongue, and immediately, the surrounding riders charged towards the men and began to slaughter them one after another. Only moments later, it became quiet, with only few Mondus riders injured. The shame of being injured was to great for some, and if their hands were slightly blemished , they used their blades to cut it off. They felt it was better to lose an arm, then to be scraped by a lowly creature such as the humans.
“Look for him. Now!” Va'lus commanded. So they grunted with agreement and commenced searching for the boy. (this is a bit longer one. sorry for the mistakes in grammar)

“There coming for you.”hissed the Morlak to the boy. He nodded , as he wasn't too surprised. “I know, I can feel their anger towards me”
The beast slithered to the nearest Relan'je stone-tree, and climb up to the highest point scaring the little beasts along the way.
“why if I may ask?” La'sion held out his hands and touched the Morlak on its carapace. A striking pain entered the morlak, and it cried out . “enough! Enough boy!” The Morlak shaking from the sudden pain , realized the motives behind the Mondus. Striking images flushed throughout the Morlak's mind, and in a mere second, The Morlak knew everything he needed to know.
“ I am tired...” said La'sion. His eyes gradually closed and fell into a peaceful slumber.
“ sleep. I will protect you till you wake” The Morlak struggled to keep its eyes open, and it as well could not stand the empowering force of the stone-tree. The luring smell, and the tranquilizing flowers within have captured them into a deep coma.
“ Va'lus!” A mondus rider shouted out. “ what is it Tor ? Have you news of the boy!?” Tor , looked weary and said unto him. “ Va'lus , I found a dead human. He will killed by a Matured Morlak! We should not venture after them, they are in the forests of Jugarl.”
“have you found tracks!?” waveringly Tor replied. “ yes … but, it is much too dangerous ! The Morlak alone will tear us to shreds!” Va'lus gave him a sharp stare, and ignored his insolence.
“Tor, Marl'ec and Tu'p come with me, rest of you back to camp!” With his command, an equally decorated Mondus rider dared to challenge him. “Va'lus, you have been provoking my patience old friend, when have you become our Or'mac!?” Va'lus dismounted , and dropped to the ground and began to wipe his bloody hands with the dirt. When the blood on his hands dried off, he grabbed a fistful of dirt and disrespectfully tossed it at the challenger. “ Do not play with your life , old fool, I have little time for games. Here, at this moment I am Or'mac! You will do as I say, or you will surely die!”
“Va'lus, you wish to take my life? Then so be it. but ,Do not take the lives our younger brothers to the forest of Jugarl. You know we cannot venture there and survive! Your hunger for power has driven you mad!” Va'lus furiously grabbed unto his own armour and ripped it off. He handed his armour, his weapon and all that he had to the warrior next to him. “ Sennye... off your stead, and fight me honorably. I win , we venture through and see where our luck takes us, lose, and I will give you my Morlak skin.” Sennye who always coveted his matured Morlak skin only but accepted, for the prize was much to tempting. “ I am old, but you will never best me yet!”
Sennye, grey from the years of battle looked much more gritty and broken. His left eye carried a mark of defeat from years back, a scar originally much smaller, but through self affliction covered his whole left eye. A young human girl using a standard sword managed to scrap his eye, through the law of the Mondus, he had to cut that blemish off. For to him, it was law, for he was an example to look up to for the new-birth warriors of the Mondus.
They began to circle around , feeling each others senses to see who will strike first. Few testing hit were thrown , and they were simply parried . For minutes they only but tested each other, because they knew there was only one time and one chance to defeat the opponent. The other warriors stood by chanting Worfa worfa worfa. A common cheer for these kind of event.
Abruptly, Sennye the grey took his first strike. Using his feet to close the gap, he twisted his hips ,and on the right time used his claws to swipe. Unfortunately for him, Va'lus was much too fast and managed to dodge it. He sprung around Sennye and using his thumbs and two of his clawed fingers grabbed unto his neck and punctured it. The other warriors looked appalled, because in a duel between the veterans, there must be no death.
However,blood Gushed out over his shoulders,and Sennye fell to his knees blurting out “ Do not … take them to the forest!” exerting his last moments, this old warrior grabbed onto Va'lus and said “ please...Va'lus they die for no good...” He slowly closed his eyes, and his body twitched for the last time as he fell into a honorable sleep. Va'lus looked slightly remorse , but quickly masked his guilt and closed the old man's eyes. He stood up , and he felt the tension given by the onlookers. “Va'lus! how could you kill him?! You know he was to be our next Or'mac! Why did you do this! He was not your enemy!” Va'lus quickly struck the speaking warrior with the back of his hands, and shouted out “ If any of you dare defy me, I will single handily murder everyone of you, and your children!”
The warrior who was holding onto his armour quickly rushed to Va'lus and handed it to him. “Change of plans, every body goes into the forest! If you want your brothers to live you will protect each other diligently! Move out !” The unwilling warriors short of morale followed Va'lus. their new self acclaimed Or'mac into the Julgar Forest which held dangers beyond the imagination of any Mondus.


  1. Oh my goodness Va'lus just seems like a vindictive being, I like it :) but that was still bad of him to kill Sennye :(. I absolutely loved the gore and blood-shed in this chapter :) kudos ^_^

  2. The Morlak protects La'sion while he sleeps. They really have a protective bond between them. awwww... that's beautiful.