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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dear Readers,

Whoooooo~ I just got done cooking up a random dish. Have you ever done that in your spare time? Have you ever just looked into your lonely ass fridge and pulled out the equally lonely produce to cook something? I don't know about you guys , but i'm a cooking show addict. You all might be watching , Seinfeld, Garfield, and whatever the hell y'all watch these days.( I'm so outdated on television these days) The internet= my tv.

Anyway. While I was watching my favorite cooking show, I decided to take a little break from Gordon Ramsey's( My hero btw) Awesome rants and watch "The Pianist". If you haven't watched that movie... well... watch it. It will open your eyes to some brutal truth ,and perhaps find some peace in knowing that this world isn't as cruel as it was.(Though, things are slowly changing and becoming like Hitler's time)

Let me give you a short summary of what the movie is about, and why this is relevant to my lonely fridge. This movie is based on a true story, that took place in Poland during the second world war. Nazi Germany invaded Poland, Warsaw to be exact. There is a man named Spiel man. A renowned Pianist who is determined to survive this God awful mess of a time. To not spoil any plot, I will stop here. (sorry for a really bland summary, just go watch the dang thing lol)
Basically, Spielman goes around the empty ghettos, and ruins to scavenge food to survive. Sometimes he is lucky and finds Potatoes, some wheat,rice , and even canned peaches. He uses any pots he can find, and doesn't bother to filter out the water like we fortunately do. He does not have salt, and does not have spices... yet , the look on his face is wonderful when he tastes his bland, empty and sorrowful food.

Now. When I was watching Gordon Ramsey's show... though I love the show. It made me a tad bit ungrateful for the shitty food I had in my kitchen. I was like, " fresh potatoes? fresh onions!? Gawd this is awful... where its the Creame 'v'ule' " however the bloody fuck you spell it~ (Gordy talk lol). My goal tonight was to make a nice beef stew... a hearty meal. However, watching all that Gourmet nonsense in that show, made my stew idea just seemed PATHETIC.. and I didn't even want to cook!Them bastards on that show eat like kingssss, i mean kings DUDE~~

After watching that show, i went on youtube... and on my feature page there was a movie called "The pianist Part1 "... one of those bootlegged vids of course... but shiet, i couldn't resist.. its such a good movie. So I sat down and began to watch it... and eventually got sucked into Spielman's strive to survive and eat.
Then this is when I felt a little STING in my heart(ouchy)... Why the ouch? He was cooking some sort of stew in front of me! Talk about coincidence. He had 2 potatoes, a handful of rice, half an onion... and dirty medical water. He built a fire using broken chairs, and used a big pot to cook his meal. It looked delicious, only because of the way he was eating it... He had the look of satisfaction, he was very grateful he had "something" to eat.

Here I was in my kitchen with the following:
3 Golden potatoes
1 giant rose onion
plenty of barley and white rice ( not just cuz im asian, shiett)
Left over steak
Green onions
Mirin(japanese vingar)
white wine
soysauce(asian black sauce...I kid i kid)

You get the bloody point. I was UNGRATEFUL with this shit!? you believe that shit!? But after watching Spielman eating his water soup... Man, My heart stung. So I cooked my meal the same as he did lol. ( A pitiful way to justify myself somehow ahah)

Water, 2 Potatoes, handful of rice and some onions .... I ate it. and it tasted like Rat shit lol.(no ratauille here)

So i added salt and pepper(Started to cheat, but just a little). BUT it still tasted like rat shit. So I Looked around to see if anyone was looking , and I added all the other stuff and made a bomb-ass soup in the end... but while I was eating it, i was so grateful i had all these flavors to bring out my soup. It takes a simple perspective change, and its funny how quick I can reverse my ungratefulness over to the side of thankfulness. So I honestly felt God showed me that video at that exact moment to show me how arrogant i was. And point taken father.

on a side note.. I so need to teach you guys how to make the Soup I made... I made it ON the spot.. and named it , "The pianist's Soup" - ---I'll explain how i made it in my next post. I hope you all try it and enjoy it. Take care you guys!!



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  2. Isn’t it something when we get humble by our own arrogance through Christ. The fact you tried what you saw was like to me, WOW. And then realizing how it was for that person to survive made you more grateful for what you have even though you thought, man, I have nothing to eat. God, was like yes you do and let me show you how it’s done. Talk about a lesson being taught. You know we are learning in our church, Christ Fellowship, how not to be blind to someone in need. Don’t just close your eyes to their hurt, to their hunger. We had this video in last Sunday service (yes I go every Sunday) of this little boy drowning and how many had walked on by without trying to save him. And on his last breath he cried out again and a man walking by, heard his weak cry. So he jumped into those trouble waters without a second thought and pulled the little boy to safety. And the little boy said, mister why did you saved me when so many have walked on by. And the man said because I have been in those trouble waters just like you before. Oh that made me cry like a baby because I was drowning in life too before. I felt love had lead me to a desert and left me there to die. That all that I have done was coming out wrong. Until a voice said to me, I have not forsaken you. So why do you run from me with such hast? And if it wasn’t for God grace, his love, his mercy, I would not be here right now. You amaze me every time I read your blog. My fellow Christian, there’s a plan for you. And I am here to tell you, don’t you dare miss the train on this one. I look forward to you everyday. You are a part of my daily sunshine, my heavenly nights and my lasting thoughts. For you are a feather of a dove flying high in the clouds I call life. I can go on but I will blow up your head. Until the next we met because it's 530am I have to go to bed. Take care and I am glad to see you are doing well. Fighting!!!

  3. Wow! that really is an amazing story, and I'm glad you could see that the Lord was speaking to you. I feel like most people wouldn't see that. He speaks to us all the time, if we would only listen. This is definitely something I will work on more, being more receptive and not complacent. Thanks:)

  4. Yoo tenchi~

    I can leave comments now :D
    Gordon Ramsey is -bloody- amazing.. though you have to watch some Jamie Oliver especially for Christmas food *drools*..aah going off topic.

    I never knew food could be so deep. And that's why you should always eat every little grain of rice left in the bowl - not only to be grateful for whatever amount of food you have but.. what kinda asian doesn't LOVE rice?! xD

    I'd love to know more about the pianist soup.
    And this 'pathetic' stew you're talking about better not be the tenchijk style shabu shabu, fit for a king .. ^_~

    Best wishes from Grace

  5. That's that movie with Jamie Fox right? I hope I'm not mistaken. If so, I might go watch it now that you recommended it :D Didn't know it was that good. And I'm interested to hear how you made that Pianist Soup of yours. Sounds mighty tasty ^ . ^

  6. Top of the mournin to ya. Happy St. Pattys Day. hahaha. :D
    Tenchi, you have such a good sense of humour I was laughing the whole time I was reading this. I like Chef Ramsey's show too. I like to see him get on the all the cooks assses. It is sooo funny. They just have to sit there and take it and not say shit. I know that has got to be hard. I know they feel like deckin him. I also like Simon Cowell he's as blunt as hell too. I feel kinda sorry for the people on the recipent end. But it's still kinda funny I may have a warped sense of humour but hey that's just me.:)
    I have to check out the Pianist. I seen it once but I don't think I seen all of it. So it didn't leave an impact. Have you seen It's a Beautiful Life? It's a halocaust movie too. It's about a man who goes to great lengths to keep the awful truth from his son. Now if that's not pure love for your child I don't know what is.

    I was looking at your list and most of them are staples.(What most people keep in their pantry.)But ummm....steak, green onions, chives. mirin and white wine. I don't even have that on a daily. But the thing is why is it always our first automatic thought to say what we are lacking? I know the media does a good job of always making us feel that we should have more. And I know how you feel about the media lol. But the point is we are so rich even if we don't have a dime. God is always there wanting us to take notice. Like you are doing Tenchi. I know he is pleased.:)

  7. I want to correct the movie I suggested it's called Life is Beautiful. Sorry.

  8. lol , Jamie Fox ? in a WW2 movie? no~ i think your thinking of "The Soloist". That movie was .... good at some parts, but very dragged on some other parts.

  9. I suggest you watch Four Feathers. It is moving and shows much of the human element. I think you will appreciate it once of Heath Ledgers better movies

  10. I'm so out of touch on movies i spend most of my time watching old old movies or foreign films lol but that sounds like a good movie i might have to go get it ^^

  11. I already watched 4 feathers~ it was indeed a good flick.

  12. The Classic is good too. I think you'll love the beginning with the birds

  13. That's actually more food than I have in my fridge. But I do appreciate the little that I have because I know that someone is worse off than I am. I love 'The Pianist', I actually cried when I saw it and had a similar revelation. It kind of helped shape me into the person I am because of the message it had.