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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hater post 2 (cont.)

Dear Readers,

This conversion proved to be interesting so I want you all to see it.

ShaJenSte said...

I should give you a round of applause!
You do a good job at getting pity, you almost had me. I mean is this really a joke, if anybody on here actually read your so called "Hater Post" they would see you proved my point completely. You ended up breaking her heart bc you really weren't ready for that relationship. Have you ever heard the saying about sticks and stones. If you really cared for her it wouldn't have mattered what was said to you, you would have stuck by her side. I mean these posts came from random ppl, so just imagine if it were your family or friends. You definitely would have been done for bc you let ppl you didn't even know affect the outcome of your relationship.
Also you said you cant judge ppl if you haven't been in their shoes, well maybe you should take your own advice. I don't know about you but I believe everything that is said or done in this world is done for a reason. With that being said there was a reason I post that comment. Yes I'm only seventeen but that does not mean I don't go threw things in my life. As a result of an interracial relationship and family, I think those types of relationships are a beautiful thing to see. But only when its pure and from the heart not to make a point!
Just like girl A I also know a girl who was in love with a guy who was not her race. To be honest I personally never thought they would end because they had that love that was unshakeable at least I thought so anyway. But, any ways unlike you I don't want any pity so imma get str8 to the point. Bc he couldn't take all the negative aspects of the relationship like he did the positive they ended up breaking up bc even though he loved her so much other ppls opinions obviously mattered more. Nw when I look at her I feel sorry for her bc I knw in my heart she will probably never be able to love like she loved him for a long time, which is so sad bc she is so young.
So as her close and personal friend I promised my self that i would never let that happen to anyone else and if i seen it happening i would speak my mind on it so hopefully that girls heart wouldn't be as crush as my friend heart was.
So trust me I'm definitely not hating on you, I just (unlike most ppl) tell the truth and speak my mind without sugar coating anything. Maybe I could have said it in a better way but when I think about it I dont regret anything I said nor will I take it back How you take it is your own problem, and I personally think that it hit a soft spot for you bc you obviously felt that need to put me on "blast", which you really didnt do. All you did was put yourself on blast for what you did and just basically gave reasons for it so you could make yourself feel better


  1. TenchiJk,

    Stay optimistic! The world has so much to offer and you are essential in making all the possibilities into concrete realities. (LoL) I can remember when I was little that when anybody said anything negative I would replay their hurtful words over and over in my mind. Over time I was able to grow thicker skin, but sometimes I become fragile and when I do I remind myself that this heavy feeling won't last. ( And it won't) Be strong Tenchi!! and when I get down I like to do my favorite things (Reading, Watching films, Just getting fresh air helps clean the senses as well)

    Be happy and live, live, live :)


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  3. I knew it little sister~ there is a beautiful heart in there!! This was truly a beautiful post.. very moving and it TRULY touched my heart.
    I am so honored you once thought me that way, and it was VERYYYYYY awesome(lack of a better word)how you maned up to ur faults. It was such a relief and a beautiful comment. I know you don't have a bad heart, but i see a girl who is hurt. I completely understand how that feels.. the pain of being rejected, or the pain of not being accepted. I feel you little sister, and I want to give you strength! we might have gone on the wrong foot, but I feel this is a beautiful new start. I know your heart, and you know mine. So lets be good friends shall we??

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  5. Your very welcome~~ continue to live a strong and lively life little sister~~!! as the koreans say in their country, "FIGHTING!"

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  7. Oh yea one last thing before I go. I don't know if it will help, but when I was depressed or feeling sad about my last relationship my mother told me, ones best success comes after their greatest disappointment. So don't feel miserable over that issue anymore. Some people tend to think holding on is what makes you stronger, but I think in some cases letting go proves your strength. By the way little sister sounds a bit werid for me lol. Goodbye Tenchi and like you said to me "FIGHTING!"

  8. O.O wow u totally turned this whole situation around. You responded from a totally different angle! Pretty cool... I think lessoned learned... And yes... Hwaiting!!!!!

  9. Advice from a friend of mine.

    Life is short. So make it sweet. Don't dwell on anger, revenge or guilt. It will eventually ruin you. You are somewhat in control of your life, so act accordingly to how you would want your life to unfold. This also means "treat others as you would like to be treated" or something along those lines. Smile. Just cause it feels good. If you can't or have a hard time, force it. If you want to be happy, try to make it a habit to smile. You might notice a change.

    Gals - You're all beautiful, don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. And please trust me when I say there are good guys out there just for you, but you must also be willing to take the risk sometimes. It's hard, but you may be pleasantly surprised!

    All in all, try to get along with other people, and try to have fun and enjoy life.

  10. this is very cool and interesting , i truly respect this outcome lol I think all of our eyes opened .lol "Fighting" (just wanted to say that don't shoot me lol)

  11. Now everybody group hug lol. Sorry I couldn't resist.:)

  12. ahahahha, seriously group hug!!! XDD~

  13. aww wheres the camera gotta get a pic of the group hug ahaha ^_^

  14. Aww,i feel kinda bad Tenchi...I really insulted her on your last post...well, ShaJenSte, I apologize to you. I appreciate that you two could come together and start over. ^.^ Tenchi, this whole thing was sincerely moving and quite touching. I love that you embraced her like a sister through everything.

    XD Randomly runs into the pic hahaha. There is such love here between all of us. It's awesome. <3