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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A singer's sorrow

Dear Readers,

As many of you may know, I'm not doing so well physically. However, in spite of my weak ass body, a beautiful mail(sounds like beautiful male..so i was very reluctant to use it... but I was able to comment on it, so right on.) came the other day. My long awaited microphone. I always wanted a Mic( I wanted a James, a Pete-... never mind -_-'')... with a freaking passion!

When I was into Hip-Hop...All I ever dreamed about was to have a Golden Mic, and I would one day spit FUCKING FIRE, and melt the Mic away! and that would be the day I would retire from Pimp-dom. However... I'm Asian, and Asians are not allow to spit magic without being ridiculed. But, believe me ladies and gentleman, I had a strong as passion for that art of music. Until... one grey morning, I was destroyed verbally by white guy with nerd glasses... I took my remaining poker chips and left while the table was hot. I realized at a young age that I love Hiphop, but I knew I would never pursue it completely... I looked too damn pretty for it HARHAHAHA~ oh shuttt up~ Y'all made me into a monster!! Spoiling me with the damn comments. No worries though, God puts me in check.

Anyway, this Mic came in its beautiful ass box... and I opened it.
Beautiful, silver lined and fatten with condenser magic. It was a dream come true for me! It felt like when Harry Potter first found out he was a wizard. You know that little British smile he had ? Yep, I had the Korean equivalent smile, and it was nice. I wonder if in the land of Harry Potter they have magical MicS... that would be insane!Oh! matter of fact they DO! they use their wands and it works as a Mic. Hot damn. moving on...

You know when I first started Youtube, I never thought I would actually put any money into it~ but looky looky pinochiky... thats lame. sorry. All I'm saying is , I never thought an opportunity will strike me where I can pursue my music , and actually have a REASON to do it. I love to talk sure~ discussion, sure! But, my real undeniable passion in Life is Music... whether I'm good , or just mediocre ~ I feel this boost of energy to work on my music again! I'm so Glad I have the best listeners anyone can ask for! Those who read my posts just seem so much closer to me, then just viewers... reading my words are sometimes very, hehe intimate. Consider yourself raped righttt now. just kidding ^__^

However, just like my title says... there is a sorrowful feeling in my heart at the moment... and thats because I CAN'T USE THE BLOODY THING!(The Mic i mean) why?? my throats jacked up! Whenever I try to sing, I sounds like air passing through .... should I take this into a sexual joke or a clean joke?... tic. toc. tic.toc. Whenever I try to sing, I sound like air passing through Margarette Thatchers Vajayjay... LOL~HACHA~ Who the fuck is Margarette Thatcher??? I honestly don't know, so don't ask.

One second. My Mic just called me. she said " TtteeenNNnnccHHhiii, UsssEEee meee~ SinnnGGg inn Myy Tighhhttt Conndennserrr Hollle" bastard. She knows I want to, but she is just teasing me. t-_- t bitch. When my voice comes back, you watch out Mic-helle. <-PUHAHAHHA

Oh oh on a side note.. I'm doing another collab with my boy Illastrayte... very soon ~ We are doing a remix of Jay seans- i'm gone. I'm doing the vocals, and he will build up his lyrical skills and blow y'all out the water. I hope I can be the flowerpot to make his talents bloom ya feel me? I might not look all that fancy or pretty as a flower, but as a flowerpot, I can make him stand out even more.

You know what I hate? I feel there are so many people out there with such great talents, but its such a shame they are not discovered. I always, well... NOT ALWAYS , but I often see talentless Bashools(made up word.) out in the media making all that paper, cheese, pepper jack, cheddar.. mmmm... cheese...anyway! they be making all the damn money. While talent-filled people such as iLLastrayte struggles to show the world what he's got. I don't know about you, but that kids been through some rough as shit I tell ya, I can see it in his Asian ass eyes man. The lyrics he spews out comes deep within man!

Another side note. A lot of fuggin side notes huh? lol. What I wanted to ask my readers/viewers was- what kind of topic do you wish for me to talk about in the future? What direction do you wish I would take? None of that, "Tenchi , you do you" type stuff. Lazy talk I tell you, lazy talk!

I really want to know what y'all want to see, or hear. If not, i'ma end up doing a fuggin cat videos again! MEOW MEOW MEOW~ getttt outtaa heaa lol. I'm just asking for some advice, and help~ I figured it would help me out a lot in the future~

Another side no- *BANG* ....R.I.P side note. (sorry for a long post)



  1. I honestly can't wait to hear you sing again you're really good i have a mic and what not but mines crappy as hell...anyways what should you talk about...(you have me thinking at....3:32am not cool Tenchi not cool) wanna know what honestly i personally would be happy with more updates and a song every now and again but then I'm a simple person who gets happy over small tiny things...so maybe not the best person to ask these things... i think I'll leave this one up to the other reader peoples I'll probably agree with them 100% ^-^

  2. I would like to see an animated series for your Burgandy cat characters. You should also do like a Korean drama like of your life and make it funny kind of like Delightful Girl Chunyoung or Hello Miss. I would like to see you do a documentary of looking for AMBW couples and interview them about how they met and what they went through and how they overcame them. You could also do like the Bachelor and make a reality show about yourself or something. You can do a documentary about AA in entertainment and the next coming wave (I see a bright future for AA talent coming up and america ain't ready ..lol)

  3. Wow! I think I feel sorry for your microphone Mic-helle. I hope she can handle the fierceness you about place on her when you flow with your rhyme. My suggestions for your topics, to be honest I don’t have any. You should focus on all of your talents. I can see you being an author with your number one sellers, an artist with your masterpieces being displayed and brought for a hefty price. A composer for the stars and a man who makes an impact and a difference in the life’s he touches. You can be a garden instead of a flowerpot. Plowing and sowing crops that nourish and engulfs the souls and minds of all that eats from your bountifulness. You’re a conductor to your very own orchestra so why not play a symphony that will last with the time? I’ll catch on the next electronic wave of poetic injustices. FIGHTING!!!

  4. One mo' thangems. Since you seem to be a romantic person I would like to see some short stories from you too. A fantasy or sci fi one would be cool. Please keep it clean. Much respect Much Love

  5. Mic-chelle HaHa, good one!
    I absolutely agree that you should follow your passion .And if that's music, go for it wholeheartedly. Tenchi you are soul searhcing and that's ok. Take all the time you need. A lot of people don't know what their true passion is in life. But you are fortunate, you know. I believe if that's what you want to do in a career, it's not work because it's something you enjoy doing.

    And OMG!! I was just looking at one of iLLastraytes vids yesterday...(I kid you not) and I was thinking the same thing. How ironic is that? I was like why hasn't anybody signed this guy. I honestly thought he was a well known rapper, he's just good. I mean the dude

    is bad. And it's a damn shame that the media put up obstacles to make it damn near impossible for an Asian American to make it. Most of us were born and raised in America and we speak the same language. We understand each other completely. So whats the problem?

    But I still say that all things are possible with God. They may think they have the control but they really don't. Your boy just need to keep doing what he's doing, and somthing is bound to happen.

    And you and him coming together? Yall gonna blow-up. That's just too much baddness in one place.:)

    And about you wanting to try out your mic. Just be a little more patient, your throat still needs time to heal, It had a major shock. And if you start singing and talking too much it will delay the healing process. Don't worry your voice will come back.

    Sometimes God wants us to exercise patience more. It will all be worth in the long run.

    A good topic could be music, relationships and whats becoming of the world.

    And another thing leave Margerette Thatchers Vajayjay alone. hahaha gotcha.:D

    Tenchi if my blogs are too long just let me know. Say nema your'e being a blog hog. And I'll keep it short and sweet.

    Well I'm out.

  6. One more lol...I would like to see you do an entire Vlog in your native tongue with english subtitles. I think that is just skittles rainbows and lucky charms...lol

  7. LMAO you're so silly XD
    Aww that's awesome that you're gunna collab with illastrayte! It's all about taking baby steps to where you wanna get in life and I'm sure eventually you'll keep on rising and be up there with all the other Asian rappers on YT making it big . . . well in terms of the internet but that's always something right? Haha! Just don't forget the small people, which I'm sure you won't :D Sry to hear your condition hasn't really changed. I'd spoil you rotten if I could but alas, the great distance stops me from doing so -___- Just try and get better and take care of yourself, k?

    Oh how's your acting going?

  8. I like Queen Mother's drama idea that would be awesome :)

  9. Just so you know, Margaret Thatcher was the only woman to be Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and the Leader of the Conservative Party. And that's pretty big.

    Anyway... About the videos idea, i think you should do more singing (as soon as you can, of course) and I think I would like to see you doing updates, talking about all that things you have to deal with because you are Asian, or if that's to personal, just all the things general Asians have to deal with. I don't know, it's just something I think I will enjoy watching, because where I live, I don't think I've ever had to deal or heard of anything related to Asians or really other cultures (we're a pretty small and close minded country. I believe I'm one of the most open minded person that I know...).
    And the cat video is the cutest thing ever.

    so, i think that's all. keep recovering, and I hope to see you and to hear your lovely voice soon.
    <3 Sofia

  10. I also like Queen Mother's idea.

    Tenchi, you be you. (KIDDING!) I think you should make a video on how to make your soup. You could also consider making more cooking videos in general.

    I'm glad that you are back to pursuing your passion, MUSIC!! (yeah i like music if you couldnt tell)

    Stay Awesome,

  11. Wassup Tenchi!
    Hey check out my profile and read my blog seriously it's nothing bad I promise I just thought you might find it interesting!

  12. Hey Tenchi,
    I am new to reading your blogs but if you want me advice then here it is. To start with I don't listen to hip hop anymore because it has lost it voice. Now, (and this is just my opinion) It's about who can get over on who and how many bitches a man can screw, and living a life that's has no redeeming facets whatsoever. Hip Hop does need a new voice and like NAS said it is dead, so if you and your partner what to be that new do voice just do it to it. If they won't give you the mike snatch that mf from them and say this is how it's done son. Right now while you are healing this is the time to take pen to pad and write your ass off. The best songs and lyrics come from a common ground everyone's been in love, or lust, everyone at some point has had their heartbroken. You've got the stuff and you've the material just do it to it
    Oh yeah, I have a blog to so if you want to read it go ahead and give me your opinion. Stay level stay cool

  13. Omg thats amazing ! I understand the feeling. I want a mic to hook up with my comp because i sing too =) Im always trying to find instrumentals to sing to && Im thinking about recording them or putting it up online, dunno yet.

    But yea, music is my drivee, my equivalent to crack basically. lolx i kiddd, but its a beautiful thangg nonetheless =P

    && no prob, i love the long posts. you are so hilarious (&& wat a filthy imagination lolx) loved the mic metaphor (only u tenchi haha), && idc what you talk about, its interesting whether you're just blabbin or discussingg.
    But hmmm a topic . . .

    how about u tell us about, ummm oh how ur dream date would go? What would be the most perfect first date for you? Pet peeves of the opp sex? (that would be funny) && ohh i think this will tell alot (im thinkin about this myself) if you could do anything (forget how much it pays, how you'll make a living lolx) for the rest of your life, what would it be? where do u think you'll end up in the future? papa tenchi, perhaps ? lolx!

    silly stuff, serious stuff . . . speak on it =]

    <3 maR

  14. LOL!!! You shot the side note!!

    Have you seen "Let's Talk About Pep"? And if so, "What do you think?"
    What are your own Youtube faves?

  15. Hey!
    Thanks for the support and check out my blog time from time! Oh yea don't be stingy with the followers Playboy! :) sol(smile out loud)

  16. There is that awful saying about having your cake and eating it too. But what's the point of cake if you can't eat it, right- its like having a mic and no voice. On the bright side,the mic will still be there when your throat heals. Unlike cake, which would probably go bad.Food references put everything into perspective- you should write more about your love of food, and your Gordan Ramsey fetish.

  17. Maybe you should have an Iron Chef competition? Maybe you can ask your veiwers or readers to write a song, spoken word , or do a video expressing the love you give back to you.

    Click the crown and leave a message too. (literally click my crown and leave me a message) LoL. Holla at cha girl!

  18. lol im mad u said your mic was a girl ... wat if its a boy lol? But i feel you with the whole music concept,because music these days sound like crap since these upcoming artist sucks ass.But keep doing vocal exercises for your voice lol and don't drink too much dairy products or anything

  19. yeah, i saw your new mic. It's nice babe!

  20. That's cool. And towards the top part, a white nerdy kid? I'm sorry, that's funny but otherwise. You ever heard of Blue Scholars? Awesome group (Two guys) and the main rapper is Asian. :3

    Otherwise, I've heard your better and I hope you make a full recovery. If you aren't, I'm sorry that I was wrong?