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My name is TenchiJK, I'm a asian/american guy who has alot of different shit to say about life. Nuff said lol

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Thursday, June 27, 2013


Dear Heavenly Father,

    Firstly, I thank you for listening to my prayers. I know you always listen to them. I come to you just the way I am , broken and ashamed... Only with the works of Jesus I stand before you father, and I pray and speak my peace. God, thank you for life and your undying love for me. Thank you for my family and my friends and my health. Father God, I thank you for the love you have reserved  , and preserved eternally for me and my family. Lord, Life can be so dark... Life can be so cold, and empty ... but God I am reminded of your beautiful words that created light from that darkness. When the world was in desolation and turmoil , you spoke , and your Words became. It covered the land with your beautiful light, to govern the day and the night. You have given us warmth , and cool wind to breeze our troubles away. Lord, How beautiful you are in all your grandeur and majesty. How amazing your mind and soul - and how overflowing is your wisdom. There is truly none like you .
  Father God, out of the dust you have created me. You know me greater than I could possibly know myself in all my years. You touched my ever DNA, and weaved it into the being I am today . You know my fears and weaknesses, and you most definitely know my sins. You know how weak and fragile I am... Lord always have mercy on me God. Without your mercy I am but drift wood lost in the tremendous sea. Without your mercy I could only but break . God , I love you for you loved me first. You are my friend for you befriended me. I serve you , because you willingly served me first.
   Lord who am I that you would consider me? Who am I that you place your ears next to my mouth and listen to my little voice. God , you created the tallest peaks and the deepest oceans... you created the leviathan and the behemoths that roamed the vast land and seas... yet to a man , who is created by dust - you lean. You keep me safe from evil - those evil beings who placed themselves in high places- the principalities and place of honor. Other men might fall for them,and worship them... but God you have shown me, YOU alone is God. You command the sea to calm it, and you command the stars to shine. Lord , how vast you are. How thrilled I am always to see your kingdom. This kingdom you so advertised to all those around you... you promised a place for me there. I will no longer be as a vagabond roaming this earth as though a sojourner, but you will grant me a place to place my roots... for all eternity. And that God... is more than I deserve. Too great of a thing , I could never exchange it for my works. For what good can I do for you Lord? What can I possibly do to earn that gift? No Lord... I could never earn what you give out for free... Your grace. Your truth, Your ultimate Love. Father I refused as a child, but I accept it now as a man. Lord you are my only God, and I speak your name proudly. Jesus. Jesus , Jesus , Jesus how beautiful your name. People may curse you, and people may despise you, but as you said on that cross whilst you bled for us, you said, Forgive them father, for they know not what they do. Lord how true this is! I see , I see! I truly was blind for too long in my life... Too ignorant and stubborn to hear you call! Lord , You have saved me from this life, and saved me from all my troubles. My sin is NO longer mine to bear! Lord , my father, I come to you fully cleansed by your blood... and I stand boldly as your son. And I ask of you my petition - Lord give me courage. Lord Give me wisdom. Lord give me a voice to sing your praise! Lord give me the knowledge to overcome mine enemies, and let JESUS work inside my heart and soul, and may my spirit spring out living water for all those who gather around me. Let no darkness ever touch those who surround me . Let no worries come to those who gather around me. For Lord I am no longer alive, but YOU , my God in me. In faith I have died with thee, and in faith I have resurrected with thee. Lord my father God, I pray with all my spirit and soul - Love me for love sake, and Bless me for blessing sake - and always guide me in the path of righteousness, and lead all those who seek you , seek you. And let all those who bless me, be blessed. And let all those who seek the truth find it. I pray all this, in the name of Jesus.