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My name is TenchiJK, I'm a asian/american guy who has alot of different shit to say about life. Nuff said lol

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

you see me posting...

What up my fellow pirates of the internet sea!

MEOW-AR says the captain! Velcome aboard the "Aiko" , the frigate full of surprises, and wonders! What says ye , on an adventure to kill the mighty Kraken!? Take it's blood and sell it for ink! and use it's hide for shelter!

First ye must have strong sea legs, without it lass' your gonna be in fer a dooms day walk!

What? lol~ sorry, feeling mighty piratey as of late... Don't you wish you can just SAIL off Into the horizon!!? and hope there is an end to the world! Perhaps find a cave along the way, that has a water fall that leads you to secret chamber filled with Spanish gold! Dazzling diamonds, blood fire rubes and the awesome sapphire that shines more purple then anything else.

I wish I can pick up able bodies who will work hard to keep my ship maintained, and whom i can share my booty with( loot, not ass) . As we venture into the unknown, we might breach upon an island with mysterious properties, giving us everlasting life but in exchange need to drink blood. OHH SHITT!?? TwiLIGHT UP IN THIS BITTTCH?? Then some how with our vampire strength swim 1000 miles to usa! then suck the blood out of all the trolls! yummy troll bloods >:D ...

What am i talking about? live in NY! its SATURDAY NIGH....gayyyyyyy... take it for what its worth lol. BYE BYE !!

-Captian TenchiJk-

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

wheww~ long time no writee~


I'm tired of the whole "dear reader" bs... It makes it too formal or some shit. I just wanna talk, but in writing form :) . So... I wonder if anyone still reads my blog... I haven't really wrote anything for months i think.

Um... so, my life. Life has been... Man, i dunno. Foreals, life is so wierd. I can't seem to grasp whats going on in my life at the moment... its like at a stand still. Thank God i'm still young huh? I just hope i'm not 30 and still saying the same old shit I be saying now. I just wish, by the time i'm 25 I have my life is order and things are going my way... I want to FINALLY meet the Girl of my dreams in Hawaii...

OH~ maybe I should talk about that. Well i'm in a long distance, internet relationship. CRAZY. I know. I'm one of those types that need to see for myself, and get to know that person in real life to actually commit. However, this girl... I committed, without seeing her in person. She is THAT special to me. She is so kind , and sweet... like unbelievably. Funny thing is, I can TELL she is genuine...and I can tell she is a good investment.

She lives in hawaii, and I live in cali.... so this relationship is HARD. But, at the same time... its sooo chill. We talk every day, and its not even about sex ! thats the amazing part... most online relationship circles around cyber sex, but this relationship is so real. I REALLY want to know what she is doing, whats shes eating etc etc. So I decided I'm going to go see her... And before I go see her, i'm going to tell youtube the whole story... and I'm going to film my first visit. So everyone can experience my excitement,nervousness and fear.

I didn't really edit this, so bear with me on the errors. Besides all the crap in my life...i've been really up and dandy lately. In a good mood for no aparent reason~ just feeling goofy from head to toe.. you can kinda tell in my videos huh? Before I was all depressed , sad and worried... but now, i'm just carefree of my life! XD And I want to share my strange happiness with you.

Take care you guys! much love!