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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

wheww~ long time no writee~


I'm tired of the whole "dear reader" bs... It makes it too formal or some shit. I just wanna talk, but in writing form :) . So... I wonder if anyone still reads my blog... I haven't really wrote anything for months i think.

Um... so, my life. Life has been... Man, i dunno. Foreals, life is so wierd. I can't seem to grasp whats going on in my life at the moment... its like at a stand still. Thank God i'm still young huh? I just hope i'm not 30 and still saying the same old shit I be saying now. I just wish, by the time i'm 25 I have my life is order and things are going my way... I want to FINALLY meet the Girl of my dreams in Hawaii...

OH~ maybe I should talk about that. Well i'm in a long distance, internet relationship. CRAZY. I know. I'm one of those types that need to see for myself, and get to know that person in real life to actually commit. However, this girl... I committed, without seeing her in person. She is THAT special to me. She is so kind , and sweet... like unbelievably. Funny thing is, I can TELL she is genuine...and I can tell she is a good investment.

She lives in hawaii, and I live in cali.... so this relationship is HARD. But, at the same time... its sooo chill. We talk every day, and its not even about sex ! thats the amazing part... most online relationship circles around cyber sex, but this relationship is so real. I REALLY want to know what she is doing, whats shes eating etc etc. So I decided I'm going to go see her... And before I go see her, i'm going to tell youtube the whole story... and I'm going to film my first visit. So everyone can experience my excitement,nervousness and fear.

I didn't really edit this, so bear with me on the errors. Besides all the crap in my life...i've been really up and dandy lately. In a good mood for no aparent reason~ just feeling goofy from head to toe.. you can kinda tell in my videos huh? Before I was all depressed , sad and worried... but now, i'm just carefree of my life! XD And I want to share my strange happiness with you.

Take care you guys! much love!



  1. Congrats bruddah! Island girls are the greatest! Trust me, I'm one of them. ;p

  2. Hello,
    I just actually found your videos on youtube. I liked what you had to say, when you said you had a blog I decided to look. I am happy you have found someone that you care about. There is nothing wrong with finding someone on the internet.Sometimes those are the people are more honest with you then people in your every day life. I am in a similar situation as you.The only difference is that he is in Sweden and I am in the US. You got off easy. Everything will be fine. Praying for you.

    Sanora W.

  3. I'm really happy for you Tenchi. Although you don't know me at all, because your so active all over the internet and share so much with your fans through blogging, and blogtv, and youtube, and all that, I feel like you're kinda like a friend. So hearing that you're so excited makes me really excited for you. :D This chick is super lucky to have you. You are an amazing person and I wish the best for you guys. Have fun in Hawaii. <3

  4. congrats on your new love interest, a lot of people meet online these days

  5. I am so happy for u dude! Like squidlydia I do feel like ur a friend and I'm so glad that things r going ur way. Good luck wit ur girl ;^}

  6. Aww congratulations Tenchi!!! I know from experience how difficult long distance relationships can be, but it seems like you're doing well!! I hope the best for you and your new girlfriend!!!!

  7. Yo, congrats son. I wish all the best for you and your lady when you visit the island. Your a real cool individual and I love the fact that your happy. You put a smile on my face and that makes you cool peoples to me. Your a great guy and deserves all the happiness in the world. Bless Up and nuff love.


  8. Oh, wow! I hope that works out for you! Can't wait to see the vid!

  9. wow i didnt know you had a blog!...untill now lol but anyways congrats tenchi!! and i'll definetely have to agree with ma.mi.co we really are amazing haha and from what you're saying, it she seems like she's the person you're going to have the time of your life with! :) I hope she's everything you've dreamed of, and more, and i hope you have an excellent time in Hawaii with her!!
    Take care of yourself and stay carefree (^_^) <3

  10. Have fun in Hawaii, I hope that girl is all you ever dreamed of!

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  12. Cali ---- Hawaii, that is a pretty long distance relationship. i love the fact that both of you pushed that factor aside and got to know each other. <--- Wow, i need to quit daytime tv, lol. i sound like my mother] i heard the surfs amazing over there, and have fun ! oh, and Good Morning ! [based in the Uk]

    [I'm going Cali in a weeks time, i'm staying in LA - family home - for the whole of august, - no we arent rich, i just have a huge family all over the world - wish me luck cuz im looking for a summertime romance...lol]

  13. Congratulations Tenchi! I hope it works out well for the both of you, :D
    And I'm happy to say I know what you mean about LONG DISTANCE ONLINE relationships, and its definitely worth the meet ^__^

    Best wishes and go for it~

  14. I can understand what you're going through in that type of relationship. I hope that it works out for you and your special girl. My advice to you is don't let anybody tell you any different about how you should be in a "normal" relationship. Prove to people that sometimes you may meet the one who lives on the other side of the world or in another state. It can be risky and dangerous, but if you know deep within your heart that she's the one because of her beautiful spirit...then go for it. GOOD LUCK!!