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Sunday, February 28, 2010

The black star(the escape)chapter 1-part 3

(previously on Black star!)The guard shouted “madam! I was order to get you to safety, I cannot let you leave this place! We must get to the safe grounds designated by your husband” She strained to get out of his hold, but soon gave up due to his empowering grip. “ I apologize madam, but we must get out” she pleaded with him to take only her son, and that hes make sure her son is safe. Ultimately the guard looked far behind her to see if anyone would see his subordination, and without looking at the mother he grabbed unto the child and ran straight into the shadows.(end)

The stale winds blasted upon the child's face as the guard rushed out towards the speck of light. The foot steps grew louder and louder as the light gradually got brighter. “we are almost there!” after what seemed like an eternity, the guardsman finally reach the outer walls. Their eyes coiled like the eyes of snakes, and when there vision came back into focus, they saw what was in front of them. The Guard quickly dropped the boy to his feet, and as he slowly backed off he pulled the knife out from his boots and handed it to La'sion. “use it on your self boy if it gets you... don't let it get you boy”
As he spoke those words , he used his shaking hands to slowly reach for his sword. He then gently circled around it, painfully creeping to take his sword out of his unresponsive hilt. Sweat dripped down his face like the waterfalls of Relan'je Creetlands, souring his vision with salt and water. In his mind he thought about his untimely death, and why he was in this predicament to begin with. He only joined the guard to support his family, his mother and two younger brothers. He has never been to war, nor seen a blood of another man. Fresh in his trade, and yet he wondered why he must die in this manner.
The creature slowly lurked towards them, half its body still in the ground. Its thousands legs waved upon the light in perfect sequence, as it made noises as if taking two organs and squeezing them together. It's hundreds eyes dawned upon La'sion , and la'sion stared back with its dark hazel eyes.

“Its a Morlak, my dad let me keep one , but we had to let it go because it got to big” The guardsman looked astonished with a hint of hope. “ you know what this creature is!?Please tell me this is that same creature” La'sion shrugged and replied “I don't think so...”
The creature seemed to not pass a certain boundary, and looked upon the two with curiosity more then with malice. La' sion slowly passed over the guards defending arms and went near the creature. “no wait, don't go!”
The Morlak raised its body up and bent its back as if it was going to strike. Then suddenly, the little boy with the dark brown hair ran towards the Morlak and jumped on it's back.He exclaimed with joy and said. “ its you! So this is where you were!” Then the Morlak stared into the eyes of La'sion and spoke into his mind. “ may I eat this man?will it bother you?”. To that La'sion replied, “ yes please, eat him”
The guardsman sighing with relief turned around to grab his fallen coat. He had regained his spirits, and had a renewed hope of survival. As he knelt down to grab the coat, the Morlak lunged towards him piercing his spine with its gruesome teeth. The Morlak's several breathing passage ways scrunched up, as the muscled jawline engorged twice its size. The guardsman's blood ruptured out of him and started to gush out black liquid like if it was Ink. Writhing in pain, the guardsman attempted to twist his body around to see the creature, only to see La'sion enjoying this appalling event. The second crushing bite left the guard immobilized and approaching death.
La' sion then climbed down the Morlak's many scales, and petted the carapace of the creature.
“ Boy, what … is the meaning... of this...” he spoke with grievance as blood spilled out of his mouth.
“I wanted to see your blood, This Morlak let me see your insides.”he replied indifferently.
La'sion then knelt down near his wounded gash and stuck his small hands to reach in for his liver. “AHHH!” screamed The guardsman in unbelievable pain. In his mind entered a thought. “ why am I not dying!? This is more then any man can bear!” As the little boy continued to invade his bodily organs, The Morlak behind them drooled, and impatiently squirmed to feast upon the body.
Dreadful moments later,La'sion pulled out his little hands out with a piece of liver and squeezed it between his tiny fingers and said to him.“ I hear you ,you know... Morlak is keeping you alive , so La'sion can play with you” The black in his eyes were no longer seen, only but an constant white tormenting his skull. In his mind he could not think of his mother or his brother, only the pure agony that came from this creature and the boy.

to be continued

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The black star (minisode)chapter one part2

Early morning, the Relan'je birds soared through the misty sky and screeched a fair good morrow. It was quite chilly , and the wind had a hint of sharpness. “ La' sion! Be careful!” shouted his mother in shock. In front of a tall poised women rushing to his aid, was a small boy with his knees scraped with blood. “la'sion...be more careful when playing with the other children! Tell me you will keep your wits about you!” Madam Hotoko took a clean rag and began to patch up her child. There had to have been a sharp pain, but the little boy shed no tear, nor did he show a sign of any discomfort. He only just stared at the dripping blood, admiring the colors of crimson and red. Moment his mother finished patching him up, his face lite up with joy and rushed to mingling with his village friends.
“ Children grow up so fast don't they?” Madam Hotoko said to her maid. “Yes Madam, they sure do.” The maid momentarily stopped to give her the answer and continued cleaning the house. The corridor where she stood was narrow and very dark. There on the wall were hung pictures of previous masters of the house, starting from the very first Sion, to the very recent.
The family tree was a complicating one for the Sions, but it was regulated, and made sure the blood stayed purest by forced partnership with relatives two generations off. The most recent son was looked down upon, due to everyone believing his blood was in the impurest form. La'sion, the Tainted one. La, the word used to describe, insects and things of the dirt.,A name sorrowfully implanted to a young boy.

Now the Sions were the first to make an alliance with the original inhabitants . Still, they do not know much about these mysterious natives, but the Sions managed to have some sort of peace with them. However, The Mondus , have been actively arming themselves bringing unease throughout the cities of the southern Neblu'es.
“La'sion, get in here at once!” his mother shouted from afar. The weather was growing sinister, and the trees seemed to hollow out signs of warning. Even, the birds in the sky no longer cawed and scarcely seen in this suddenly gloomy day. The guardsmen outside the Relan'je pallaside were on alert, and they closely gripped their swords and spears.
“ mother what is going on?” la'sion asked. She slightly caressed his dark brown hair and said , “ Nothing to worry about son, i'm sure its just the weather”. She looked a little more nervous then usual, as though she knew something horrible will befall them. When she was seated on her chair with her boy, a young guardsmen came rushing into her room.“madam, hurry! Get to the chamber! We don't have much time”
“what is the meaning of this!? What is happening, where is my husband!?” The guard looked tensed ,and very unseasoned. “where is your captain!?” very hesitant he replied “ dead madam, hurry, we do not have much time”
She looked out the slight crack on the wooden walls, and fell to the floor. Outside the walls, she saw hundreds of Mondus warriors along the shadowed horizon holding their infamous sabers. The Leader of this pack was seen in the middle holding up the bloody head of the Captain of the guard. She gasped “ what do we do!? My son, get him to safety! I need to find my husband!”
The guard shouted “madam! I was order to get you to safety, I cannot let you leave this place! We must get to the safe grounds designated by your husband” She strained to get out of his hold, but soon gave up due to his empowering grip. “ I apologize madam, but we must get out” she pleaded with him to take only her son, and that hes make sure her son is safe. Ultimately the guard looked far behind her to see if anyone would see his subordination, and without looking at the mother he grabbed unto the child and ran straight into the shadows.

-to be continued-

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Dear readers,
If you read Chapter 1 mini-sode, you would know what this is. Enjoy the agony!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chapter one. (mini-sode)

Chapter one. “la' sion”

It was dusk, and autumn passed into winter swiftly. There was no longer any sunlight in the islands of the South Neblu'es. In a small island floating across the vast murky clouds, laid a rural town. “Relan'je” , a scanty city, that harbors only the most infamous pirates, bandits and the likes. In the southern part of the sky ocean, the Akaelian military have little to no jurisdiction. Those who venture into the Southern Neblu'es either come back severely crippled or they are never seen again.
As reminder to all Akaels to never venture here, the lots put the mauled faces of soldiers, impaled on floating Ex'li. These malicious inventions were used for violent servitude, soaring through the clouds holding onto the impaled ones. Circling around at a modest speed, screeching the name of the one impaled. They require no fuel, nor maintenance,and it runs until it is destroyed. These Ex'li ironically are used for household chores and carrying the heavy loads.
Relan'je, though malice in appearance, and some truth in the matter, it was a desired place to be. This was the only place there was some sort of peace, because this world was no longer safe due to the lack of the black star. War arose from all sides of Dei O'zsu . The biggest nation and the most powerful, The Akaelians, ceased control and had complete marshal law over the North, east and Tia'mathis Neblu'es. The Western Neblu'es nations outraged by the military occupancy in the sky majoris, joined together to hold off the Akaelian Army, An alliance known as the “Interception”.
This mystical substance, The black star, is the key source of all things. Without it, everything life has created would cease to function. It is the fuel, and the energy that lifts the Islands in the sky, and also because of its addictive nature of its aura, it is now a definite requirement of the body. Without a good balance of the aura, no food nor drink can ever satisfy the body. Although the substance it self is naturally made , it needs the engineering of humans to make use of its power.
In the midst of all these troubles, and trials, a son is born in the rural town of Relan'je.
“ Madam Hotoko, you have a healthy young boy!” The Midwife of the house exclaimed with joy. “let me hold him” weakly spoke the mother. The Boy looked healthy , and fair. His name would soon become, La' sion.

Veous, ABA.

Dear Readers,

The cold breeze swept across the cheeks of Veous, chilling his spine down to the balls of his feet. His eyes barely stayed opened as the harsh winds of the northern sky blasted upon his face. The white foams of the North Neblu'es clouds sprayed across the rails, instantly turning the clouds into water across the deck. The substances in which makes all things work, the black star was centered in the mast , maintained and regulated by the officers. Regulated due to the addictive nature of its aura...
The crew on the other hand, worked their stations steadfast and tirelessly, as they all moral-fully gazed on the shadow that would eventually show home. Staring into the endless clouds of sea , Veous shouted to his men. " Almost home lads, almost home!"
The crew members of The Triton cheering held their spirits high ,as the magnificent floating island approached them in the horizon. Boasting its bustling market, and bountiful citizens, it was most definitely the ideal spot to squander anyones riches. This was the home they longed for. For much too long they've been sailing the skies and stars. Traveling high above the Eqitas, the highest point, the end of the world many seem to believe.
The Triton, once ventured out in to the wilds of the southern Neblu'es as well,where the treacherous Behemoths saunter. With the infamous , Captain Veous Claire at the helm, Their adventure never ceased to end. He who is known as "The Crimson stone".

Monday, February 22, 2010

La Sion

Dear Readers,
To give a short background on the two rivals... La'sion and Veous were in the same division fighting for the Queen of Dei' O'zsu. Veous was the ranking officer in the queen's military, though they technically had the same rank, Veous was superior by years in experience at the time. In those days,Veous carried the Black Class vessels, since it was issued, after your first promotion to captain(Also, the red class ship haven't been invented just yet).
La'sion , he is utterly cold. He doesn't hesitate to kill women and children to get things done, Thus the eventual break up between the two characters. Veous , though a roughneck and gritty in appearance, he is actually a very caring and virtuous man. He will put his own life on the line to save a group of the innocence. He then captured the opportunity to become a deserter and Soon became the captain of "The Triton".He became a pirate with No master , but a full bounty over his head. He is like Robin hood in a sense... steals from all the evil aristocrats and shares the loot with the poor.
However, La sion... He does not tarry when it comes to short cuts and vengeance. La'sion is also a ladies man ^_^.After making sweet love to him, he almost always murder the woman he thought was beautiful, and put their blood in his vial"s" with their name written on them. He takes a vial out once every battle and takes a sip of the girl of choice. He believe it gives him good luck.Any who, thats all for now.


Captian Veous Clair.

Dear Reader,
This is Capt. Veous Clair. He is the commanding officer of " The Triton" , a red class vessel. He is the protagonist of my book. Can't really get into much detail with him, but he is obviously a pirate ~ yar ^_^. His leg is made of the same material used to make the "A.B.A". His rival is... if you guessed La Sion, you are correct! They are arch nemesis!
The black and the Red class vessels are up to par with one another. Only difference is, the red class vessels are non military, and it's illegally "suped up" so to speak. But, Maintenance on the Red Class ships are known to be a pain in the arse~ That why the Triton is equipped with the best maintainers around!
The black class vessel in the other hand is very straight by the book and easy maintenance. By sacrificing speed and some maneuverability , it is much more durable then its evil twin. In the long run, the Black class ships would prevail, however , life in the treacherous sky is not long lived.
Who would win? I don't know ~ they never really faced each other in the sky... yet ~

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My artwork cont.

Dear Reader,
This is a character that is also from my book. This is known as the "Akael Battle Armour".
To purchase one of these outstanding military-class Armour, you need to have a rank of a Sergeant or higher... If you look on his right hand ( your left) , your can see his stripes , to represent his rank and title.
The Akael Battle Armour , a.ka. A.B.A, is used only in land combat and air combat. Never have in the history of "Dei' O'zsu"(the planet in which they live)has there been an idiot who wore an A.B.A to sea. The metal in which the A.B.A is made from is man-made. One part O'zsuian steel and And two parts of the Black star( a Energy source made from humans, from different ingredients that is segregated all over the world). So what that basically means is, its useless in water. The black star disintegrates when salt touches it.Although a slow progress of slowly eating away at the black star, the metal which is intertwined receives a lot stress.Thus being completely useless over sea...not to mention you can easily drown from the weight haha. If you all want i can write you a short story about a soldier living in Dei Ozsu. If thats what you would want to read in my blog. ahah just a suggestion.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

My art work.

Dear reader,

I will post my art work up for you guys~ I hope you all enjoy my artsy side. This particular "piece" is called "Hotoko"... its a "black class" pirate ship, ran by Captain La' Sion. A fictional character from my book "The Black Star".

Friday, February 19, 2010

Heart aches

My love where are you? far away into the distant star you await me, fallen beneath the oceans you hold your breath and wait. Waiting for my kiss of breath to set you free from you bounds and troubles. My love don't hold weary , for I am here by your side always and always. Into eternity, pass the cosmos and far beyond the endless galaxy. I await thee.
My love where are you? do not stay away from me, the pain is far more then I can ever bear. You are my soul, my spirit, and my eternal bliss. My love don't you be afraid of what you cannot see, or cannot touch. There are always new adventures and visions you will venture with me. Do not be sorry , or apologize for not being there with me my love. My heart is an ocean to hold your misery and sorrows. My soul is a cave ready to be warmed with your fire, so do not tarry any longer and come to me.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Haters in the world

Dear Reader,
It seems , much of late, I've been bombarded with hate mail. Though people say its a "good" thing to receive hate mail, since you mentally grow stronger from it. I honestly can't say it doing me much good. Since i'm able to write my feelings , I guess I can be more honest...
Recently, i've been getting emails from "poser" fans. They act like they are for me,yet their comments and private messages are subtly filled with despise and hate. Some even comment on the fact I lost my friends in the military as such a minuscule event in my life. While others, who are the more obvious trolls, bash on my Asian heritage, and also for the fact I speak out for black women.
They continuously state how moronic it is to not stick up for your own race, but for an other. And trust me when I say, it's not pretty none the least what they say to me. On the average i get about 200-300 messages/comments a day, and out of that, 50-60 are hate mail. They are much clever how they do it these days. They title it " HEY TENCHI!" , and when i open it , its says " you chinky eyed mother-...."
Personally, I am losing my strength, and I am losing hope little by little. Maybe I need a break from people peering through my life and judging me. My first intentions of you-tube was to use it as an outlet of my frustration and anger. However, as I saw others receive hope and joy from it, i decided to turn around my anger and use it for producing hope. But, in the process, i've lost my outlet of anger and frustration.
I live my daily life just like I used to in the past , just without a way of emptying my sorrows and anticipations. I do apologize for my posts as of late, I'm in a state of hopelessness , and i'm very weary. Like my very first video shows, I am a weak person. It's funny how the world,through the lens, sees me as a strong ,mentally courageous man. However, I feel like a cat stuck in a box, with a can of tuna in front but with no can opener. Believe it or not,the cat video I made was about this . I wanted to portray how I really feel , I felt like a cat stuck in this box, a webcam . People would visit from all around the world to pet me, tease me and some might even consider buying me. But, in the end, i'm felt with bruises , scars and pain I can't even begin to show. I hope you know i'm not talking about all of you, its the few that make it hard to bare.
I hope in the months to come, you all can see the better me. I hope in the years to come i can show you my success. For now, have mercy on me my lovely viewers... I am but a straw, ready to break.
On a lighter not, those of you who have supported me thus far, I thank you truly with all my heart, its people like you that make my life actually worth living. Thank you once again, and I wish you all the best in your endeavors.

respectfully yours,

Tenchi JK

Monday, February 15, 2010

Angry Black Woman Pushes Black Man Into Fire Pit

Dear Readers (disclaimer, cussing, anger , and that sort of SHIET present in this blog. Those of you who are easily offended, and do not like to read such material, please skip over this and wait for a normal heartfelt blog , brought to you by Tenchijk. Otherwise, enjoy.)

Okay, now.

Some douche bag hater/snob sent me a letter with a video attached today. For his safety, I will not disclose his name...
"Do you really think all black women are beautiful? Powerful, strength, loud, bold, these are characteristics you gave black women. THESE ARE CHARACTERISTICS OF A MAN! Men are masculine, women are feminine. What man would want the characteristics of a man be embodied in a woman? Most black women are like this. You were warned."

I am a firm believer in judging the individual. I'm sure there are masculine black women... However people always seem to forget about the fact there many more who are not! Same goes with Asian people, i'm sure there are those who are cheap like the stereotype goes but Jesus Christ how can you think everyone is going to be that way?! Isn't that just insane!? Are you not sick and tired of people judging according to a group of people?! I'm utterly disgusted by some people these days, the way they view the world.
Now this douche-bag , for a lack of a proper name, sent me a video attachment as well, titled Angry black woman pushes... etc etc... Basically it was a reality show on the B.E.T . Looked kinda old, but it was my first time seeing a clip. They somehow put this one black girl on blast cause she was talking mad shit about everyone. Something about her and something about him and etc etc.
Now apparently some gay looking Hispanic dude overheard her, and started dropping his mouth like a fag that he is. He started putting her on blast saying, didn't you say this about her!? didn't you say this about him!? Now this black chick is like astonished by that guy, cause honestly who the fuck does that shit!?
For example, if I heard some girl/guy talking crap about someone else, thats HIS/HER business... shid, i'm out of that.I don't give a fuck if one person thinks the other person looks like a cow, or if that girl is too dark or too light. That ain't even something I need to know, nor do I even give a ratass.. Most likely, in my mind i'd agree with the "cow" comment in my mind and move the fuck along.
I'ma tell you right now, there is no body in this world who doesn't talk shit be hide peoples back. If you deny that ,youse a DAMN liar lol. This is where my anger comes from. I'm thinking , if this girl who talk shit happened to be this attractive white girl... shietttt, I guarenttee this motherfcukin show would have been different. That fagit-ass Hispanic dude would turn his gay rope straight then a motherfucka. But, nahh , they WOULD put this black girl on blast ,ruining the image of ALL GOOD black women... and that shit ain't fair! I wish she DID push that punk ass in the fire and burn!
And CHHH~I LOVE how they put a black guy up on those interviews and say shit like, "yea.. she a crazy bitch, she don't know nothing yada yada..."
"thanks Kinte kunte,you punk bitch, you just betrayed your own sister, might as well call your ass Toby, you just done lost your damn mind." I'm so sick and tired of this damn media!!

You know what this video reminded me of? Remember when youse kids, y'all would gather around in a circle, and miss Peggy, or deacon Emily or some shit would give a prayer right? And allll the little girls and allll the little boys would bow there heads and pray right?
Then THISSSS motherfucker would say " TENCHI DIDN'T CLOSE HIS EYES WHEN YOU WERE PRAYING MISS PEGGY!" Then i would say... " you dumbass, how did you see me when you were closing your eyes? its cause you didn't ethier!" and we'd both get in trouble. What i'm trying to say is people are hypocrites, and its such a bug!
This video ,and that douche-bags comment just ruined my whole damn day... I will continue to support y'all black women to stand strong and overcome these nasty ass people. The more and more I look around, the more I see haters. The thing i hate the most is , the media, a.k.a rich ass white folks target the black women who are on the brink. The ones who are done lost there minds and THEN put their damn camera in their faces. What the HELL do you expect!? Shit, ruin MY life for about 20+ years,and then put a camera in my face ,watch what I do!I WOULD push a faggit ass Spanish dude in the fire pit too! For being a little snitch that is... In the air force we have a quote , "snitches get fuckin stitches!"

Okay for a more calmer approach. The black girl in the video DID wrong ,that is true. However, people always, always forget to put themselves in that same context. What would you have done in that same situation... and the answer is simple, push that dude in the fire. Even white boy joey at home be saying ,YESSSS!! All i'm saying, is that the media bs is getting hella old... like Barbara bush old. Like nasty ass , no teeth using fake marble teef old. Whew... I guess my anger is a bit subdued.. but write to me, what y'all feel about that? Was I wrong? should I have been on the latter? Is me being on the black women side clouding my judgement? I honestly don't know, but what i honestly do know is that the media is U.N.F.A.I.R (unicorn not fucking anymore in regions) <==== out of tenchis ass JUST now.. strike of a GEEENIOUS. lol~ jkjk... anyways, any comments, feed back would be appreciate it. Sorry if I offended anything, but thats just how i felt.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Most embarrassing moment of my life.

Dear readers,
Wasup, tenchiJK here. I want to tell you one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.
This miserable ass moment happened in my middle school years.
It was a fair afternoon, where my friends and I decided to go to the park for some recreation and fun. I , at the time ,was a Rollerblade fanatic, so naturally I had my pimp-ass blades on.
Now, after we skated around, shoot some hoops and ate our little capri-sun drink pouches I had the most idiotic idea ever. Near us, there were these steep hills , almost vertical if you ask me now... But, i felt like i could blade down it and land safely on the concrete below.. My bastard friends didn't even once think to tell me, " BROOO, DON't DO IT MAN~ YOUR GONNA GET FUKKKED UP"... nope.. they just said, "huuu durr, no what cha gotta do man". So I Used my ninja fingers to grab unto the trees to go up this steep hill... and I looked down.
Where do i get the nerve?! But i actually said, okay , here we go... I wonder now, was I fearless or just a moron? So anyways, I rolled my sorry ass down the hill.. and bam. There goes my legs...
My friends at the time was just killing some time at the park, so to go to a Lakers games later on.. they had tickets and everything. However, because of my accident, they had to stay and watch over me. I laid there screaming and crying.. " AHHH IM GOING TO DIEEE..." I stayed there laying for about 3-4 , and it became very dark.. They obviously missed their laker game because of my pansy ass...
Eventually they called my dad, and when he came.. He told me to get the fuck up. I acted like , "ugghh, ugghhh.. i can't dad..." and he looked at me with his scary beady eyes and told me.. get up. Shiet, I never stood up faster in my life...My friends were like, WTFFF!!!????? ThisSSSSSSS motherfucker~
Now comes the embarrassing part.. I really was hurt, just not as much as I exclaimed lol. So my father took me to a friends house who happened to be a nurse. This nurse was a friend to the family, and i happened to be best friends with her two sons, James and Andrew.
Because i ended up spraining my ankle, and some pain in my thighs... she told me to take my pants off to "examine" me.
On a normal day, i wouldn't give a rat ass about taking my pants off.. i'm a boxer kinda dude, so it would have been A okay with me. However, that day...I ran out of boxers.. and i only had one clean underwear... and that happened to something i wore when i was in elementary school. 101 dalmatians. Thats all i have to say.. motherfuckin Cruelela de'vil on my ass and everything. The underwear was fighting to keep my junk in place as well, being that its pretty much a baby underwear. Just when I was getting patched up, those two boys came in ...laughing their faces off. I , till this day.. get called spots.



What is love? Do we feel love beneath our skin? Just crawling throughout ,wishing to escape the prison its bonded to? What can we do when that love beckons you? Do you captures it's soul and follow through.. Or do you let it leave the grasp of you fingertips, as the love you once saw safely fly away in to the horizon?
Truly what is love ? Sincerely, truthfully, and honestly I come to you asking for a way, and guidance so I can sense this virtuous deity.

I feel this rush of joy, yet surrounded by mist of doubt and confusion. The steps of clouds seem to hold my weight, only be be broken as I continuously travel up north. Do I search for this love? until my angel wings fall, and become the one I started out as ....?

Love will always be there ..perhaps it's always been waiting, yearning for someone to knock at its door. Emotionally and spiritually,I await thee , oh love .

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

To act or Not to act?

Dear readers,
Yo whats good? Actually, since i'm writing, I should be more civilized and say, "how art thou doest" pffft~ Bitch please, I do what i whuant~ lol I kid i kid.
Okay , so today... I had an opportunity to be part of a Church play. A bit nervous, because the place we doing this at, is a ridiculous ass place. A place called " E-bel theathre". Fits about 2000 people or so, perhaps i'm exaggerating, but it fits at least a thousand. Heres the conflict though... Have you ever WANTED the main character role, but for the sake of acting humble, some other fool takes your spot? lol, kinda what happened today.

- my arrogance-
" Tenchi should definitely play "Andy"(the main character) " said almost everyone. Shiet , In my mind , I was like, ahhh shiet~~ a good opportunity to have some experience in this acting beeezznax. But...my dumb-ass was like " omg.. thats scary.. i dunno..if I ..." (damnit, let me finish,kanye west my ass thats what happened.)"Tenchi, i'm happy for you.. but.."
I should have dragged it a bit less, so that other dude don't got the time to act-block me.
This raggedy ass fool said. " I'll do it , I think i can do it" immediately these communists just turned there backs on me and said, "yea~ that could work too I suppose".

-My epiphany-
Funny how people act humble outwardly, but in fact , that act of humbleness actually comes from an superior arrogance. I realized today how proud my heart really was, and how I continuously fooled myself into thinking, i'm actually a humble dude.
I kinda imagined what God saw IN me today. Sure in humanistic standards I was the humble,shy and timid guy. However in front of God, I could not hide my obvious arrogance... I thought it was an obvious choice to pick me, I felt the most qualified, but those thoughts would only hinder the team, not support it. I was rowing left ,when our team boat needed to steer right.
Its funny how self discovery seriously lowers your heart towards him. The more you see yourself deep within, the more you discover the Lords grace , mercy and of course Love. Without him, all i'd be is dust.

So, In a much lighter , less religious note... i'm pretty excited to be able to get some acting experience. I've always wanted to act, and I always wanted to be in front of thousands of people. Wouldn't it be exhilarating, for thousands , maybe even millions of people staring at your every move. Holding their breath until you lay your lines down, and some may even keep thier eyes open just so they don't miss your every hand movement.
That my friends, would be ecstasy ON some bomb-ass pills , and then lite up, and shot out of a cannon... YES, THAT EXHILARATING, don't judge me lol. And sprayed with a champagne bottle with t-pain music in the back~-- TTttT--PPAiinNNNn--

Anyways, that was my lovely day in a nutshell... some ups, some downs, some epiphany, and a rebirth of hope,and a good sense of humbleness on my shoulders. Have a beautiful day.

yours truly,


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Beauty discovered.

Dear Reader,
HAN. A word we use to describe a strong , unexplainable feeling. If I could list a few things that might come close to slightly touching its meaning , I would state: Pain, suffering, wanting, pride..
There are two characters in this world who share this word .
They are the Asian males, and the Black Females. Truly the most misunderstood out of all characters in our Story book, called Life. Perhaps, it is our fate, or some might say destiny to follow this difficult path. Not to fall, but to get up and grow stronger. Perhaps we are the ones to fight the greater fight, while others may rest. Perhaps we are the ones who become the beacon of hope when others lose the light. Whatever it may, we sincerely walk a difficult path.

My fellow sisters, I truly understand what you go through in your life. Many might take my word as it is, the truth. However, Some may take it with skepticism. The easiest way for you all to understand is to explain my life , perhaps you may be able to relate to me.

Growing up, i couldn't stand myself. I saw absolutely no beauty in me... While I dumbfoundly sat in school, My mind would wander , looking only at the eyes of other kids. "how big his/her eyes are" I would say. "So much color in their eyes...such a beautiful shape" .
Has anyone taught me what beauty was? Has anyone explained to me what a beautiful eye looks like? YES! they have! Countlessly in the school yard, kids my ages would point and laugh. With little girls in the background grinning,and shouting out hurtful names... all because i had Almond shaped eyes, that it was a tad big smaller then theirs. How I dreaded my Brown, simple eyes... I remember sitting in my closet. Crying to myself, why , oh why was I born the way I was? Why did no one find me beautiful? Even the teachers who would come to my rescue looked like the very people that cursed me.
I lost my self daily, walking around morbidly, feeling inferior without an reason or cause. Just pitiful, and ugly in my own filth i felt..
I'd come home , wanting to escape my awful reality, then I would turn on the Tv. Only to find idiotic Asian men about my age now, prancing and dancing... making awkward noises of birds, and eyes seemingly more slanted for the sake of humiliating Asians. Orientals they called them , "people who are not like the west". I lost hope ladies and gentleman.. at such a young age, I lost beauty.

However, time surely did pass. Not as gently as some may have, but time surely did pass. What I gained was my God in heaven, who showed me over time the beauty in his creations. Everything in which he personally created , had reason, and purpose. My purpose was through my experience , shed some light . That , there IS beauty in Gods creations. Whether it be , Asian males, or black females, we have so much beauty in us if only we'd stop fighting amongst each other and start to realize it. No more can we waste our breath cursing one another, no more can we shout at our sisters, and our brothers and say You are not beautiful.
No sisters, you are beautiful. Walk slower, stand up straight and wear your smile with elegance and beauty. Beauty is there and we will send this message to our children, and to our children's , children.

Stay strong, elegance, and beautiful

Yours truly,


First post of the Year.

Dear readers,
I've always wanted to write. Never really had an audience who would actually take the time and read what I had to say though. I'm sure a lot of people in this world have millions of things to say, just bundled in their brain, just screaming to let loose. However, there is no one to listen to them... thats kinda how I felt for the longest time.
But, wow.. through the power of motherfucking youtube mang, people be listening, and maybe now y'all might read along too! I honestly don't know what i'd do without the tools to communicate! I'd feel deaf even if I COULD talk, just moving my fingers thats all i'd be doing lol.
Anyways, just like you guys watch my videos, I hope y'all give my writing a shot... Okay for now, this is it lol, but soon, when I start getting used to this , i'll post some good ol material.

yours truly ,