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Sunday, February 21, 2010

My artwork cont.

Dear Reader,
This is a character that is also from my book. This is known as the "Akael Battle Armour".
To purchase one of these outstanding military-class Armour, you need to have a rank of a Sergeant or higher... If you look on his right hand ( your left) , your can see his stripes , to represent his rank and title.
The Akael Battle Armour , a.ka. A.B.A, is used only in land combat and air combat. Never have in the history of "Dei' O'zsu"(the planet in which they live)has there been an idiot who wore an A.B.A to sea. The metal in which the A.B.A is made from is man-made. One part O'zsuian steel and And two parts of the Black star( a Energy source made from humans, from different ingredients that is segregated all over the world). So what that basically means is, its useless in water. The black star disintegrates when salt touches it.Although a slow progress of slowly eating away at the black star, the metal which is intertwined receives a lot stress.Thus being completely useless over sea...not to mention you can easily drown from the weight haha. If you all want i can write you a short story about a soldier living in Dei Ozsu. If thats what you would want to read in my blog. ahah just a suggestion.



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  2. Wow this sound like some Lord of the Ring material. Yea write something for us Tenchi. This is too cool.

  3. I would like to hear more about it, it sounds interesting.