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Thursday, February 11, 2010


What is love? Do we feel love beneath our skin? Just crawling throughout ,wishing to escape the prison its bonded to? What can we do when that love beckons you? Do you captures it's soul and follow through.. Or do you let it leave the grasp of you fingertips, as the love you once saw safely fly away in to the horizon?
Truly what is love ? Sincerely, truthfully, and honestly I come to you asking for a way, and guidance so I can sense this virtuous deity.

I feel this rush of joy, yet surrounded by mist of doubt and confusion. The steps of clouds seem to hold my weight, only be be broken as I continuously travel up north. Do I search for this love? until my angel wings fall, and become the one I started out as ....?

Love will always be there ..perhaps it's always been waiting, yearning for someone to knock at its door. Emotionally and spiritually,I await thee , oh love .


  1. Wow.. I really love how you express yourself. While reading this I was surprised that you don't write the same way you talk which I give you so much props for because many young adults write exactly the way they talk which is very disappointing.
    I feel that love is always there for a person, we just have to be patient, even if it feels like such an eternity. I wish you only happiness and I'm sure your love will come to you soon! ^__^
    Keep blogging <3 ~PrinceS.

  2. happy valentine day from france !!!!


  3. Love is a GHOST that everyone talks about but few have seen, an INTANGIBLE entity that everyone fears and yet yearns to own, love is a NEEDLE in a hay stack....you can spend a lifetime looking for it, but once you give up and sit down for a rest, it will you surprise you with a prick.

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  4. OMG OMG, why does did this poem instantly remind me of "I Am Ready For Love" by India Arie........my dear this is beautiful it touched me in the same way I feel when I listen to that song and if you haven't heard that song by India Arie please, please do check it out I guarantee if you do not know it you will fall in love with it!

    P.S. not to bombard you with India Arie music but if you love I am ready for love you will love "Beautiful" by her as well I just know you will for some odd reason but then again my instincts might be off :/ here is the link>>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssGbiSvasHA

  5. You’re the sweetest distraction I have had in awhile. Such a question of love amidst in the sky. Tell me why, when love gets you flying high. You’re my sweetest distraction I don’t understand why. I can count how many times you have loved me once and leave me dry. Again you’re my sweetest distraction and I can tell you why.

  6. This is very beautiful and well written. Makes me wish I were good with words so I could write something deep too :)