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Monday, February 22, 2010

Captian Veous Clair.

Dear Reader,
This is Capt. Veous Clair. He is the commanding officer of " The Triton" , a red class vessel. He is the protagonist of my book. Can't really get into much detail with him, but he is obviously a pirate ~ yar ^_^. His leg is made of the same material used to make the "A.B.A". His rival is... if you guessed La Sion, you are correct! They are arch nemesis!
The black and the Red class vessels are up to par with one another. Only difference is, the red class vessels are non military, and it's illegally "suped up" so to speak. But, Maintenance on the Red Class ships are known to be a pain in the arse~ That why the Triton is equipped with the best maintainers around!
The black class vessel in the other hand is very straight by the book and easy maintenance. By sacrificing speed and some maneuverability , it is much more durable then its evil twin. In the long run, the Black class ships would prevail, however , life in the treacherous sky is not long lived.
Who would win? I don't know ~ they never really faced each other in the sky... yet ~


  1. I want to know more about your characters and how you fleshed them out, like how did they get to where they are now in your book.


  2. Tenchi, your work is crazy man. This is really good. Nice plot too.

  3. This seems very interesting , I jus want to know where you've gotten these ideas from in order to make these characters come to life . Also , if someone was to purchase this book of yours where can they buy it? :)

  4. *goes green with envy* argh you're such an amazing artist -_-" and your story ideas are sooo...awesome lol i kinda want to read about this now >_<

  5. And the plot thickens...I like the characters names of the story, their really cool. And that artwork is incredible.