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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Haters in the world

Dear Reader,
It seems , much of late, I've been bombarded with hate mail. Though people say its a "good" thing to receive hate mail, since you mentally grow stronger from it. I honestly can't say it doing me much good. Since i'm able to write my feelings , I guess I can be more honest...
Recently, i've been getting emails from "poser" fans. They act like they are for me,yet their comments and private messages are subtly filled with despise and hate. Some even comment on the fact I lost my friends in the military as such a minuscule event in my life. While others, who are the more obvious trolls, bash on my Asian heritage, and also for the fact I speak out for black women.
They continuously state how moronic it is to not stick up for your own race, but for an other. And trust me when I say, it's not pretty none the least what they say to me. On the average i get about 200-300 messages/comments a day, and out of that, 50-60 are hate mail. They are much clever how they do it these days. They title it " HEY TENCHI!" , and when i open it , its says " you chinky eyed mother-...."
Personally, I am losing my strength, and I am losing hope little by little. Maybe I need a break from people peering through my life and judging me. My first intentions of you-tube was to use it as an outlet of my frustration and anger. However, as I saw others receive hope and joy from it, i decided to turn around my anger and use it for producing hope. But, in the process, i've lost my outlet of anger and frustration.
I live my daily life just like I used to in the past , just without a way of emptying my sorrows and anticipations. I do apologize for my posts as of late, I'm in a state of hopelessness , and i'm very weary. Like my very first video shows, I am a weak person. It's funny how the world,through the lens, sees me as a strong ,mentally courageous man. However, I feel like a cat stuck in a box, with a can of tuna in front but with no can opener. Believe it or not,the cat video I made was about this . I wanted to portray how I really feel , I felt like a cat stuck in this box, a webcam . People would visit from all around the world to pet me, tease me and some might even consider buying me. But, in the end, i'm felt with bruises , scars and pain I can't even begin to show. I hope you know i'm not talking about all of you, its the few that make it hard to bare.
I hope in the months to come, you all can see the better me. I hope in the years to come i can show you my success. For now, have mercy on me my lovely viewers... I am but a straw, ready to break.
On a lighter not, those of you who have supported me thus far, I thank you truly with all my heart, its people like you that make my life actually worth living. Thank you once again, and I wish you all the best in your endeavors.

respectfully yours,

Tenchi JK


  1. Wow....it must be hard for you! And I know that it may feel good when someone tells you '' Please dont mind these kind of comments, these ppl are full of hate, please keep on doing your thing ect...'' but in the end by reading those hateful comments, it's still hurting,right? it's like a back to the beggining... But that's life it's just how it is, there's good/bad, joy/pain (nothing new under the sun). You should just let it be. If what you do is true and real, if you love what you do then really you should just let it go, and I am not saying it's going to be easy... Oh and something else in your post catched my attention...''I hope in the months to come, you all can see the better me'' I think it's an essential and beautiful goal, trying to be better. Some ppl think that they are already complete, that they know everything, that they're fully grown. As a result, these ppl are blind and closed to any form of progress and end up giving their pitiful and hateful comments everywhere they go.(I guess you know something bout that lol) Another thing that I'd like to tell you, it's a very good thing that you can admit your flaws or weaknesses. You said ''I am but a straw, ready to break.'' and you know what, it's totally okay, we all feel like that at a moment or another... There's this saying:
    ''Yield and overcome;
    Bend and be straight;
    Empty and be full;
    Wear out and be new''
    The straw wont break under the pressure of the wind if it bends just a little, when the wind stops, it will naturally get back straight. I dont know if you understand what I mean... like it's okay to feel tired and everyhting, but dont push things, like I was saying, relax a bit and let things go, dont let this run on your mind too much! Otherwise you will exploooode! What do you think? :) (Okay okay im almost done here) I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your work. I enjoy your way of thinking. And I truly appreciate how you have our back :)! (black women ;)!) I hope you'll feel better tomorrow and for the days to come. I didnt mean to lecture you or anything with this comment, just trying to help :o!
    Anyway have a realllly nice day!

    P.S: OMFG you are toooo cute lol (okay I really needed to say that cant help it! ;)

  2. Hey there,
    don't be so negative about yourself,
    and don't ever lose hope, because hope is what makes us "Us", and If people are rude let them be, they probably don't know what the feeling of being in hurt is. I personally like your video's their funny and very realistic. Especially when you talk about things that other people can't talk about such as the Asian race and the effects of it and I also like your sense of humor. So please don't stop uploading good/funny videos! you are the best and don't let their words effect you, and live for the brighter days!!!

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  4. This sounds like a goodbye Tenchi. To help with the hate mail can you block certain people? Or have only your known supporters be able to contact you? idk just some suggestions.

    I'm sorry you're going through this. Cowards have mean mouths behind a keypad. Some people don't know how to deal with their disagreement and resort to making themselves look foolish by name calling.

    Tenchi you're the better person in this. Are there any other guys you know who believe like you? If so you should co-host with them to show your haters and supporters that you're not the only one.

    I was going to send you some vids of other youtubers (Kevjumba, nigahiga, quikieemart and others) responding to haters to show that you're not alone but after watching them myself I got depressed. so I'll just send you this one I hope she is to some comfort. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuiSYkCYWKs

    I wish my words of comfort could be as strong as those of hate and replace the hurt. If I only lived in Cali (rrrrrr)

    PS. I just sent you something recently I hope you didn't erase it thinking it was hate mail.

    I show my sister your vids and tell her about your blogs and I think you should know what she said in response to this post.

    From my sister: Tenchi, no, you're not weak, you're just starting to believe what they say. You are brave but you're still human.

    To these sentences: "Though people say its a "good" thing to receive hate mail, since you mentally grow stronger from it. I honestly can't say it doing me much good."
    She replied: Criticism is one thing but these are insults. Constructive criticism makes you stronger not hateful and hurtful words. People judge those who stand out more harshly than others. You're talking about something that to some is controversial. Other folks like Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Sarah Palin, and Raven Symone have all had to deal with things of this nature. Not comparing you all's situation but you've all dealt with the same thing.

    Her advice on how to deal: Don't let them stop you from making vids if that's what you still like doing but if you're tired take a break. Like phones are now screened. Have someone screen your mail cause you don't need to see all that crap. You were brave enough to speak out in the first place and gain supporters and so we'll always be here to support you. Don't ever believe what they say. You might need to go back to using your vids as a means to vent your frustration.

    That was roughly what my sister said and I agree. We Love you Tenchi. Don't let
    others depress you like this. And yes I whole heartedly agree that you should have someone else screen your mail.

    Tempress and her sister ♥

  5. I understand that it's hard for you when these people come at you and are hateful, I personally feel that if you do need a break from it all then go for it begging you to put up with the hateful comments and making you hurt would make me a bad fan and a bad person I hate seeing others hurt and if you're hurting from this then go ahead take a break to live your life and regain your happiness we'll still be here when you get back ^^ Those of us that really care about your message and stand by you and defend you against the haters will still be here ^_^ and if it make you feel better if you were a cat trapped in a box and others wanted to pet you and buy you and poke you but wouldn't open the can of cat food for you, I'd open it haha =^_^=

  6. ^__^ thank you guys~ i really appreciate it!!

  7. Oh Wow, You are really pissed off by this closed minded person. There will always be haters in the world to try to steal our joy. I know it's hard but try not to let them. But we know that it's none other than the devil trying to block your spiritual growth and progress. Nema

    It makes me feel sad that some people are making you question your desision to speak up and support black women. Don't give up on us. It has really gave me hope. God can only bless you for this. I understand how you feel right now, any kind of mean spirited comments can hurt. Believe me I've had my share of negative comments. Scrutiny,rejection, riducule etc. My heart gets heavy sometimes because of this. The one thing that keeps me going is knowing that the God in me loves, approves and accepts me no matter what other peoples think of me. What I'm trying to say is stay strong and don't let narrow minded people make you give up on your beliefs. If you know that what you believe is basically good you are on the right track.

  8. hey i jus made a profile since i read this and and felt that the way your feeling is very understandable since everywhere you go there is always going to be someone whos very closed minded thats gonna try to bring you down with them. But all you have to do is stand strong and not let them take the best of you since your already brave enough to speak your mind and let your voice be heard and i really respect that because a lot of people out there are too scared to state their opinion and your doing a damn good job at stating yours. All you have to do is turn your backs on the haters and dust your shoulder because unlike them your not living an ignorant life of crap lol. I deal with a lot of people like this all the time and i know it hurts inside but at the end of the day your opinion is what really comes first no matter what :)

  9. Dudeeee Tenchi man fuck the haters lol.
    These people obviously don't have much to do in there lives if they're sending you all this hate. they just want to break you down and you can't let them do that. All of those people are just closed minded ass holes. Alot of people (like me :D) respect you and your opinions. Don't stop making videos! :D

  10. Hey there Tenchi don't let the hate mail get to you. Once you see that they are writing the crap they are writing, just simply block and delete. That is my motto on YT...Block, delete, ignore.

    I use to have others email as well and I had to stop emails coming for the exact reasons you mentioned. But don't let it discourage you.

    Remember that this is YOUR BLOG and YOUR SPACE. Would you invite a theft into your home? no you wouldn't, so don't allow these haters in. They are not looking for solutions in hopes that you can show them the light. No they are doing exactly what their names entail...to troll. That's it!

    Just laugh when you see those emails, cuz it means that something is changing in their enviroment and they are taking it out on you. Believe me I know.

    You keep up the good work. And by next week you should have more trolls. Like Katt Williams said "if you have 20 haters around you, you need 40 more!"


  11. Hey TenchiJK,
    So I just found your blog and youtube site maybe 3/ 4 weeks ago and I keep checking back since. Im a African American and I am currently living in Japan. I think the day I found your you tube site i wasnt feeling particularily happy. Being stared at, talked about by strangers (I can actually understand Japanese to an extent), poked, and sometimes just ignored can really have an adverse effect on your mental persona. Its times when people have do things to make you feel bad about yourself that you forget the times when people have encouraged you, smiled at you, and want to get to know you better. Its also times like these when we seem to forget how we might have brightened someone elses day by doing something so small and benign, like holding the door open for an older lady who can no longer stand up straight or making a number of videos that open peoples mind to the plight of another race and giving some of those people back the confidence in themselves.
    What you do and what you are can only be described as beautiful. Somehow you have been able to understand the pain and doubt that plauges black women from the time they were able to realize that all the princesses were white (thank you disney for fiinnnaaally changing that, hopefully they'll realize there are still a lot more races of princess' that need to be born) and through living where I am and seeing your videos Im finally starting to understand that a lot of asian males feel a similar pain of being different and not matching up to the percieved notions of beauty. And worst, realizing the media only sees you as this ridiculous stereotype.

    So listen here, keep doing what YOU need to do. If your not heading where you want to be, change direction. You need your outlet and people started following you, so heading back cant do you much harm.

    As for your haters, pass those wonderful letters my way darlin'. Ive got that big box of 64 crayolas to keep my words niiice and colorful ;-}

  12. dude everytime i come on your page it inspires me more to be strong because you have so many people who believe in you and a lot more out their who feels the same pain as you . If you stop doing what your doing then everything would just remain quiet and unspoken of since in america we're dealing with ignorant people whos wants to believe everythings great and perfect because everythings hush hush . But we as people shouldn't leave everything hush hush but instead speak our minds since we as people should at least except eachother for who we are and whats right! lol

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  14. The biggest trick the devil ever pulled was to prove he didn't exist......

    Now taking from that and applying it to this situation, although the minority of hate mail is a strong force of damage to you in what you are doing, let's be frank , you are being open , honest and sometimes vulnerable with your listeners/readers/fans and guess what that in itself makes you a very strong person. You, sir, have the strength to stick with what you find is beautiful , and your opinions and EXPERIENCES of the matter. That in itself implicates strength because you are going against the grain. Sweetie when you took this on you should know it will be a battle, because for some unknown reason (I really don't understand and have tried to search it out historically) why people think darker skinned people with other than caucasian features are ugly or demons or whatever (just stating what I have heard people say). Do you know how hard it is to wake up everyday and hear that or see other people treat you differently .....but there is hope right, and you are bringing it.

    What you are doing HELPS and LIFTS up people, especially as a black woman I REALLY was glad to actually be able to hear someone say what you say receive the comfort and appreciation you give.

    Look, these folks are just like the devil and you know what we do with him, put him under our feet, soooooooooo takes those messages bless those that curse you, and recieve the love (which is the majority) of those that love you. Draw your strength from that and know that what you do is needed, appreciated , and you get much love and props my friend.

    Take a day to yourself and read all the love mail you will see it far out weighs what someone who doesn't have the decency to at least hear what you say and search it out for themselves. That I believe the LORD calls a fool. Amen

    Please keep doing this, you never know your vidoes might have saved some lives or those who feel they are in a situation that is sooo hard presed they would think to do things they shouldn't. Overall Tench, keep them coming and let people wallow in ignorance because Karma is a beotch and what you give out you get. I say that with love and respect.

  15. On a lighter note..........
    Just to make you laugh imagine this with me

    9 of the most beautiful black women you can think of, dressed in the same outfits dancing and singing Genie (SNSD) for you while you scream like a banshi ahjusshi

    geulaeyo nan nul saranghae
    unjaena miduh ggoomdo yuljungdo da joogo shippuh
    nan geudae sowoneul ilyuhjoogo shipeun (shipeun) hengoonae yeoshin
    sowoneul malhaebwa (i'm genie for you, boy)
    sowoneul malhaebwa (i'm genie for your wish)
    sowoneul malhaebwa (i'm genie for your dream)
    naegaeman malhaebwa (i'm genie for your world)

    sowoneul malhaebwa
    jiloohan naldeuli nun jigyubji anni
    pyungbumhan senghwalae nun moodhyuh bulyutni
    ijae geuman ggaeuhna
    nun na eh superstar, shining star, superstar....

    I stopped at the superstar cause you are one, keep up what you're doing cause it's breaking stuff off of folks and lifting up an issue that needs to be addressed to break a barrier, you're a forerunner so expect adversity but you're strong cause no man will get down like you do and come off so smooth fresh and clean....lol

  16. Hey Tenchi! So, I pretty much agree with what everyone else has been saying. I won't say that you shouldn't let the negative comments and hate mail affect you because it's actually really hard to brush that stuff off and pretend like you don't care. I think that you should do whatever you feel is right for you. If you feel like you need to take a break from the YT scene and even blogging, feel free to do so. Your health, physical, mental, and emotional is what's most important. And if you do take a break, you'll have the full support of your fans behind you and we'll welcome you back 110%!!

    I know that I love watching your videos. Not only do some of them make me laugh, but your sincerity in general really touches me. I would hate to see such an awesome spirit slowly fade due to the negativity of a whole bunch of haters and ignorant people who can't seem to let others enjoy their own happiness. I do hope you feel better and my thoughts and prayers will be with you.


  17. Don't give up and don't let them break you. That's what they want. Just delete their comments and get their ip address so they can't start another account under a fake name. Please do not absorb what those immature small minded people have to say...YOU are better than that!

  18. u have a beautiful spirit. ur fine just the way you are. no need to change. no need to ever become more "perfect". your light is shining so bright. thats why i keep reading your blog and watching your youtube videos. you make me smile. let the haters hate. but dont let them stop you from smiling too :)

  19. Hey T,

    I just recently heard about you and your sites via a Black Women Empowerment (BWE) blogger by the name of Halima. One of her readers mentioned you so I immediately posted you on my site.

    My suggestion to you is to get connected with the many other BWE bloggers real quick. Believe me It WILL help.

    You can't imagine what most of us have gone thru all because we're choosing to live for US. One day I will post an email I received because a troll didn't like me having white male friends...but when I checked out his page he had every color on his profile LOL.

    Don't let the haters win. Start here http://www.blackisbeautiful.se/ and work your your way around the community! The owner of that site gets hate mail daily LOL. BTW I just started my site a couple of weeks ago. Nothing big, but folks like Evia, Sara, Zabeth and many others are an inspiration!

    Luv Ya!


  20. You can make it Tenchi! I really like your blog, although I'm new here. My goal and main aim artistically is to make visionary art dealing with people of color (black, asian, native, latino, etc) instead of the usual white skinned status quo characters. You have inspired me. My next paintings will be AM/BW couples and other cross-cultural pairings. I don't believe in interracial dating because there is only one race of folks in the world, LOL.

    I first found out about you through youtube!

    If you care, humbly i leave my tumblr:


    and blogspot:


    Much Love!

  21. And you know what? Some comedian (I forget his name, black guy with a perm, lol) said, "If you ain't got haters, you doing something wrong!"

    Keep pushin'.

  22. Tenchijk don't you dare let these so called human beings break you. You are a great person, and I am not just saying that because you're on Youtube every week, but because you are a person of flesh, blood....bone. As I have descended from Pharaohs and Queens...you have descended from Emperors and Empresses. We are strong Tenchijk...our people have always been that way. You have the power to touch hearts...minds. You are filled with confidence...joy..qualities that are so hard to find....and people envy Tenchijk.

    “It takes more courage to reveal insecurities than to hide them, more strength to relate to people than to dominate them, more 'manhood' to abide by thought-out principles rather than blind reflex. Toughness is in the soul and spirit, not in muscles and an immature mind.”

  23. hi tenchijk i really want to thank you so much for the video u did on youtube about black women been beautiful. im black nd ive bng cristised, accused, laughed at, been stoned at coz im black, i really apperciate it coz not a lot of ppl speak diz way bout black women we re bng put down alt, i almost killed myself last year bcoz of diz, im form d united kingdom, i thank you so muc wen i watch diz video it has really encouraged me to keep fighting, i ve bng depressed for 5years coz of my race most tym i jus wish i wasnt black, bt wen i watched diz video u really ave encourged me 2 keep fighting, we need more men lke u seriously, God bless you mightly really u re amazing i appricate you nd i pray God continue to gve u d strength to kep do diz, i jus wish dat we cn al cm 2ghter as one nation nd wrk 2gother 2 mk our world a better plce, we waste w muc tym hating on each nd less tym concerning ourselves wit our world, really thank u so muc u really dnt knw wat u ave done 2 me 2day really God really bless u mightly. Peace nd Luv... joanna

  24. question tenchijk wuld u ever date a black woman,

  25. i ave bng trying 2 subcribe 2 ur youtube bt it isnt wrking...

  26. Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
    -Matthew 11:28

    Give all your burdens to Jesus :) Have confidence in Christ, and you will be filled with peace! I love you tenchijk ♥