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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Most embarrassing moment of my life.

Dear readers,
Wasup, tenchiJK here. I want to tell you one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.
This miserable ass moment happened in my middle school years.
It was a fair afternoon, where my friends and I decided to go to the park for some recreation and fun. I , at the time ,was a Rollerblade fanatic, so naturally I had my pimp-ass blades on.
Now, after we skated around, shoot some hoops and ate our little capri-sun drink pouches I had the most idiotic idea ever. Near us, there were these steep hills , almost vertical if you ask me now... But, i felt like i could blade down it and land safely on the concrete below.. My bastard friends didn't even once think to tell me, " BROOO, DON't DO IT MAN~ YOUR GONNA GET FUKKKED UP"... nope.. they just said, "huuu durr, no what cha gotta do man". So I Used my ninja fingers to grab unto the trees to go up this steep hill... and I looked down.
Where do i get the nerve?! But i actually said, okay , here we go... I wonder now, was I fearless or just a moron? So anyways, I rolled my sorry ass down the hill.. and bam. There goes my legs...
My friends at the time was just killing some time at the park, so to go to a Lakers games later on.. they had tickets and everything. However, because of my accident, they had to stay and watch over me. I laid there screaming and crying.. " AHHH IM GOING TO DIEEE..." I stayed there laying for about 3-4 , and it became very dark.. They obviously missed their laker game because of my pansy ass...
Eventually they called my dad, and when he came.. He told me to get the fuck up. I acted like , "ugghh, ugghhh.. i can't dad..." and he looked at me with his scary beady eyes and told me.. get up. Shiet, I never stood up faster in my life...My friends were like, WTFFF!!!????? ThisSSSSSSS motherfucker~
Now comes the embarrassing part.. I really was hurt, just not as much as I exclaimed lol. So my father took me to a friends house who happened to be a nurse. This nurse was a friend to the family, and i happened to be best friends with her two sons, James and Andrew.
Because i ended up spraining my ankle, and some pain in my thighs... she told me to take my pants off to "examine" me.
On a normal day, i wouldn't give a rat ass about taking my pants off.. i'm a boxer kinda dude, so it would have been A okay with me. However, that day...I ran out of boxers.. and i only had one clean underwear... and that happened to something i wore when i was in elementary school. 101 dalmatians. Thats all i have to say.. motherfuckin Cruelela de'vil on my ass and everything. The underwear was fighting to keep my junk in place as well, being that its pretty much a baby underwear. Just when I was getting patched up, those two boys came in ...laughing their faces off. I , till this day.. get called spots.



  1. Spots!!! I love it! Isn't it great that you can look back on these things and laugh(cry)? Thanks for sharing and I bet that was the last time you tried that one!

  2. tee hee spots......(sigh from laughter) so cute wish i was there to video tape it.

  3. Once when I was young I literally electrocuted myself. Yeah... that story night be a bit too long to fit in this comment box, but just wanted to let you know we all have those dumb moments when we're young. =P

    However, your choice of underwear that day is inexcusable. LOL ;D

  4. hmmm almost as bad as my first day of freshamn year...*shudders* at least i didn't get a nickname hehe but don't worry i do embarrassing shit all the time so i feel for you.

  5. hahah mannn... i really should have just went commando, at least that would be have been better .

  6. lol I feel bad for laughing. Like others said we've all been there two. I've had many of those moments that I've tried to forget. One that won't go away is when I went merrily skipping to Kroger and found my dad waving crazily and pointing downward at me. uughh Then I saw my skirt on the ground and some folks coming out of the building. It took me awhile before I could wear that skirt again (I'm still scared of it lol).

  7. LOLL im sorryy!! but this is funny, at least you had underwear on period. besides spots or no spots still a cutiee :)

  8. lmfao u killed me lolol damn dats really messed up "spots" lol jus playin ... hope u now thinkin twice lol ... your too funny :)

  9. At first I thought, that's pretty fearless. You always have more nerve to do things when you're younger. But, as the story went on, it started to turn toward a no way(not in a good way), then became extremely hilarious. I thought you were going to say, you had on no underwear. I was not expecting 101 Dalmations...classic.

  10. LMAO, thas cold cuz, she couldn't take you in a room or something, mannnnn thas a hot mess....I've had worse though man we aint even gonna go there but iight then spots I really will go to bed now...Later

    Stay Cool

  11. P.S. I don't feel bad for laughing *evil laugh* haha :P

  12. Lets call the new plush cougar "Spots"