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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

To act or Not to act?

Dear readers,
Yo whats good? Actually, since i'm writing, I should be more civilized and say, "how art thou doest" pffft~ Bitch please, I do what i whuant~ lol I kid i kid.
Okay , so today... I had an opportunity to be part of a Church play. A bit nervous, because the place we doing this at, is a ridiculous ass place. A place called " E-bel theathre". Fits about 2000 people or so, perhaps i'm exaggerating, but it fits at least a thousand. Heres the conflict though... Have you ever WANTED the main character role, but for the sake of acting humble, some other fool takes your spot? lol, kinda what happened today.

- my arrogance-
" Tenchi should definitely play "Andy"(the main character) " said almost everyone. Shiet , In my mind , I was like, ahhh shiet~~ a good opportunity to have some experience in this acting beeezznax. But...my dumb-ass was like " omg.. thats scary.. i dunno..if I ..." (damnit, let me finish,kanye west my ass thats what happened.)"Tenchi, i'm happy for you.. but.."
I should have dragged it a bit less, so that other dude don't got the time to act-block me.
This raggedy ass fool said. " I'll do it , I think i can do it" immediately these communists just turned there backs on me and said, "yea~ that could work too I suppose".

-My epiphany-
Funny how people act humble outwardly, but in fact , that act of humbleness actually comes from an superior arrogance. I realized today how proud my heart really was, and how I continuously fooled myself into thinking, i'm actually a humble dude.
I kinda imagined what God saw IN me today. Sure in humanistic standards I was the humble,shy and timid guy. However in front of God, I could not hide my obvious arrogance... I thought it was an obvious choice to pick me, I felt the most qualified, but those thoughts would only hinder the team, not support it. I was rowing left ,when our team boat needed to steer right.
Its funny how self discovery seriously lowers your heart towards him. The more you see yourself deep within, the more you discover the Lords grace , mercy and of course Love. Without him, all i'd be is dust.

So, In a much lighter , less religious note... i'm pretty excited to be able to get some acting experience. I've always wanted to act, and I always wanted to be in front of thousands of people. Wouldn't it be exhilarating, for thousands , maybe even millions of people staring at your every move. Holding their breath until you lay your lines down, and some may even keep thier eyes open just so they don't miss your every hand movement.
That my friends, would be ecstasy ON some bomb-ass pills , and then lite up, and shot out of a cannon... YES, THAT EXHILARATING, don't judge me lol. And sprayed with a champagne bottle with t-pain music in the back~-- TTttT--PPAiinNNNn--

Anyways, that was my lovely day in a nutshell... some ups, some downs, some epiphany, and a rebirth of hope,and a good sense of humbleness on my shoulders. Have a beautiful day.

yours truly,



  1. Great blog. Self reflection is a very hard thing to do because sometimes it is hard for us (as humans) to see ourselves for the way we really are. I'm glad you learned something about yourself and that you have a chance at acting. This will give you some insight into whether this is your true calling. And tenchi, please control that tongue of yours and don't slip up and say "shiet" if you forget your line..lol...that would not be good. Anyways, Good Luck!

  2. i know what u mean about appearing humble but feeling arrogant. sucks that u didn't get the part but regardless of what role you will have i'm sure you'll do a bang up job :] no worries.

    alls i can say is make the audience truly believe in your character.

  3. Lol, its flippin 2:56am and yet I can't find my bed but I am here reading all of your blogs, I feel really astronautical for this right about now (astronautical is emmmm maybe if you get to know me more you'll find out exactly what that words means in my vocabulary lol).....ok now that I'm off that tangent that is splendiferous! lmao yes I am one of many crazy words but honestly on to a serious note that was a truly a revelation you experienced I love hearing stories like this man, totally rocks my world and God's world to I reckon..... I wanna say like I'm proud of you cause in all honesty I am, and it's definitely a sign that God is working in you, mannn im such a nerd I get all excited about stuff like this. But it's interesting because I had a kind of a similar experience because I kinda offered and got pushed into starting my own dance ministry at my church mannnnnn longgggg story once again Im not gonna consume all your comment space...... Be Blessed love