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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chapter one. (mini-sode)

Chapter one. “la' sion”

It was dusk, and autumn passed into winter swiftly. There was no longer any sunlight in the islands of the South Neblu'es. In a small island floating across the vast murky clouds, laid a rural town. “Relan'je” , a scanty city, that harbors only the most infamous pirates, bandits and the likes. In the southern part of the sky ocean, the Akaelian military have little to no jurisdiction. Those who venture into the Southern Neblu'es either come back severely crippled or they are never seen again.
As reminder to all Akaels to never venture here, the lots put the mauled faces of soldiers, impaled on floating Ex'li. These malicious inventions were used for violent servitude, soaring through the clouds holding onto the impaled ones. Circling around at a modest speed, screeching the name of the one impaled. They require no fuel, nor maintenance,and it runs until it is destroyed. These Ex'li ironically are used for household chores and carrying the heavy loads.
Relan'je, though malice in appearance, and some truth in the matter, it was a desired place to be. This was the only place there was some sort of peace, because this world was no longer safe due to the lack of the black star. War arose from all sides of Dei O'zsu . The biggest nation and the most powerful, The Akaelians, ceased control and had complete marshal law over the North, east and Tia'mathis Neblu'es. The Western Neblu'es nations outraged by the military occupancy in the sky majoris, joined together to hold off the Akaelian Army, An alliance known as the “Interception”.
This mystical substance, The black star, is the key source of all things. Without it, everything life has created would cease to function. It is the fuel, and the energy that lifts the Islands in the sky, and also because of its addictive nature of its aura, it is now a definite requirement of the body. Without a good balance of the aura, no food nor drink can ever satisfy the body. Although the substance it self is naturally made , it needs the engineering of humans to make use of its power.
In the midst of all these troubles, and trials, a son is born in the rural town of Relan'je.
“ Madam Hotoko, you have a healthy young boy!” The Midwife of the house exclaimed with joy. “let me hold him” weakly spoke the mother. The Boy looked healthy , and fair. His name would soon become, La' sion.


  1. LOL "Those who venture into the Southern Neblu'es either come back severely crippled or they are never seen again." That's a bad town.

    Could you draw/sketch us an Ex'li?

    Ahh this was a good one. Great transitions.

  2. actually, that is what im working on now!!ahaha.
    and yes, that neighborhood is a bad bad place.. but like i said, the only true place of freedom, because its not oppressed by a higher power, but rather he who has the gun rule. Thanks so much for reading~

  3. Great back ground set up. I would like to hear how La'Sion grew up and what was the plot point that made him a total case. (I love character development) I would like more descriptions of the overall scenery of the places you mention. Can't wait for the second sode'

  4. Wow, you write as well? That's so great, I'm writing a book too at the moment. You are skilled with a pen (or a computer) my friend. So I'm guessing this is sci fi, right?