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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hello, lets talk of heaven

Dear Reader,

Sometimes, I wish I could be a cat. Or just a bird ... If I had to choose I'd be an owl . I don't know... many people feel being human is so great. I beg to differ. We are confined in a prison, with rules made by other men, who called it their own land because their flag reached it first. Why do we live in a society where we are told how to act, think, dress and even believe. We have false leaders who promise a better day, yet we remain the same or slowly decline. We have neighbors who smile but carry a giant knife behind their back waiting for the opportune moment to strike. If we were birds our only concern would be to soar through the sky, eat the food the world provides, and live in such a balance we can never imagine as human beings. Why do we as humans destroy everything we touch? It's so disgusting to see... and the worst part is , we worry too much about our own life to even care for anything else. Our heart doesn't have any room left for fickle desires to help the world. Perhaps Heaven is different. Much different. A place were there is perfect balance... Soaring through the heavens... Imagine what heaven would be like.
This empty space, filled with gas giants and planets a like may just be the tip of the ice berg. Perhaps heaven is beyond what we can even perceive. Just like how to an ant, the beach is the equivalence to the universe. The ant could never see the ocean for what it is, they are much to small for that... but imagine if heaven is the same way... if we were big enough, we might see the whole picture. A brand new ocean, a brand new world... what if the universe is merely just molecules for a simple rock in heaven...
The greatest part of heaven would be the changed people. The thing people enjoy the most in this world is the company of good people. You can be in paradise, but if you don't have people to share it with , it isn't the same... So heaven, like wise. Imagine heaven is a wondrous place, beyond belief, but you have no one to meet to talk to. Sounds like a beautiful hell to me.
So... The greatest aspect of heaven would be that it would be filled with wonderous people. People of all ages... who will look at you as their own brother. They will have no malicious intent, and would have nothing but love for you, and you them. They would freely tell you their stories, and you would freely listen and enjoy it dearly. Imagine the soft talks you would have with a person in jesus' time. Listening to their testimonies , and their trials and how they overcame them. And those who have been there for a longer time would show you the tricks of heaven lol. And the things you discover in heaven would be endless... each and everytime you would be amazed... and filled with utter amazement and wonder. First they show you flight... Flying in the sky at will. Then swimming to the depth of the ocean filled with wondrous animals God created for his own personal collection. Who knows. I long for heaven... I am so thankful our father in Heaven do not look at my good deeds, but rather in the faith in Christ a lone. I hope to see you brothers and sisters in Heaven one day, and If I am to go first, I will learn all the cool tricks and teach you all :).