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Friday, December 24, 2010

Hello all~

Dear Fans,subscribers and Friends,

Hey you guys :) ! Just wanted to say merry Christmas! And wow, another year has gone away , and you guys are still here with me ! That is really crazy to me! THATS BONKLES! You have no idea how thankful I am !

I'm wishing this coming year is a much better year then 2010~ I hope in 2011 , wow 2011 sounds futuristic , anyway, I hope everyone will experience something different in 2011. Whether it be some sort of enlightenment, or an increase in gratefulness... I just hope you all will gain something Divine , rather then just materialistic things. I wish you all the best, and from the bottom of my heart I love you guys! I would not trade you for 10 mil random viewers, to me, you guys are so precious. Not only because you watch my videos and such, but the fact you accept me just the way I am, and the fact you all encourage me through out my life . Thats why I love you guys~ so once again, thank you and merry Christmas!!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

GLEE cont.

Dear Reader,

As I was reading through the comments , All I could say was "sigh". You guys are Only looking at whats in front of you, try to look beyond that!!!! Most of y'all got it, but for the few that are still confused here some clarification.

some people were hurt about my comment about the girl from glee, right? The people from the media ain't stupid... if they just put an ugly black women on the screen , people will catch on and complain. However, they made a clever way to make people accept it , and just live with it... or be content with it. Just like sheep.

The media makes you RELATE to the character on the screen. Someone that closely resembles the average person. Why? because by dissing that character is almost like dissing yourself. So you know what people end up doing? They settle for less. Also, this self hatred, self pity , and all of that comes from the media putting the negative flaws ON THE MOTHERFUCKIN SCREEN. EVERYONE has flaws, but why SPOTLIGHT the flaws EVERY DAY... for EVERYONE to see??!! You understand what i'm saying here?? AND IF they were to put out the flaws of black women, why not of white women? If everyone showed their flaws, it wouldn't be so bias would it? No it wouldn't, because we would all see everyone has flaws... But obviously its one sided. And the girl from glee is one of many the media had planted.

See how people get hurt when I say shes not pretty? People take it personally. Now imagine someone said Jessica Alba was ugly, or average. Would any white girl take it personally and feel self hatred, self pity and lose self esteem? No they won't .

Meanwhile , if someone says girl from Glee is ugly , who gets hurt? EVERYONE that looks like her. You know what that proves? That proves they are using actresses that are too average looking, and with too many normal flaws. While they use white actress that are flawless. Is it because white people are flawless? NO they are JUST like everyone else, there are beautiful ones and there are PLENTY of ugly women... But they rarely put their flaws on the screen. SO why should they put the flaws of black women so much on the screen? All these negative stereotypes and so on.

Going back to Jessica Alba... why don't white girls get offended? Because, although Jessica represents white women across the nation.. MOST w.girls do NOT look like her... she is WAY above standard. So thus NO one can say shit about Jessica, and that also means NO body talks shit about w. girls.

Think about what the media Mongers are thinking. I think of it as a basketball game... to make it simple.

The coach is the Media mongers... and the coach chooses the most fit, athletics members on one team...(the dream team) and all the nerds and nonathletic people one side(the minority team). When they play the game , obviously the nerd team loses ALL the time... They don't benefit at all. The nerd kids starts complaining a bit... saying the teams are unfair! But the coach is clever, he tells him, NO you can do it! You just need spirit! You guys are doing great! So the nerds start thinking YEA, we can do it! So they try again... Lose 100-0 . And every time the nerds try to complain they get convinced by the coach that THIS time it will work. Fails again, THIS time. THIS time. ETC ETC ETC. But then One day, one of the nerds says this is bullshit... calls all the parents , P.T.A and everyone... tells them the truth, how it isn't fair... So finally the Coach balances the team... But still he chooses the best players out of his group on one side, and give the rest that were average... So when they play the game, its 100-10... They still lose. But now, the nerds can no longer complain. And the Dream team wins every time. And because by now the Nerd team think it's normal to lose.. and the reason why they are losing is because they suck... but thats not the case is it. If they were to balance it out fairly... there would be good players and bad players on both side... and the score would be evened out.


Monday, December 6, 2010

Glee casting...

Do you get what i'm trying to point out? You see how unfair the casting is? In all shows, not just this... but you see how quickly the girl on the left gets over shadowed... it took me.. 5 minutes to find beautiful girls from both races. Why is it so hard for FUCKIN PROFESSIONALS TO FIND THE RIGHT GIRL? Simple, cause they want the other races to feel ugly.

I received a message from one of my fans about the comment I made about the girl from glee.

As much as I love you Tenchi, I personally see an over weight girl on TV as meaning that you don't have to be slim or a size 0 to be on TV and that as long as you have talent it doesn't matter what you look like, your talent and belief in your ability will carry you far. And I for one think that Mercedes is pretty.

"Thats cause you've already bought into the medias hog wash. Tell me if they ever done something like that for white people. Have they ever used a less then average looking girl and make her a star with that kind of message. " you can make it even if your under par" This kinda of stuff comes AFTER you've put a solid foundation, not when its weak.

For example... IF... The media had many, I mean MANY positive representation of black women in the past.. and IF people was content with the image of black women on the screen THEN it would be okay to have things like glee and such. However, The media is FILLED WITH negative stereotypes of B.W , ALSO , and the media made you guys settle for less .

For example, They've pushed the white female above all else right? choosing the most beautiful ,slim, PERFECT looking girls on screen. We've been watching them for years, thinking ALL white women look this perfect ( which is bullshiet)... However.. Black, mexicans, asians have very SHITTY representation.. The ugly ones, the not so shining representation.

And so, IF they made GLEE with a fat white lady , with that kinda of message it wouldn't HURT the white image. Because, they already have a very strong FOUNDATION. However, GLEE with a fat black girl is only hurting the image more... and the MEDIA WANTS YOU TO THINK... " yea, but shes still beautiful, she's been through alot.. " AND WHILE you think this, YOU'VE SETTLED... You don't strive for MORE. The media brainwashed you to be content with that, and think its "FAIR" ..

but Open your eyes, it is NOT FAIR. Do you know what propaganda is ? It's when they use schemes to make us believe something thats not true. If you watch that girl on glee over and over and over again.. you automatically start believing everyone that is a black female looks like that. The image STICKS in your mind... While if you watch ANGELINA JOLIE, EVA LONGORIA, ALL these hot white chicks OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN...that image sticks... and you think, all white girls WOULD look like that (even if it is not true)

It's fine to think Mercedes is pretty, and I'm sure she is in her own way... however, What you need to SEE is the STRINGS of the puppeteer. And WHY THEY did that...and you would understand why it is unfair to put Mercedes in the spot light. "

-Side note-

Just look more closely to the media and the surroundings... don't just buy in the So called "positive message " they shoot out. Because inside a positive message always hides a hidden agenda. White America has always tried to make us inferior, less beautiful , and they've been very successful at it... and if you think things got better, no. It only got sneakier and less obvious to the common eye.

They say White women are the most desirable . Why because they are beautiful? or is it because we see beautiful women that are white on the screen? Most likely the latter. Our minds are like sponges... It soaks up an image and it repeats it self over and over again.

To give an example... Asian men were not attractive at all in the past. But , here come k-pop, new media... they see handsome asian men on the screen. The images are burned in... its recorded in there minds... Thus now a attractive.

On the other-side, they say Black women are least desirable. why? because of shit like glee... Sneaky placement of ugly black women in the screen, and they hide it with a POSITIVE MESSAGE. Lets call it a gift wrap.

Now, lets see it in a different perspective. What if... every t.v channel you turn to, every show, every sitcom... had women that looked like Gabriel union, beyonce etc etc .. Basically girls on that caliber. What if even the Side characters, the supporting actors ,everyone that was a black female on the screen looked liked that?( AND it very WELL CAN BE, if the casting GAVE A DAMN)

For example, When they cast white people, they are SOO ANAL... Choosing the right height, color, shape, form... making sure they don't over shadow the main character, but making sure they over shadow everyone else. However, when they choose any minority.. they pretty much choose someone who will DEFINITELY be under a shadow ... making sure they don't shine over their white counterparts.

So this about glee... This is just one of MANY examples the media fucks with our minds. And you watch Glee and say, but she is such a role model, or some shit like that is because you hand fed bullshiet by the media. They WANT you to think that, and feel content.

ITs like BEING RACIST WITHOUT BEING OPENLY RACIST. They call it SATIRE lol, but its CLEARLY unfair and racist. Fuck the media. Down with the system.

p.s Look at my casting compare to professionals... Doesn't the black girl in my casting look beautiful and OUT shine the white girl? What about the asian girl, around the same caliber right? But look at the casting the so called professional did.. who is obviously the one outshining everyone.. the the white girl clearly.