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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

GLEE cont.

Dear Reader,

As I was reading through the comments , All I could say was "sigh". You guys are Only looking at whats in front of you, try to look beyond that!!!! Most of y'all got it, but for the few that are still confused here some clarification.

some people were hurt about my comment about the girl from glee, right? The people from the media ain't stupid... if they just put an ugly black women on the screen , people will catch on and complain. However, they made a clever way to make people accept it , and just live with it... or be content with it. Just like sheep.

The media makes you RELATE to the character on the screen. Someone that closely resembles the average person. Why? because by dissing that character is almost like dissing yourself. So you know what people end up doing? They settle for less. Also, this self hatred, self pity , and all of that comes from the media putting the negative flaws ON THE MOTHERFUCKIN SCREEN. EVERYONE has flaws, but why SPOTLIGHT the flaws EVERY DAY... for EVERYONE to see??!! You understand what i'm saying here?? AND IF they were to put out the flaws of black women, why not of white women? If everyone showed their flaws, it wouldn't be so bias would it? No it wouldn't, because we would all see everyone has flaws... But obviously its one sided. And the girl from glee is one of many the media had planted.

See how people get hurt when I say shes not pretty? People take it personally. Now imagine someone said Jessica Alba was ugly, or average. Would any white girl take it personally and feel self hatred, self pity and lose self esteem? No they won't .

Meanwhile , if someone says girl from Glee is ugly , who gets hurt? EVERYONE that looks like her. You know what that proves? That proves they are using actresses that are too average looking, and with too many normal flaws. While they use white actress that are flawless. Is it because white people are flawless? NO they are JUST like everyone else, there are beautiful ones and there are PLENTY of ugly women... But they rarely put their flaws on the screen. SO why should they put the flaws of black women so much on the screen? All these negative stereotypes and so on.

Going back to Jessica Alba... why don't white girls get offended? Because, although Jessica represents white women across the nation.. MOST w.girls do NOT look like her... she is WAY above standard. So thus NO one can say shit about Jessica, and that also means NO body talks shit about w. girls.

Think about what the media Mongers are thinking. I think of it as a basketball game... to make it simple.

The coach is the Media mongers... and the coach chooses the most fit, athletics members on one team...(the dream team) and all the nerds and nonathletic people one side(the minority team). When they play the game , obviously the nerd team loses ALL the time... They don't benefit at all. The nerd kids starts complaining a bit... saying the teams are unfair! But the coach is clever, he tells him, NO you can do it! You just need spirit! You guys are doing great! So the nerds start thinking YEA, we can do it! So they try again... Lose 100-0 . And every time the nerds try to complain they get convinced by the coach that THIS time it will work. Fails again, THIS time. THIS time. ETC ETC ETC. But then One day, one of the nerds says this is bullshit... calls all the parents , P.T.A and everyone... tells them the truth, how it isn't fair... So finally the Coach balances the team... But still he chooses the best players out of his group on one side, and give the rest that were average... So when they play the game, its 100-10... They still lose. But now, the nerds can no longer complain. And the Dream team wins every time. And because by now the Nerd team think it's normal to lose.. and the reason why they are losing is because they suck... but thats not the case is it. If they were to balance it out fairly... there would be good players and bad players on both side... and the score would be evened out.



  1. Jessica Alba considers herself a Latina.

  2. I somewhat agree with what you're explaining but then again i've seen the media "even" out the teams. For example, the fat w.girl from Hairspray...she had her own show entitled "HUGE" & the other big w.girl from the High School Musical clan lol who kept dancing.They are average girls.... Even on GLEE (I don't watch it..lol), I would rather see Raven Symone up there or somethin dang.... but anyway I agree to the fact that the media does negatively portray certain minorities forcing us to accept our given stereotypes.
    P.S.& I defiantly don't look like the Glee girl..lol

  3. Jessica Alba considers herself Latina only when it benefits her career i.e., she's in Machete.

    For example:http://mediatakeout.com/2009/7187-jessica_alba_dont_call_me_a_latina.html

    June 17, 2007. MediaTakeOut.com has learned that Hispanics are up in arms about some comments made by Jessica Alba in a rent issue of Para Todos magazine. It turns out that in the article, Jessica denied her Hispanic heritage.

    Below are some quotes from the recent interview. Guess sellouts come in all races, and sizes.

    Alba is my last name and I'm proud of that. But that's it. My grandparents were born in California, the same as my parents, and though I may be proud of my last name, I'm American. Throughout my whole life, I've never felt connected to one particular race or heritage, nor did I feel accepted by any. If you break it down, I'm less Latina than Cameron Diaz, whose father is Cuban. But people don't call her Latina because she's blonde.

  4. The media has also pushed the idea of what is pretty and what is ugly too. There are people that think Jessica Alba is pretty and some that think he's ugly. Now, most people think she's pretty because we've been told that skinny is pretty, and bigger is ugly. We all want to believe that personality is essential, but at the end of the day we all base our opinions on the looks. If, Jessica Alba was to get on television and say that she wanted to be bigger, people would change their opinions. However, everyone says instead "Being overweight is simply unhealthy" that way when they criticize others for being overweight they can say its because they are unhealthy not because they simply think that person is in fact ugly.

    Personally, I wouldn't be viewed as pretty because I'm not skinny nor is my skin flawless. So, according to the media I am ugly. According to myself I'm juat a normal person with flaws like the rest of the world.

  5. @littlepieceoflife Well thats what I'm getting at. We all have flaws, but yet people on the screen USUALLY do NOT have flaws... mainly because they are seen countless times by countless people. So they make sure they are the perfect weight, flawless skin, and just everything. So when people look at them, they can't really pin point anything particular, because they overall look better then you. But for minority, they pick people with flaws, just like everyday people... or choose people who are a LITTLE bit better then average people... SO when the rest of the world see them, they can easily pin point the flaws.. and in return the rest of the people in that race gets a little bit of sting.

  6. @Kristin I chose Alba for that exact reason M said. I knew her uncle , who was my art class and he used to tell me some shit about her. besides the point.

    @kgraphic You honestly think that is balancing out? because they put one white fat girl in hairspray? I don't know if You read my first blog, but I mentioned something about foundation. W.women's representation in the media has a very strong foundation... they made sure they were seen as nothing less then flawless. So one or two bad representation of an ugly girl or average girl on the screen won't take away the rep they've been stacking up. However, you can't say the same for minorities who DON"T have such a strong foundation.Then by putting up a ugly girl, or average girl their only piling on MORE negative shit onto already a weak foundation... so balance? you gotta be shitting me lol.

  7. Its the selfish thinking of the media, they care about ratings more than they care about the effects it has on everyone. The only white people that get picked on are the blondes.

    Black People: We are either super loud and unintelligent. You know, ghetto. Or we are viewed as smart because we "understand the inequalities of life and try to fight them" we can't just be smart for the sake of being smart.

    Asians: I think are the most stereotyped, the one race that is legit viewed as ALL the same way. The submissive race, the easily assimilated into American culture. However, I know so many that are completely different from that, like the owner of this blog.

    Hispanics: Well, my main issue is that they get hardly any representation, and if they do they are similar to blacks except a bit more verbal and of course they all have to be immigrants or some crap like that.

    I mean if they wanted to represent average people they make it seem like it is so hard to look at the public or ask the public and figure things out. But that would be too much like doing the right thing.

  8. @ littlepieceoflife YOu madam are a breath of FUCKIN FRESH AIR. SERIOUSLY. You don't take it personal, whos pretty whos not pretty and just get DOWN TO THE TRUTH. THE ESSENCE OF IT. GOD DANGIT, it made this whole thing worth while . Seriously, I thought it was hopeless for a while, but you just made my day. Thank you my beautiful sista!

  9. aah too true - the media is too messed up nowadays
    scrap glee cast.. how bouts a tenchi cast xD

  10. As long as the audience that they're trying to reach i.e. "white americans" don't have a problem with these mis-representations then nothings going to happen. I was kinda curious as to what you thought about the girl from the movie "Precious". BUt i completely agree with LittlePieceofLife

  11. @panda Precious is another great example. They would never put a big white lady and make her famous like that. They just wouldn't.

  12. they really wouldn't, and people keep bringing up the two big white women from the show "Huge" and from this other show(can't think of the name). But like you said it's ok for them to have 2 negative views of white women because they have such a strong foundation while other minorities don't have a strong footing.

  13. Inspired by you:

  14. hi guy i love all the things u do god bless ya so much, bye

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  16. Let's suppose that Glee is a Paris-Dakar Rally which is a dart race across the African Continent and the participants to the race are representatives of each skin colors like the Glee girls. The objectives of Paris-Dakar Rally is to reach as fast as the goal and let's suppose the Glee's objectives is to plant general images of each races relevant to the beautifulness.

    Ok,now let's suppose the organizer of Paris-Dakar Rally is the Glee's producer, and the organizer furnishes to each participants cars with which the participants race with. The participants to the race correspond to each race(skin color) in Glee.

    Now let's suppose the organizer gives Toyota Land Cruiser to white people, Toyota F1 machine to Africans,Toyota FT-EV II to Hispanics and Toyota Prius to Asians.

    Finally let's suppose we don't have knowledge about each cars.

    Of course, the white people win all the race, because Toyota Land Cruiser is the car for dart driving. But we don't know the character of each car and the producer of race had said to us that every car they assigned to each skin color is No.1.

    The race results show that white always wins.

    What happens then? We start to believe that white have the best driving kills (beatifulness) than other races.

    JK is saying NO to that and also saying that even it is true all cars are No.1, but the race is Paris-Dakar Rally, it means the organizer should assign all skin colors the best car for dart, Toyota Land Cruiser.

    Even F1 machine is the fastest as we all know, but in Paris-Dakar Rally it is obvious that machine is the slowest. The Glee should choose casting by a single criterion (or the butifulness,) for the cars assigned to each representatives of each skin, is what he want to say, I understood like that way.

    Is that correct, JK?
    Sorry my bad English.

    I am Japanese guy and I like black ladies because they are wide minded in general.