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Monday, December 6, 2010

Glee casting...

Do you get what i'm trying to point out? You see how unfair the casting is? In all shows, not just this... but you see how quickly the girl on the left gets over shadowed... it took me.. 5 minutes to find beautiful girls from both races. Why is it so hard for FUCKIN PROFESSIONALS TO FIND THE RIGHT GIRL? Simple, cause they want the other races to feel ugly.

I received a message from one of my fans about the comment I made about the girl from glee.

As much as I love you Tenchi, I personally see an over weight girl on TV as meaning that you don't have to be slim or a size 0 to be on TV and that as long as you have talent it doesn't matter what you look like, your talent and belief in your ability will carry you far. And I for one think that Mercedes is pretty.

"Thats cause you've already bought into the medias hog wash. Tell me if they ever done something like that for white people. Have they ever used a less then average looking girl and make her a star with that kind of message. " you can make it even if your under par" This kinda of stuff comes AFTER you've put a solid foundation, not when its weak.

For example... IF... The media had many, I mean MANY positive representation of black women in the past.. and IF people was content with the image of black women on the screen THEN it would be okay to have things like glee and such. However, The media is FILLED WITH negative stereotypes of B.W , ALSO , and the media made you guys settle for less .

For example, They've pushed the white female above all else right? choosing the most beautiful ,slim, PERFECT looking girls on screen. We've been watching them for years, thinking ALL white women look this perfect ( which is bullshiet)... However.. Black, mexicans, asians have very SHITTY representation.. The ugly ones, the not so shining representation.

And so, IF they made GLEE with a fat white lady , with that kinda of message it wouldn't HURT the white image. Because, they already have a very strong FOUNDATION. However, GLEE with a fat black girl is only hurting the image more... and the MEDIA WANTS YOU TO THINK... " yea, but shes still beautiful, she's been through alot.. " AND WHILE you think this, YOU'VE SETTLED... You don't strive for MORE. The media brainwashed you to be content with that, and think its "FAIR" ..

but Open your eyes, it is NOT FAIR. Do you know what propaganda is ? It's when they use schemes to make us believe something thats not true. If you watch that girl on glee over and over and over again.. you automatically start believing everyone that is a black female looks like that. The image STICKS in your mind... While if you watch ANGELINA JOLIE, EVA LONGORIA, ALL these hot white chicks OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN...that image sticks... and you think, all white girls WOULD look like that (even if it is not true)

It's fine to think Mercedes is pretty, and I'm sure she is in her own way... however, What you need to SEE is the STRINGS of the puppeteer. And WHY THEY did that...and you would understand why it is unfair to put Mercedes in the spot light. "

-Side note-

Just look more closely to the media and the surroundings... don't just buy in the So called "positive message " they shoot out. Because inside a positive message always hides a hidden agenda. White America has always tried to make us inferior, less beautiful , and they've been very successful at it... and if you think things got better, no. It only got sneakier and less obvious to the common eye.

They say White women are the most desirable . Why because they are beautiful? or is it because we see beautiful women that are white on the screen? Most likely the latter. Our minds are like sponges... It soaks up an image and it repeats it self over and over again.

To give an example... Asian men were not attractive at all in the past. But , here come k-pop, new media... they see handsome asian men on the screen. The images are burned in... its recorded in there minds... Thus now a attractive.

On the other-side, they say Black women are least desirable. why? because of shit like glee... Sneaky placement of ugly black women in the screen, and they hide it with a POSITIVE MESSAGE. Lets call it a gift wrap.

Now, lets see it in a different perspective. What if... every t.v channel you turn to, every show, every sitcom... had women that looked like Gabriel union, beyonce etc etc .. Basically girls on that caliber. What if even the Side characters, the supporting actors ,everyone that was a black female on the screen looked liked that?( AND it very WELL CAN BE, if the casting GAVE A DAMN)

For example, When they cast white people, they are SOO ANAL... Choosing the right height, color, shape, form... making sure they don't over shadow the main character, but making sure they over shadow everyone else. However, when they choose any minority.. they pretty much choose someone who will DEFINITELY be under a shadow ... making sure they don't shine over their white counterparts.

So this about glee... This is just one of MANY examples the media fucks with our minds. And you watch Glee and say, but she is such a role model, or some shit like that is because you hand fed bullshiet by the media. They WANT you to think that, and feel content.

ITs like BEING RACIST WITHOUT BEING OPENLY RACIST. They call it SATIRE lol, but its CLEARLY unfair and racist. Fuck the media. Down with the system.

p.s Look at my casting compare to professionals... Doesn't the black girl in my casting look beautiful and OUT shine the white girl? What about the asian girl, around the same caliber right? But look at the casting the so called professional did.. who is obviously the one outshining everyone.. the the white girl clearly.


  1. I see what your talking about but sadly this is nothing new. Hollywood and society have been doing this for far to long. I always said I find it funny that Denzel Washington didn't win a Oscar until he was portraying a dirty cop when he has a long career of much better films he's been in under his belt. And Halle Berry have to get raped by a white man to get her Oscar.

  2. omg you're so opinionated! i hear what you're saying though and I'm not gunna front, I love watching Glee but I didn't like how the first time I saw the show that the token black chick was fat, had a pig nose, and was a huge stereotype in countless other ways. She is pretty in her own way, but let's be honest...we've all seen girls like that in our high schools or at the mall giving everyone who watches the show that black girls don't get any better than this even in the entertainment biz.

    It's sad. Not to mention how all the other white girls on there look like they could be models and I know as an aspiring young Black actress myself that they're HAD to be better options to choose from. Nice post Tenchi.

  3. Wow! your explanation is absolutely amazing! why are you not a sociology/anthropology teacher?!

  4. You guys like my casting version? hahaha. Took 5 fuckin minutes...

  5. I agree with the entire point you're making. I've seen that in a few shows. I agree that Mercedes isn't the best looking girls on the show. But looking at the picture you posted above, I realized the casters were going for average. Each character average-looking with their own set of problems. Her's being her weight(kinda of a stereotype)... But's it is really sad that she is the only black girl represented in the show (really, the only black person)

  6. While I understand and for the most part agree with what you're saying, I feel as though you need to open your eyes more as well. A bit off topic here, but a similar thing goes for race... It seems to me that the media has "brainwashed" (for lack of a better word) you into thinking that fat = ugly and skinny = beautiful. Anyone in North America has grown up only seeing thin girls in the media, so I don't blame you. But Amber Riley (Mercedes) is beautiful. Not in her own way, she IS. You just don't see it. Though I do understand what you're getting at, and her character does have many negative stereotypes, I just don't feel weight is one of them.

  7. @ Clara. Look at the people I chose ... are they beautiful because they are skinny? or are they just beautiful?

    And if weight didn't matter so much why do they emphasis on Black girls being over weight more then then any other girl?

    Also, the media didn't brainwash me into thinking fat= ugly , and skinny = pretty. Because I've seen fat girls with pretty faces, and skinny girls with ugly faces.

    And Mercedes in NORMAL standards looks okay, but to be in the spotlight for the whole world to see repeatedly , is not someone that is very pretty.

    The sad reality is this, the general population no matter how much you want to convince them otherwise will not find Mercedes prettier then that white girl.Call it brain washing , but that's the truth.

    It's an unfair world, THUS you need to fight with the SAME ammunition as they have. So if they bring a pretty blonde haired girl, then you bring the SAME but with-thin your own race.

    If they bring a Stallion, you bring a better looking stallion, you don't bring a donkey and convince them its pretty. Because they already have the notion that horses are prettier.

    Stop being naive, this is not what I created, but what our misgovernment created, and the media bastards made it their bitch. You need to know the truth , to fight the truth, instead of being stuck in denial.

    Weight had a PART to do with, and MAINLY because she is just an average looking girl in a Model looking world. And PEOPLE all over the world will NOTICE IT, and WILL judge it accordingly.

  8. I'm pretty sure she was cast for her singing talent but ok. I would like to see those 2 other girls sing as well.

    ~white girl who dates open minded asian guys

  9. @kristin Their are plenty of black girls who look better and sing better then her. I've seen girls in my church in Florida who were black, who looked model status AND sang like OMFG...

    IF the casting calls really gave a damn about equality, they would have found the best of the best. But, they don't care , and people are slowly being content with what they see ... and if left unchecked its gonna be irreversible.

  10. Please don't get me wrong. I know how incredibly unfair the media is, and the unfortunate control it has in our society. That's why I really do admire you fighting it so vigorously.

    And I see your point on the emphasis put on black girls being overweight. I didn't think about it that way. Plus I thought you were using ugly as a more general term. But thanks for clearing that up. Fully getcha now.

  11. don't forget Jenna who plays the Asian girl. I've seen so many beautiful Asian girls that have crazy talent that should have taken her place.

  12. Tenchi, you should get your own show . NOW !

  13. I think the girls in your casting call have more European like features. What about women with more ethnic features like Mercedes in Glee. Her body type and her “pig nose” (someone mentioned above) are African like features. Also what about an Asian girl with small eyes or a Latina with wide hips? These are ethnic features and to have someone say Mercedes is just average compared to the white girl sounds like someone is already brainwashed into thinking that the European features are better. I have a big pig nose, wide hips, kinky afro hair and I love it! I dare anyone to tell me that I’m not beautiful compared to their Eurocentric standards.
    In addition, I understand what you’re trying to say. It is unfair that white people are cast on a different level than other races , but it’s up to us not to feed into that type of thinking. By saying that the black girl is average, ugly, fat or whatever you’re buying into it and you’re doing just what they want you to do.

  14. @Stewvell . Not every one have "ethnic features" , and it isn't those features that make them unique, but it's proportions that truly determine beauty.

    Also, I can find a white woman that has the SAME features Mercedes does, its not a fuckin ethnic feature. So your saying all black women have pig noses? Wide hips? That's stereotyping in it self.

    And also finding yourself beautiful without anyone agreeing with you is narcissism.

    You said " but it’s up to us not to feed into that type of thinking. By saying that the black girl is average, ugly, fat or whatever you’re buying into it and you’re doing just what they want you to do."

    Sigh... listen. SHE IS Average. Beyonce is NOT average. Rihanna is NOT average. Vivica Fox is not average. The girl from glee is Average or less then. While that white girl is clearly Above average, is that because all w.girls are above average, NO!, It's cause they CHOSE a girl above average.
    This has nothing to do with Mercedes being ugly, it's the fact you are content with what you see in the media. Like, that's a normal representation of all black women. It's NOT. its a horrible representation.

    We were content with seeing jackie chan as our rep in the past... but realized we were getting majorly screwed. They have people like johnny depp, brad pit and we get jackie? Jackie chan and BI(rain) has "ethic" features... but who is CLEARLY more good looking. BI, no DOUBT. Thats the SAME shit here... Mercedes is Jackie , and if the casting was fair they would have used Bi instead. Because In this analogy the white girl was johhny depp. See the big picture, not whos pretty or not pretty, because its bigger then that .

  15. Tch! They wouldn't let Tenchi have his own show! They'd shut him down too quickly! They wouldn't want him correcting their bullshit! >.<

  16. Here Here, I couldn't of said it better myself Tenchi.You hit the nail on the head. I was watching glee last week and no lie, I was like what's up with this cast? Most of these people are not that attractive.They are up to something but I couldn't quite put my finger on it yet. The media does not do anything without a reason and 9 times out of 10 it's not to benefit us in the slightest, it's all about them and how they can continue to stay on top. And it definately takes some careful planning on their part. Like my grandfather once said when we're sleep their plotting and planning.

    But don't get me wrong Mercedes is very talented and she deserves to be on TV like anybody else. It's just a shame that she has to be a pawn in the users game.

    And skibbles, you are absolutely right!! It's messed up how Halle and Denzel had to play a negative role to get an Oscar, are you kidding me? Halle had to literally take her clothes off to get an Oscar. And personally I think Denzel should of gotton one for Malcolm X...but no we'll give you one for playing a crooked cop. That's a total slap in the face to our race. (ha ha I rhymed) And if my memory serves me correctly I think this black woman from Gone With The Wind won an oscar for playing a maid. How cool is that? NOT!

    But we really do need to deprogram ourselves from years and years of brainwashing, and start looking a step beyond and stop accepting what they show us at face value. Hey, we got to start somewhere and why not start with the media. We've bought into the lies for so long we can't even begin to realize all the damage that has been done. Like low self-esteem , not feeling like you're ever good enough. Call it what you will but I call it soul murdering? It's enough to make my blood boil...ugh!

  17. First of all it's not narcissism if I like who I am and what I look like without the approval of others. It took me a long time to get to this place and I won't let anyone tell me I'm wrong for it.

    And you missed the point (someone else said she had a pig nose). Wide noses and hips are common in some African cultures. I have a wide nose and hips but thats not the point.

    I get what you're trying to make us see, but what I'm saying is that what you're trying to put off as beauty isn't what many others see as beauty. (The white girl isn't above average...she's pretty, but nothing spectacular.) I get that you're saying the white girl and the black girl aren't equally matched as far as their looks go and that you feel like they could've chosen a better looking girl and that its a plot to give blacks a low self image, but why are we so concerned about how they look?
    Peep this...tv show has pretty, slutty white girl and a average looking, smart, successful black girl. Should we still be mad that the casting people choose an average black woman over a "Beyonce" look-a-like. Heck no, I won't be mad because I would want my daughter to look up to the average looking, smart, and successful black woman rather than a slutty pretty girl (no matter her race) I want my daughter to know that the media doesn't shape her self image...she does.

    I've never even seen Glee...smh...I don't even watch BET or its little sister channels. It's all negative stereotypes of black people anyway and get this...It's run by BLACK PEOPLE! So Tenchi, before blacks can even get mad about white people putting out negative views of us...we need to stop putting out that crap ourselves.

    It's all love.

    Also, no disrespect, but a lot of your black female readers mostly resemble the black girl from Glee, myself included. You might've hurt some feelings.

    1. So, according to some of the things you later said in your comment.. you do have to realize that in the past, racist ideals were large, and you don't think these racist ideals, that even determine how great of a life someone would have in the past, wouldn't trickles down in the minority and get to their heads? Because, guess what? They do.. And B.E.T is a great example of this. They don't show most of the blacks on their show, because that's the WAY they are, they show blacks the way they are perceived in the media. No race can ever be so monolithic. Asian, Indians may have big noses, small noses and a whole range of features, but not Blacks?

      No, I just think that's a wrong idea that people have, obviously, and so does the Media. Even despite all the Black people, you've seen, because believe it or not, the few black people you've seen AREN'T ALL black people!

  18. Can I just add how ridiculous it is that you called Stewvell narcissistic? She doesn't have an obsession with herself to the exclusion of all others... It is in no way narcissistic to love yourself. The most important relationship you will ever have in your life is the one you have with yourself. The only opinion of you that really matters is your own. And there's more to people than physical appearance. I'm talking about self worth here. Proper self worth is a beautiful thing, not narcissistic. I feel sad for anyone that can't see that.

  19. @ stewvell I see what your saying. You understood me pretty straight, cool .

    And I never said they needed to be slutty , but beautiful all around.... Also, The truth is this... people in normal day life DO not look like Models , or beautiful that matches the standards of the media. Like I said before, the media is a place where you bring out the cream of the crop...( thats the game they play) the best of the best to represent a whole community. So if they were to bring out someone who is a 8-10(which they mostly do), then we should be allowed to play the same card Instead of giving us 5-6's and convincing us 5-6 is beautiful too..

    Also, MOST girls in normal life do not look like Angelina Jolie , but they watch her all the time on the screen thus being able to feel better about themselves... and having self confidence, because someone wayy beautiful represents them.

    But imagine if they were to see Normal everyday girls you see in high-school on the screen... then it ain't nothing special.

    I might have hurt some feelings , but it takes some harsh honesty to tell the truth. It's an unfair representation , period.

    I know we all don't look like BI, or taeyang or anyone like that... but we want them to represent us, because they are the best we can offer. The girl from glee is obviously not the cream of the crop, and for people to just settle with that because of feelings hurt is what the media wants. And its working fabulously.

    Look at what your saying, You can only but sympathize with her, meanwhile the media bastards get away with unfair representation of a whole community.

    I know this because Asian men used to do the SAME thing... We used to look at Jackie or jet and just roll with it... because we could agree we look like jackie.. we have his features... And while I say that I forget the fact that we are poorly represented. Most w. Men do not look like brad pit, or johnny depp, but why are they represented so highly... and we get represented closer to reality, while they get represented with fantasy. And that CLEARLY benefits them as a whole, and it's CLEARLY the reason why they are more desirable. Suggestive thinking.
    "It's all negative stereotypes of black people anyway and get this...It's run by BLACK PEOPLE! So Tenchi, before blacks can even get mad about white people putting out negative views of us...we need to stop putting out that crap ourselves."

    you think it's you guys putting out that crap? NAHHHHHHH~ thats where your wrong sista, its the people on TOP thats putting out all this GARBAGE. And we eating it all up. You even got to thinking it's your fault for having all these negative stereotypes. NAH, don't blame yourself or your community, this was fabricated by the media WAYYYYYYY before we had any say in the matter.

  20. "It is in no way narcissistic to love yourself." -CMIB

    inordinate fascination with oneself; excessive self-love; vanity.

    Need I say more.. thats the definition.

    A relationship with your self??? NOW Thats ridiculous... The most important relationship should be with your loved one lol, not yourself.

    It is also important to take in the opinions of others because they have truth in it, and by only caring about your own opinions you are being ignorant to the world. And the opinion only matters if it actually have substance and truth... Hitler had his own opinions, that shit mattered to him... but not for the jews that were later massacred by him.

    And yes , there are definitely more to people then physical appearance, I never denied that. But It matters enough to make an impact. Otherwise people wouldn't be butthurt if they told them they were ugly.

    Also, I did choose the word a bit harsh didn't i? I apologize for that . However, everyone has an obsession with themselves. You do to, and so do I ...Can't really deny that. You would do everything and Anything for yourself , that is an obsession .

    Proper self worth...hm... who makes that value? yourself? If you don't have scale how do you know how valuable you really are? Someone might have a piece of rock that is valued to him, but if no body else finds that rock valuable, is it really valuable?

    Self value ... I think you should aim higher to earn the respect of the masses. Be valued by other people, not just your own. You can tell your self "i'm beautiful" a 100 times, but if someone tells you you're beautiful onces, it worth more.

    Overall, I didn't think it was ridiculous to call someone narcissistic, because in this time and age we all are.

  21. It is in no way narcissistic to love yourself, because by self love, I mean self acceptance and being okay with who you are. Not literally being in love with yourself.

    I never said the only opinion I care about is my own. I'm just saying I think it's worth reminding ourselves that our self-worth comes from us, and no one else. It's called self-worth because it comes from you. People may try to acquire self-worth through the evaluations of others, but all of those attempts are in vain. At the end of the day, self-worth comes from within, and it's based on nothing except your existence. You have value simply because you are. It doesn't matter how valuable the rock is to someone else. It is valuable to the someone it belongs to, leaving them happy and fulfilled.

    Now someone telling you that you're beautiful may mean more to you, but I feel differently. I'm not saying it isn't nice to hear and that it goes unappreciated, but it has to do with that relationship you have with yourself. The one you felt was so ridiculous... Hear me out. If you don't love yourself, how can you love someone else? If you can't accept your own flaws, how can you be expected to accept someone else's? How can you believe someone when they tell you you're beautiful, when you don't truly believe it yourself? That foundation you have with yourself is important. Can you see what I'm saying?

    But yes, I did feel narcissistic was a bit harsh. Thank you. And if you felt that to say you were ridiculous was harsh, I apologize.

  22. Your so right infact bang on the money it may be hard for some people to swallow but you tell the god's honest truth (seriously)which is highly refreshing and that is what people will always find gripe with.In my opinion anybody that doesnt get what you are saying or finds it offensive truly does not understand what are are trying to convey,you go tenchi

  23. @CMIB19794
    I totally get what you're saying. That's what I had to do to get myself ready for when I wanted to start forming relationships again. I had to learn and beat into my head that I'm wonderfully and fearfully made. God didn't make a mistake when He created me. I had to learn how to love and accept me just the way I am because if I couldn't do that, how can I go out there and find someone that's going to love and respect me for who I am. I almost married the duchiest douchebag of all douchebaggery because I didn't love and respect myself enough to know that I didn't deserve to be treated so poorly. So Tenchi, regarding my situation, that doesn't make me vain.
    Also the CEO of BET is a black woman. Oh she has some control of what goes on that channel.
    “You even got to thinking it's your fault for having all these negative stereotypes. NAH, don't blame yourself or your community, this was fabricated by the media WAYYYYYYY before we had any say in the matter.”
    I’m not blaming myself or my community, I’m saying that, yeah it has been going on way before then, but we don’t have to keep it going or accept it. Before anybody blames “the man” for anything we have to look within our community and really see what we’re putting out there and if it’s the same as what they’ve been doing for generations, then why complain about it. This is in regards to BET and all those channels like it.
    Also you mentioned Vivica Fox as being above average something or another. Home girl sells her own brand of hair weaves. Personally that’s sending me a message that as a black woman, I can’t be acceptable unless I have long, silky, flowing, straight hair. Every time I look at TV there's another black woman with a 10 pound hat made of hair on her head. I don’t have a problem with hair weaves but don’t push it on me like it’s the standard of beauty that all black women should strive to. All the time I get crap about how I need a perm or I look better with straight hair. You can’t tell me that’s not brainwashing.
    Lastly, being called a narcissist stung a lil bit.

  24. @CMIB I get what your saying , and for the most part We were on the same page, just didn't get each other. so lax...

    @Stewvell CEO's are just figure heads. Just like Obama is a figure head controlled by billionaire Bankers. She has no power when the push comes the shove.

    Also, I'm tired of women saying wearing a weave isn't being yourself. Who cares if she decides to wear it , like you said you don't have a problem with it... But when they force it like its the only standard of beauty,then is of course wrong.

    and, if your reason of not wearing a weave is because by some way or form is degrading ... Then , By all means don't wear it.

    but, can you blame the man for not being attracted to it if he isn't attracted to it? Does it have to be brainwashing ? Or is it their own personal preference. I for one Love women with short hair ... no one brainwashed me to like short hair, I just love it that way...

    When we play THE GAME, we all confine to certain rules. Rules ain't fair obviously, but they exist , and they are not going to change by forming your own Game with your own rules.

    and ,If you were to love yourself why would you feel less love for your self by wearing a weave, or a perm? And if someone told you , you look better with a perm or straight hair , is it because they want to harm you or offend you? Or do they actually find you more pretty that way? If you truly felt comfortable with who you were , why would wearing a weave ,doing a perm be bothersome?

    I Think vivica Fox is beautiful inside and out. She could wear weaves all she wants, or not wear them... her choice , but she chose to wear weaves, big deal. Didn't lose one spec of respect for her.

    "Every time I look at TV there's another black woman with a 10 pound hat made of hair on her head."

    You obviously do have a problem with it . Why insult that persons choice? Just like you have your standard of beauty, that person with the 10 pound of hair has hers.

  25. Stewvell and CMIB your comment on self love and self acceptance was so beautifully put. I think self acceptance and self love is absolutely important and absolutely necessary.But all in all knowing that God loves and accepts you exactly as you are, is all the comfort I need. I absolutely believe that. People can tell you all day long how beautiful and how great you are but if you don't believe it for yourself it don't mean a hill of a beans.

    And I do totally get where Tenchi is coming from too immensely. The media has been doing a job on minorities since the boob tube was invented, not to mention the years of oppression we've suffered before hand. Tenchi just can see past alot of crap that most people take at face value and think nothing of it. That's exactly what they want us to do just look at the idiot box (tv) passively and think that you're watching harmless entertainment. But I beg to differ.

  26. @ Nema thanks for understanding . I really don't want to arguing trifling subjects as beauty, its BIGGER then that. It's on a WHOLE new tier... but yet people are caught up on the lowest tier.

  27. I'm sorry that you think this is trifling but I got upset mostly when I read many of the comments posted by the readers. I know everybody has their preferences and I agree with what you're saying, but when I saw other black women calling the girl from Glee ugly and having a pig nose that hurt. I saw an example of what you're saying. The media has accomplished what it set out to do...make people think European like features are better, give a better representation of white people, and an undesirable representation of ethnic people. I get that. The media has ulterior motives. I've never posted like this on a freaking blog, but I felt I needed to say my piece. I thought that was the point of having a comment section on a blog, for others to voice their opinion.

  28. @ stewvell I'm sorry if they hurt you with their comments , but what I don't get is why? You look nothing like the girl from glee.

    The main point is nothing to do with European like features. there are MANY black women who have African features but look JUST as beautiful, because it isn't the FEATURES, but BALANCE. Proportions. But the girl from Mercedes is just NOT pretty overall. Especially if she is to be representing young black girls.

    For example, the black girl I chose above she has the same style of nose as Mercedes, but they look good on her because she is proportionate , not because she have "European features".

    "I've never posted like this on a freaking blog, but I felt I needed to say my piece. I thought that was the point of having a comment section on a blog, for others to voice their opinion."

    And give your opinions you have, but there is ALWAYS going to be rebuttle to what you say. And thats the right of the owner of this blog. You have the right to post your opinions, but I also have to right to go against what you say, correct? So no need to be offended ,angry , frustrated or pissed.

    Just know everyone has a different point of view, and mine is just more blunt and honest. I don't take sides, and I say the truth . If you want me to beat around the bush don't read my blog.

    On a much lighter note , I enjoyed hearing your side of the story, and I have taken in what you have said. I honestly DO know what your saying, and I do feel it... but Like I said it's Passed that. On a different Tier.

  29. You're preaching the truth...be careful...the illuminati may come after you.

  30. o___o this upset me a little
    sure would it be nice to have some beautiful skinny black girl belting out notes
    but i think that's the whole point of glee
    to show people who don't really belong.

    i do agree with you that the media plays a huge role in this, but i don't think it's your right to say what's pretty and what isn't.
    for someone who's usually on you're wavelength this upset me i've gotta say.

    being big or having stereotypical african american features doesn't automatically make someone ugly.

    i'm skinny like a stick but i feel like i can identify with mercedes so what you say stings me just a little as an african american female who doesn't feel like she belongs alot of times...

    idunno tenchi...
    and to me it's a little sad that 。★゚♡*CrystallyzeD*♡゚★。 said "she's pretty in her own way" especially as a black girl =/
    welp all the best
    but idunno think about this..
    when you judge someone who are you really judging the creation or the Creator?
    alright i'm out ahah ^^

  31. Gee, maybe I should start watching Glee. Or maybe not. As far as Mercedes, they did her a disservice because they placed her (an average looking woman) within a cast of above average looking non black women. There's a stereotype that if you're a fat black woman you're funny and good hearted but not considered beautiful. Now, I think we see many things in the media because we WANT to (exp. we see more stuff about black men and non black women than the other way around because we care about that more) but having Precious 2.0 makes the balance just right. If she was surrounded by non black women on her level of attractiveness, then fine, but it makes her look comical, not pretty.

    PS- Tony Leung was one my specialty crushes for years.

  32. m said...

    I am a fan of Glee, but it disturbs me to watch some of the reinforced stereotypes. Tina and her boyfriend always do "Asian" things. They met at "Asian" camp and when they have relationship problems the guy recommends they go to "Asian" couples therapy. And they go on dates with his mom to an "Asian" restaurant. No one suggests Finn and Rachel go to European therapy.

    The latina is "hot" and is only used for sex (no stereotype there). And though she may be the most attractive girl in the bunch, the unwed teen mother who cheated on her boyfriend with his best friend and tried to cover it up(and who can has no problem screwing someone over to get what she wants), and the spotlight hogging self-absorbed girl who dresses like 6th grade girl in private school are the two most prized females for relationships. Plus, they get to date/mess with the most popular and best looking guys in school. Even the "dumb blond" who also sleeps around gets a boyfriend.

    The black girl is stereotypically loud, aggressive, heavy-set, but has a great singing voice (because all black women can sing like that). But, the only love interests she can find are 1) a gay guy and 2) Puck who only dated her so he could be popular, but has no real romantic attachment to her. Puck does, however, continue to mess with the skinny cheerleaders and Rachel. When ever the episode focuses on Mercedes's life, it always has something to do about her weight and attractiveness - 1) being rejected by Kurt 2) passing out from trying to lose weight 3) her fighting Sue Sylvester to eat fattening potato tots rather than chasing after boys like the other girls, like the cute black football player (hey, where did he come from?)Kurt tried to set her up with.

    The point about Mercedes is not if she is or is not attractive. The point that I believe Tenchijk is trying to make is that the other girls are slender and fit within positive social norms of what is attractive in our society. No one feels compelled to defend how pretty they are, but don't be mean to the overweight girl who is really beautiful on the inside, but single every season.

    Oh, and since they are going for a black stereotype, in that entire school they could only find 1 black person who could sing? They had a black guy who was a football player (actually, the few black guys there are are always on the football team) that only spoke once or twice the first season, but now he's gone. He and Mercedes can't be the only black people in that school.

    And, let's not even go into the Jewish stereotypes about the nerdy, over-sexed, curly-haired guy, with thick glasses who videotapes everything and ransoms gossip for girl's underwear. Or the effeminate gay guy who likes to plan weddings, use beauty products, hits on straight guys, and practices the choreography to Beyonce's Single Ladies.

    Just sayin'

  33. I notice when you said the black girl from glee was ugly
    some people got offended
    maybe they thought the word too harsh.
    They looked at the word and didnt get the picture.
    They took this girl and made her be a representation of themselves visual wise.
    Obscuring their focus they never got the message.
    It seems that when the underdog gets to the top or is in contention it seems to give hope.
    Why must BW always be the stereotypical underdog
    Why cant it be a level playing field for all.

  34. @ Tenchi
    Forgive me if you didn't use the word "ugly"
    I just hate misquoting people.
    But me writing "ugly" was just a word
    Not the message I wanted to get across.

  35. I don't find what you wrote offensive at all. It's true that other races have quite a demeaning image in the media while the white race is often accentuated in every way possible. It really isn't fair, but then again I couldn't care less, because there's not much one can do about that.

    I've just learnt to live with it.

  36. I agree with your interpretation of Hollywood's lame attempt at casting...and type casting many minorities (Asian men and Black women alike). In this particular instance you are referring to Black women. It's the same thing on the Fresh Beat Band...ok, I don't watch that show, my daughter watches it...maybe I shouldn't let her anymore...but one of the characters (I think her name is Melody) runs a smoothie shop and is very heavy set. It's sad that they type-cast the Black guy to be nerdy and although he speaks proper English (which I don't have a problem with an educated Black man or woman), he sounds so un-Black and doesn't have any style or rhythm (which of course we are 'known' for). Melody, is a very beautiful person on the inside but she is very heavy set and shows the obese side of America, not just Black America. It's just very sad all the way around, no matter how you look at it. I really wish Hollywood would find more talented actors and actresses that are minorities that are attractive. I totally agree Tenchijk that it's like they don't want the competition and they don't want to be 'outshined'. So sad that it has come to that, still in 2010...dayum.

  37. great observation. I totally agree with you.

    & for all the ppl who dont understand what he's saying, the best way is to turn the tables round...imagine if the entire media industry was controlled by Asians or Blacks...they always put beautiful Asians or Black ppl on T.V but when they cast a token white person, they ONLY put white ppl with orange hair, no eyebrows, freckles/wrinkles, realllly thin non-existent lips, + a horse face & they would justify that by saying that its the "white look"....how fuked up would that be? but that's exactly what the Western media does to minorities....

    Beauty is NOT WHITE..there is a scientifically proven ratio that defines beauty...if ur features are aligned a certain way on your face in proportion to that ratio, u are classified as "beautiful"...but we have been made to believe that only White ppl have this ratio and that all others are simply stereotypically ugly....its fuked up and NOT TRUE...

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