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Monday, February 22, 2010

La Sion

Dear Readers,
To give a short background on the two rivals... La'sion and Veous were in the same division fighting for the Queen of Dei' O'zsu. Veous was the ranking officer in the queen's military, though they technically had the same rank, Veous was superior by years in experience at the time. In those days,Veous carried the Black Class vessels, since it was issued, after your first promotion to captain(Also, the red class ship haven't been invented just yet).
La'sion , he is utterly cold. He doesn't hesitate to kill women and children to get things done, Thus the eventual break up between the two characters. Veous , though a roughneck and gritty in appearance, he is actually a very caring and virtuous man. He will put his own life on the line to save a group of the innocence. He then captured the opportunity to become a deserter and Soon became the captain of "The Triton".He became a pirate with No master , but a full bounty over his head. He is like Robin hood in a sense... steals from all the evil aristocrats and shares the loot with the poor.
However, La sion... He does not tarry when it comes to short cuts and vengeance. La'sion is also a ladies man ^_^.After making sweet love to him, he almost always murder the woman he thought was beautiful, and put their blood in his vial"s" with their name written on them. He takes a vial out once every battle and takes a sip of the girl of choice. He believe it gives him good luck.Any who, thats all for now.



  1. wow...drinking girls blood...nice lol but seriously you're drawings are amazing makes me a bit jealous lol ^.^"

  2. omg dat la'sion is an ass ...he is jus too much *smh*

  3. whoa man like dude is totally creepy and weird . La'sion needs a "Gothic" the movie experience

  4. uhh that last part's disturbing.

    As always your work is amazing Jaiho

  5. Sorry I meant Gothika with Halle Berry..you know when the ghosts of all the girls came back and got that creep ...