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Friday, February 19, 2010

Heart aches

My love where are you? far away into the distant star you await me, fallen beneath the oceans you hold your breath and wait. Waiting for my kiss of breath to set you free from you bounds and troubles. My love don't hold weary , for I am here by your side always and always. Into eternity, pass the cosmos and far beyond the endless galaxy. I await thee.
My love where are you? do not stay away from me, the pain is far more then I can ever bear. You are my soul, my spirit, and my eternal bliss. My love don't you be afraid of what you cannot see, or cannot touch. There are always new adventures and visions you will venture with me. Do not be sorry , or apologize for not being there with me my love. My heart is an ocean to hold your misery and sorrows. My soul is a cave ready to be warmed with your fire, so do not tarry any longer and come to me.



  1. this was very, very SPECIAL AND AMAZING

  2. that was real sweet. i liked it. i jus started this bloggin journey and now i feel the need to write a blog about love. LOL! thnx for inspirin me.

  3. Very nice poem..I am writing this back to you because I am inspired by my pen to do so..so this isn't personal just an answer that is in the wind I picked up on.........

    The wind whispers in my ear and I lift my head
    Awakening my cold heart
    Burnt by the fire of love , waiting to be taken
    It speaks of what I have asked eternity for
    It answers the cries of my heart
    It blows the sound of your voice across my ears
    My heart quickens and my hope is renewed
    Although where you are and where I am
    Maybe far, I now know this burning is not in vain
    For I will see love face to face
    My waiting is not in vain
    and the bleeding of my heart healed
    From the gentle wind of your thoughts towards me

    Awww I feel like being in love ..thanks Tench I love creative outlet stuff

  4. i found it very inspiring that you write poems and the poem was also very great . My best friend writes poems and i think its also a very inspiring way to express your internal emotions .I write songs so poetry's always a great intrest to me even though i suck at it. But keep doing wat you doing because your great at it :)

  5. Nice poem. Ahh the difficulty of patience. Writing helps but there's nothing like having to wait through the years. I write to my future spouse in a journal also. This gives me hope: Maybe my husband's writing to me too.

  6. Loving this poem. Patience may be a virtue, but it is also a tool that leads one towards anxiety.

    Stay strong =)

  7. I love this poem very much because it expresses how I feel at this moment. You're such a romantic and although that's corny for some yea yea lol xD It's not for me and sadly, you don't find that a lot in men nowadays so thank you.

  8. Since music gets you by, here's a quote from George Harrison.

    "I think people who truly can live a life in music are telling the world, 'You can have my love, you can have my smiles. Forget the bad parts, you don't need them. Just take the music, the goodness, because it's the very best, and it's the part I give most willingly'".

  9. On the lighter note, I hope these videos will cheer you up (I hope you didn't see them, because it's fucking hilarious. My cat hit his head from my unfortunate loud fucking laughter. lol)

    Part 1:


    Part 2:

  10. Very beautiful and comforting. I would like to add this to my daily spiritual readings.

    We could interpret this poem differently. We could say it's a lover waiting for their soulmate to arrive. Or it could be the Lord whispering to us to come to him always waiting with open arms. Or it could mean something totally different. Either way it's beautiful.


  11. Yes i like this poem. thanks for sharing us.

    Sorry Love Poems

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  13. My love, my love you write with such grace but why do you sit and wait when love is our cake. I searched for you too long and wide. I search for you too only to find that the love we feel fly high, higher than the sky. Maybe it’s where the stars greets the night, where the ocean kisses the shore. A little place I call your soul. My love, my love, have I found thee to be my truth? Or have I found thee to be the pasting wind that sings my song of the sweetest message of a love note, dot, dot, dot. I am only who you think I am. Am I only your one chance? You see I ask you to be true, I ask you for only you. For the love we share cannot be untrue. For the love we share means I truly love you.