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Saturday, February 27, 2010

The black star (minisode)chapter one part2

Early morning, the Relan'je birds soared through the misty sky and screeched a fair good morrow. It was quite chilly , and the wind had a hint of sharpness. “ La' sion! Be careful!” shouted his mother in shock. In front of a tall poised women rushing to his aid, was a small boy with his knees scraped with blood. “la'sion...be more careful when playing with the other children! Tell me you will keep your wits about you!” Madam Hotoko took a clean rag and began to patch up her child. There had to have been a sharp pain, but the little boy shed no tear, nor did he show a sign of any discomfort. He only just stared at the dripping blood, admiring the colors of crimson and red. Moment his mother finished patching him up, his face lite up with joy and rushed to mingling with his village friends.
“ Children grow up so fast don't they?” Madam Hotoko said to her maid. “Yes Madam, they sure do.” The maid momentarily stopped to give her the answer and continued cleaning the house. The corridor where she stood was narrow and very dark. There on the wall were hung pictures of previous masters of the house, starting from the very first Sion, to the very recent.
The family tree was a complicating one for the Sions, but it was regulated, and made sure the blood stayed purest by forced partnership with relatives two generations off. The most recent son was looked down upon, due to everyone believing his blood was in the impurest form. La'sion, the Tainted one. La, the word used to describe, insects and things of the dirt.,A name sorrowfully implanted to a young boy.

Now the Sions were the first to make an alliance with the original inhabitants . Still, they do not know much about these mysterious natives, but the Sions managed to have some sort of peace with them. However, The Mondus , have been actively arming themselves bringing unease throughout the cities of the southern Neblu'es.
“La'sion, get in here at once!” his mother shouted from afar. The weather was growing sinister, and the trees seemed to hollow out signs of warning. Even, the birds in the sky no longer cawed and scarcely seen in this suddenly gloomy day. The guardsmen outside the Relan'je pallaside were on alert, and they closely gripped their swords and spears.
“ mother what is going on?” la'sion asked. She slightly caressed his dark brown hair and said , “ Nothing to worry about son, i'm sure its just the weather”. She looked a little more nervous then usual, as though she knew something horrible will befall them. When she was seated on her chair with her boy, a young guardsmen came rushing into her room.“madam, hurry! Get to the chamber! We don't have much time”
“what is the meaning of this!? What is happening, where is my husband!?” The guard looked tensed ,and very unseasoned. “where is your captain!?” very hesitant he replied “ dead madam, hurry, we do not have much time”
She looked out the slight crack on the wooden walls, and fell to the floor. Outside the walls, she saw hundreds of Mondus warriors along the shadowed horizon holding their infamous sabers. The Leader of this pack was seen in the middle holding up the bloody head of the Captain of the guard. She gasped “ what do we do!? My son, get him to safety! I need to find my husband!”
The guard shouted “madam! I was order to get you to safety, I cannot let you leave this place! We must get to the safe grounds designated by your husband” She strained to get out of his hold, but soon gave up due to his empowering grip. “ I apologize madam, but we must get out” she pleaded with him to take only her son, and that hes make sure her son is safe. Ultimately the guard looked far behind her to see if anyone would see his subordination, and without looking at the mother he grabbed unto the child and ran straight into the shadows.

-to be continued-


  1. Man Tenchi, lol I got lost in the story when the weather started to change. I forgot you wrote this and just started reading like it was the work of a professional. Very good Tenchi.


  2. damn your good with words lol ... all i can say is damn lol. Continue please :)

  3. how could you end it there, you're so dreadfully mean. I want to know what happened.

  4. you got it goin on with the storytelling. I can't wait to see what happened to the little boy.