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Monday, March 15, 2010


Dear Readers,

I don't know if this might interest you guys, but I watched Titanic ... for the 15th (okay I lied 25th time). Now, I might have a super mean gangster outer shell ( i kid i kid) ,but deep inside I'm an Asian cupcake, sweet and delicious. (<--- excuse me y'all.)

Now, this being my 26th time... watching of course. I finally noticed something. That movie was about a girl who cheated on her finance and got with a random fling. Sure... that Leonardo was a good looking chap, but shiettt, so was the other dude! (no homo)

I can see why Rose would take leo though. Him being all mysterious and adventurous. While The rich dude is dull, loves cigars and treats her like a second class citizen... So I can't really judge the girl, but I couldn't stop thinking about the two elderly couple who were holding hands while the bed rose to their death. (now thats true love folks, not rose and jack lol)Damn, they looked near their 80th b-day~ And they were holding their hands together tightly and just awaited death together. Now, that was a beautiful site(a construction site ? dude... this fool can't spell. Sight dude, sight). I could imagine God looking down from above just saying... " aww... what can you ask for? this is the most beautiful death one can ask for." (yes God talks in rhymes)

Other people might say, if he is God why did he let it happen ,etc etc... Shoot.. if i was God i'd prolly do the same thing. The human arrogance always needs to be in check, or some ridiculous shit happens. The dude who built the dang ship said " even God couldn't sink the ship". Well, he just did...(AND 1!) To prove a point? maybe~ To show humanity that they are becoming arrogant? perhaps~ Whatever he does , he does it according to his will , so let it be~(beatles yayuh)

Anyways... finally after my 26th observation(yes observation, i wasn't watching it for the pleasure of it! thats ridiculous! ) , I realized Titanic is not a Love story, but a story of lust and infatuation. big word big word. It means sexual attraction for you young'n's out there. I wish they will make Titanic .And this story will be about those two elderly couple ...(Margarette and Peter Johnson) how they met, how they eventually ended up on the titanic ,and what made them just lay on their beds to await death. Have you noticed? they were RICH son! they weren't 3rd class or second class~ they COULD have escaped on the boats, but they obviously chose to lay there together. Thats why that part was so significant.

I don't why i'm talking about Titanic all of a sudden... maybe its cause this medicine is getting me all mushy and corny inside ahah. I'm all love sick, and ... shiet. Man... man up Tenchi!! comon now!! JEAAA lol... <--- i apologize for this ladies and gentleman lol.

Anyway, In conclusion. Find your true love~ andddd get old with them, and I hope y'all can have a super romantic death with the one you love. Almost creepy ain't it? but , HONESTLY... You have to go eventually, so wouldn't it be lovely to die next to someone you love most? I think it would almost be comforting. Unless its like a car crash... then it would be the most horrific thing... to watch your love one crash with you.. oh man. no good no good.

I dunno.. death is soo damn creeeeeepy yo. Its giving me chills ~ I keep imagining what my friends must have seen when they closed their eyes. Did they just see black, and their brain shut off. Or did they see themselves as a ghost, and follow into the light? or did a chariot come down from above with angels guiding their way?Or was their Buddha that came out and said, ahahha, you turn into a frog. Or did indeed Jesus come down and say, come and be judged. Man... Lot of things to wonder about.

I personally feel, the Moment you die, the Lord will come personally down to greet his brothers and sisters. I can imagine him being this cool , laid back dude " YoooHOooo~~ bruhh~ looks whoos deadddd... my man Tench Jkk, oh hoho okay okay~ JK huh?? ahhh aha i told pops about chu mang~ he watches your channel, says you cuss to dang much, but s'all gravy D , i watch chu all the time.Even when you poopss >.^ "

- KINDAAAA creeepy. anyways, peace y'all.

anyways, thats me for now~ take care you guys!!!


p.s the ( ) with comments in them... i hope they are not annoying yah ahha. I do a commentary of my OWN writing. HAHAH... When i go and spell check, i add comments to my own writing... <-- loser. Anyways, if it annoys ya too much, tell me ^_^. pce


  1. o_o Duuuuuuuuuuude

    I watched the Titanic like...two weeks ago and I swear I felt scared for the first time in years!!! o_________________O I only saw the end when the ship crashed and...ah man. *shakes head* I felt like I was on the ship crashing to my death (The fact that I was at a low point in my thoughts and feelings while I watched that is probably why I felt so damn scared xD)But that couple...that was beautifully sad indeed. *nod nod*

    P.S The annotations are cool, it's fun listening to people comment on their own stuff.

  2. I was on a ferry (it wasnt even as ship!! it was a tiny ferry!>.<) the other day and I couldnt help but think of the titanic the whole entire time. I was literally praying for my life. By the way your comments aren't annoying at all. They're quite entertainingXD I think that Jesus might be different to everyone. Like to some people he might be all laid back and to some he might be all serious..but who knows?? oh and that comment you made on my status about the guy sprinkling fries on my salt just made my day!! Thanks n have a nice day:)

  3. It's been my favorite movie since I was seven. I was so entranced when I first saw it that if it wasn't for the fact my dad covering my eyes during the nude scene I would have eventually fainted. The film became a huge part of my life and I do have to give James Cameron thanks for that. It's also one of the reasons why I choose the major I did.

    * Did you know that there was a black family onboard the Titanic? It's just one of the facts I learned during my everlasting obsessive period.

  4. "I don't why i'm talking about Titanic all of a sudden... maybe its cause this medicine is getting me all mushy and corny inside ahah"

    Yeah...I've been following your blog and youtube for about two weeks now...I'm not a stalker...your life is just so darn interesting...anyways, I've noticed you are kinda mushy and corny. BUT! That's okay. We all have our quirks. I guess what I'm trying to say is...It ain't the medicine, dawg. lol. Feel better! (^_^)v

  5. I read your post well I'm going to be honest some of them because dude lets be serious you write a lot lol. But anyways I was wondering if you could like give me some tips to blogging. I have a lot to say and talk about but when it comes to typing it I go blank. Which is like so weird because when I think about blogging its like I"m a kid in candy land :). Well anyways I'm going to go before I get carried away, I hope you have some tips. PeAcEoUt!

  6. That's a great idea for a film Tenchi. I didn't know the older couple had a name. Have you ever thought about being a film critic or something of that nature?

    Great blog, very entertaining
    : )

  7. I love that movie and every time i see the old couple i start crying (<---- such a dork) they remind me of my Grandma Sally and Grandpa Que both have passed. But they stayed married...well FOREVER! they were married for 73 years before my Grandpa passed away. I love the whole idea of true love and love lasting through the ages and you're right had that movie had more of a "The Notebook" feel where it shows the love story between the older couple i probably would have loved it even more then i already do :)

  8. Wow~ I've never heard an analysis of Titanic like that before~ lol.
    I think that its sweet that the elderly couple died together. I would want to die next to the person I love, its really sweet!
    I haven't seen the Titanic in forever but i never got a lust and infatuation vibe from it. (then again I havent seen it in YEARS)
    I think I will check it out and see what your are talking about~^__^

    btw: you () comments are funny~ they make me giggle~ :D

  9. LOl, they don't have a name, i just name it up~ thought up a name that might sound like them ahahaha~

  10. Titanic is a great movie lol but I see what you're saying :D That part made me feel like there really is hope for true love in this world . . . well not that that scene was actually true (or was it?) but I'm sure circumstances like that have happened before. the whole lust and infatuation thing is just for T.V. People like that stuff for some reason . . . and I'm not gunna lie I kinda like it myself but to a certain degree lol!

    LMAO @ "Or was their Buddha that came out and said, ahahha, you turn into a frog." You're hilarious Tenchi XD

  11. titanic is popin lol...i can't ever watch that movie without crying.But i see your point about the old people . I need to watch it so i can get a clear veiw of them :)

  12. To be honest, I only like saw the first five minutes but I will one day watch it all the way through. There's nothing like true love. On my morning walks on the beach, there's this really old couple always walking together and I remember my heart breaking when I realized that love like that doesn't really exist anymore. But love would be the greatest fairy tale if it was ever told.

    Take care and make sure you rest.

  13. I never saw Titanic after I took the Syd Fields class on DVD and he basically told the whole story and all he talked about was the car scene. To me listening to that made me think the the main girl character wanted that last ride before she was shippped off with Lord Farquar who was a total ass.

    I just got the creeps from the whole thing and I agree Tenchi you should NEVER test GOD by saying things like not even GOD can sink this ship. You know HE extends HIS grace and mercy all the time, but all it takes is that and look what happened.

    I wish they would make a real love story something that really illustrates what it is , from the force of it to the end result .

    Aye yayai

  14. I like Titantic too. You sound like a hopeless romantic like me.lol
    I have to disagree partly with your observation on Rose and Jack I think they did have a love between them. They sacrificed their lives for each other. Rose was in a crappy relationship where her boyfriend treated her like shit. So naturally when Jack comes along and he is fine I might add, giving her the right kind of attention. She was taken by him. (I'm not condoning cheating)
    But you bring up a good point, when you first meet someone there'e almost always an instant attraction. Hell the outer cover is the first thing you see.
    The first stages of a relationship is none other than infactuation and euphoria which we think, and I rephrase that(think it's real love) It's actually not. I mean you're dancing in the clouds at first but eventually the euphoria wears off. And we are left looking at imperfections. That's where the true test of love comes in.
    So before you start saying that he or she is the one. Ask yourself these questions.Do we have mutual respect for one another? Does he or she have my best interest at heart? And ask yourself, is this the person I want to have kids with. So be careful who you're having sex with. I know, no one wants to hear that but it's what I believe. I probably got off of context but it's just something to think about. This is not directed at one person, it's for anybody that reads this post. I hope I didn't come off as mean, it's not my intentions at all.
    Love Cathy

  15. Oh, and since we're talking about movies, I have to say that Braveheart is the best love story ever. And the action is pretty good too. :)

  16. Titanic!! hands down all time fav film <3

    Even the Lord rates, comments and subscribes to Tenchijk.

  17. You must have written the best essays when you were in high school! =P Seriouisly, you completely analyzed titanic and gave me a new perspective on a movie I've watched countless times (50+ to be a lil more precise!). I think u should become a philosopher and write self-help books or some shyt like that lolx . You are a real thinker . . .