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Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Landscape

Dear Readers,
If you haven't noticed, lately I've been really getting into my art. I started to venture into my digital canvas once more. Though I no longer use the finite pieces that once created my art, I.E paint/pencil. I am very fond of my digital canvas and its plentiful colors.

This piece right here was done in one hour, and twenty minutes. This, with my paint brush , would have taken 4-6 hours... Do i feel less satisfied because its through my computer? By no means... I feel the same thrill of creation that flows out of my brain into my fingers. I still feel the sense of excitement as my mind creates and flows into the canvas to make up what I see. I also love the fact that the burden that once was on my back, slowly dissolves into the air. The errors I once feared with my wooden cutlass are uplifted away with my much upgraded light-saber XD <- such a ruin in my poetic writing. tsk. Any who, since I ruined the flow... I will talk to you in lame mens term. I love to draw on my digital canvas because i can finish my art work in less time, don't have to worry about making mistakes, and best of all a quick addition to my portfolio.

Enjoy you guys, I also filmed it, so you guys can see the speed painting of it. Also, i recorded a piano piece for y'all to enjoy while watching~ Arn't I thoughtful!!? XD anyway, take care you guys!

Btw- if anyone wants to be featured in my next video, please send me a video of you saying " your watching TENCHIJK!" or hold up a sign , or any creative introduction :). Thanks~



  1. Wow you're really gifted Tenchi :D I remember at my old job, me and my manager were just chatting about art and how we both really appreciate it. Then i told him how fascinated i was when i first watched speed art on Youtube and I explained to him what that was and he believed that it took the rawness out of it all. we debated about it for a while but he came around and saw that both ways still involved some level of skill.

    & I'm so gunna send you a vid now ^ w ^

  2. Your picture makes me think of myself inside of a dark forest, trying to find my way home beyond the mountains. The journey is scary and I have many obstacles. When I turn my face to the mountains with light behind it, it encourages me to keep hiking, moving, and walking until I get to my destination. I know there is a better place beyond the mountains and I can escape any dreadful situation when I can look to a positive outcome. In conclusion I like your picture!
    As an introduction you should say "I'm Tenchijk. Hear my opinionated ways...", as you can read I am not the best rapper!
    I really hope you are practicing that beautiful song I asked you to sing in my email. It will be very nice If you did that for a fan (trust me, I am usually not a fan just anyone).

    L (like). U (you). V (very much as in a friend type of way), Charm

  3. I made a mistake it was suppose to say "I am usually not a fan OF just anyone". Goodness grief, I going to read a book.
    L.U.V Charm

  4. Or is it "...just OF anyone"? Doesn't matter, I write better than most people, but I am seriously going to read a book. Not even joking right now.

  5. Question: What was the intention behind your art- both the music and the actual printwork? The music made me feel hopeless and sad. I kept thinking about someone being lonely, or two people who kept coming together only to be pulled apart, again. The image also gave me that same feeling of desolation. In the foreground everything is so light, but the jaggedness of the rocks are very forboding. And the further you get into the picture the darker it becomes. The altering layers of dark and light remind me of the push and pull of the song, was that intentional? Everything, even the water feels still, and overwhelmingly sad. Maybe I'm reading too much into it. Maybe I need some Prozac. But I want to know what your intentions, as the artist, were. What were you feeling when you made it? What did you want people to get from it? Please respond.

  6. My God I love this painting! It looks like something I'd hang on my wall in a heartbeat.

    God has blessed you with many talents. It's good to see that you are exercising them.

  7. wooow~ i wish i could do digi art at least half as well as you do
    do you use tablet? and i love the texture in this piece
    hope to see more~

  8. This painting is just...incredible. It's slightly dark, but not dark enough so that it makes me feel sad or hopeless. I can't believe you did this digitally! It definitely looks, to me at least, like you painted it by hand, and if you hadn't said that it was digital, I never really would have guessed. Great piece!

  9. You actually composed Ladder to the Sky, awesome. I like your painting, it reminds me of the simple beauty we all have. I like the mountains and the way you have it all laid out. Either the night was coming in or it was getting ready to rain with the dark colors you were using, I am thinking. I look forward to more of you and your talents.

  10. Wow you were on point Alex~ That exactly what I was feeling when I wrote that piece. IT was about my travel to somewhere better, but I keep getting pull back by loneliness and struggles. I'm so Glad I could portray that through my music and people to really take it in. That was refreshing forsure~ thanks!

  11. I appreciate it ~ It really was dark. When i do art, it usually shows what is in my heart.. the funny thing is, my artwork is very dark, all the time.. unless its Tenchi-cats and friends lol.

  12. okay so im 21, black, and technologically retarded :)rofl when it comes to blogs and following and youtube but I have manage to improve my youtube acct and found a blog a i forgot about by reading all your stuff. feel free to follow me i don't talk much mainly because im a great listener but i do have my own opinions. so yea i think i follow you on youtube or subscribe whatever it is and im subscribe to your blog or following it or whatever lol either way put more stuff out i enjoy listening to you knock yourself tho i must i admit perfer the discussions not that i don't like the singing im just not an american idol fan i love music tho *weird* and art any type so continue what you do. topics to talk about: um your idea on virgins and saving yourself for marriage, sexuality and the recent outburst of homosexuality,......things women do thats a turn off, anything to help women understand men would be great, yea sorry the comment is so long, ooooo what do you plan to do with the rest of your life. oh and i have no clue what rofl means im assuming it has something to do with laughter but yea. thanx for the read and bonne chance (french good luck i have a habit of mixing up my english and french......and no im not french or from france sol)

  13. Wow. Just got done watching your video on digi art. You are very talented. Whatever medium or gift you are pursuing give it your best and God will open doors for you. I'm just crazy to believe you are just too talented to fail.


  14. Jesse, I totally understand~ I like discussions as well... However, at the moment i'm so burden with so many flak, i just needed to ease up on some of the topics for now... But i'm working on "casual talk 4 ft. illastrayte" i will answer 5 important questions with my boy illa. I hope its a good discussion XD

  15. I don’t want to sound like a pest or beggar, but unfortunately that is what I am until I get a response of some kind (being negative or positive). Like my mommy said "Persistence overcomes resistance"! Tenchijk, are you going to sing that beautiful song I emailed you about? It will be perfect for your voice and I think many people will enjoy it (especially me!).
    P.S: I hope you get the flak off your back! Ha ha that rhymes.

  16. I hope I'm not the flak on your back! I am just waiting for an answer.

  17. I understand I know what you mean. I will make sure to look for casual talk pt 4. illa i'm assuming thats the friend who got beat up in the "why i quit smoking weed" im sorry he got beat up tough world we live in but the one big eye and the swinging the knife that was funny one of my fav videos.peace :D

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