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My name is TenchiJK, I'm a asian/american guy who has alot of different shit to say about life. Nuff said lol

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Sunday, February 13, 2011


What if... just what if... IF was THAT. and THAT was THIS. AND this was where. And where was , hold on one second * smokes* ahaha just playing.

sup readers. How does it? Does it well? These days I feel a sense of ... freedom. A pounce in my step, and little jerk for the motion, and a little pull for the leverage. Why? exercise. Jogging. Eating healthy, which a lot of people are doing wrong now a days. <--- so true lol. >. >

I think a lot in my life... obviously. But, I think its a wonderful thing to do. I feel no hindrance in my life to think extra then most people are comfortable with. I like to challenge everything I see, with just cause of course. And only things that strike me initially as odd.

For example, in my daily life, I just live ... breathing, eating, semi-breeding (lol), or rather the ACT of breeding ahah. Then something would call out my name and say, "hey look at me! i'm fucking weird! " Then I take my time and observe, within seconds I realize, YES , you are Weird... I must know more about you my friend. Then my research begins ... And what I find in the journey is pretty damn intriguing, and exciting all together.

The things I find is sometimes very mundane, while other times it's mind blowing. Of course I don't hit jack pot all the time, but when that triple seven lands, boy do I have a mind orgasm. Now, I try my best to explain to the world my findings, but due to the cynical nature of the world, they will refuse what I spout... and that is fine by me :). I know i'm not always right, but what I know is right, is to challenge the minds of those who have been sleeping. One day, we shall see a resolution... and it will be God who will be victorious, not the evil soldiers of Satan . Till that day, I will be your host, and will provide you with truth and laughter . Much love from mister tenchi jk, aiko and the unknown cheetah baby. Till next time , bye byee~



  1. "I know i'm not always right, but what I know is right, is to challenge the minds of those who have been sleeping." --> i'm so putting that on my blog. ^_^

    I like that, all of us are wrong at some point, but if we are right. We have the ability to alter a conversation or help reshape someones perspective.

  2. Happy Valentine's Day Tenchi! Hope you are well. I have followed you on Youtube for a long minute and I really like your wise thoughts and meaningful adventures in life. A lot of stuff nowadays is so filled with junk and tainted with disease. I feel like you're one of those people who try to wake everyone up, which I admire. :) I'm the same way.

    I love the topics you talk about on your YT; the kpop/illuminati was interesting! I never thought so and I listen to kpop all day every day haha. Anywoo, I like that you try not to be someone you aren't. You say up front that you're not perfect, we as humans have flaws.

    Ah~ ok to make this shorter haha, I just really admire you and you inspire me to be the best I can be. Including in my faith in God. Thank you. <3 I'll be continuing this enlightening journey with you as always ^___^

  3. I like this...
    It makes sense to me..but not my roommates too much..

    -Apparently Always Naturally High

  4. For some reason I see you as an older brother. :P.. Hmm.. Not 오빠 in that sense exactly, but a sibling :) ..

    I really love how you write Tenchi. Your words are always very encouraging.

    Thank you for being YOU. :)

  5. Tenchi...you're the best. I don't think there's any other word.

    Ironically, the first blog entry that I read when I stumbled upon this site was the one titled "AMBW drama", and, I know you get this a lot but, it really scared me how much you cared about your fans and subscribers. I don't know if I could be so passionate about something like that when there's so many opposed to it.

    The opposition itself scares me. Why are there negative people being mean to you? Who peed in their cheerios?

    ...maybe I should have written this on the blog entry itself..

    Anyway, that being said, don't you ever, ever change.

    and there was something else I wanted to write here but I forgot....

    Oh! I wish I could send you the money to go see your girlfriend. :( Stay strong, okay?