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My name is TenchiJK, I'm a asian/american guy who has alot of different shit to say about life. Nuff said lol

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Why I was gone?


  1. Lol, okay I know your probably don't want to hear from a fan right now, lol. But I think it's good that you're breaking away from the virtual life. I think you should go forward with you want. I will be a little sad if I see less of your videos, because you def. inspire me, but you're still a person. You have you're own life, needs, and wants and you're not just here for our entertainment.

    The Interenet can be quite addicting and so can the media. I feel that it's really unhealthy to spend so much time on it. We are human beings, not robots connected to this thing that helps us connect with the world. We shouldn't be so dependent on technology. I don't think that's what God wanted for us. I think He wants us to be closer to nature and enjoy His creation. Lol, I need to step away from the computer too. I should probably do a media/technology fast, so that I can get closer to God. Lol, sorry rambling.

    Well, whatever you do. Good luck :^).

  2. I agree with Tia take a break, the internet and all that jazz will still be here whenever you get back