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Thursday, April 28, 2011

hello , it's been a while :)

Dear readers,

How have you all been? Good I hope. Wow , I think this is the longest time I went without writing, or making videos and such. Kinda strange, but liberating at the same time. I've been busy with college prep stuff, and just looking at apartments. Pretty exciting , all this. Going back to school, meeting new people, moving to a new place... it just feels like I got an extra jump start on my life. For the longest time I felt stuck. Unable to make a decision in my life, what to do , where to go. But , I think for the most part I've chosen a path laid out for me by God. I think my mission in life is to become a director. Using the talents God gave me to portray his message through media. I always talk about the negativity of the media today , so why not, I, be a force to be reckon with? Why not I use this very negative media and make it positive.
Although many times I doubt my decision, and get really nervous at the obstacles laid out for me. So many people will be against me, and I might be a starving artist in the future ahah, but all in all, I believe God will lead me perfectly. And you will one day get to see my work in the big screens, and many lives will be changed. I think Youtube has trained me alot... how to deal with people, what people want, how they behave to certain things. I know its not much experience, but I hope it is enough to give me a grasp in life.

The question I received quite often was, will I be back. My answer is , probably . But I don't know how soon... I feel at a lost with youtube. I can't show my face on there any more... just doesn't feel right. But when I get the courage to do so , I will do so .

I just wanted to say thank you for all the support you've given me so far, and I hope I can make you all proud with the things I do in the future. I hope to live a wonderful life, and hope I can make a difference with the things I do. Once again thank you , and I'll see you all , when I see you .Much love, and take care of yourselves.

Your Asian friend,



  1. I say you should go for it a hundred percent, not looking back even one inch. :) At times the world scares us and makes us rethink what we want to be, looking at limitations and problems, but if one never tries, one never knows. If one never sets out on a journey, they will never know just how far it is or if they will ever get to their destination.

    I am happy you're happy and that you are finally getting somewhere with things. :) When you're sad it actually has an impact on people, and the same goes for when you are happy.

    I'll tell you what a friend always tells me, Keep smiling :O)

  2. Wow...you really have a lot going on in your life right now. I fully understand you not doing videos right now. You shouldn't feel obligated or forced to do them if you don't feel like it, especially in this point and time in your life. Seems like you are prioritizing your life figuring out what's more important in your life and what's not and I believe that to be a sign of maturity.

    I'm glad that you have found what you want to pursue in life. And what you want out of life. It's all the right things. I believe that this whole thing was orchestrated by God, it has brought you to where you are today. So I know you are excited about your future and I know it can be a bit scary too. But everyone get's a little scared when embarking on new changes and challeges in their lives. So don't worry God will be with you every step of the way.

    You made a good choice in your career path, it's perfect for you! You get to have a say in what goes into the media, something we know the public desperately needs. And I'll definitely be watching out for your name on the big screen, it would make me proud because I know how passionate you are about the goings on in the media, you would spark some changes, I'm almost certain of it. And I know you WILL be a force to be reckoned with, they won't know what hit them...lol
    So give them heck... :)

  3. I have missed your writings indeed
    And I wish you all the best in your ventures to succeed..
    With God's blessings and loads of love
    Soar like the eagle and be as the dove.
    A hiatus from Youtube
    I will surely miss you..
    Your writings were always my bias though
    Your thoughts and words would always flow
    So a movie,my fingers are crossed for maybe a book too,
    May God always inspire you.
    to my asian friend,
    Lots of love