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Thursday, April 8, 2010


Dear Readers,

GATTTT DAMNIT. I'm getting so damn fed up with these goody goody Christians that are talking smack about my premarital sex video. My point of the whole video wasn't about what is RIGHT or WRONG. Let me get my point across here more clearly.

1. I said if it is for a religious reason, that your keeping yourself pure or whatever, you've already Failed. This by NO means gives you the right to go out and do whatever the hell you want.But, You need to realize while focusing all your energy on , " I need to be a virgin, I need to be a virgin" , You use this "self righteousness" and use it to judge people. Let me give you an example.

There is 2 girls. One is a bad girl, total slut. Another a virgin. Now a very smart girl once told me," if someone dies from a mosquito bite, and another stomped on a elephant, which person is MORE dead?"
okay, lets say girl A(slut) lived her life as a normal teenage girl, doing normal teenage sins... and she lost her virginity and just gave her body away.
There is another girl,girl B, who also lived a normal teenage life, doing normal teenage sins... but she stayed a virgin because she wanted to keep her self "holy". Except, one day... They both got down to pray to the Lord.

Girl A's prayer " Lord , I can't even look upon you lord.. i'm such an evil person... My fleshly desires are much to great and I've fallen into this world of lust... God help me"
Girl B's prayer " Dear God, I thank you that i'm not like girl A, I thank you for allowing to keep my body clean unlike hers. I pay offering, I pay tithe, I do this and that God. Thank you

This is a modern version of a story in the bible..."the pharisee and the tax collector" Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, BOTH girls are sinners before God. Whether SHE HAD SEX before marriage, or if SHE is a virgin , they Both are the SAME before God.

Explain this. There are two thieves on the cross Next to Jesus. One of the thieves says to him "if you really are Christ, come down from there and save me and yourself". The other says , " he is innocent, we deserve to die.. etc etc.. Please remember me when you go to your kingdom."
There is absolutely nothing good about these two. COMPLETELY HORRIBLE HUMAN BEINGS. Till the day they were born, till the day they were nailed to that cross. Yet... Jesus says to one of them " I promise you, You will be in paradise with me.."

Now think to yourself. What was the difference between the two? They were exactly the same! They BOTH were destined to Die... BOTH failed, just like girl A and girl B. However, the promise of Jesus is the only thing that got in between them.
| So can that thief brag? Can the thief say to the other thief " HA HA~ he chose me because I didn't do premarital sex! He chose me because of this and that... cuz i kept my body a LITTLE bit more cleaner then you ... and so on"
The answer is obviously NO!

So, my point of that video wasn't about do whatever the hell you want. It was to show you, the viewers, that whether you ARE a virgin, OR NOT...unless your a perfect human being... you have NO right to judge another human being. Just because YOU yourself is holding onto it, you've already failed in SOOOO many different sins... that if I CALL YOU OUT, and PUT YOUR sins on the table... you will have no room for talk.

Also, the reason why I was more EASIER on this topic, then on the Homosexual topic was simple. ONE, Homosexuality Is NOT a choice. SO thus, that in IT SELF IS ALREADY A SIN. So thus what more to say.. what is wrong is wrong, keep doing what you do. However, Premarital sex IS a choice~ and if you make the wrong choice, it IS wrong, Amongst ALL other things that Wrong. When you get saved, only thing different between YOU and your neighbor , comes down to the Promise of Jesus. So, next time you call me a hypocrite, make sure you call yourself one as well.

I hope SOMEONE understood me.



p.s ahaha I feel so much more refreshed.


  1. hehe i enjoyed the video (^__^)

    ohhh yeah some people do get too worked out about people's OPINIONS. they are both like you said because "we are all sinner before the eyed of God". Girl A just like Adam tried to hide his nakedness and Girl B pointing fingers at a "A" doesn't make her anyless of a sinner

    As much as i enjoy being Christians others seem to opinionated without realising that they themselves are committing sins.

    Take care

  2. Hahahaha! I love this! I totally agree with you Tenchi, and I didn't even bother to read the comments under that video, because I knew everyone was gonna trip. Its like Lauryn Hill said, "They'll hail you and then nail you". Everyone likes to hear what you have to say, esp. if they agree,but the minute you say something they don't like they lose their minds.
    Anyway, I agree with you about the whole virginity thing- and I think its kinda overrated anyway. Honestly, alot of girls act holier than thou because they're virgins, and they place such a high value on what's between their legs. But, as women our self-worth has to extend beyond something so tangible. I think the whole virginity thing is a scam that men have been running for years. Tell women that they're only pure and marrige-worthy if their virgins, and you gain alot of control over how they feel about themselves and what they are willing to do to maintain your standards. Not to say that God doesn't appreciate an intact hymen, but alot of hoes get into heaven.

  3. hahaha alot of hoes get into heaven , I love that. It all boils down to what's in your heart man. I made a comment on the video and I once again pose the question, " Are we as christians not to live outside society's norms?" Our standards are based on our relationship with GOD and HIS word. I don't disagree with what he is saying when he is like "one person is not better than the other just because you are a virgin. When you lust in your heart it's the same. I hope I am understanding him and Tenchi I appreciate what you do. You are getting the gospel out there man.

    To be honest we all have sinned and fallen short. We just love one another and let the LORD lead us and HE is able to restore all things. If HE can raise a man from the dead, HE can restore innocence and virginity. I have heard stories where that has happened. So no worries, we who believe are covered under the blood.

  4. It takes more courage to reveal insecurities than to hide them, more strength to relate to people than to dominate them, more 'manhood' to abide by thought-out principles rather than blind reflex. Toughness is in the soul and spirit, not in muscles and an immature mind.

    Tenchijk I support you and your courage to dare answer the shhh! question. People need to understand.....We were born into sin it is here people can be hypocrites in the flesh, but the spirit reveals the true nature .....There is only one judge

  5. Alot of Hoes get into heaven , oh man ahahha that is priceless. Yea~ didn't you ever hear this from somewhere.. when you get to heaven, you will see people you will be shocked to see. like, DA HELL!? your In here TOO!? ahhaha.

    And to Queen mary. We should lived Under Gods Grace, and I know you agree when I say, without his Grace our efforts are meaningless. And its a beautiful thang that we are all covered in his pure blood, so we may feel no self condemnation.
    I hope you do understand that I'm not condoning P.M.S to be right. I'm already saved, so you and I know already what to do AFTER your saved. But, first thing i want to do is open the peoples heart so That i can let them hear the gospel FIRST, then let God guide them, and change them into better people.
    Whats the point of me, telling them do this, and do that ... when people do NOT have the power to change themselves without Christ.
    God clearly states he will use the discipline of the world (worldy hardship) to striaghten our path from sin. But honestly what I want to do , sneak in the gospel.. so maybe by accident a hoe can get saved. lol amen to that?

  6. Tell it David lol. What I get from this is...He that is without Sin among you let him cast the first stone. John 8:7. To simplify... nobody is better than anybody else.

    Who are we to judge who goes to heaven and who doesn't. God is the only judge, we don't qualify. So the only thing we need to worry about is maintaining a personal relationship with Jesus.

    Some people act like getting to heaven is a competition. I remember my friend was telling me one time she went to church and she got the holy ghost. She told another fellow christian that she got the holy ghost, and the other christian said to her, did you speak in tongue? She said no. Then the other christain said well if you didn't speak in tongue than you didn't get the holy ghost. I died laughng, that was the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. I could picture God with this score card saying well that person got the holy ghost but she didn't speak in tongue so she ain't gettin in here. lol. It doesn't work that way.

    David, I respect you highly for what you are trying to do. God has a purpose for you, and you are opening yourself up to it. I don't expect you to be perfect. I like you as you are. You have a flava and it's very alluring.

    I was on youtube watching one of Micheal Jackson's videos. It's called Will You be There? It was so beautiful that it made me cry. Alot of people judged him and put him down I can imagine how he felt. Percecuted. They didn't really know him because they didn't take the time to get to know him. If you listen to his songs you'll know what's in his heart and I see beauty... Period. David if you get a chance watch it, I'm sure you can relate.

    God bless you.

  7. Tenchi I agree with you(and I was pissed 4u with those girls freakin out on YOUR opinon!) lmao i mean it did look a bit controversal because you said that being gay was wrong and then ''defended'' premarital sex but i mean i cant recall u saying that premarital sex was a good thing eihter (if im not mistaken)so why r they going crazy like that! lol

    I guess some people didnt get the point... in both cases keeping your virgnity until marriage or being straight and not gay is absolutly not what will give u a free ticket to heaven!
    I am not defending sex before mariage but im just saying that one should wait for the right person not for a ring to do anything sexual thing NOT just having sex. thats just my opinon plus i think a lot of people put all their focus on one particular aspect of the Bible without really looking at the whole picture which is not really that much smart i think. anyway continue your good job tenchi were waiting on your next video!!! =) take care!

  8. Sex,smex! I want to hear you sing "Let me be your wings" and dedicate to ME (Charmaine)since I have asked you a month ago. I know it is not an easy song, but you can do it!
    P.S: See, no arguments this time! Tenchi, the "goody, goody Christians" usually try to force their beliefs down your throat, but don't take their own advice. It's unbelieveable!
    Love: Charm

  9. I was "girl A" even though I went to church every Sunday, Wednsday, and sometimes Friday. Being "girl A" got me into some life threatning situations that only God could have delivered me from. I knew God was real, yet I still chose to be that way. I didn't have anyone to guild me or give me some Godly advice. Now that my sister is approaching the age that I started wild'n out at, I need to be there with some Godly advice so she won't make the same mistakes, really stupid mistakes, that I made. God has been so good to me. Without Christ, I know I should've died a long time ago, but He has a higher purpose for me to fulfil and I honestly believe that guilding my sister in the right direction is apart of that purpose. Thats why I want her or any young girl to wait for marrige. There's so much more to life than sex and this is coming from a former sex addict...and thats real talk.

    Tenchi, I totally understnad where you're coming from. I respect your opinions and beliefs. I'm in no position to judge anyone! If someone wants to have sex before they're married...thats them...it's not my place to be in her coochie or his penis affairs. All I can do is give my testimony, then the rest is up to them.

    People tend to forget that free will is a gift from God. We can choose to obey Him or not.

    I hope you won't stop blogging or making videos because some people are lunching. I watch you more than I watched Heroes...seriously, I used to love Heroes, but the last season was not off the chain, just really boring. I only watched because I love Zachary Quinto...and he's the only reason I was pressed to see Star Trek, which was really good by the way. It's not often some randon joe from off the i-net makes more sense than the people around me.

    Does any of that make any sense? Sometimes I feel like I don't make sense.

  10. Hey mayne I can dig that...Word.. and It's Queen mother..Tae mama ...cheyeah lol

    Preach oh bro

  11. I'm one of the Goody goody christians who was dissapointed by the video. One of the problems is your way of explaining yourself and the way you present yourself is usually very casual and "I curse but I'm saved and I'm just like you and it's all good God took me like I am so he must not have a problem with me" and then the gay video was straight up "My faith doesn't change with the times". It's salt water and fresh water trying to come from the same spring that most people had a problem with judging from the comments they left. I don't see too many people trying to be the term "Goody, Goody Christians" which I know to be an insulting term people use to try and insult Christians who believe the bible should be followed in actions and thoughts.

  12. Ann if you have a problem with me "preaching" my ways , when I'm not even a pastor. Then as a Christian yourself, go out and preach on then!Why discourage me when I regardless of HOW i preach , i Preach. Apostle Paul was the SAME way, he was a persecutor of Christians and even after he changed it took him a while to completely change~ Just like me, I will start out this way, but you will see me eventually change. Its so easy to be a critic ann don't you see!? If you were in my shoes you will know exactly what i'm talking about, just give me a break will u !? I get enough crap from atheists.

  13. I'm sure it wasn't your intention, but some of what you wrote made it seem like virgins who proclaim their virginity are on some holier than thou trip. That being said, I do agree with the example you gave about "girl a" vs "girl b." Of course we are all sinners, but I think we can at least try to do things the way we think our Lord would want us to rather than just saying I'm saved, but going about your daily routine. I feel like we take our saving for granted (wow I'm ranting lol) ok I'm done, peace^^

  14. LOL at this no matter how many times you defend yourself you always going to have one close minded person in the bunch.It's funny cause people so easy and eager to judge when last time I check that was god's job and our jobs was to worship and serve god. Seems like too many chiefs not enough indians. People do what they do because they want to they say what they say because they want but at the end of the day all this doing and saying ain't going to change one thing because God has all the power so why worry,stress,or fret. Live,love,learn,and most of all laugh often (especially at yourself).

  15. Tenket- What people don't know is , God doesn't want "trying"... because trying in it self means , you THINK you can live according to Gods way, when in fact you already failed. and when you failed in front of God, which we ALL did.. there is no redeeming yourselves. So give up on what YOU think you can do to please God, realize God doesn't want you, but ONLY Jesus. So as christians we are reminded everyday, that we are not what God wants to see, but rather the Blood of Christ that cover us.
    moment you come in terms with that, the holy spirit automatically will lead you to the right way.

  16. Tenchi, did you admit to being a rapist in that video? Am I the only one that caught that? Hahaha (nervous laughter)

  17. No, Alexandria I caught that too. (Awkward...)

  18. Hey Tenchi, I just know that you are going explain the whole rape/awkwardness situation. While you do that can you answer this simple tiny question; Are you going to sing "Let me be your wings" (for my own sanity, I need to know!)?
    Love: Charm

  19. Point taken and thanks for that (it did make me think about things), I guess I should have elaborated on that a bit more. I think everyone's relationship with the Lord varies, depending on what you have experienced in life. What I was trying to get across is that of course we can never be good, but that doesn't mean we should go about doing things that we know in our hearts are wrong (if we are aware that the things we do are wrong anyway). It's not about redeeming yourself. There is only one Redeemer, but more so trying to live life in a way that says "thank you Lord for sending our Savior." I'm not saying that we will ever measure up because we won't, but I see it as we are blessed with so much that we should try every day to be better so that we can show His light in the world.

  20. This comment is for the video casual talk 4. YouTube wouldn't let me post again. Maybe the comment is too long? I don't know.

    It makes me mad everytime I hear this story. I know you went through hell at that time and period of your life. That kind of shit can do something to a person. I know you felt like you didn't have a friend in the world. I know that feeling and I wouldn't wish it on my worse enemy. You are so courageous for taking a stand. When most people don't. I'm sure it still affects you from time to time. But from where I'm sitting you are on the right track.

    Keep fighting for yourself and what you believe in. You have already won half the battle.

  21. I guess some things aren't suppose to be explained.....Awkward. You are still cool though, I will just make sure not to be alone with you if we ever meet! Just joking!
    P.S: Let Me Be your wings
    Love: Charm

  22. Wow! All I can say is thank you for this post. You're one of the peeps who get it. There are more things in the world to worry about besides people keeping tabs on other peoples sexual history. Everyone just needs to spread peace and love.

  23. Hi Tenchi :DDDD

    I really enjoyed you sharing your opinion on premarital sex, Alot of people would pass that topic by. For example,
    "Mom, what's premarital sex?"
    (mom stutters)"I'll tell you when your older."
    (years pass by) "Mom, I'm older. Tell me now."
    And so on, I mean Im a christian as well so that's why I feel its more important to myself an God to wait, because it would impact my realtionship with him you know? And I really thought the way you made it plain, for the followers who aren't christian is definitely a good foundation to make them take interest in your views as well as God's view.

    But this has a little something to do with a comment I read that you stated with someone else..
    you want to preach the gospel? I think that would be really cool because people (especially younger people) would want to listen to you. :DDDDDD

  24. Im a virgin(still at 21yrs of age). I didnt do it because of religious reason(though I am a Christian), my thing was and still is...I dont want to give it away to just anyone. I feel, if you going to do it, do it, and do it right(lol).I feel that people have no right to judge a person just because they didnt "save" themselves. I agree with you whole-heartedly on that subject. TO me its like saying 'Oh im pure, so Im better than you.' No, it doesnt work that way. In the bible it says...Matthew 7:1, "Judge not that ye be not judged." So why should people judge you because you stated your opinion?