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Monday, April 5, 2010

why do we eat eggs on easter?

Dear homies/homegirls,

Decided to change up the reader to homies ahahha, justtt for today lol. Anyways~ whats been with you chu all? all good i hope. I've been fairly good lately~ If you haven't noticed, i've been kinda spiritual as of late... I have no idea why. Maybe its about time God told me to straighten my back onto the right track. Anyway, enough of that for now~

I wanted to... you know actually there is gonna be Sommmmme churchy thangs in this story, but thats not the main picture. lol~ as you all know yesterday was easter Sunday. And sooo many people be like, did you eat EGGS!? or chocolate and etc etc... And maybe people don't seem to even know what easter is. Because, all they ever see in the media is a giant Rabbit with a basket full of eggs... confusing the little kids. Easter is a day to remember of Jesus' resurrection. And now here comes the history lesson. The reason why we eat eggs on easter.

This is way back when. The crusade time era. There was this soldier... who, since at a young age believed in God with all his heart , and to show his love he gave food to the poor... and every easter , he and his family would paint , color and write "Jesus loves you" on the eggs and handed them out to the poor people. Every easter, this was there family tradition... Mind you, back then, egg was not an easy commodity~ it was hard to get.
Now one day , he got sent to fight in the crusade... fighting Muslims in a ridiculous war, that God probably did not even want... but inevitable i believe. Anyway, coming back from war~ he lost his way in the forest near his hometown... But he was heavy injured and his eyes were fuzzy/blurry... Because of his handicaps he could not find his way back... and also he has been starving for days.

One day a young boy with a basket full of eggs was marching through the forest to give colored eggs to the people in the next town... but on his path there saw this man... half dead.. he gave the eggs to this dying soldier instead ( good boy huh?). When he was eating, he realized , this egg was painted . He then realized this is the same eggs he used tomake at home... then he realized his home was near! so this is a story about how his kindness return unto him, and he was able to be guided on home to his wife Rosaline , and they lived happily ever after. Since that day, the tradition of giving colored eggs became widely known. So now, we eat eggs on easter. Weird huh?


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  1. I've never heard this story before...its really cute...

    I will be keeping up with you. I think your awesome on so many different levels. May have to write my first fan letter. :)

    Tracy M.

  2. ohh you are on fb no? hehe so there (^__^)

    i stopped eating any animal products ages ago.

    It bugs me that people forget the meanings of holidays especially when u live in U.K that is a protestant country. for me Easter is still about the death and resurrection of Jesus.

  3. That explains the eggs. Whatsup with the bunny, though?

  4. Tenchi, if you don't mind, could I post a comment about your youtube vid on premarital sex on your blog page? For some reason youtube won't let me post my comments. Thank you.

    Hahaha...Your valley girl impression really cracked me up.:D

    But on a more serious note. The verdict is still out on whether you should or should not have premarital sex. We both know that fornication is wrong. But most of us I'm sure find a way to justify having sex anyway. I used to...I would say."I guess it's okay as long as you love the person." Like God could'nt see through that. NOT...lol. I wasn't fooling anybody but myself. Then later in life I discovered that was'nt love at all, just lust and infactuation.

    I know that some teens are probably not going to like this. In my personal opinion I think that it is unnecessary for teens to have sex. Sex brings on a huge responsibility that I think teens are not ready for. I understand that their hormones are raging, I get that. But there's also this thing called self control. It is not impossible to exercise. Because once you start having sex you just opened up a whole new can of worms. You have to worry about teen pregnancy, std's and maybe your lost of self respect. So before you start having sex you need to think long and hard about what the consequences might be. Like Micheal Jackson said in the song, Do You Want to be Starting Something? "If you can't feed ya baby than don't have a baby and don't think maybe if you can't feed ya baby." It is so true.

    I'm not saying wait until your'e married to have sex. That would be the ideal but like as Tenchi said it would be unrealistic, and he is so right. Listen to him he's trying not to steer you wrong. He's older now and he has opened his eyes about a lot of things.

    I think the smart thing to do is just wait until you get a few years under your belt. Hopefully you will be a little more responsible and see things a little different. But if you absolutely have to have sex and can't wait make sure you are making wise choices. And doing what you know you are suppose to do. Your future children will be all the better for it.

  5. hey homie
    wow had no idea about the eggs. thanks for teaching me something new

    but the bunny.. i'm guessing it has something to do with spring and new life being brought into the world (like how rabbits.. multiply y'know) and the media probably blew that up into people wearing giant bunny costumes. maybe :)

  6. @ Grrace

    I think you're right about the spring and new life thing. I just read somewhere that the church tried to adapt Easter to a pagan holiday that was about Spring and rebirth, and somehow the bunny is connected to that. Thanks for the reply.

  7. Easter and Virgins Rock! I liked your story about eggs and easter. Where did you get your information from. I'm one of those people that have to verify EVERTHING!
    I went on youtube to check if you sung "Let me be your wings", and you did not (sad face and a sigh). I did see you video on premarital sex, and you have it all wrong (ok, some wrong). This is coming from a REAL virgin: if the guy sucks, how can we know since we can not compare him to anyone else. We will think that sex is suppose to be that way.
    You should talk about stds. That is what is keeping me from sex. So many people are infected with something, and think about the people who don't know (goodness grief). I don't even want to kiss because of herpes. It is like I walk around and guess what this person has or something. People are totally gross, I am probly going to turn into a nun (then we can really argue about the bible!). Happy late Easter everybody!
    P.S: "Let me be your Wings" Pretty please, Tenchi!
    L.U.V.: Charm

  8. Hmm I did not know all that haha! Well I did at some point but that definitely refreshed my memory. I didn't get any eggs but I did eat some chocolate ^ w ^

  9. For someone that requests alot of things, you sure disagree with me alot .. *sigh* And starts up arguments ...
    And trust me.. you will know if he sucks ahaha.
    Your body is gonna want to feel that UHHHHHH , but u will never get there with a chump~ I hope you don't though ^_^

  10. I know Tenchi, I do disagree with what you say most of the time. If it wasn't for the interesting things you say and your good looks then I wouldn't be on here. So ultimately it's your fault! Next time you blog I will make sure I worship every thing you say and comment on how awesome you are! Would you like that babe? Once I start doing that, will you sing "Let me be your wings"? I'm just aching to hear you sing it!
    Love: Charm (you deserve love, not L.U.V)

  11. I seriously never heard this story. In church the priest told us that the eggs represent new life like Jesus
    but i dnno about the bunny xD

  12. I'm gonna be real honest. I have never been to Church. My dad never wanted to take us and my mom well, she wanted to avoid arguments so we just never went. So, i don't know much about the meaning behind Easter or much about Christianity in general.But, I respect people's beliefs, so i learned something very interesting from you today.

  13. ummmm.... weeelllll.... ok..... it's a nice story. but..... well... I try to make it a habit not to offer advice when it's not asked. I will drop a hit that this story isn't exactly historical. If you ever care to find out hit me up. I will be more than glad to share the information I've learned with you in a happy way... I promise... later cuz