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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

If you landed in another place.

Dear Readers,

Whats good mateys!? Hows the seven seas be doing thar!? okay okay sorry XD. Anyway, I was just chillin and something hit me. WHAT IF.
What if I can start BRAND new in another place. Make a new name, pick and choose my own accent, and pick new things for myself. I was thinking what would I be?

I honestly would pick the name G money. no seriously ... I always loved G money.. sounds so sexyyyyuuustttt kidding. I was thinking somewhere in the lines of Kevin Smith. Something generic. you know i'm also kidding. The thing is ladies and gents, I honestly wouldn't change my name XD. Its much too catchy to throw away...
The accent though... I would like a nice British accent. You know what , what about a PIRATE ACCENT. AHHA. Man.. I would love that actually.

-At a Job interview-
employer-"hi welcome to Compu-tech, can you tell us your education background?"

Pirate(me)-"I be thar blow'n the sails, and Skipping the stones of buccaneers and gulls"

EM-"uh... what ?"

P-"Is ye mute boy!? Blow'n the sails University matey.."

EM-"um, okay lets move on ,*nervous laughter* What about your employment history?"

P-"I be thar blow'n mateys under the gallows ! and Pokin the buccaneers and the gulls with my
iron tip matey.."

EM-"um.. that sounds very inappropriate... blow'n mateys was your job? And poking what??!"

P-" i say... ye be a mute man boy..ye never blowed a white whale have ye!?"


Then I realized.. all of this is just stupid ahha~ I like who I am.. And you should to.


  1. of course people like who you are if the don't then they're stupid ^_^

  2. I love my southern accent even when I get the "do you live on a farm" jokes. When I first moved to DC, I slapped a guy for making fun of me, though. I was young.

    I have started brand new in a different place...several times. Every time, I only end up going back to what I know and feel comfortable with. Before I had my daughter, my next two destinations were Texas and Canada.

  3. This is a great message as well on your new video. I read your lastest post on FB and it's wonderful what you are doing. You got me smiling because from the day I met you till now, you never stop amazing me. I'll never forget the impact you made in my life and the understanding you gave me in the areas I was so cloudy in. Keep being true to yourself, David. I'll catch you on the web. Take care.


  4. That wasn't funny, but I'm glad you are in a good mood.
    Top Coolest Accents
    1. Vietnamese
    2. New York
    3. London

    Love: Charm

  5. u always say the ouchyest things charmespeut.

  6. hahaha you would be employed right away!
    the pirate accent just about tops british accent ;D
    ..and being a ninja just tops being a pirate aha xD

  7. I'm just being honest Tenchi! Everyone on this blog practically worships you and I am just keeping it real. You have to have someone who keeps you grounded!

    P.S: Deep down you know I think you're awesome!
    You know it because it is true!

    Love: Charm

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I had to remove my last post because I realized I have written the same thing. I written the same thing because my last post wasn't showing and I thought it disappeared.

    P.S: I always feel like I have to explain things!

    Love: Charm

  10. You're so silly man, wtheck?! lol

  11. I don't need you to keep grounded Charm. What you do is just get me in a bad mood for no reason. Trust me there are plenty of fools who says enough bad shit to me. Don't you ever once think about how much haters I might have? What i don't like is how you ACT like your on my side, but always diss me. Then you always say things like, BUT i still think your awesome. Thats not cool at all.

  12. there is to many fake people in this world sweetie. someone true will stay that same always. I understand where you are coming from. heads up jk. we are behind you all the way.

  13. Dang calm down! Sorrrrrry for hurting your feelings. How can you let someone a thousand miles from you on the internet get you so upset? I am starting to realize that you are very sensitive and I have to watch what I say to you. Maybe next time I will do the FAKE thing and ALWAYS tell you what you want to hear ALL THE TIME like most of the people on here.
    I write songs. If someone tells me that the song I wrote was wack, horrible or makes their ears bleed, I would be hurt. I would be hurt, but I won't attack them! They are just stating their opinion an if they explain why they don't like it, that is called constructive criticism. I would just say "Sorry you didn't like it, maybe I would make some changes or SO what who cares!"

    P.S: No body likes to hear what they need to hear when the things they need to hear can make them better. I honestly do think you are awesome. That comment wasn't a diss, I promise you would KNOW if I am dissing you.

    Love, even though I know it's hard for you to, Charm!

  14. Charm, oh my! That last line wasn't a nice thing to say. I don’t see where your criticizing was actually giving constructive feedback. As a matter of fact your very first post gave no real explanation to what he said just what you like. Nothing you have said pertains to or give weight to his line of thought. It’s a “what if” scenario. It’s obvious you have said things of this nature before…. Shucks! Did you actually read what you posted? Honey bee, that line is hurtful.
    And by the way, I got you on my blog being disrespectful. Don’t play games when you have no clue of the players. Be nice, it’s not what you say but how you say it.

  15. Lostntranslation:
    Did you mean "Love, even though I know it's hard for you to, Charm!" wasn't a nice thing to say? Well he isnt' pretty nice to me! He told me to leave him the H. E. Double hockey sticks alone and said I get him in a bad mood. How is that suppose to make me feel If I'm his fan? That is like speaking to Beyonce and she stomps on your big toe! I didn't think It was funny because I don't like pirate talk. Goodness grief get over it.

    P.S: You have me on your blog for being disrespectful! Oh, okay I guess you know everything about me huh. I’m so disrespectful, I like curse out old people, steal candy from children, and cut off puppy dog tails! You know me sooooooooooooooooo well! NOT.

    Love: Charm

  16. Charm, You are so condescending. Thats why it upsets me.

    "I didn't think It was funny because I don't like pirate talk. Goodness grief get over it."

    This is what I mean. If you had said, I didn't think it was funny because i don't like pirate talk. ( PERIOD) Then I can easily agree, and say, ah is that so. Next time I will try a different joke. But when you add GOODNESS GRIEF GET OVER IT!
    Get that fuckin attitude outta here. This ain't your fuckin living room shiet.

    Another thing, you act like by being a FAN i have to kiss your ass or some shit! Dude, I never asked for ANYTHING from you, and I never will ask anything of you. All i'm saying is your ALWAYS being disrespectful.

    Its like this. Lets say there is a girl going on a diet.. Real fans will say this.
    " I know your having a hard time with your weight, so hang in there!" - Another example. " your looking better then last time! " - a criticism is as such
    " Looks like you didn't get what you wanted this time , but you will soon achieve it! "
    - THIS IS YOU- " haha, your still pretty FAT! But your awesome ! "

    Then the girl will say " hey thats a pretty rude thing to say" .. Charm says" BUT THATS THE TRUTH, YOUR PRETTY FAT, GET OVER IT!"

    Jesus christ Charm, be respectful and you will get respect back. Do you see me being disrespectful to ANY of my fans? NO!JUST YOU. And i wonder why?! Whether you choose to stay or leave thats up to you, but Listen for once. What you say is not respectful at all. Enough is enough Charm. You be a nice girl , and I'll hook you up with something cool, keep acting like a douche, and I will send a dead pig to your house. And I will send you a box of strawberries without the strawberries and JUST the GREEn shit on top.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. "And I will send you a box of strawberries without the strawberries and JUST the GREEn shit on top."


  19. hahha XD. Lostntranslation- I have another fan page what?ahaha whoa who made that one? and where is it~ i'd like to visit it ! XD

    And A dem ahha, i'm SERIOUS! i'll eat all the strawberries first, and just send the GReen shit with a little bit of strawberry wrapped around it pauhaha.

  20. It's attach to your official fan page,just scroll and it's called "Tenchi Jk Poetry Corner...What's On Your Mind?" It's new so you only have like three fans. ^^.)~

  21. You should savour those greens with a little bit of strawberry wrapped around it. still strawberry *shrugs* xD
    and the pig.. wooo crispy roast pork

  22. You are going judge me Tenchi, well let tell you something about your self, BUD! You only pay attention to negativity. If I was to say "Oh man you're really funny." or "You're such a great guy." like every one on this blog, you would ignore it. Everyone comments on how great you are, but have you ever posted a blog about how wonderful your fans are in return.? Another thing about you is that you are "Uppity" (yeah that isn't a word, but everyone knows what it means). You're like "I'm too good to accept you people as friends for Facebook, but I'm accepting on my FAN facebook. Where you can all like talk about how awesome I am and what I eat for breakfast". You’re the one with the attitude if you are cursing at me. When I was being a good little fan of yours asking you to sing that song I suggested. You ignored me a thousand times! Oh, but when I got nasty you took your time to Tell me. You ignore fans until you hear what you don’t want to hear. Then want to go argue, I personally think you like it! Well I'm not about arguing with strangers over the internet, so I decided to NOT comment on things I DONT like about your blog. I will only comment on things I DO like about your blog to avoid confrontation. The only reason I added "Goodness grief get over it" is because you are blowing one little opinion into the size of the Universe. Hopefully we can get this past us because this is petty. We are bigger than arguments. Life is too short to be upset at a person you barely even know. Let just hold virtual hands and sing "Cum Baya"!

    P.S: I really don't want a dead pig at my house and the green Sugar.Honey.Ice.Tea is the worst parts of the strawberry so don’t send that either!

    Love, lets try this again, Charm!

  23. Oh my God, for the love of Tenchi can't we all just get along? Also a normal facebook page can only hold so many friends a fan page an hold a lot more... just so you know that is...

  24. Goodness grief im always making stupid little mistakes. The first sentence is suppose to say:
    "You are going to judge me Tenchi, well let me tell you something about your self, Bud!". I forgot to mention I will never laugh and call a girl Fat. That is a fighting word, it's almost as bad as the B word!
    To Kcee aesthetics: I am ready to get along as long as he is.

    P.S: As you can see "goodness grief" is apart of my vocabulary.

    Love: Charm

  25. Espeut.

    Is it really that hard to understand why I don't except people on my facebook? Have you EVER once thought of it in my perspective? No, your too busy complaining about me not singing your song.

    There are fans way earlier(that mean so much to me) I have rejected , not because I hate them, but because its impossible to do what everyone wants of me! I mentioned that MANY times in my videos, if you were truly a fan you would have understood why.

    Another reason why I only wanted people to go to the official fan site is because someone helps me run it. What makes you think I want to get praised on facebook too? You will realize how flawed you really are after you hear the praises they give you, because you start realizing you will never live up to there expectations. So, actually compliments become a burden rather then happiness... So don't accuse me of shit you have no idea about.

    Also, When I added people on my facebook, too many people facebook chatted me... and I got too exhausted, and I felt guilty for not replying to all of them. So I had to make a decision. If I had ALL the time in the world ,and If i had multiple brains, and endurance then I would LOVE to talk to everyone of my fans and have a good conversation with them. But I'm just ONE guy, with ONE brain, and NOT that much time in my hands.

    I wake up at 4:30 am, go to work, Go to school, get back home at about 8:30pm... eat, do whatevers.. sleep at about 11-12. Its pretty damn stressful to come home having to write to someone like yourself, and try to explain myself. Because it FUCKIN hurts being misunderstood.

    You Crossed the line Espeut. This is good bye.

  26. WELL DONT WRITE BACK THEN! This all started with the song. You said you didn't have time to answer fans questions, but you are writing COMPLETE essays for my "That wasn't funny..." comment. You are a liar and I am not your fan anymore. I will NEVER be able to understand you because what you say are lies. You never see from anyone else's perspective unless it is your own. You were the first person I every spoke to on the internet. I liked what you were saying. I asked a simple yes or no question and you ignored. I got angry and wrote some messed up things. THEN YOU RESPOND. I really thought you were cool, but you are not. You are just an over sensitive mean spirited guy. I'm nice to everyone I correspond with except for you because you are a liar. Now good day MR.JK, I said GOOD DAY!

    P.S: There is no P.S because we are done.

    Love: Charm

  27. Oh my goodness, I am sorry this ending like this. I can feel you on the not having enough hours in the day, though. I can honestly say it gets better with time. Take care. Fighting!!!

  28. omg its a full on war on here but i can unders tand tenchi .. bcuz charm is saying the positive with the negative .. If u learned in math class when u put a positive n a negative together u get a negative number.. Why dont u just say the postivie and leave it like that Cuz its saying i love u tenchi but u shldnt do this n tht... Just say the positive n it wont b said so badly.. Evn though a negative plus a negative gets a postive .. those 2 negatives will give u help... Just like the haters he has encourage him to do more for his fans(friends) no matter wat other ppl say cuz they stay on one side not on both like ur doing now
    Tenchi We <3 Yeah.. Aja Aja FIGHTING !! srry missed yeah yesterday heard it was fun :( < :D

  29. I'm sorry if this is out of line but...

    Tenchi, you popped Charm's Internet cherry so I can kinda understand why she's so upset. The first is the hardest to get over. lol she'll be back come next blog. (^_^)v

  30. also since there's all this talk about negativity...I just want to apologize for a comment I left on one of your YT vids about hating your sunglasses and you not being sincere...I was only joking about the sunglasses (^_^) and I didn't think you were being sincere because I didn't really know you and I still don't really know you, but after following you for a little while I know that you mostly speak from your heart...kudos.

    lol the comments I left on your YT are kinda old, but after reading all of these comments, I felt like I might have appeared just like Charm, being negative for no reason. Once again I apologize. Cool?

  31. If theres nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.
    perhaps..? (:

    Otherwise comments can go too far and alas you may evolve into a troll, oh my.
    I'm just saying this generallyy ^_^;;
    hopes everyone has a goood day~ :D

  32. Ahh, i'm glad thats over with . Ms . april thats a good way to put it lol~ - + + = -

    All I'm saying is EVERYONE is a critic. She doesn't realize that fact I took the time to answer her back, BECAUSE she said shes a fan. If it was a PURE hater I wouldn't even bother. I wanted to extract whatever Good intentions she had in her, but dude, thats not working.

    And stewvell, no need to apologize, but if it makes you feel better its all good~

    Its people like her that makes me ease away from my fans, and just stay to myself. This isn't the first time someone .. you know want i'ma blog about this hahah. Perfect~

  33. I thought this post was just a lil light hearted thing, but geez it got madd heated in these comments !

    But see . . . now you're turning a negative into a positive =) clap, clap, bravoo lolx

  34. Okay, I know this post is from a long time ago, but I just read it, I haven't read your blog in a while, sorry D: But I really honestly laughed out loud when I read the G money part. My brother went through this stage where he told everyone to call him G money. haha. My dad still calls him that. XD