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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Strange and Glorious day

Dear readers,

Oh man... today was pretty amazing ahah. Well to begin I need to kinda back track and tell you guys what I've been thinking of and what I've been feeling. Ever since I've quit smoking herb, my mind has come back to me... and although it took me a while to fully be in my essence, I'm currently walking in God.

I usually go on little bike rides around my neighborhood. When I was back at home, I'd preach the gospel more then not. But recently, I started to get isolated in this world and my mouth was shut. I was afraid to preach the word, thinking if they see my life the way it is, that will only harm God's reputation. So whenever I would ride my bike , my heart would feel so condemned for not opening my mouth to passer-bys who were old,wrinkly and near death.

I would always think in my heart, how lovely it would be to be able to go to them and tell them the good news of Christ. Yet , my mouth was shut... and I went through a hard spiritual life. Long story short, I started to walk in God, and fully repented and did a turn around. My life is light. My happiness spreads to others like wild fire, and I'm over joyed.

So at school today , I had an amazing experience. After school, I was waiting for a friend to give me a ride, but she was late. So I went behind the school, passed the metal gates , which led me to a jogging/hiking path. I happened to pass an old Caucasian man walking with his equally old dog. Immediately in my heart I felt as though I should preach to this man... or rather just give him the gospel. Yet my body was frozen... I saw him chilling with his dog by the river near by , and I was so hesitant. However at that moment instead of walking away like I would have before, I stood my ground and prayed to my heavenly Father. I asked him to please give me strength that I may preach his lovely words to him. I was scared but I took that first step and walked down to him.

When I walked down, it was super awkward... He was smoking, and his dog was swimming in the river... quite adorable actually ^_^. Anyway, I had my ukulele and just started playing some tunes. This man seemed to walk further and further away from me and avoided eye contact. I felt as though I would just sit here and he would leave, and that would be the end of it... But some thing moved me over there, and little chit chat started up.

I asked him about where he is from, and how old his dog was ... then eventually I asked him what I thought about this world...Before I knew it, we were talking about politics, government, life and just the corruption of the world. Eventually I confessed I was a born again christian.

And to my surprise, so was he. haha! His gospel was solid! He knew God and walked with Christ for many years~ And instead of me giving him a preaching, I sat listening to this brothers testimonies of life and I learned so much . We both shared an amazing experience ~ in the middle of nowhere to find a born again christian, and to have a heart felt testimony was surreal to me. To be born and raised in different countries, and somehow meeting in a river behind a school one day... thats just mind blowing to me. I felt as though God tested me today, and allowed the first one to be a freebie ~ The next time, I will definitely gain a soul.

I was so grateful to my father, and I will forevermore praise him in these trying times. One day when we stand before his judgement, I hope to stand before him with Christ as my only mediator and be bold as to my rewards as he promised. That was my glorious day :).



  1. Dave, that's pretty awesome! I know the feeling, one day I was waiting by the bus stop and saw two lil old ladies chatting and I really wanted to tell them about the gospel but I didn't have the guts. I'm pretty shy but once I get talking it's fine.
    As life went on I also felt pretty unworthy to be a witness for God but if you look at people like Paul and such... ur like, no I'm fine and church is for sinners to become saints.
    So yeah, as time went I slowly (slyly, lol) started mentioning my beleifs and even reading the bible proudly on the train and such in itself can send a wonderful message to ppl.
    But the best feeling is when you find that connection with someone. Like I went to an open audition and was right at the back of this long queue. So I started talking to the girl infront of me (I was bored) and now we're frieds and meeting up on the weekend to write music together to perform at both our churches.
    It's moments like that you're reminded *phew, I'm not the only one who feels this way* yay! lol

    So anyway, glad ur happy!


  2. It's a good thing that you approached the older man. If not, you would have never discovered that he too was a born-again christian, nor would you have experienced such a great conversation. I myself am also a born-again christian. However, there are sometimes when I feel myself uncertain about various things, not my religion, but life and personal things. I believe that every once in awhile everyone needs some sort of guidance in their life. I wish that I had the courage to approach someone the way you did. Sometimes, my shy personality stops me from what I really want to do/or say.

    Moments like the one you experienced with the older man is something you should always cherish, especially since you two shared a common connection with each other in your faith with God.

    Reading this blog entry brought a smile to my face. I'm always happy to find someone who is opened about their love for God. Many people who I have encountered rather via online or in real life, do not discuss much about the Lord or do not believe.

    I must agree with the person who commented below me when they said "It's moments like that you're reminded *phew, I'm not the only one who feels this way* yay! lol" Which is exactly how I feel. :) I hope that I can someday meet more people who feel this passionate about what they believe in.

    Thank you for sharing your story with everyone. I enjoyed reading it!

    ~PandaNinja (Brittney)

    1. I meant the person who replied above me @o@ I assumed my comment would go on top Dx sorry for any confusion lol

  3. TJK,

    Sometimes, we just need to connect -- be friends. In my experience I've had more success spreading the gospel by just being a friend to someone, loving them unconditionally, than by any attempts at preaching.

    Well done on obeying the Spirit. Your witness is inspiring.

  4. Well done, i know how difficult it can be.
    My spiritual life really suck and sometimes i'm wondering if it will get better. It's not God i'm doubting but myself but i know he'll be there for me ^^
    Good job hope one day, i'll be able to do the same