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Friday, March 2, 2012

gotta start living

Dear Readers,

Do you guys feel you are not feeling things as you should? Honestly, when I look at nature ,it does astonish me, but often times I take so much for granted. If a person was to never see sunlight again in prison, and one day got to be in the scorching sunlight, would they complain of its heat?

No,I bet they would bask in the sun until they blistered ten times over

The beauty of insects... yea this one seems hard to imagine, but I figure if your life was about to end right before your eyes and you had a chance to live, even bugs would be an eye sore would it not? The very insects you abhorred and despised might look wondrous and marvelous if we were robbed of them forever.

What I'm trying to say is , we should really live life. God gave us life in this world to live , and eat of his fruits , and bask in his sun shine, and to see and learn the glorious works of his design/Love. Yet we squander our good fortune on the sufferings of our greed. I want to live life. I want to see what else God has prepared for us, and I want to experience the lessons and beauty awaiting every corner of every alleyway and street. I want to sing to my fullest potential till my throat bleeds and I want to run till my lungs can't hold.

What would a convict give to live one more day ? or a week? What would he do if he had his wish? He would eat his childhood foods, He might apologize to his enemies and perhaps hug every one he did wrong. He might confess his love to his unspoken love. He might watch the sunrise and sunset and just hope he could see one again.

We have many sunrises and sunsets... lets not waste them. I wasted plenty of them. I refuse to waste anymore beautiful days to come... i want to feel what God has made. I want to breath his air, and feel the breeze he made, and I want to hear the sounds He created... and I want to LIVE.



  1. Amazing. This post captures what I've been feeling for the past two months. It makes me feel like a shit human; just the simple things in life that I would feel so grateful and happy about now brushes past me like it doesn't exist/didn't happen. If this is a poison, where is the antidote? If these small things that used to mean a lot to be gets this type of reaction from me, how will I react to other, bigger events in the future?

    Awesome blog. Keep it up!

  2. Amen! His love is amazing once we let go of man's validation and know with our heavenly father, we... I am loved as I am.

  3. Ahhhhh.....That's Beautiful!!!

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkZX-v1tgNE

    this song reminds me of what ur post was about ... in a way, well its a christian rap song called "can i live" and the lyrics are profound

  5. I go to the park and lay on the grass to look up at the trees and the sky. It's amazing that there is a free circus going on outside and the thing is we are all a part of it. The birds chirping in the early morning, the leaves falling off of the trees, and the laughter of little children. We are all a part of the show and it's beautiful.