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Saturday, March 17, 2012


Dear my lovely readers,

What up ^_^. So recently I've turned into a vegi-eater. I was chillin one day eating a turkey sandwich... and started to mess around with the meat... not- all out messing with my food, but just reorganizing it? ahha like, more meat to the LEFFFTT~~ cuz my sandwich was all lopsided and shiz.

Anyway-Then I started to notice I was eating flesh... of another animal. I was like... hm... this is pretty fucking nasty if you really think about it. Someone KILLED this poor animal, drained its blood... sliced its SKIN, into tiny paper thin sizes... then PACKED them into a plastic container with all sorts of fucking chemicals, so that we can eat it on some bread. Dude... nasty ...

I love a good steak... chicken too... But man, we really need to see where this is coming from. Did you know they put cows forked onto a forklift, ripping their backs, and then placed onto a conveyor belt with them lifted up on those forklifts. I dunno how to explain this... but just imagine someone one, placed the WHOLE 12 feet or so , spikes, TWO of them, into your motherfuckin BACK! THEN, lifted up with all the other cows, mooing and bellowing in pain... just to take you to the killing zone, where they put some painkilling bullshit into your head... then they STICK A KNIFE THROUGH YO NECK! Oh my FUKKKIN GoD!! why do we doo this???

Ahem.. calming down. Do NOT get me into what we do to chickens ... We really need to stop eating meat. That shit is cancerous for us. If we eat a healthy vegi diet like we were meant to from the very beginning, we wouldn't be riled with diseases and all the complications we face today.

Just when I was starting to get into being a vegi-head, I started to feel weakness again... I wanted to eat some chicken. But I was led to read a passage in the Book of Daniel. And He was also forced to eat of the Kings meat... like all the other boys. But he refused to defile his body with MEAT. Not just cuz it was the "king's" meat... He didn't want to defile his temple with dead flesh. He told the eunuchs , to test out his countenance over his fellow man... Basically said, Look at my face after 10 days. Ima eat fruits and vegis and beans... and I'll look healthier then all those other cats, who be eating fish and beef tacos. SOO....it came to pass, that Daniel, in 10 days looked sharper, cleaner, healthier, and glowed... That my friends is the truth. 10 days, eat fruits , vegis, and beans...10 days, you will feel healthier and shine. Promise!

Vegetables are things you can eat HOW EVER MUCH YOU WANT. The more you eat of it, the more healthy you become. Man I wish I believed this earlier in my life. But I also believe I needed to experience the bullshit first to fully go over to the light side. -Side note- Did you ever look at a carrot diced? Doesn't it look just like an eye? ( () ) Carrots are good for your eyes.
Did you ever notice how a Walnut looks like our brains? Guess what! Walnuts are amazing for your brain! Have you ever seen a tomato cut in half!? Guess what it has the same vessels as our hearts... and guessss what? ITS GOOD FOR THE HEART! I'm telling you, God the creator placed clues in the fruits he created so we may know what to eat for what! Amazing my friends... Yet what does meat look like? It's DEAD. Meat = DEAD. Your eating DEATH.

God placed us on this planet as stewards to tend to his creation. We are also his creation. We were given dominion over these animals, so we can rule them, and protect them. Yet, we force our fellow creations into bondage. We are no different then Hitler. He killed millions of people... but we kill BILLIONS of Animals... EVERY SINGLE DAY. More like millions, but still... TONS!

All I'm saying is, we are doing WRONG. We were taught by the Gov saying we GOTS TO EAT MEAT. No we motherfkin DON't! We reallllly don't need to eat meat at ALL.

Anyone who is reading, I want you to do something. Look up a normal cow. Research the Cow. Learn about it's life. Seriously, its what we eat the most... Ask yourself why does this cow, need to die for us to eat? Why especially this cow? Why not a dog who does really nothing for us beside be our companion, why not a dolphin over tuna? Why do we place more value on one animal and not the other... we are being hella bitchy right there.

Imagine a Kindergarten class... Some kids can paint, some kids can sing , some kids look prettier or cuter... but don't mean you kill and eat the ugly ones! DAYUMMM... its like, Yo lets eat timmy cuh he retarded. Yo lets fry jennifers legs cuz she slow and useless...

SAMMME shit. Consider switching to eating of the earth, not of the flesh people. I wish you luck into this journey, and I wish you great health and longevity. You WILL have longevity if you switch, God has blessed you already :).

much love



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  2. TJK,

    Where's the thumbs up button? I would have seriously pressed it now.

    So I live in Korea -- don't know how often (if ever) you visit the "motherland", but dude!, it's difficult being a vegetarian here. In one sense it is easy because you can soymilk and tofu any practically every grocery store. But going to a restaurant is a nightmare. Ham and seafood is considered "vegetable" here.

    I used to be vegan before I moved to Korea. Now I'm a flexible vegetarian. I'm vegetarian at home, but when I go out, I just go with the "mostly vegetarian" options.


  3. You're going through a lot of personal battles. Email me if you ever want to chat :)

  4. YES! It's nice to hear you come to this discovery...for some it takes a looong time, some people never get here but it's nice to see you did! It's unfortunate that everything is based off of profit because if it was based on health then there would be little to no meat being sold. Doctors would be prescribing fruits and veggies not drugs and we would be in a much better condition overall as human beings.

    @skryfblok: I lived in Korea too, got back almost 2 months ago nd was there for a yr and a half and I feel your pain...at least most of what they sell is in season and pretty fresh though compared to the US.

  5. I became a veggie for health reasons.
    When God created men, he gave them fruits and vegetables to eat. It's only after the flood he allowed them to eat the flesh of other living beings. So I really think not eating meat is nothing wrong or unhealthy, in my case it saved me. So much hormones in meat or poultry now, it turned my system upside down. :(

  6. Great post Tenchi!!! My thoughts exactly :) I'm so happy that you are more aware of these things, it's all there in the Bible. There's a scripture in the Bible, that has stuck with me like forever,it says that the herb shall be for meat.

    God has provided his children with everything they need on earth, but man came in and manufactured everything just to profit at the poor animals expense and peoples expense. I saw this doc. called Food Inc. about a couple of years ago, I had to practically force myself to watch it. It's just terrible what they do to those animals. After watching that I swore off meat but that was only short lived for about a week. I guess old habits die hard...lol

    And I've noticed too that the carrots look like eyes but I haven't thought about walnuts looking like brains...lol I take such delight in preparing Gods food....bulbs of Garlic is so amazing to me,in how its perfectly packaged in these tiny bulbs and how beautiful a Kiwi is when you cut it, and I marvel at what a magnificent machine humans are and how each body part has a specific purpose. That is just one of the many reasons that I know how much God loves us, he provided us with everything we need and he made our body's to practically heal themselves if we let it.

    So yeah Tenchi, I think you're going in a good direction, I commend you for your decision. I think I'm going to give it another go. I have a vegetarian in the house so I know exactly what to do,but I'm scared it's going to be too hard :/ I call myself a flexatarian now because I eat very little meat but maybe I'll just go ahead and do it totally...eek!

  7. I'm not high or being sarcastic in any of the comments I make below. Just have to put that out there.

    Everything in this world is alive and breathing, now just because that carrot can't moo when it's being plucked from the ground doesn't mean it can't feel it and we shouldn't get it in a respectful manner.

    I do agree with your point on how killing animals has become this big industry with unethical manners in order to mass produce. I personally don't eat meat that is from stores (no I don't kill my own animals). I do like to eat meat and so I cannot ever go cold turkey as some of you have the strength but I do go to kosher or halal butchers although they are seen as religious rituals, its the way of killing has reason and are more ethical. The animal should be killed quick so as to not suffer, they also should not have taken any sex hormones, allow all the blood to flow out. Mass production slaughter houses tend to stun the animal then kill it, this won't allow any blood flow or any harmful chemicals to escape the body but the animal will still be awake to watch its death come to it. Anyways I'm not trying to convince anyone that eating meat is good, too much meat can cause damage but you can have some if you know the guidelines. For strong Veggie-Heads YOU ROCK!!!! Good Luck to you Tenchijk.

  8. I have to say I became a vegi-eater for the same reasons, just the thought of eating something that was once living and breathing the same air as me creeps me out..I think it's guilt more than anything, that those animals have to suffer because of what? we want to EAT them!? It hardly seems justifiable. It's so refreshing to hear about someone with the same views and same reasons to quit eating meat as I did n_n (btw i also agree that walnuts look like brains..eer)Keep up the good work, I'm sure you'll do great as a veggie, it's so renewing for your spirit as well as body.

  9. hi tenchi!!! :) t'was nice hearing from you again on youtube. :)

  10. Where are youuuu interesting fella?
    no updates?? worried fan/reader here!
    Is everything okay?

  11. i can easily give up on chicken, turkey and fish, but meat would be hard :$ anyway I'm so skinny, if I don't get some protein from time to time I'd be dead meat in no time...

    Anyroads... am I the only one to read Tenchi's post with his voice? 0_0

    [New fan of tenchi's vids & bloog]

  12. disclaimer: i go vegetarian for 1/2 of the year because it is healthy and you're consuming less toxins--so don't get me wrong, I'm all for veggies...and i get the "your eating death" thing. i also feel that we should show kindness and compassion to animals as their stewards.

    however, i think that the main point of the passage you refer to in daniel 1 is that daniel is trying to be faithful to God even in exile--not that eating animals is evil. also in acts 10 God says to peter in a dream, "rise, peter; kill and eat...what God has made clean do not call common." in this passage God is telling peter that He shows no partiality between jew and gentile and His salvation is free to the whole world. so it's ok for peter to associate with gentiles...which does mean hanging out with gentiles and even eating their "unclean" food on occasion.and in mark 7 jesus says, '"do you not see whatever goes into a person from the outside cannot defile him since it enters not his heart but his stomach and is expelled?" and He said, "what comes out of a person is what defiles him."' and he's talking about sin. anyway i think my point is that God seems to care more about what's in our hearts than about what we eat. just some thoughts...

    sorry i just read daniel the other day too so i couldn't stop myself:)you're hilarious, please continue to write and post videos!

  13. Is it bad that I laughed really hard when you described the cow getting taken into the killing zone? its not even funny, its just the way you described it XD....anyways God bless

  14. Mmm interesting thoughts, I must say I do agree that its horrible how animals are treated by us humans...I was put off eatting beef for a while when I happen to drive past an abbatoire and the cows where all tired up together in a pile, with their eyes dazed with saliva dripping down their mouths...*shivers*....but can I leave you with this thought..."How does a Lion,created by our awesome God, become a vegetarian?"