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My name is TenchiJK, I'm a asian/american guy who has alot of different shit to say about life. Nuff said lol

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

feeling like myself

Dear Readers,

Mannn... what is uppp... Goodness, it feels like a brand new day. Like I'm myself again. Believe me, I'm scared though.What if I jumped the gun? What if I'm just having a particularly good day today? I don't know, but dayum... I literally feel hella amazing. I have the urge to want to make videos again... and I have this urge to say hello to the world again.

I've been reading comments from YouTube,twitter,Facebook etc etc... and I'm just overwhelmed at how much people still love me and care for me. Man, it just makes me want to give back all the more. I just pray I can have the time and space to do it~roomies are hella home bodied lately...maybe its cuz they are all so cold. Weather wise, its pretty freezing over here...

Anyway, I just want to let my few readers of my blog to know i'm like pretty straighhht right now. I'm so excited to be able to talk with all of you , and start a new "season" of the tenchijk show puahaha... Whatever it is.

You know, I'm always so lost when it comes to what I am doing? I mean... is it a show? a reality show? or just my internet diary? Hey , but people seem to enjoy it , and that makes me happy as can be . So for now, I'll just call it TenchiJK live . I like the sound of that~ what cha think? ahaha

anywayz, love yous, take care~



  1. am new to your blog and videos. i like your "works".. any way. GODBLESS.

  2. yay! I've recently run into your videos in youtube and I just love hearing you. It's relaxing (I think I've said that in a comment already). Anyway, I'm genuinly happy that you are feeling well again. And especially happy that you will make videos again, since I already finished them all :-.D

    Eww the smiley looks really ugly in this font jajaja

  3. Hey Tenchi!

    I can't help but smile while reading this. I could hug you for it! ^^ And give you coffee to fight off the cold! ᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏ

  4. Keep feeling like yourself ^^ It's nice to hear that you feel good. You know i wouldn't call what you're doing a show or a reality show. i'll call it tenchijk connecting with people.
    What do you think ? lame? Anyway tenchijklive sound nice for now. We'll find something better later... Just kidding hein :D ;D ;D