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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

what up

suppp~ I feel like my last few posts have been a bit harsh. But meh, I do mean what I say so no point really apologizing. That is how I feel about the world currently... I don't think its going to change.

Wanna know what I dream about on the daily... I wish I had enough money to buy myself like 30+ years of food and supplies so I can live on a deserted island. Let me see... I wanna tell ya what I would do if that dream came true ahha.

Things I would need for my dream to come true.

1. seeds. Multitude of seeds... and books on how to grow plants and junk. I would probably take seeds ranging from strawberries to ahem weed... I mean shit i'll be on a island all day , what else is there to do right? Might as well grow some opium while I'm at it ahah. But most likely, most of my seeds will be vegetables, and maybe some fruit trees(it'll take fucking forever though... but I gots time..)

2.Canned foods. Hella quality canned foods... none of that shitty stuff you buy at the store. I'm talking about turkey dinners, steak dinners in a CAN. Yes, they exist, i did my research ahah. I'll take enough canned foods to last me at least 20 years... cause I need that 20 years to set up my village and learn to self cultivate by then. 20 should be good enough to master my skills.

3.Crackers. No u racists, food crackers. They last forever, and they go well with EVERYTHING.

4.Tools obviously... many knifes, kits to MAKE knives, sharpeners, axes, etc etc... saws... hrm... hammer? yea.. hammer... all that good stuff.

5.books, tons of books. How to books, and even story books... and of course my bible.. AWWW...
But yea, magazines, you know what kind >.^ ... haha so inappropriate after the bible lol.

6. Toiletries. nuff said. can u imagine without any of that fluffy goodness? shiet... This is something that i'll bring that will last me 100 years lol. soap too~ and face soap, tenchis got to clean his face at night. Oh and tooth brush, toothpaste...floss...and um...body wash? and , and... and... that pumice stone for my feet...lolol jk. no fuck it, I ain't ashamed, pumice stone. Baby feet holmes ahahha.

7. and most importantly medicine. all sorts... east and west medicine... and ton of it.

I think I'm pretty set here....ohoh! pvc pipes! Many many pvc pipes.... LOl might as well just built a house huh? ahahah, nah but this be my scenario chill fools~

Reason I want pvc pipes is cuz I think i can make a shower with it... and aqueducts and all that roman jazz.

okay... So I'm on this deserted island by myself right... I have all this equipment and gear inside a cave. Protected by , ONE SECOND.. I forgot something. I NEED fire making kits. kk... action!

Okay, cave, equipment up on that bitch, and now I'm ready. Okay, first thing I need to do is put up some defenses... don't know what kinda monsters be lurking up on my beaches... So i'll stake up the place and smear monkey blood all over it... I dunno , monkey is really irrelevant, it could have easily been a koala for all I care.

Second... I need to make myself a nice bed of some kind. I'll probably think, should I just live in the cave? But i honestly would think thats cheating, so I'd build a house eventually. I would make the bed out of 3 pvc pipes side by side, tied off with some plant rope lol, then cushion it up with some bear skins... that I happened to have , cuz I forgot to add to the list lol. Shit just magically appear on this island? ahahah...

Then... I'll wait till its morning... I'll attempt to catch some fish with the basic knowledge I have about survival. I watch alot of those shows... so i'll test what my basic skills are... if I fail, which I probably will, i'll settle for some canned foods. But most likely I'll never get good at it until I run out of food, cuz then i would REALLY have too ahaha.But ill try my best to catch it , the best of my abilitaytays.

then...I'll began construction of my lovely bamboo house...I'll start off slow, and small.. and slowly add rooms. Rooms for poo poo, rooms for my coconut tv... and rooms for my bed etc etc... it will be awesome sauce.

then... id probably be like ... shit i'm bored... that's when I make a couch out of some material I find on the beach and cushion it with some bear skin... and some plant leaves.

Then I'd probably just smoke. Sigh... That sounds like... I dunno... boring yo ahahah. (not really...the view would be EPIC...)

I need to bring some people for sure. At least a good... 3.. or 4... but they all girls. No guys in my fantasy world. lets make it 5... nah, just 3... 2? 2 is better yea... nono they might lesbo up , and leave me to dry... 3~ 3 is a solid number fasho.

NOW, we are talking. this island just became WAYYY cooler, way to go man~

I'll start a new NATION~ i'll be the patriarch with 3 maidens. I will be a ISLAND VIKING KING ahahah.

nah, i wanna just like a humble life with 3 chicks . yeaaa~

or just alone with a volley ball, call it Tae yang or some shit . Nah, 3 chicks? yea ... 3 chicks mucho better.

Okay, thats that -_-''



  1. After reading this you sound like you hate people. Lol

    It actually sounds really nice, but the more I think bout it, I can't help but imagine how lonely it'll be after a bit. Especially being around the same 3 people all the time! Talk about annoying. >_>

    Oh and P.S: I totally laughed out loud when I read "...rooms for my coconut tv...". You are funny. (~_^)

  2. Wat up Yo...lol
    Sounds like you got Survivor Skills, you thought of everything for your fantasy...except one thing you forgot seaweed paper, you gotta have seaweed paper to keep up your strength for the task, sea weed paper is hella healthy :)

  3. I nominate myself as one of the girls on your Island :) I'm into gardening (replace gardening with the dirtiest thought possible..hey gardening requires dirt)!!

  4. thanks for adding me on facebook. homie, u are too handsome to not make frequent youtube videos