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Sunday, February 5, 2012

mah day

So, I just woke up. Feeling tired. Hungry... shiet... I wanna eat something. You know what food I miss? Korean food.... dayum, some rice and kimchi and some seaweed paper... oh man. That simplicity in the middle of the night... I can't even ask for more. Well shiet, if you wanted to add more, i'd add some bulgogi and some red bean paste up on that biiiisch.

I dunno why , but I've been craving food T_T... Steak, chicken, porrr nah, i don't really like pork. Something about it being a pig rubs me the wrong way . I know pigs are "clean" animals, but I don't know I feel like a pig when I eat pugs. lol typo... Now i'm playing onto the stereotype koreans eat dogs. Speaking of pugs though... I wonder what they taste like. ahah horriblee! I know i know...

Just a little thought for today, will continue. Makes my brain feel refreshed writing it down on paper.. well digital paper. >.> sigh... lame



  1. I totally feel you on this one. Although I don't long for the food of my people (even though I really don't know what the food of my people is).... anyways Theres nothing like something simple treat that reminds you of better times like the happiness of childhood... with me its some really lame stuff like sourdough bread and butter, homemade ice cream, or my favorite "worms and dirt." Oh yeah love the dirt. (If you don't know worms and dirt is chocolate pudding, gummy worms, and crushed oreos. mmmmm) Its the simple things bro that bring a smile to your face and song in your heart. =]

  2. When I taught English in Korea I would eat rice and seaweed allll the time! so good...oh and I lived above a restaurant that served dog... no joke!