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Monday, February 6, 2012


(kids, don't read this. Only responsible adults... alot of vulgar shitasu up in this beach)

yo... So I looked up at the sky today in my home town... Shit was cloudy and lined up like a coke line... It looked...wrong. I mean I know about "chem trails" ,but it stanked up the place.. It smelt like burning wood and chemicals...

Recently, its been getting worse here. Planes flying by on the double to spray these chemicals in the air. Many people don't know what they are, rather they just don't give a fuck. Let me explain what they are in simple terms... Its poison! ahahah... No foreals, its BASICALLY poison. It supposedly reduces fertility rates so they can depopulate us...SAY WHAT?

Honestly, I believe every word of it and MORE. Not only is it stopping fertility, I know its causing all sort of diseases in people...But there is no way to trace it, cuz know body suspect it...But if America can BOMB the shit out of our own people, they can EASILY spread toxic with an innocent label to make people sick as FUCCCK.

What chu think they are spreading up in the sky?! Minerals and vitamins? ahhaha... You think the government will spend millions of dollars spraying healthy shit in the sky so we live LONGER then we already do? ' So yea, we are spreading vitamin c , so y'all bitches don't get sick so often, you're welcome' Obama+ puppeteer.

Nahhh~ It is in their interest that we all die off... sooner the better. Think about it for a second... In this world ...well lets just say in America. How many people do you honestly think are useful in our country? I don't mean this in a moral kinda way. See through the eyes of an evil ,rich,powerful, indifferent ,elitist person. How many people , or how many percentage of Americans are actually useful in the betterment of the country? 30%? Doctors,bankers,politicians, yada yada yada... what about the rest... What about your ITT? Or costumer services rep, or your fast food operator... You THINK they are useful because YOU need them... but take YOU out of the picture. They are all their to babysit YOUR useless ass. (In the eyes of the evil bastard, I personally love you all, don't get that twisted.) THEY , let me clarify, THEY, the elitist bankers who own us by our balls, and ovaries. <-- unnecessary. But there is alot of crap I need to say.

We just consume!Consume! consume! we just eat our fat asses to sleep. We take shits after shits, we piss everywhere, we pollute everything! We waste gas, and electricity, and oil, and etc etc etc... We sit in front of our computer all day , surfing Facebook,twitter,YouTube etc etc... We are just a waste of space to these people. Sad reality...but its the motherfucking truthhh.

Have you guys seen "The Pianist" ? There is a scene where the jews were waiting for their train to arrive. Everyone is oblivious to what is actually going on. There is a funny old man that is not convinced they are going to get slaughtered... he says, nah they sending us to a labor camp~ we are much more useful to them. Then another more enlighted gentleman breaks that fantasy. "what? look at you... what can you do? look around you... that handicap guy is going to do labor? what about you? your old and weak..yada yada"
That old guy was so on point. To the eyes of the Nazis, everyone who was not of the Aryan race, or healthy , or smart , or useful to them in some way were allll useless. And even the ones that are useful, are on a longer ticking clock. There time will soon come after us.

This same thing is occurring in our lifetime. Call me crazy, but I call anyone who doesn't see this crazy. Open your fucking eyes! This isn't the life we used to live back in the 90's where everyone loved each other and the united states was the "police" of the world. We are slaves on the corporations. We are slaves of the invisible army . We are being watched, monitored, censored and just striaght up reamed sooooooo far up our asses we can't even breath straight! Yet, you all live in denial! You all live comfortably inside your wooden house with a GIANT TV and eat gourmet food... or frozen dinners that would be luxury for these starving gents in the world. We use water like its monopoly money. People around the world who CURRENTLY are indeed DYING, this VERYYYY second, would DRINK all off our BATH water and would smile for it would be a BLESSING to them. Have you EVER once thought of this? EVER?

It disgusts me when people think the world is a better place right now. We have allll this technology... but yet we can't feed the people that are bloating in their fucking stomachs. nonono, its not that we CAN'T feed them, its that we WON'T feed them. Do you know what? Because to them, they are worthless! They are nothing more then baggage. More mouths to feed, more people using up resources... And when they are done with them, we the lazy motherfuckers who don't appreciate ANYTHING are next.

You all SEE what I see, but want to turn a blind eye. Its true... its sooo convenient. Its so easy to just say, fuck them~My life's my life... This reminds me of a quote William Wallace said ahah 'aye,fight and ye may die, run, ya'll live, at least for a while.... dying in your sleep MANY years from now..."

All I'm saying is, don't get too comfortable. If your not a scientist, or a highly acclaimed person, or a person who sold their soul to the media ,or you got MAD connections... don't be so comfortable. Because , they WILL come for your ass.

They are getting rid of the ways we communicate with each other.. sopa? pffft~ there are worst things then that coming our way.

So what? Should we join hands and protest? ahahhahaha hell no~ that will only speed up the process. know why? If we attack them, THEY have the right to set up new laws to attack back.

Obama signed the approval of Marshall law... they will control us with military force?! ZEEEP. They ain't like your local piggies... they are brainwashed MORE then you can imagine. They are a brotherhood, and they WILL shoot you down ON command.

So what shall you do? Repent! make peace with your father. Make peace with yourself. Live life not in fear but the inevitable. Live knowing this world IS indeed crooked. Tell your closed ones and loved ones the truth of this world, and prepare their souls and heart for the impeding doom.

It might not happen RIGHT this instant, but believe you me... The government is WAYYYY past "doing something"... They have ALREADY done HORRIFIC things.

The only reason why you can't see it , is because they bombard you with BULLLLLSHIIIET. They bombard you with fake ass news to calm the population. By showing us KIM FUCKING KARDASHIAN . Or any of these soulless celebrities that bring a sense of fantasy into our dumb motherfucking lives.

okay...In all honesty, we have made plenty of mistakes and we should be ashamed of them. We haven't killed anyone or did anything to hurt anything ... it was never our intentions. However, by keeping our mouths shut, and turning a blind eye... we have indeed helped them easily kill the world. They commited heinous crimes. Far worse then several holocausts... yet because we cannot see it, or hear about we act as though nothing is happening. YOUR life is not the center of attention. Just because it isn't happening around you doesn't mean it ISN'T. THIS IS HAPPENING.

It is much too late to make a difference. It is FAR beyond anyone can imagine. All we can do is have your eyes open for signs of their move. We are playing chess with them and we are at check.



  1. I'm aware of whats happening, I've been educating myself on this stuff since I found out about all the underhanded stuff that's been going on right up under our noses.

    Thank you for keeping us on our toes, you cannot put a price on this kind of information.

  2. Great post man. Too few people say it as it is.

  3. Wonderful post. Great knowledge & love to you! Keep strong!